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Posted On Posted On: Aug 27th, 2012
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Hey guys,

Just a reminder that the WMFL 2012 fall draft is fast approaching and it will be held once again at 7pm on Thursday, August 30th at Melanie Pringles.

Thank you to those that have already paid and registered for this upcoming season. For those that plan to play this season, but have yet to register, please contact us ASAP. We will not be accepting registrations on draft night. You can find the registration and waiver form on www.WMFL.ca. You can pay by email transfer, or drop off the payment to the address on the form. We will also be at Melanie Pringles Tuesday evening from 8pm until 10pm to accept payment and forms.

Once you've registered come on out to the draft and have a beer with old and new team mates, then come back here and comment on who will be the team to beat, who were the sleepers of the draft, who was a stretch where he was picked...

Season Starts September 8th, seeya on the field!

Posted By Posted By: Inquiring minds want to know...
Posted On Posted On: Aug 27th, 2012
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Who are the QB's this year??

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Aug 29th, 2012
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If it's eight teams, the QB's would be:

Ryan Meyer (played on Silver last year)

If they go to 10 teams, it looks like:



Should be a fun time again this year, I'm looking forward to the draft tomorrow!

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Posted On Posted On: Aug 29th, 2012
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Bradimore? Outstanding - it'll be great to see Jay playing in the league again.

Posted By Posted By: MM
Posted On Posted On: Aug 29th, 2012
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When will we know if there will be 8 or 10 teams? If there is only 8, what will the games be?

Posted By Posted By: MM
Posted On Posted On: Aug 29th, 2012
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sorry... What *time will the games be?

Posted By Posted By: New Player
Posted On Posted On: Aug 29th, 2012
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I just heard of this league now, i know its a litle late and it says you will not accept registration at the draft but if there is still room can i sign up? ill show up before the draft if need be.

Posted By Posted By: Jason Chambers
Posted On Posted On: Aug 30th, 2012
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DRAFT NIGHT fellas......

One of my fav nights of the year..

COme on 7pm

Posted By Posted By: Answer
Posted On Posted On: Aug 30th, 2012
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Send an email to league on homepage. U can send the reg form in too. Even interact.

Posted By Posted By: Inquisitor
Posted On Posted On: Aug 31st, 2012
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Nice to see so many people at the draft last night.

So who were the winners and losers on draft night?

Where are the prognosticators????

Need my WMFL fix.

Posted By Posted By: G$
Posted On Posted On: Aug 31st, 2012
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can someone tell me what team I was put on .

Posted By Posted By: Chambers
Posted On Posted On: Aug 31st, 2012
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Hey G$ if i remeber correctly.. you are on Spack's team

Posted By Posted By: G$
Posted On Posted On: Aug 31st, 2012
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thanks throat punch .

Posted By Posted By: Tim W
Posted On Posted On: Sep 1st, 2012
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Hey guys,

The teams will be posted on the main site, and you were all emailed your team list

If you didnt get an email, email me at whitbyfootball@gmail.com and ill update the list

Butt for those that can't wait;

Cleveland browns

QB - Ryan Meyer
David Zmozynski
Mike Schleiffer
Bryan DeSouza
Brad Smart
Quincy Rochardson
Steven Clarkin
Todd Julien
Kent Clark
Kyle Clark
Dylan Clark

Green bay Packers

QB - Mike Rafuse
Tim Wray
Ben Payne
Frank Katradis
Ron Carquez
Darryl Cain
Steve Charles
Justin Lane
Brett Newell
Tyler Milne
Ciaran Hickson

Pittsburgh steelers

QB - Adam King
Chris "T.O." Pierre
Wesley King
Andrew Staff
Brian Verville
Ricardo Thomas
Junior Donaldson
Clay Thompson
Tom King
Bart Slicker

New York Giants

QB - Nick Mikos
Alex Carswell
Jordan Hischer
Craig Klassen
Matt Snyder
Mario Bianco
Nathan Coates
Giorgio Mikos
Sean Harding
Stewart Dionne
Jan Westerman

Baltimore Ravens

QB - TJ Bradimore
Ben Blanche
Matt Rafuse
Drew Walker
Lance "Toast" Phillips
Rodney Hubenig
Dave Carter
Kyle Clarkin
Glenn Clarkin
Chris Aucoin
Doug McKeon

