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Posted By Posted By: dw
Posted On Posted On: Dec 31st, 1969
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Well guys, that's another WMFL regular season in the books. I (Drew) was politely volun-told to be the league's backup nerd as Duncan is away on vacation. The stats have been updated but had to be done manually so please let me know if you find any errors.

By the way... This job SUCKS. Everyone give Duncan a big thank you and be sure to buy him a beer at the year end party!

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Nov 7th, 2011
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I noticed that silver plays red this week in the first round of the playoffs. This means a number of things. Good readership, allow me to list them for you:
1. A guaranteed silver victory
2. I will allow Klassen NO CATCHES
3. I will catch at least one ball, the one Adam throws me. Depending upon mood, i may return it for 6 as well.
4. The good Wes (Coke) will score at will.
5. The bad Wes (King) will score not at all
Please note, good readership, that these are not predictions like those made by foolish pundits who are afraid to list their names. These are guarantees.

Posted By Posted By: I have no name
Posted On Posted On: Nov 7th, 2011
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Didnt Silver predict that they would put up 100 points against the lowly Team Black?

I guess in Silvers world the number 9 is equal to the number 100.

I guess English isn't the only class that Silver failed in school.

Snyder is the man though. This nameless person thinks he's good on the field and fun on the message board.

My team is the best! Go Bursilvoranedackreenteanavoldaby!

(Wes's response to this post --- POST YOUR NAMME --- In response to that...I have no name.)

Posted By Posted By: Crafty
Posted On Posted On: Nov 8th, 2011
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Let's go green....Spack is going to throw many interceptions due to the inflated(ness) of his ball....

Posted By Posted By: Hey Crafty
Posted On Posted On: Nov 8th, 2011
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Spack doesn't play green this week, did you mean Baby?

Posted By Posted By: wes c
Posted On Posted On: Nov 8th, 2011
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you have you name you also have no balls!!!!! i predicted team silver would win by 100 then again we did let them pic up b.smart and i was horrible at qb and there d is pretty good.

Posted By Posted By: tailgater
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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i think we should all stick around the field after our games and watch the over rated burgundy team lose to a baby team who's qb and receivers are finally starting to gel... also i just want to see raf lose a chance at a championship

Posted By Posted By: COACH
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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Posted By Posted By: Raf
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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Actions speak louder then words. Could this be a player from Baby?

Posted By Posted By: Raf?
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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Is that really you? Two complete sentences with proper punctuation, no spelling mistakes, capitalization all ok, and only one minor, common, grammer mistake (then should be than).

I don't believe it.

Posted By Posted By: Hayden Fox
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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Hey COACH, do you even play in this league, or even play football? If you don't play in the league, is your life that sad that you have to go on message boards for rec touch football and talk trash?

I'm the real coach! Go Screaming Eagles!

Posted By Posted By: Tipster , MMQB, AP, Shultzy
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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likely retired, but come back and give a playoff preview. board needs some spice.

Posted By Posted By: GOD
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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Good afternoon my children;
Following yet another perfect week of picks, I feel i am well positioned to provide you with predictions for the first round of the playoffs, as well as a bit of heavenly analysis.
Black/Teal - Black looked good against a silver team that needs to rediscover (or discover the whereabouts of those hat picks!) itself very quickly. No Duncan and they played well. Coincidence? Probably, but then again maybe not. Nothing has gone right for Teal this year. With the personnel packages they have they should have done a lot better this year, and they really need Ben catching instead of throwing. I will go with Teal.
Gold/Navy - where has this gold team been all year. A spank-down on mighty silver then mighty green - this team is poised for a run at the crown. The problem is that they had the terrible luck of needing to go against a blue-hot navy team who i have already predicted to win it all this year. Noah saved all the seed-bearing plants and animals, and now he will ruin golds season. Navy wins.
Green/Orange - Green really shit the bed last week. A tactical move to play orange first round? I can't believe that, and have to wonder if the loss gets into their heads. Miller is a savvy veteran though, and he has the horses to compete for the whole thing. Even with the best player in the league, orange won't be able to keep up so give me Green to take this one in a nail-biter.
Burgandy/Baby - Tragic loss last week against Orange, that a star-studded Baby team will not allow to have happen again. This team has really found themselves and is the middle-4 team no one in the top should want to play. In particular if you are burgandy this week as i am calling the upset of the decade with a Baby victory.
Silver/Red - Three weeks ago i would be calling Silver all the way, and despite red getting beat like the proverbial name-sake-headed stepchild, the past couple of weeks i am still forced to take pause. Pause over, and i am going with silver in what will be a close game.
That is all my children.

