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Posted By Posted By: Duncan
Posted On Posted On: Aug 24th, 2011
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The draft is one week from tonight, time to start talking about the new season. I don't have the answers to the questions, I have heard there will be some changes with the QBs though, so it might be an interesting season.

Come on out to the draft Wednesday, August 31st at 7PM at Melanie Pringles to say hi to old friends and meet new team mates.

Seeya there!

Posted By Posted By: Mistery Man
Posted On Posted On: Aug 25th, 2011
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So who has the answers???

Who are the QB's??

Who are the "new" hot prospects joining this year?

Who is going to go first in the draft? Who should?

Are we going to have all the prognosticators back this year?

Can we have another QB win the title this year or can Colin do it again?

Posted By Posted By: Purple Tim
Posted On Posted On: Aug 30th, 2011
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So no idea who the qbs are yet? How many teams are there this year?

Purple Tim

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Aug 30th, 2011
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I don't know, but I know who the QB's aren't:

I'm not throwing.
Raf's not throwing.
Tuna's not throwing.


Posted By Posted By: Purple Time
Posted On Posted On: Aug 30th, 2011
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I have also heard that Tony is not throwing either.

Purple Tim

Posted By Posted By: White Mike
Posted On Posted On: Aug 30th, 2011
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Up to 4 new QBs???
Sounds like it might be a good year to give it a try.

White Mike

Posted By Posted By: Old Dave C
Posted On Posted On: Aug 31st, 2011
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"White Mike"?

We all going to describe ourselves now?

Old Dave C

Posted By Posted By: "Big" Pete
Posted On Posted On: Aug 31st, 2011
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No change for some of us Old Dave...

Looking forward to a new season.

"Big" Pete

Posted By Posted By: Draft Night
Posted On Posted On: Aug 31st, 2011
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Is that a draft that I feel??

So there are going to be some new arms in the league this year. Interesting.

I heard a rumor that there might only be 8 teams too?? Really??

C'mon folks, call everyone you know, bring some new bodies into the league.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2011
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I still have some gloves, varying sizes, various colours, for $25. I'll bring them with me to the field, bring cash if you're looking for a pair.

TJ (Team Baby -- will be wearing my Calvin Johnson Lions jersey this year).

Posted By Posted By: Phil
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2011
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I miss my first draft party in 5 years and this is the result. What the hell is up with the QBs this year? Were all you guys drunk and making crazy bets on who could play QB?


Posted By Posted By: Schultzy
Posted On Posted On: Sep 8th, 2011
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Week 1 is always a bit of a crap-shoot. Without having seen these teams playing at least once it is hard to know what is going to happen. I will say that my opinions don't generally change that often, but some have after further review of the draft.

My apologies to Chris Pierre for having forgotten his previous foray into QB'ing. It must not have been that memorable. I will not longer call you a rookie QB. Also, I know Wes has played some before in the past, but I think actually being called the permanent QB is new for him here...

It's a new season. Good luck to all...

North 8:00 - Team 1(Teal-Chambers) vs Team 6(Silver-Wes)

Let’s try something different. May be it will cause some more postings…

Chambers > Coke, Blanche > J.Schleiff, Alexander = M.Schleiff, Hackett > Fletcher, Marshall > Snyder, Morris > Martin, Newberry/McKeon < Clarkins.

In short, I like the Teal team more than I like the Silver team.

-- Take TEAL

North 9:30 - Team 3(Green-Miller) vs Team 7(Black-Drew)

Let’s do this again…

Miller > Walker, Wray = Carswell, Payne < Eskins, Carquez > McDonald, Hanley > Best, Cain = Dionne, Warburton = Carter, Neznik/Wood/Higney < Chappelle/Clarks

Should be a close game, but QB difference in this one is too great to ignore.

-- Take GREEN

South 9:30 - Team 4(Navy-Noah) vs Team 9(Orange-Colin)

This one should be interesting.

Noah = Colin, DaSilva = M.Hadden, Matthews < Smart, Quane = Hendry, Imai > R.Hadden, McCaskie = Big Pete, Fowler/Dunnett/Charmley < Hazlett/Harding/Julien/King

This game should be a good one. Evenly matched lineups. Bonus of a Todd J should help Colin.