New England Patriots

QB - Colin Hadden
Mike Hadden
Kevin DaSilva
Steve Mathews
Rich Hadden
Mike Sabadin
Hugh Marshall
Cameron Dunnett
Peter Kalo
Steve Oleksik
Rich Heighway

Denver broncos

QB - John Miller
Phil Dehaney
Neeraj Gautama
Jomo Hanley
Mark Casselman
Duncan McDonald
"Big" Pete Hazlett
Jack Hazlett
Jeff Neznik
Tom Arbuckle
Jason Lungrin

San Francisco 49ers

QB - Jason Chambers
Chris Heath
Jason Schleiffer
Brion Hendry
Miguel Morris
Tim McCaskie
Sami El-Hajjeh
Drew Roebuck
Phil Young
David Warburton
Chris Meadus

Dallas Cowboys

QB - Dave Spackman
Marlon Wong
Brandon Glover
Shane Bird
Paul Bird
Jomo Rigg
Rick Nurse
Jason Best
Gary Blizzard
Garnet G$ Tower
Stevins Jeune

Posted By Posted By: Tim W
Posted On Posted On: Sep 1st, 2012
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Washington Redskins

QB - Noah Tumin
Chris Anton
Matt Siekowski
Charles Higney
Joe Cervenka
Howard Cross
Dan Fowler
Rod Benson
Adam Rene Smith
Chris Dufty

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Sep 1st, 2012
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A big thank you to the league exec for all the work you guys put into getting things ready for the season. In particular, a well done on the jerseys and team selection. I personally appreciate you breaking the bank and going with the Broncos jerseys when you could have easily saved hundreds of dollars by going with the Dolphins considering how incredibly discounted all things Dolphins are right now. Now that i am thinking about it, it would have been hard to even decide which Dolphins players to go with. I mean, who do they even have? 10 Bush jerseys?!? To round it all out - good call going with the Giants, and to Duncan - great call on draft night.
Looking forward to an excellent season!

Posted By Posted By: Dave Z
Posted On Posted On: Sep 1st, 2012
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As a dolphin fan i feel like i should make a comment that dolphins jerseys would have cut the colours nicely as there seems to be some teams with similar colour jerseys. Although i have to agree there would have been a lack of dolphin players to put on jerseys

Posted By Posted By: Mario
Posted On Posted On: Sep 1st, 2012
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Marino Duper Clayton R Williams ... Gotta go retro!!

Posted By Posted By: Raf
Posted On Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2012
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How are those Browns jerseys Dave? you looked like a kid at christmas when his parents got him the wrong jersey.

Posted By Posted By: Dave Z
Posted On Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2012
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Yea but now i realize they are still nfl jerseys are nice touch so thanks to league reps who made that happen, and dont see many or any people wearing browns jerseys around so id say nice and unique, perhaps a nice greg little or trent rich jersey this year