Posted By Posted By: Drew
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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Did anyone happen to pickup my kicking ball? It's an older CFL ball with Drew written on it.

Posted By Posted By: Those who live in glass houses....
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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I always find it amusing when people critique other posts regarding spelling, grammar etc. ---then they make errors in their own post. To the poster questioning if it is Raf...... it's grammar, not grammer

Posted By Posted By: COACH
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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Posted By Posted By: Hayden Fox
Posted On Posted On: Nov 9th, 2011
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Again...what team do you play for again?
Go Screaming Eagles!
Hayden Fox

Posted By Posted By: predict
Posted On Posted On: Nov 10th, 2011
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the last two champions (colin and noah) will meet in the finals. both teams have been undermanned all year, and now they have their full teams out, they both look very stong. interesting that they both finished in the 5 and 6 seeds and had similar seasons.

the last two finals have been memorable, if they meet, it is sure to be a great game also

Posted By Posted By: Schultzy
Posted On Posted On: Nov 10th, 2011
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The regular season has ended and the playoff season is here. All the games are important, but now they become really important. We technically have 8 teams that can win the Championship, but do we, really? The way the season has gone it would seem that we have 3 that seem to have elevated themselves above the rest.

To wrap up my regular season results, I was 4-1 last weekend. 30-13-2 on the season. 66.67% for the season, slightly worse than last years predictions. Not bad, however, considering the number of losses that may have been different if entire teams were showing up.

Sure is hard to keep up with that new pundit, GOD. He seems to be able to go 5-0 every week. I need better sources at the league, like he seems to have...

Now onto the playoffs. Are there possible upsets in the first round? With experienced QB’s like Colin and Noah in the 4-5 and 3-6 games, for sure it is possible. Also there is a lot of talent on the Red and Baby teams that will cause our #1 and #2 teams problems. There is no room for error now boys.

I will try to predict these games without outlining the player-by-player match-ups now. In the playoffs, it is less of an individual game and more about the “team” effort. Last year all the top-4 teams won in the first round. Can an upset happen this year??

Henry North - 8:00 – 9th(Black) vs 10th(Teal)

Black won the regular season matchup 28-17 in week 7

Black had an impressive fight with Silver last week, giving Wes fits at QB. So much so that Wes even posted about it. If they can give Wes fits, imagine what they might do to Chambers this weekend. This should be a low-scoring affair, but I think that Black has been better down the stretch and will take this one…


Henry South - 9:30 – 4th(Gold) vs 5th(Navy)

Navy won the regular season matchup 40-38 in week 7

Two of the hottest teams meet in the first round. Gold won their last 2 to finish in the top 4, while Navy won their last 3. The week 7 matchup was a great game and this week shouldn’t be any different. Both QB’s are experienced as well, so one probably can’t pick a winner based on that. I think Navy’s full lineup is slightly better than Gold’s and that will prove itself again this week.


Henry North - 9:30 – 3rd(Green) vs 6th(Orange)

Green won the regular season matchup 46-20 in week 5

Green faltered last week against Gold, leading them to a matchup against last seasons Champ. Orange hasn’t lost since week 6 and there were signs of defense last week against Baby. Green’s lineup is one that doesn’t seem to scare many on paper, but on the field they have gelled. Orange has been better since their #1 pick returned from his honeymoon. This game will be much closer than the 1st game.


Henry South - 11:00 – 2nd(Silver) vs 7th(Red)

Silver won the regular season matchup 36-20 in week 5

Can Silver simply turn it back on now? The last 3 weeks they have not looked like the “best team ever” that was being touted before that. This might be the best matchup for them as Red backed their way into the playoffs with 2 losses and a tie in the last 3 weeks. When I look at the teams, I think Red has the horses to stay with Silver, though. Should be a close game, but I can’t pick this upset…


Henry North - 11:00 – 1st(Burgundy) vs 8th(Baby)

Burgundy won 36-20 in week 1

Wow, a week 1 rematch. Burgundy “won”? the right to play Baby with Green dropping their last game. While on paper Baby has a strong lineup, on the field they have only win 2 games. Something isn’t there… Burgundy has played great all but once this season and they are the definite favourites for the overall title. I don’t see Baby pulling this upset…


It is still supposed to be a nice morning Saturday. One has to love this November weather!!