-- Take ORANGE

North 11:00 - Team 10(Burgundy-Dave) vs Team 2(Baby-Chris)

Another one that could cause contraversy…

Spackman > Pierre, Katradis > Bradimore, Rafuse > Brooks, Elkington < Siekowski, Thompson = Sabadin, Rigg = Hubenig, Oleksik/Jeune/Roskar < Schulz/Greatrix/Benight/Massey

Spackman beats Pierre as a QB and Frank beats T.J. just because of T.J.’s knee. This game might be close for a bit, but…


South 11:00 - Team 5(Red-Adam) vs Team 8(Gold-Nick)

A.King < Mikos, Dehaney < Heath, W.King < Glover, Klassen > S.Bird, Verville > P.Bird, Young < El-Hajjeh, Crouter/Heighways/Scanga = Sederis/Toast/Hickson

Matchups are pretty good in this one, but I think Gold has a stronger top end.

-- Take GOLD

The board has been quiet so far this year. Let's hope some action on the field will bring out the trash-talking, as a quiet board will lead to a boring season...

Have fun everyone, and remember to leave it all out on the field.


Posted By Posted By: Anonymous
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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It looks like Noah drafted a completely new team this year - no hold overs from last season. That's an agressive approach to rebuilding!

Posted By Posted By: Anonymous
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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Any other draft notes from those who were there?

Posted By Posted By: Conspiracist
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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If a draft happens, but no one reports on the results...did it really happen?


Posted By Posted By: Deepthroat
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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What happened last night should never be spoken of again. Those that were there know, or do you?

- Deepthroat

Posted By Posted By: Keyser
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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the greatest trick the wmfl ever pulled was convincing the world the draft didn't exist.


Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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The draft is done, have your say, who made out the best? Who made the biggest draft mistakes? What were the biggest surprises? Who is your pre-season favourite? Who hasn’t got a chance of making the playoffs? Check out the teamlists on the website.

Check back later for the 2011 Schedule (by Labour Day). Games start September 10th, game times will be 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00, all games to be played at Henry Street High School.


Posted By Posted By: Anonymous
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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One of the biggest steals happened in the first round of the draft this year. Spackman blindsided Nick by taking Nick's nephew Frank as his first pick. A smart move might I add but a gutsy pick nonetheless.

Posted By Posted By: Schultzy
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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Schultzy 2011 Draft Recap

Did you see me?? I was lurking in the back...

Another season of WMFL action is upon us, or at least close to being upon us... Just over a week until the action begins.

The main word to being the season seems to be 'new', at least in terms of the QBs leading the teams this season.

No TJ, Tony, Rafuse or Tuna. Wow, what's up with that??

Welcome to the helm Chris Pierre, Adam King, Wes Coke, and Drew Walker. Good luck!!

Here is my opinion of what I saw in the draft.

1> Teal - Positives - Ben Blanche give Chambers an solid outlet that he didn't
seem to have last year.
- With a year under his belt, Jason will hit the ground running and
be that much better for it. Nothing helps at QB as much as experience

- Negatives - Not sure about the strength of the rest of that roster when I compare it
with the others. Will those top picks be enough???

2> Baby - Positives - I like the "M" picks of Matt Brooks, Matt S and Mike S...
- T.J. is back on the field, which at least gives Chris a release guy
he can count on.

- Negatives - Rookie QB, but if anyone can handle it well, it will be Chris

3> Green - Positives - Solid draft, nothing that spectacular, just all-around players for both
O and D
- John is a solid QB who will make the most of what he has

- Negatives - Never heard of some of the hat picks. Hopefully they help and not hurt...

4> Navy - Positives - Love the first pick of DaSilva and last years surprise guy Matthews.
- Solid middle with Imai and McCaskie

- Negatives - With so few guys on the teams is Noah going to have to play D???

5> Red - Positives - Love the middle picks of Klassen, Verville and Young. Experienced players
that will help the rookie QB.

- Negatives - Don't know much about this QB's arm and makeup. Hopefully he can handle
the QB pressures.

6> Silver - Positives - Solid, experienced picks made by Wes. Clarkins late are a good pickup.

- Negatives - Not convinced that Schleiffer is a 1st round pick that can carry a team when
needed. (thats what a first-rounder should be able to do...)

7> Black - Positives - Love the late pickups of Dave Carter and the Clarks.

- Negatives - Having seen Drew throw before, not sure he will be able to win much with
this lineup.