Posted By Posted By: GOD
Posted On Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2012
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Well Well Well My Bitches. . .
A new season is upon us, with the draft done and nothing to do but get started.
I've got my boy Sergio Leone with me, and it seems fitting to educate you all as to the The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the WMFL 2012!
Ravens - Bradimore
Is TJ Bill Belichick? No - he drafted the way Belichick would have though, and instead of being a fat old hoodie-wearing man he is athletically one of the best players the league has ever seen. This defense might score more points than some teams offences. An the offence will score a lot.
Packers - Rafuse
This team will be very strong offensively, although defense may be a bit of a question mark as the mid- to late-round matchups aren't as good on defense. Still, Rafuse understands the game, and knows that the seventh defender (on a limb i will say that will be Mike himself) should be able to compensate for his team's matchup weakness
Cowboys - Spackman
For the first time in a couple of years Spack has drafted himself a team that has the potential to get him back on the WMFL trophy. lower round picks could be an achillies heel for Spackman, as well as the health of some of the veterans on this roster.
New England - Hadden
This team will be very good if Da Silva is healthy and shows, and if Sabadin and Marshall play the way they did a couple of years ago. An all-Hadden team is always in the mix, and this team should be no different. Weaker on defense, but as usual Mike will be all over the field and provided he isn't planning another wedding this year these guys should do just fine.
Browns - Meyer
This team has some good depth, and will do alright against most contenders, even winning a few over the course of the season. This team has the potential to be very good on defense, provided everyone shows, and they let Smart call the D from day one. Meyer threw well last year, lets see if he can do it again as the man vs a backup.
Steelers - King
This is a decent team, which, if King can ever figure out how to throw a pass less than 15 yards, should be very dangerous on offense. Issue will be covering speed, so provided they can figure out how to play a prper zone and stick to it they should be fine. Solid football IQ in Clay, BV and TO will help there as long as the rest of the boys listen and they commit to it.
Giants - Mikos
This team isn't great, but they have a solid anchor in Klassen and Snyder in the middle, and if Carswell shows up and the unknowns here are half-decent these guys may be a dark-horse for the finals. They are stronger on defense, question mark will be whether they will be able to score enough to get the wins and whether Nick will be able to hit the long-ball enough to allow that to happen.
49ers - Chambers
This is a solid team, and if they come together, play together, and everyone stays healthy they may be darkhorse part 2. Lots of solid, capable players, and if Chambers can keep Heath engaged and playing like the first rounder he physically is, these guys will be consistent and possibly even dangerous.
Broncos - Miller
Most guys draft better in the first few rounds and worse towards the end, but Miller went the opposite. His first few round guys are good ballers, but all late in their respective rounds. His last few picks are actually high end for their round, or should have gone earlier. If Miller can build good chemistry with Dehaney right from the get-go they will be OK, if not they will end up like they were drafted, ugly.
Redskins - Tumin
This team looks awful in terms of round against round match ups versus almost every other team. Was Noah intoxicated when he did his picks?
There you have it my children, and here's hoping this gets the conversation going about something other than clothing! Seriously, what is wrong with you guys?!?

Posted By Posted By: Raf
Posted On Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2012
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Good reply Davey

Posted By Posted By: Duncan
Posted On Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2012
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Schedule has been posted. It was based on last year's so hopefully no errors, but I did it in the car so feel free to QC it for me and let me know if you see something wrong.

Posted By Posted By: Ray Lewis
Posted On Posted On: Sep 3rd, 2012
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Noah's team could surprise, as 3 of his top picks are new to the league. I say that with Noah chucking the rock, this team will be solid from the jump.

Also, can't wait to get it on against those Brownies. Nothing like an easy win in week 1 to get the season started off right ... like the Lions vs. Rams.

Ravens always beat the Browns. See you at 8.

#52, Ray Ray.

Posted By Posted By: ONE PLAY
Posted On Posted On: Sep 3rd, 2012
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My Pick of the Top teams this year are

#1 Cowboys (Spack)

When are the other QBs going to clue in? The reason Spack keeps making it to the top 3 every year is his ability to pick on draft night. Solid first round how did Marlon Wong make it to number 10 on draft night and then the Birds after that. I wish I was there to see Spack just giggling as everyone missing these solid top 5-6 players. Bottom 6 not to solid but that doesn't matter when playing for Spack!!

#2 Ravens (TJ)

If the league where only a defensive game!!.
WHAT!! a 7th player added on Defence??? Now I see why TJ Pick who he picked this team looks to be the best Defense in the League so good in fact their defence will most likely score more points than their offence solid pick all the way to the bottom.

#3 Packers (Raf)

If you notice the top 3 teams here are the best draft pickers in the league they have the experience. All you other QBs take note. Raf has a very good pick this year solid on D and solid on O they can kick FG Punt score TDs and stop TDs

The above teams are in no order they will be the top 3 teams this year!!

Now for the next 5 in order

#4 Steelers (King)

I like his picks this year he is watching and learning fast from the above 3 QBs he will be a very good contender this year. Here is a tip! Keep it like Tim and Glen “short” (passes).

#5 Patriots (Colin)

Colin Likes to keep it simple tries to keep the same team every year and why not he always picks a solid team. Most of the time he is in the top 5 so I will keep him here for now

#6 Redskins (Noah)

Either Noah knows something that the other QBs don’t know or he just likes to go to the casino and let it ride. Good LUCK! Noah you may or may not need it!!

#7 Broncos (Miller)

Although you won last year you don’t have the same team this year. In fact not even close.
I think you and Noah went together at the casino. Noah picks unknown players and you pick a wobbly (KNee)raj.