Have fun and remember to leave it all out on the field boys!!


Posted By Posted By: The Sleeper #1 from the HAT
Posted On Posted On: Nov 10th, 2011
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Guess who's back.......I know, I know, you all missed me to no end, but since we're into the playoffs. I had to get my 1.5 cents and a hay penny in (old time reference for Duncan and the other seniors).

So enough pleasantries already, just wanted to say thanks to GOD for picking properly with my team each week. As always his wisdom is provocative and he's absolutely correct in saying that the hat players are going to be the difference for this weeks' first rounds.

The QB's (there are about 4-5 of them) that use them will win easily, the ones that don't......well at least you have COACH to dry your tears up on the hill.

Oh and for those still trying to figure out the Sleeper, be there at 9:30am....... or is it 11:00am? we'll it's not 8:00am, so there's your first clue.

Cheers from the island

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Nov 10th, 2011
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When I heard that we had Spackman in the 1st round, I was scared at first. Dave throws a very accurate ball, and helps make his receivers look better than they are.

Then I realized his top offensive "weapons" are Raffy, Raf Jr., and ... maybe Frank? I haven't heard from "Tank" for a while now, but there's a rumour that he's still on the roster. In keeping with the prognosticators theme of this year:

T.O. > Raf Jr.
Injured TJ > Old Raffy
Brooks > Tank
Siekowski > Tuna Fish
Rodney > Clay
Sabadin > Steve-O (although Steve is a great guy and brings food, so we'll call that one a draw)
And Benight, Schultz, Greatrix > Riggs, Jeune, and Roskar (because they won't get to play hardly at all).

Granted, we might have difficulty scoring some points, as Spack, Raf, Raf Jr., Frank, and probably Tuna will play the whole game, and I'm not the world's finest QB; that's the only reason I can't call a 30 point upset on Saturday. But I'm going to try and pull a remix of the 2010 Michael Vick Experience (or 2011 against the Cowgirls, that'd be fine, too), much to Dave's chagrin.

You want drama on the board? You want bulletin board material? As Shaq would say, I’m not worried about facing the Burgundy Queens. Write it down. Take a picture.

Also, 2/3's of the earth is covered by water, the rest is covered by me. I'd take care of the rest of that 2/3's, but my ankle hurts.


p.s. even though you won't see Raf at the field, I assure you, he's there ... if you look closely enough you'll find him buried under my shadow.

Posted By Posted By: ONE PLAY!
Posted On Posted On: Nov 10th, 2011
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1 out of 5 Last week I’m really slipping 28 -17 for the season
Welcome to the playoffs! It’s been an interesting season and it looks like any of the top 8 teams can make it. The big factor to all the teams this season has been attendance. Can everyone show up for play offs? Probably not! But I have to pick the teams as if they were all going to show up so here it goes.
8:00 – 9th (Black) vs 10th (Teal)
Black looked solid defensively against silver last week. Teal was missing their QB. Can’t win games with your number 1 pic throwing (unless you are Baby)! If everyone shows!
Teal by ONE PLAY!

9:30 – 4th(Gold) vs 5th(Navy)
After the last 2 weeks this team could now be called SOLID GOLD! Can Nick win another championship? It’s been 5 years and I think he has the team to do it again after beating the Great Green Machine. Navy Looks good as well! It’s anyone’s game let me flip a coin.
Gold won Gold by ONE PLAY!

9:30 – 3rd(Green) vs 6th(Orange)
Can Miller make a comeback? Yes! Can Orange beat Green? Yes! This is another tough call. Again if everyone shows up I think Green will win!
Green by ONE PLAY!
11:00 – 2nd(Silver) vs 7th(Red)
Silver has not impressed me lately No QB! No fastest man! This team is slipping and if attendance is low they will have a really hard time against Red. Red on the other hand will not take my advice. I like this Red team but the QB King likes the long ball and in WMFL you need to throw short more than long. I will pick Red if King will take my advice again and start throwing short. He won’t listen.
Silver by ONE PLAY!

