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Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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News of the week...

It just got a little more crowded at the top of the WMFL Standings as both first-placed teams were upset this week and the Packers took care of business creating a three-way tie for first. The Packers seem to hold the 'easier' schedule in the last two weeks as the 49ers and Patriots must play each other in the final week, but in this year's WMFL nothing is a certainty. Don't count out the Cowboys, Giants or Redskins who are lurking just a game back either.

In other news, congrats to Miller's Broncos who got their first win and protested that dirt was thrown on their championship aspirations a little too soon. A look at the schedule reveals that they are not mathematically eliminated, if they beat the hot Redskins and Cowboys in the final two weeks all they need to stay out of the bottom two is for the Browns to lose to both the Patriots and Packers and the Steelers to lose one of their final two against the Cowboys and Ravens. It could happen...

Two games to go and, hey, check out the long-range weather forecast for Saturday, looks like the start of the season, not the end!

It’s good to be back, seeya on the field!

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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re: weather Saturday


Posted By Posted By: Hadden Jr.
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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Snyder looks like I'm down a Guiness. Maybe we will meet in the playoffs and have a double or nothing. At least the guiness Factory is safe from Klassen!

Posted By Posted By: Rodney
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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A special mention needs to go out to Spack for recognizing that the Ravens were on a verge of a late game come-back against the Cowboys and making sure he continued throwing the long balls to his favorite receivers. I know your response will be that the regular season standings may come down to points differential.

You may be right and I'll wait to the end of the regular season to pass further judgment, but interesting enough that from my prospective you're the only one in this league who thinks this way. Funny, I haven't actually seen it in the NFL either so I guess they don't share the same determination to exceed as you do. Anyways, congrats on a good win.

Posted By Posted By: Tiebreakers
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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From the rules:

"11. Winning captain to ensure games scores are reported to league statistician, that day. Standings will be updated weekly (usually post-game), tie-breakers for Final Standings will be record in games involving tied teams followed by Points Against and then Points For/Against Differential."

so as you can see Rodney, diffential can come into play if there is a tie between 2 teams or a 3 way circular and there is the exact same points against. based on some quick math, the odds of this occurring is .0453%, but better to be sure and run it up and embarrass other teams in this fun league.

Posted By Posted By: TJ Bradimore
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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To be fair, it's a bit more complicated than that, as there exists the possibility that the Cowboys and Ravens might be tied with a 3rd team come the end of the season. In that regard, the Cowboys may feel incentivized to rack up the score, thereby inflating the "points against" of the Ravens, making it more likely to get to the "points differential" scenario (or helping the Cowboys win the "points against" outright).

That being said, running up the score by using your top horses is poor sportsmanship. If somebody other than the top 3 targets was catching deep passes for TDs, so be it. The point of this game is to have fun, and it would be nice for those guys to catch some passes; likewise for our guys on that side of the field on defense to have something to keep them interested as well.
But by virtue of the way the game was going, it was already apparent that Raf, Drew and I couldn't cover Marlin, Bird, and Jomo. We had been soundly beaten, no issues there. I had started a rotation of backup QBs to throw to keep the game light and interesting from our side.
The Cowboys not only didn't play a backup QB, but they left Stevens Jeune and another play nailed to the bench on offense.

Stevens rushed all game. No offense, no defense, just rushed. In a blowout win with only 8 players on the team, that is simply unacceptable, and for people to not see that, it's mind-blowing. Every year, players on a particular team get bored with coming out, so they quit. They quit our league, and they won't be back. They won't be recommending people to join the league. Think about that, for a minute.

I was told to "just take my beating like a man". And all I could think, was, "grow up and don't run up the score". Where's the sportsmanship? I've been involved on both sides of a blow-out plenty of times in my life, and I sure don't run post-corners at full blast and fist pump when we score another TD. I refuse to catch passes (i will clear-out zones for others) and I try to coach players on the other team for things they can improve on. I understand that not everybody can stand up to a certain type of character, and that's fine -- that's the only reason for my rant both on the field and now here online.

At the end of the year, you win a trophy, and maybe a t-shirt. If it's so important to Spackman to win a trophy, I've got a bunch at home, I'll give them to him. Let's get back to the point of this RECREATION LEAGUE and have some fun.

It's unfortunate that the executive gets blamed for this (that's what i was told on the field), but if that's the way it's going to be, I can only think of a short list of solutions for the executive to solve it. I'm sure they're bright enough to figure out my recommendation on their own.

Posted By Posted By: Solution
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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The executive did fix this. Tiebreaker used to be points for, now its points against. The offense does not need to run up the score, your defense needs to prevent scoring. By running up the score it actually may hurt your chances as you are giving the other team the ball more often.