#8 Browns (Ryan)

I like this team I just can’t put them at the top
until the rookies can get some experience. Would love for you to prove me wrong. So bring your game.

#9 49ers (Chambers)

I would like to think that this team would do better and maybe they will but I don’t think Chambers has enough experience as a QB and now with the 7 th man? He had a tough time last year putting up points. I think this year will be even harder for him. He always could use his back up QB he throws funny but seems to make it to the big show almost every time he threw.

#10 Giants (Nick)

Sorry Nick you are at the bottom someone has to be last. Every year you seem to struggle with your draft picks I don’t know why! You have been in this league for a very long time. Maybe you just don’t pay close attention to all the new guys (last 10 years).

Good luck to everyone and remember this game always comes down to ONE PLAY!!

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Sep 3rd, 2012
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One play - I hope your real job doesn't involve evaluation or prediction or competence. Otherwise you and your family will starve and Will also probably be waterboarded for your bizarre allegiance to spackmans evil empire. You suck. The wmfl giants are easily #1, to suggest otherwise is just weird. I am embarrassed for you and for your ridiculous ratings. Good readership, I hope you read this post first and dont have to accidentally go back and read the precious 'oneplay' posts.

Posted By Posted By: Klassen
Posted On Posted On: Sep 3rd, 2012
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Amen to that, Snyder!

Posted By Posted By: daveC
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2012
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Only 4 more sleeps!
Less if you're a Hadden

Posted By Posted By: Schultzy
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2012
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Schultzy 2012 Draft Recap

Not sure if I can be here every week this year, but I will give it a shot again.

QB changes again this year. Welcome back to the reins TJ and Raffy. So long Wes, Drew, T.O..

10 teams was the decision late in the setup. Hopefully we get good turnout for all teams, so we don't have a bunch of forfeits or at the field pick-ups!

I was hiding in the back at the draft. There seems to be lots of excitement for this season, certainly more than I have seen in quite a while.

Here is my opinion of what I saw in the draft.

1> Browns
--Positives - Experienced picks with M.Schlieff,
B.Smart, T.Julien and the Clarks
- Lots of youg speed too.
--Negatives - Other than Todd, I am not sure how many
"sure-hands" guys are on this team.
- He looked good last year, but Ryan is
still a young QB in this league. How
will he handle it???

2> Packers
-- Positives - Always been a big fan of Mike Rafuse as
a QB. Love seeing him back!
- Excellent first 5 of Wray, Payne,
Katradis, Carquez/Cain.

- Negatives - Unknown second 5. Mike has to hope
that he got at least 1 or 2 solid guys.

3> Steeelers
-- Positives - Solid experienced picks who will play
good D (Verville, T.O., Clay)
- Another year under his belt will only
make Adam better

-- Negatives - Tough matchups against speed teams. Not
sure how they will handle teams with
lots of speed.
- For some reason I see this lineup
struggling to score

4> Redskins
-- Positives - Noah always seems to make the best of
what he gets

-- Negatives - Too many unknowns in this lineup. Mid-
round picks seem like stretches to me
- I don't see any defensive stoppers
here. This team will give up lots of

5> Giants
-- Positives - Love the middle picks of Klassen,
Snyder and Bianco.
- Solid late round additions too with
Harding, Dionne and Westerman

-- Negatives - Can Nick make something happen with
this experienced lineup?
- Not convinced that Carswell can keep up
against everyone elses #1 pick.

6> Ravens
-- Positives - Solid, experienced picks with
B.Blanche, Drew, Toast, Carter and
- THis team looks like the most solid on
defence. Will be tough to score on.

-- Negatives - I am a big TJ fan, but not as a QB.
- After Ben and Matt, the hands on this
team are a little questionable

7> Patriots
-- Positives - Is that Brady to Welker or Hadden to
Hadden. Colin and Mike give this team
a chance every week.
- Colin picked those he is comfortable
with. Shouldn't take long to get

- Negatives - Is DaSilva 100%? Can Matthews make up
for him if he isn't?
- Can Mike get the most out of the rest
of the guys on D?

8> Broncos
-- Positives - Miller has confidence after winning it
all a year ago.
- I see good D here, which is something
different for a Miller team

-- Negatives - Can Phil and Neeraj stay healthy for a
full season? This team will struggle
against speed teams if they don't...

