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Posted By Posted By: Drew
Posted On Posted On: Sep 25th, 2012
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Duncan has been very sick lately so he didn't get a chance to update the site.

As many of you may already know, the WMFL suffered a great loss this week. Terry Tofymowych passed away early Monday morning. He was a long time "WMFLer" and those who had the privilege of playing with him (or having a beer with him afterwards) can attest to his fantastic spirit and crazy sense of humour.

He will be greatly missed.

The viewing & funeral details are as follows:
When: Wednesday September 26th, 2012
Where: Armstrong Funeral Home in Oshawa
Viewing 1: 1pm to 3pm
Viewing 2: 7pm to 7:30
A small service will be held at 7:30

Even if you can't make the services, let's all take a moment this week to remember Terry.

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 27th, 2012
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R.I.P. Terry.

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 27th, 2012
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Sorry so late for the updated standings guys, like Drew said, I've been sick in bed for most of this week - perfect time to quote Mark Twain there, but given the above I think I'll just leave it at that.

Lucky for us we only have the Giants this week so I can take a week off and cover Snyder.

P.S. I'm guessing that many of you have figured this out or there would have been much more of a hue and cry from the membership, but the WMFL Google calendar is updated (at the field post-game if I'm there) with the scores each week.

Posted By Posted By: noahs teams
Posted On Posted On: Sep 27th, 2012
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what is it about noahs teams where every year he has one of the highest points for and always the highest points against? does he try to draft bad defenses? if tj is going to score a lot any week, this is the week to do it.

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Sep 27th, 2012
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So glad to hear that you are up and around Dunc, i understood that the recovery from gender re-assignment surgery took longer.
Anyway, glad to hear you are alright and ready to throw down this weekend!
I am so excited about the game this week, Millers roster is just full of people i love layin the beats on - starting with the old man himself. Miller, I pick you off every time we play - are you going to even bother throwing at me this year? I hope you do, as the touchdown i score on the pick may very well be the only one you get all game! Oh yeah!
Overmatched Broncos, get ready for your fate. the gods of the WMFL gridiron are about to strike! Giants rule!

Posted By Posted By: Ray Lewis
Posted On Posted On: Sep 27th, 2012
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I was talking to my man TJ this week, and he says that he doesn't care how many points his team scores, as long as they score one more point than the opposition.

He also said that there's a light sprinkling of rain expected for Saturday, and believes that Noah will throw 5 pick 6's to Ravens players.

Ray Lewis, #52, Ravens.

Posted By Posted By: Replacement Ref
Posted On Posted On: Sep 27th, 2012
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This board has become so BOORRRRRRIIINNG!

I single handedly captivated a nation but apparently that wasn't good enough for some people! Were you not entertained?

But I digress, I've decided to bring my talents to the WMFL discussion board on my first night on the unemployment line (officiating that is, you can catch me at the Supermarket bagging groceries now).

In an effort to create awareness for the WMFL, here are my picks for this weekend.

Ravens vs. Redskins
As I get ready to throw things at the tv while the Ravens are about to take the field, I harbor no hard feelings with the Ravens north of the border. But Ray Lewis does not in fact play quarterback. Redskins pull their goalie and hit the suicide squeeze for the victory in this one.

Packers vs. 49ers
Maybe if those bastard Packers weren't so mouthy I wouldn't be in this mess. Screw you guys and the hockey sticks you rode in on. But even with the fix on, these Cheeseheads will still have enough to beat the 49ers as long as Raf has his jump shot going.

Giants vs. Broncos
Miller, make me an offer I can't refuse, otherwise it won't be close. Trust me, you saw what I'm capable of.

Cowboys vs. Patriots
If Colin can get the flatstick going and drain some puts the Pats could make things interesting. But I think the Cowboys will serve up a couple of aces and sail to victory.

Steelers vs. Browns
A couple teams that have had rough starts to the year on both sides of the border. In the regular Eastern Conference the Pirates would stomp the Cavaliers, but in the WMFL, I think the Browns will avenge the loss from their counterparts tonight. Whoops, I've said too much, game isn't over.

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Sep 27th, 2012
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15 degrees, no rain, no wind, dome like conditions TJ.

Looks like the only thing raining will be my td throws to my team.

Remember, you may not be fooled on the first or second pump, but by the time the 7th or 8th show up, you'll be biting.


Posted By Posted By: Ray Lewis
Posted On Posted On: Sep 27th, 2012
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Fear the pump? I'm a veteran, bro!



Posted By Posted By: saucy boy
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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Don't believe the HYPE

Posted By Posted By: from the hill
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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I had to check to see if the Redskins were playing or reffing the Cowboys and was warning Spackman - Fear the Pump, then I read his whole message. Plus I realized that it would be a Hadden threatening Spackman like that!

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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Let me tell you what I am not going to do TJ. I am not going to throw blindly to the middle of the field as you are sitting back and bating me. I may throw Drew 4 picks(again), but I won't throw anywhere near you tomorrow.

Also, since you have been "attempting" to play my position for the past few years, I will play a little D tomorrow (out of necessity) and show you a thing or two. So go ahead and try to pick on me.

With respect to Ray Lewis, I will dig into my closet and wear a jersey for our game tomorrow in tribute to the #52 #bestMLever.


Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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Snyder, Snyder, Snyder ... really? Gender reassignment? That's the best you can do? OK, I'll play along ... if I'm the WMFL version of Renee Richards, does that make you ... Bobby Riggs? We know how well it turned out for that guy when he ran his mouth. I hope at least you'll be a gentleman and buy a girl a beer after the game!

Posted By Posted By: Ray Lewis
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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You probably will pick me off, but our D will rise to the occasion. Question, do you punt as well? If not, maybe have your punter warm up before the game, because he's going to be busy.

As far as the game goes, I'm so looking forward to it that I chartered a private plane to my conference, happening now in Quebec, just so that I can be there for it. Unlike a lousy "playoff" game, in which case I'd probably just go to Las Vegas.


Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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You've played on my team before TJ, my teams don't punt.

Yeah, I still get that bad taste in my mouth from your Vegas trip when we had the season. But i think DaSilva last year missing our playoff game just cuz was worse. Or wait, maybe Tim Wray missing our Ajax playoff game this year was worse.

I have a plan though, always do. Remember when I got "Swine Flu" a couple of years ago to avoid the matchup against you in the Semis? Yeah right, I had swine flu. I still remember the look in your face as Duncan's 45 yard FG split the uprights in the Final. I'll be looking for that face again tomorrow.

Posted By Posted By: Prime time
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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Noah you won't be throwing 4 ints to anybody... Not if I can help it... We'll put the ravens to rest...
Just throw it up we'll go get it... I'm predicting a redskin blowout... Get your popcorn ready

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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reffing tomorrow...just checked...it's ravens-redskins!!!

I feel as privileged as an NFL replacement ref, getting to be on the same field to watch this epic game of which so much is being spoken.

anybody feeling vulnerable?

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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Bobby Riggs? Renee Richards? Great Scott Man, i had to google that shit just to figure out who these characters were!
Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine this board would reference tennis from the 70's. Outstanding, my hats off to you Dunc - great post!

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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oh, that glare's from you donning your cap! shit, i thought the second coming had arrived and that glow was from a star in the east!

that reference is a little further back, might want to reference matthew 2:2.

thanks for the props bud, been enjoying your shit all year, keep up the good work...and don't forget that beer for your favourite girl! ;)

Posted By Posted By: Schultzy Week 4
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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The message board is quiet. Just say those words and you get guys like Ray Lewis, Noah (with his ark), some guy named Snyder, and a dm posting....

I will be honest, I haven't been paying much attention this season the the WMFL. I have done so well in the past years that I thought I could just float along and pick the winners easily without much research.

2 right, 3 wrong again last week. 5-9 for the season. I will be completely honest, that blows!! I need to do better. It will take a lot of perfect weeks to make me feel better. Let's hope I can start this week...

8:00 Ravens vs Redskins --- Ray Lewis and Noah going at it on the trash talk board. Somehow I think Ray would win that fight. However, Noah has some backup it seems. Since that first week blowout, Noah's team has looked much, much better. TJ and the Ravens play some solid D, while the 'skins do not. Which one gives??? --- TAKE the REDSKINS

9:30 Broncos vs Giants --- Miller, what the hell gives?? You win one title and then put it on cruise control. Not acceptable. This team should be better their 0-3 record. Giants are a solid squad that have lost some close ones, unfortunately got the wrath of Spack last week. Does Miller have that sort of wrath to let loose? Snyder better be careful, as he is poking an already unhappy team... Miller this is your last chance I give you... ---TAKE THE BRONCOS

9:30 Packers vs 49ers --- This 49ers squad is impressing everyone. Chambers is working well with this team, using all of his weapons well. The Packers, especially the so-called Tank, have been very quiet this week after their loss last week. Are they stewing?? My thought is yes. This group of Packers doesn't like to lose and will be out to prove something this weekend. Not often will I pick against the undefeated team, but --- TAKE THE PACKERS

11:00 Browns vs Steelers --- Battle of 1-2 teams... The Browns looked really good in week 1 against the Ravens, but not so much since then. The Steelers also won their first game, but have been rather weak since. Who will turn it on again this week? My thought is that Adam and his team are angrier. --- TAKE THE STEELERS

11:00 Patriots vs Cowboys --- The undefeated Patiots, trying to make is 4 in a row. I told you Spack doesn't lose back-to-back. However, now he faces the one team in the league who has put it all together early. I don't think that there is any doubt that Mike Hadden is the best all-around player in this league, and having the other weapons around makes him that much better. This team reminds me of the team Colin won with a couple of years ago. I think this Pats team is doing the undefeated thing... --- TAKE THE PATIOTS

That's it for this week folks. Have fun, and remember to leave it all out on the field.


Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 28th, 2012
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shit, karma.

should never try to poke snyder twice in the same day or those gods of football, of which he so often speaks, will get you!


Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 29th, 2012
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With my main man missing the last two weeks, our offence has been suspect as best, but with Tim back in the lineup, our offence will be running rampant over the 49ers. I don't care how tall heath is, if the offence isn't on the field, they won't score. The pats should consider themselves lucky we only showed with 4 last week. With a full roster, we are unstopable. Good luck beating us with a healthy team.


Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Oct 1st, 2012
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We need a new trash board set up so I can trash Noah some. Although it must be stated, Noah is a man of his word and did not punt (as i suggested his team look into), and also tagged me on an INT return ...

I'd also like to hear about the scores and some recaps from the other games.

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