11:00 – 1st(Burgundy) vs 8th(Baby)
Looking at the roster these two teams have more QBs than any other two teams (Spack, Raf, and Tuna) (TO,TJ,and Sabadin) I think Burgundy team has better QBs but if I was Baby I would put TO and TJ as receivers and Sabadin as QB. Imagine having TJ,TO and Brooks as receivers who can stop that? I will pick Baby only if they take my advice otherwise I will pick Burgundy.
Burgundy By more than ONE PLAY!

Good luck everyone and if you’re listening show up you only have 3 games left

Posted By Posted By: Championship?
Posted On Posted On: Nov 10th, 2011
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I can't remember nick ever winning. Noah's won a couple, raf has one, Colin last year, and spack a few years ago.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Nov 10th, 2011
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One Play, please don't give away our team secrets. What we showed during the media session may or may not be run during the game ... you'll have to watch from the hill to find out.

PS don't go to sleep on Siekowski, the polish milkman has been dynamite for us this year!

Posted By Posted By: Let's go Baby
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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What a great Idea for Baby. Having TO,TJ, Brooks, as your receivers. Sabadin or Siekowski can throw a decent ball

Don’t know if burgundy could have an answer to that.

Posted By Posted By: Raf
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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I feel sorry for your teamates TJ, telling players on your team on the message board that there not goin to play much. U say Im not goin to exist out on the field, but I can hear it now if i have a big game u will cry my ankle. U want a war u got one.
P.s Jesus cant save u. God Bless.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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First of all, Raffy, Jesus can save the whole world. THE WHOLE WORLD. Even with as bad as a beating as I'm going to lay on you, you can be redeemed, young grasshopper.

And "c'mon, man!" are you kidding me? I could cover you with my eyes closed, let alone some ankle discomfort. I promise, no matter what happens, I won't breathe a word of my injury, because it's no excuse.
But I don't think it's going to matter, because Dave's too smart to try and pick on me. The only thing you guys have to be worried about is if Spackman takes his personal feelings about TO a little bit too far and challenges him on the defensive side ... that could get ugly.

But maybe I'm wrong? Maybe Spack will get that Tomy Homo Cowgirl Gunslinger mentality and throw to Dez Bryant when he's being covered by Revis ... who knows?

Posted By Posted By: Sorry about the advertisement...
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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I know that many of the readers of this board and players in this league have young families, so I thought I would post this…

If you are looking for a great way to kick-start the 2011 Christmas season, please join the St. Mark’s Players November 30th – December 3rd for their production of “The Sound of Music”. Showtime for the first 3 nights is 7:30PM and for the Saturday it is a 4:30 PM matinee. It is a wonderful show for people of all ages.

For ticket information, contact the St. Mark’s office at 905-668-3091.

And just to add a little more WMFL spin to this. Two members of this league are performing in this show, but only on the Wednesday and Friday nights. (November 30th and December 2nd) I am not going to say who they are, you will have to wait and see…

Hope to see you there!!

Posted By Posted By: Raf
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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You couldnt cover Wes from Red n u think can cover me. Cmon Man. No one can save you and Revis cant cover Welker. We are not scared of your man to man defence.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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Kind readership, I refer to Raffy's first post, when he stated, "IF I have a good game against you ...", which clearly shows that such a miracle would surprise even himself (let alone everybody on the hill).

Also, the Jets have been to the Conference Championship twice in the last two years, while the Patriots always seem to lose their first playoff game after a great regular season. The comparison in question suits Baby vs. Burgundy just fine, thank you.

Finally, Wes is a better receiver than you, that's why I couldn't cover him. And if he was on your team, I'd say you guys would have a chance.

Posted By Posted By: Raf
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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Well one thing I learned about playing sports its a team game not an individual game. This is something you havnt learned obviously and why you sat on the bench at York. My question to you is how bad do you want it?

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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I went to York for two years and did not dress for a single game, no arguments there. But that team (players, coaches, schemes, etc) was terrible, and I've blocked that from my memory forever. It was also 10 years ago. I think there's a statute of limitations on proper trash talk.

C'mon, somebody on Burgundy must know how to trash talk. WHERE'S FRANK THE TANK! Where are ya hiding, Frankie?!?