9> 49ers
-- Positives - Heath, J.Schlieff, Morris form a very
solid core catching the ball.
- Good experienced late pickups in Sami,
Phil Y and Warbird

-- Negatives - Sorry, but I still see Chambers as the
weakest QB in the league.

10> Cowboys
-- Positives - The Birds and Marlon W will be solid,
solid players for the Spack machine
- Spack is a big positive, solid, solid

-- Negatives - Spack always picks guys late that he
knows he can get along with, but not
sure how their skill matches up against
the other teams.

Overall (in no particular order...)
My feeling is that there are 3 solid teams who should be at the top. The other 7 will battle it out week-in
and week-out to stay out of the bottom 2. If I have to pick now, I would say:

Top 3 - Packers, Ravens, and Cowboys

Middle 4 - Giants, Broncos, Patriots, and Browns

Bottom 3 - 49ers, Redskins, and Steelers

See you later in the week for my week one picks....


Posted By Posted By: Suggestion
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2012
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To the New Exec...

How about posting team pictures on the site again? This way people can put names to faces and it would also help the QB's in the following year's draft.

Posted By Posted By: Bill Simmons
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2012
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The BS Mailbag “WMFL Edition”

I’m going to take some time out writing for Grantland to answer a few questions about the 40th season in the vaunted, legendary WMFL.

Q: How will the new 7th defender rule change affect the scoring in the WMFL?

SG: Well, Captain Obvious, the offenses will score less and the defenses will score more. A better question is “What happens if the WMFL puts a height maximum on the QBs at only 5 foot 6?” Spackman will be WMFL champ every year. And no Tim, you can’t beat Spack.

Q: I was at the draft and I heard a lot about “The Hill”. What is this and what is its significance?

SG: The Hill is a mythical place where WMFL members who are not playing get to judge fellow players, hurl insults and mockery, as well as possibly partake in an adult beverage or two. Sounds like a great place huh? Better yet, if Steve O brings out the BBQ, you won’t want to go home to your families.

Q: I am new to the league, and the QB that drafted me is getting trashed on the message board. Should I even bother showing up Saturday?

SG: Of course you should. QBs are important but teams can win with bad QBs. Perfect example, John Miller last year.

Q: I have done some preseason analysis, and based on past statistics, rosters, QB history, and a blind shot in the dark, using Bernoulli’s equation and extrapolating the current indices, allowing for El Nino in November, it is virtually guaranteed that Adam will bring home his first championship in only his second year. What do you think?

SG: Thanks for writing Mrs. King, please stay off our message boards. And these are my readers.

Have a great first week of ball boys!

Posted By Posted By: Tim W
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2012
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In response to :

To the New Exec...

How about posting team pictures on the site again? This way people can put names to faces and it would also help the QB's in the following year's draft.


That is already In the works! We would like to add team photos to the league website.

Posted By Posted By: daveC
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2012
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So shave & have your hair brushed for Saturday

Posted By Posted By: klassen
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2012
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Hey Dave, was that comment for Snyder?

Posted By Posted By: Funk Doctor
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2012
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Posted By Posted By: m
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2012
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FUNK DOCTOR... looks like you crushed the message board as well

Posted By Posted By: Good Old Days
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2012
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Miss the days of Tipster, MMQB, AP, BCS, Shultzy. That was good bathroom reading material.