8> Gold - Positives - Nick has a lineup of guys that he is comfortable with. That will help for

- Negatives - I say it every year, why stop now?? Is Toast a plus or a minus??
- Can Chris Heath start to spread his wings now and be the #1 guy?

9> Orange - Positives - Looks solid. Mike H and Big Pete on offence, B.Smart to lead the D
- Late additions of Todd J and Mitch will give the team some extra spark.

- Negatives - Now that Colin has his Championship will he still have the same drive??
- Not a huge amount of speed here, can they stay with some of the faster lineups

10> Burgundy - Positives - What a lineup? Spack, Rafuse, Tuna, Katradis...
- Clay will bring the intensity every week, as if Spack needs it...

- Negatives - Lot of "leaders" on this team. Will they all get along for the season??

Overall (in no particular order...)
The league looks pretty well balanced with a couple of exceptions... Before a game has even been played
here is what I think...

Top 3 - Burgundy, Navy and Orange

Middle 4 - Baby, Silver, Green and Teal

Bottom 3 - Black, Red and Gold

See you next week for my week one picks....

Posted By Posted By: wmfl
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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Schultzy, I'm disappointed, you were around when TO was a QB, just because he took a year or two off doesn't mean he's a rookie again....does it?

Posted By Posted By: Schleef
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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Man, being ripped on even before the season starts. I guess we'll see what happens by the end of the year. Some first rounders take a while to blossom into fine players. Look at Matthew Stafford I mean this year he's gonna take the Lions to the playoffs after not doing much in his first couple of seasons, hopefully the same will be done with me.


Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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Hey guys,
The schedule is posted on the website, please take note, especially teams Silver, Teal and Orange who are playing and reffing the first game of the year.

I did my best to make sure there were no errors, but if you notice one please let me know asap and I'll change it before the season begins.


Posted By Posted By: Anonymous
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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Welcome back to another season of WMFL football! After a great first week of NCAA ball, the voters are pumped with the promise of the upcoming season about to follow in Whitby! Just like there will be a battle all season between numerous teams vying for the BCS Championship Game, the voters see a great deal of balance and parody this year in the WMFL and can't wait to see how it all plays out. Here are the pre season rankings and breakdowns:

1. Orange
Every league, CFL, NFL, NCAA is a QB driven league and WMFL is no different. Therefore, last year's champion QB begins the year at the top. Colin has a number of sure-handed options in Big Pete and the return of R. Hadden to control the clock. Of course everyone knows he loves to air it out to his favourite target M. Hadden, and spotting in a new toy in B. Smart on the field at once will force defenses to make a decision which deep threat to take away.

2. Burgundy
In a QB driven league, why not have 3 on the roster? Makes for an interesting approach on offense that may include a number of gadget plays. Make no mistake who the leader of this bunch is though, as Spackman will be in complete control. Low numbers may affect fatigue levels late in the game, and look for a young up and comer Katradis to remain on the field the majority of the time. In the case of a short bench, platooning at QB to rest legs will be a huge advantage.

3. Baby
Another team with a number of players with QB experience. Albeit not to the degree of Burgundy, but options nonetheless. With two perennial 1st round picks on the same roster, look for M. Siekowski to step under centre in close games to put defenses in a tough spot. TO is more than capable of distributing the ball and TJ must be chomping at the bit to get back into pass catching after injury forced him to throw last season.

4. Navy
Noah looks to rebound after a title hangover last season in which his team finished in the bottom half of the league. He'll use the speedy DaSilva as a main target and contributer on D, but will benefit from a much deeper roster including Mathews and Imai to distribute the ball to if defenses start to cheat. If he was able to pull a strong recruiting class of freshmen (hat picks), he could make a strong run to get in the top 3.

5. Green
At first glance, one of the most accurate and intellectual QB's in the league will have to rely on spreading the ball around to be successful on O. Fortunately, Miller is one of the best at reading the field, calling a game, and being patient enough to hit the open player. Another team that will rely on true freshmen to make major contributions with top 2 picks Wray and Payne relied upon to set the tone at the beginning of the year.

Posted By Posted By: Anonymous
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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6. Gold
There are three speedy players at the top of the team list that teams will have to contend with, lead by C. Heath. If Nick can throw consistently enough and reduce the INT's from last year Gold could make life difficult for teams and trap some top teams on their way to finishing higher in the rankings. Nick will miss not having Katradis out there as he probably planned, but will have to make due. If players don't show up or QB play is inconsistent things will get ugly quick for this team.