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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Re the sound of music thing. I have done some research on the internet and am pleased to report the following to the good men of the WMFL:
- Playing the Julie Andrews role of Maria, we have none other than Craig Klassen, who looks surprising good in a Dirndl and already had the hair for the role
- Playing Maria's love interest, Captain Von Trapp, is none other than his QB, Mr. Adam King.
- BV is playing one of the children, the bad one that drinks and smokes
I really hope that the relentless rehearsing isn't going to be their excuse following the certain loss to the pure and beautiful team silver tomorrow.
Come to think of it, given the inevitable loss i am hoping that they actually show up!

Posted By Posted By: Old School
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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Frank is not a 1st round pick,Spack picked so Nick wouldnt get him. Hes done nothing all year.

Posted By Posted By: Birdman
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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Shane will own Cheech all game n show hes theit 1st round pick.

Posted By Posted By: Raf
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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I guess you dont want it n like losing. Charlie just say it WINNING! You better be wearing a mouth guard because theres nothing left to break thats already broken.

Posted By Posted By: Eric Schmidt
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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This is Eric Schmidt, CEO of Goggle. First of all, I want to congratulate the designer of this website for putting together a remarkable forum. I also want to use this opportunity to highlight a feature on our web page that you might find beneficial. If you type a players name and hit images in the top left corner, a picture, which is a true representation of the player, instantly appears. To show you how it works, I randomly took 4 players, which all happen to play for some Burgundy team (they sound over-rated to me).





It’s that easy! Good luck boys and thank you for your continual support.

Posted By Posted By: Can Spack Swim
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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Can Spack Swim? Cause he will drown Saturday!

Posted By Posted By: Tim Tebow
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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I think I heard someone call my name...at least by my nickname of Jesus.


Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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Teblow, get off this board. You are not the saviour and you are not the answer for my beloved Broncos. Your only job is to lead the Broncos to the worst record in football and allow Fox to take Luck first, thereby setting the franchise on the track it was on prior to the devil mcdaniels ruining everything. You suck worse than the red team who are gonna get their a#%es handed to them this weekend.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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Snyder, face the facts:

Tebow = 2 and 1
Orton = 1 and a whole bunch.

The Raiders are a fairly decent defensive team (they shut down San Diego's high-powered offense), and Tebow absolutely RIPPED them. You ask your quarterback to win the game, and Tebow is a winner. Tailor your offense to his skill set and win ugly!

p.s. to my man Tebow here on the message board, you are A son of God (same as I am), but you are not THE Son of God, capiche?

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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Also, Burgundy sucks.

So does Spackman.
And Raf.
And Raf Jr.
And Frank The Tank.
And Big Tuna.
And Claymation.
And the hat pick who I couldn't pick out of a lineup.

Steve's a good guy. He doesn't suck.

I'm out of ways to hype this game. Getcha popcorn ready, hill -- it's about to be ON!

Posted By Posted By: daveC
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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"The hills are alive.. with the sounds of Klassen"

Snyder.. that was a real LOL!
Schmidt.. you don't mess with the real Raffi!

Posted By Posted By: A Real Player
Posted On Posted On: Nov 11th, 2011
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Question: when did Raf become a such great receiver in this league that TJ has to cover him?
TJ, If I were you, I'd cover young Raf. If old Raf catches the ball he can easily be caught from anywhere on the field. In addition, we all know Raf wont come off the field, which means only one thing, his fat out of shape ass will be useless half way through the first half. Go Baby!

A Real Player

Posted By Posted By: Tim Tebow
Posted On Posted On: Nov 12th, 2011
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I am too the son of God. I'm Jesus Tebow! Bow down before my Tebow ropes, and my amazing QB options. I win for God!

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Nov 12th, 2011
Views Views: 2661
Im just having some fun and trying to get people talking. Raf and I have played football together for a long time, and he's an underrated talent as a receiver and defender (not by me). Whatever happens on the field today, I just hope it's a good fun game. I'm looking forward to seeing Raffy Jr's skills as a receiver up close and personal as well.

We have a lot of talent on Baby, so of I can make some throws I feel like we can have a better chance than a 1 vs. 8 usually has.

Posted By Posted By: Enquiring minds...
Posted On Posted On: Nov 13th, 2011
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Want to know what happened yesterday!!

Who won, who plays whom next week....

Posted By Posted By: Winners
Posted On Posted On: Nov 14th, 2011
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Silver vs
Green vs
all won

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