Posted By Posted By: GOD
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2012
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Nice to see Oneplay and Schultzy stealing most of my insights into the teams and draft. Not surprising, since neither has the mental capacity of JaMarcus Russell into his fourth jug of Purple Drank. And they got a lot wrong when they tried to be original.
How do i follow up my perfect season in 2011? Easy, i go perfect again.
Ravens vs Browns
TJ drafted a defensive monster of a team, and as i referenced in my draft analysis they will score points too. Either TJ or Ben can shut Dave down, and the browns don;t have anyone else who can compete with basically the first five rounds of this Ravens team. Browns - you guys will be alright, but its too early in the season for you to compete with the skill and experience the Ravens bring to the table. Ravens easily.
Redskins vs Patriots
Redskins could have RG3 playing and it wouldn't make a difference, and all the pump fakes in the world aren't going to fool the experience-laden Patriots. We'll see if Noah can successfully pick on Sabadin and Marshall - my bet is no, a little Bird told me both are entering the season healthy and ready to play.
Patriots easy.
Steelers vs Broncos
This game will be closer than the 2 referenced above, and it will all hinge on whether Miller and Dehaney are in sync, which is hard to expect in week 1. If they aren't, the height and athleticism of the Steelers team will easily outman the Broncos. Normally Neeraj is a huge advantage with his height but against TO and all those Kings that advantage is severely neutralized.
Giants vs 49ers
Some questions for me around the new guys Nick has drafted. If they are good, the 49ers will fall. I still think team dynamic will be a big issue on the 49ers this year, but you have to see Schlieffer as a major calming factor. Can Chambers throw well enough to keep his guys engaged? Will Heath play hard? Will Nick piss his entire new team off in week one? Lots of questions with this one, but the core defense Nick drafted makes me edge the Gmen on this one.
Gmen in a close one that no one will watch since they will all be checking out . . .
Packers vs Cowboys
Battle of the titans here, with two of my top-ranked teams kicking it off in week one. Great match-ups with no real clear edges overall for either team. I do see the Packers later round draft picks as slightly stronger, so a small edge there which may not matter if Spackman force-sits or pressure-sits his lower round picks and they take that shit. You paid your money boys, make sure you play an equal amount. Look for Spackman himself as the weak link on the Cowboys defence, his ego has not allowed him to acknowledge he's lost a step. Look for Spackman to pick on Katradis and run speed against Rafuse to garner advantage.
Cowboys in a barn-burner.
Enjoy the games bitches. I'll talk and you will listen again next week.
Let there be football!

Posted By Posted By: Schultzy Week 1
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2012
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As I have said in the past, week 1 is always a bit of a crap-shoot. Without having seen these teams playing at least once it is hard to know what is going to happen. However, since the season is only 9 games, every single week is critical to the final result. Many times teams look back and realize that the loss in the first week cost them a better playoff seed.

Not sure what insights GOD thinks I copied. He’s too busy insulting the WMFL readership and patting himself on the back. Certainly not like any GOD that I have ever worshipped!

Anyway, I digress. How about week 1…

8:00 – Team 6 (Ravens) vs. Team 1 (Browns)

I am going to keep this short. I don’t think the difference between the two teams is as great as some do… The Browns are going to stay close, mainly on the fact that their QB is better than the Ravens QB. However, in the end

-- Take the Ravens

North 9:30 – Team 3 (Steelers) vs. Team 8 (Broncos)

Lots of questions about the chemistry between Miller and his new receivers. However, his new receivers are experienced players; they’ll be fine. This game is going to be a good one, but I will go with the more experienced QB…

-- Take the Broncos

South 9:30 – Team 4 (Redskins) vs. Team 7 (Patriots)

We will find out pretty soon whether Noah knows something that none of us prognosticators do… Colin’s teams normally get off to quick starts; due to the fact that he picks people he knows and has played with many times. This week will be no different.

-- Take the Patriots

North 11:00 – Team 2 (Packers) vs. Team 10 (Cowboys)

Raf gets no favours from the schedule-makers, having to face his QB nemesis in Spack right off the back. Both of these teams are going to be near the top of the standings at the end of the season and this game will be the one that separates the two of them. I think the Packers are the best team in the league on paper, so…

-- Take the Packers

South 11:00 – Team 5 (Giants) vs. Team 9 (49ers)

The match-ups are pretty good in this one, and the game should be a good one. Despite the past history of Nick teams starting the year slow, I will take the more experienced QB in this one.

-- Take the Giants

It will be interesting to see how the new D rules affect the scores this week. Are we going to see more 21-14 games instead of 42-35? Not sure how much it is going to matter for the experienced WMFL QB’s, but evaluation will wait until a couple of weeks are played.

Have fun everyone, and remember to leave it all out on the field.


Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2012
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Good Readership;
I have read the board. I do not agree with much of what has been said. The Whitby Football Giants are the best team the WMFL has ever seen!
The dominance starts this Saturday!
Let's talk about the first victim. . .
I don't see cohesiveness as an issue on the 49ers at all. This is a solid group of veterans, and all good guys. They will do better than anyone seems to think and will play very well this year. This week tho, they will fall to the might of the Giants in a furious frenzy of picks, YACs, and depression-inducing dominance!!!
Gentlemen, get ready for the show!