7. Teal
Chambers had an impressively unlucky rookie year in his debut as a WMFL QB. There were some blowouts, but many close losses had to leave him wondering what could have been. Hopefully there is no sophomore jinx. Blanche will be the premier target and a weapon on D as well. After that Hackett and Marshall provide league experience and depth, but there are still many unknowns.

8. Red
The only true freshman starting QB this year starts near the bottom of the rankings by that virtue. It could be a success story or it could be a learning experience for team Red. There is a tremendous amound of league experience at the top end of the roster, but do they have the horses to compete with higher ranked teams. Red could benefit from a large amount of turnover as new names come into the league as unknowns.

9. Silver
Wes has thrown some in the past, but his talents are more useful as an option at the other end of the pass. Schleiffers give him some upper end talent, and there is intensity with Snyder and Clarkins, but will there be results? Wes is hoping to see the silver lining by the end of the season.

10. Black
To begin the year, the team left in the shadows of the league is fittingly team Black. With a new QB and a roster on paper that doesn't seem to match up to the rest of the league, they start at the bottom. As stated at the top of the post, the voters believe there is more parody in the league than in years past so all is not lost for team Black. They could step out from the shadows and cast a dark cloud on teams taking them too lightly.

Posted By Posted By: Frank "The Tank" Katradis
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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I only beat TJ because of his knee? Well regardless I plan to dominate in this week one match up. If I'm on TJ all game, don't expect him to make very many plays offensively. And offensively, if TJ is "that injured", expect me to be running over their defense.

Frank "The Tank" Katradis

Posted By Posted By: Frank "The Tank" Katradis
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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Has there ever been an overtime in this league? with the scores going as high as they do, is that even possible with all the variables? Also, what is the rule for overtime? Is it a sudden death, first one to score wins? Or is it like college ball where both teams have an equal shot at winning?

Frank "The Tank" Katradis

Posted By Posted By: AP Top 10 Week 1 Preview
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2011
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Silver vs. Teal
Two QB's with limited experience kick off the year. It will be interesting to see which can connect with their top target more often. Will there be any surprises from two teams who will be relying on a number of freshmen this year? Chambers has the better target according to the voters and Teal will pull out a tight win this time.

Navy vs. Orange
Last night the Super Bowl champs took care of business as they began defense of their title. Colin will be looking to do the same this year against a couple of familiar foes in long time rival Noah, and a key component to his victory last year in DaSilva. Perhaps Navy has more team speed, but Orange has the roster that can consistently possess the ball and control the clock. Packers won, Auburn squeeked out a win, and Orange will pick their way to a victory in a tight one.

Green vs. Black
This game may have the largest QB discrepency this week. A very experienced QB in Miller vs. one returning to the helm and Drew. Experience should be enough in this one, regardless of talent (which Green still holds an edge) so rely on Green to start the year in the win column.

Red vs. Gold
This year's true freshman QB put together a lineup with quite a bit of WMFL experience. Is there enough talent to lead them to a winning record? Gold has some good young guns to put on the field whose energy will certainly test Red's roster on both sides of the ball. The game will be decided by QB performance, given Nick can be inconsistent and little is known about King yet, the voters are going with the element of surprise and taking Red.

Primetime Coverage on ABC
Baby vs. Burgundy
The only thing that could beat a 1-4 matchup in week 1 is a 2-3, which is what the schedule maker gave us. Both teams are full of experience AND talent so something has got to give. Burgundy has three QB's with experience, 2 who have won the title in the past, while TO has not lead a team to the championship under centre. A little bit of fighting words from the young blood on Burgundy to try and get a rise out of the vets, but don't take them too lightly. TJ must be chomping at the bit to get back running routes and is looking to make up for lost time. When all is said and done, there's a few teams down south near the top of the rankings that wear Burgundy, Burgundy will be the better team in this one.

Posted By Posted By: interesting tidbit
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2011
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The burgandy - Baby game has 8 total players who have taken significant snaps in the WMFL. Spack, Raf, Tuna and Clay on Burgandy and TO, TJ, Siekowski and Sabadin on Baby.

That has to be some kind of record.

Posted By Posted By: Snyder (silver)
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2011
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Interesting looking season, lots of guys not playing that i'd have expected to see. What's up with that?
In terms of predictions, as usual the progostinators don't know jack. The undervaluing of the Coke team (Silver) basically proves that. Silver over Teal in what will be the best game of the day.
Young Frank the Tank. I hope you've been on HGH since last year, cause thats about the only way you'll be able to keep up with TJ even if he's only 60%. Still, the talk is all good - keep that up, but now you gotta back that up.
I am looking forward to a good season, lets get ready for some football!
- Snyder (silver)

Posted By Posted By: Anonymous
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2011
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As the eve of the season is upon us, consider this and how much parity there is in the league. The last 5 years has gone Noah, Spackman, Raf, Noah, and Colin. Tony was a hair away from making it 5 different qbs in 5 years. The days of Spackman dominating are gone. I can't come up with one player that has won the championship twice in those 5 years. Our best players, TJ , TO, Blanche, smart, have not won a championship yet.

It's a great league and anything can happen on any given Saturday.

Good luck to all.

Posted By Posted By: Anonymous
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2011
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Well Tj if u love the ball so much you will be on time for our game for a Ontario Championship.
May be the league can let us replay this game next week possibly a double header.

Posted By Posted By: One Play
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2011
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It only takes ONE PLAY to change the outcome of a game!

Teal(Chambers) vs Silver (Wes)

I think I have to agree with Snyder with this one! (unfortunately) I here that the silver team has a few surprising players
Silver will win by more than ONE PLAY

Navy(Noah) vs Orange (Colin)

I think Colin SMART by picking 9th this year and could see this team again in the finals nice hat pick as well.
Take Orange by more than ONE PLAY

Green(Miller) vs Black(Drew)

Sorry Drew but somebody has to be last and you are it but I have seen you throw not bad but also not good you are going to be to inconsistent But no worry you will get better ONE PLAY at a time Good luck
Miller buy way more than ONE PLAY

Red(King) vs Gold(Nick)

Well I hear that King can throw but not sure how he will do in the WMFL this will be very close i want to pick King i think he will be in the top 4 for sure but it may take a couple of games before he gets a win
Take Gold by only one play

Baby(TO) vs Burgundy (Spack)

Burgundy has 3 better QBs than TO sorry TO
Take Burgundy in more than ONE PLAY

Top 4 in no order



Posted By Posted By: Anonymous
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2011
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That broken English can't be anyone other than the Rafbak himself. So much for keeping the prognosticators secret. Raf, get your son to proofread your stuff before you post.

Posted By Posted By: Raf
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2011
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Kiss my ass buddy, I would never say Tuna is a better QB than any Buckeye.
ps my son cant proof read my work yet until he gets his glasses.

Posted By Posted By: White Mike
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2011
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Sorry I missed today's games.
Anyone know the scores?
How'd them rookie QBs do?

White Mike

Posted By Posted By: Anonymous
Posted On Posted On: Sep 11th, 2011
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Tuna is my hero!

Posted By Posted By: Duncan
Posted On Posted On: Sep 12th, 2011
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I've got scores from burgundy, black and navy games...please post other scores so I can update standings.


Posted By Posted By: Anonymous
Posted On Posted On: Sep 12th, 2011
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Gold beat Red 28-22

Posted By Posted By: Winners
Posted On Posted On: Sep 12th, 2011
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Silver won over Teal in the early game. Can't remember the exact score, but they won handily.

Posted By Posted By: Duncan
Posted On Posted On: Sep 12th, 2011
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That's the only score I'm missing (silver-teal)...I figured if I put it in as a 0-0 tie i'd hear pretty quickly about 'my mistake' ... so, that's what I'll do, but not until tonight when I'm home...

Posted By Posted By: Wes
Posted On Posted On: Sep 12th, 2011
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Sorry we just let it rain nobody was keeping score maybe 47 to 23 ask chambers


Posted By Posted By: Miller
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2011
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36-24 Green

Posted By Posted By: carol
Posted On Posted On: Oct 15th, 2011
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hey guys are you winning yes or no
how is football are you got any touch downs let
please get me know how is your team going
i want to be there I dont have a ride
where is your team play again can you give it to me or not please let me know okay
my dad and my brother is on your team
please send them back to me
By Carol the player

Posted By Posted By: BUZZ
Posted On Posted On: Jan 13th, 2014
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Re: 2014 Fall Session

Hello WMFL, just dropping a note to see if there is room for next season for any new Ballers to come aboard?

And also specific to me, if I could come aboard as a QB?

Yours in Football,
Buzz Bezzant

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