Posted By Posted By: Black & Purp52(aka Peter on Pats!)
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2012
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Good day to all in the league!
I just wanted to introduce myself, being new to the league. First things first, I am the probably the biggest Ravens fan since they've been around, always loved the rivalry between the old school browns and the Squeelers( most can see the hate for this team found in how I call them) before B More got their team. Once my man Ray Lew #52 was drafted there along with the best safety in the NFL today Ed Reed it was a wrap, hook line and sinker for me as a Raven fan. As much as it pains me to don the Pats colors(damn you Lee Evans & Billy Cundiff) I look to have a blast this year! Take care!

Posted By Posted By: dm
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Hey guys, I've updated the WMFL Google Calendar with the schedule. You can find a link to it on the website, or you can add it to your own Google Calendar by adding calendar ID ne5od1ev4a1nbudm7kidm99ob4@group.calendar.google.com

Just curious...is anyone looking at this calendar and/or adding it to their own Google Calendar?

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Yes Duncan, I've added the Google calendar to mine. I noticed you had updated it when I saw all of the weeks show up in my phone calendar.


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i have it on my google calander as well

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Short Term ForecastUpdated:Friday, September 7, 2012, 13:15EDT

MorningMorning: 6:00 AM - 11:59 AM

Cloudy with showers


E 25km/h


35-45 mm

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Isn't it a tad ironic that a guy named Noah can't deal with the rain?

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Posted By Posted By: Noah
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**shrugs and agrees**

Ya, I don't know. Maybe its my Floridian upbringing, somewhat abnormally small hands, who the hell knows?

I have petitioned the exec on numerous occasions for a dome over Henry, or at the very least one of those big gazebos.

The good news is my drafting ability has gotten zero respect here so I can blame my poor play tomorrow on that and not my real issue, the rain.

Orrrr... Redskins can kick ass tomorrow, I can exorcise the rain demons, my team will step up and beat the "2010 Hadden Championship Team Part 2" and next week God will realize Noah had everything under control the whole time.

We'll see how it goes.

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Note to GOD I had already pic the following teams just forgot to post it (but you already new that)

Snyder keep up the good work! Peace Brother! Keep up the trash talk as well we all love it! Even though we don't buy into it!

8:00 Ravens (TJ) vs Browns (Ryan)

Ravens Defence looks to be the best in the league. Ryan’s rookie year (officially) he doesn’t have the same team he had last year. That being said he will struggle this year and especially against TJ team Ravens .

Ravens by more than ONE PLAY

9:30. Redskins (Noah) vs Patriots (Colin)
Well being Noah first game with a pile of new guys I think he will do well. He defiantly rolled the dice on this team. Colin solid pick both have some experience with 7 defenders should be entertaining. Noah will need a couple of games to start connecting with his NEW team.

Patriots by more than ONE PLAY

9:30 Steelers (King) vs Broncos (Miller)
Both teams evenly matched. I think King has the better players on O so go with

Steelers by ONE PLAY

11:00 Giants (Nick) vs 49ers (Chambers)
Hate to say it but the next time these two teams meet will most likely be in the toilet bowl. Sorry guys I like you just don’t think you made a good pick this year. Chambers better on D and Nick better on O Defence will win this game

49ers by ONE PLAY

11:00 Packers (Raf) vs Cowboys (Spack)
Although these two teams will be in the top 4. I think Spack will win this one. Only if someone doesn’t pump his ball up to regulation.

Cowboys by only ONE PLAY

Have Fun out there and remember the game could decide buy just ONE PLAY

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Great game today in the typhoon. Browns are definitely underrated, but we couldn't catch a ball!

Tough loss today 17-11. We'll get 'em next time.

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Nobody could catch a ball in the 8am game, except for the fastest man... and I believe he even caught 3 of TJ's passes.

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Anyone know the score of the late game?

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18 - 8 49ers over Giants. Good game 49ers, congrats on the win

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ONE PLAY I have a question for you. I got drafted 5th overall on my team. Am I a part of the lower half of the players who is just Spackman's friends who really are not good football players??? If so can you please teach me how to play this great sport.Im always willing to learn. Oh ONE PLAY I cant wait to see you play maybe I will learn something from watching you play. Dont worry I will be looking for you, by the way see you @ championship game its going to be fun this year see you around.

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