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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That was the theory anyway. Unfortunately, while you may be less incented to run up the score since point differential is the second tie-break (and by scoring quickly you give the other team the ball back which could hurt your points against), running up the score will negatively impact the team whose being scored on. That said, if you're getting blown out the chances that you will be involved in a tie-break with the team handing out the ass-kicking is less likely, so them damaging your points against should be of little benefit to them. So, you see, some thought was put into this by the Executive of the time (I was on the Executive at the time and championed this concept, so shoot your arrows at me). If you have suggestions for improvement though pass them on to the current Executive, there may be a better way to do this.

However, it has been my experience that if a particular team wants to win by by 60 or 70 points, and is capable of doing so, they will do so, whether supported by the rules or not.

Posted By Posted By: Peggy Shanahan
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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TJ, do you have any advice for the Patriots after they blew us out 52-0 in the first game of the season?... Mike hasn't recovered from the loss yet.

Posted By Posted By: daveC
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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How do you legislate sportsmanship??
It's not possible.

Current question is suggestion for go forward.
How about a max differential of, say, 30 points in a game?
Once you are up by > 30, no statistical advantage to continuing to score, just becomes a question of sportsmanship after that.

Posted By Posted By: Roger The Dodger
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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We lull the 'weak side' to sleep, then we slip 4.5-40 G$ AKA Miles Austin up the sideline for a 30 yard gain, or oldman Nurse AKA Drew Pearson on the out and up, dont forget Slomo Riggs, AKA Dez Bryant, on the slant. Safeties gotta stay home, I think it's called discipline, or is it sportsmanship, I get the two confused. Colin 52-Noah 00, no negative trash talk. It's not like you had 'hat picks' no offense to anyone, covering the top 3.
To the executive, great job so far, here's my solution to solve 'blowouts'. Play all preseason games, and at the end of the year give everyone a trophy, instead hot dogs and burgers weekly. Oh wait except for the trophy, its called pick-up ball, you know, where you get 12 guys instead of 100.
At the end of the day let's just have fun and not worry about what the other guy is doing.

Posted By Posted By: Schleiffer
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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i'd like to nominate myself for "bonehead play of the year". That was the worst lateral/hand off ever!!!!

Sorry 49ers

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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Deal Mike, I'd prefer to win a beer off you when you are there. Two makes it even better!
Btw - as much as Klassen enjoys destroying stuff, since his retirement he just wrecks opposing teams, something the Packers should be very concerned about this week!
Prediction - nick to craig for two TDs and a convert in the impending rout of the Packers this week!!!
I may even dust off the stone hands and catch one too!

Posted By Posted By: Primetime
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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Just like we wrote it up...
Shank the field goal right for jay and pick off his lateral...
To much red skins for ya...
Good game...
Your friend

Posted By Posted By: The loner.
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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Football is my new found passion.

Posted By Posted By: Matt S(kins)
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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If/when the Ravens/Cowboys meet again in the playoffs and with Ben at the game, although he's one of the nicest guys in Durham Region, he's got a mean streak longer than a beaver's tail and will make a HUGE difference. I will gladly don a Ravens Siragusa jersey & pay the cost of a hotdog and ginger ale at Steve's truck to watch that game.

Matt (Skins - the worst team ever assembled)

Posted By Posted By: Redskins #47
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2012
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I'd like second Schleiffer's nomination for "bonehead play of the year".

I was going to say that it was an honest mistake and that it would be easy to confuse me with Heath on the play... but considering that he is close to six inches taller and a few shades darker than I am, I'll stick to the bonehead play nomination.

To your credit though it was the easiest catch I made all day.

Posted By Posted By: Richard Dawson
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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If you could only win 1 game in the WMFL, what QB would you like to beat?
The survey says:

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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re: weather saturday


Posted By Posted By: Ron burgundy
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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Hey you WMFLers forecast is a bit unreliable as all weather men are chronic drug users it will be a great sunny day to play, how do I know well, while I was tripping on acid last weekend god came to me an said so.

Stay classy my friends

Posted By Posted By: Brick
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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Everybody is invited to the pants party!

Posted By Posted By: Hadden Jr.
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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Snyder, a bets a bet... I'm down a Guiness, heard you guys played well and deserved it!

Peggy, little dig at the Pats eh. I think the scenario was a bit different. I played two offensive series in the second half and I was always sitting with Matthews or DaSilva each time. It was the first game of the year and after we were up a few scores it was obvious Noah was spreading the ball around to his team to see what he had (Colin would've done the same). He wasn't concerned with points against just learning his recievers. The Redskins didnt punt once despite several 3rd and long/goal situations, and again that was Noah trying some things out which I don't blame him for. The result however was us getting the ball in very good feild position more often than not. This isn't a dig by any means, just stating we didn't plug TD's in to rub anything in and Colin wasn't targeting his deep threat guys he was spreading the ball around and learning his guys too. Either way it looks like what Noah was doing worked cause you guys have rebounded really well and been on a nice little run since and have one of the best offensive teams in the league.

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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Since it seems my team has come up regarding this "running up the score" debate, I figure I'll chime in. As I said after our week 1 manhandling, I will never get offended or upset in a situation like that. Well, at least at the opposing team. At myself, thats another story. I would much rather a team give us their best effort than go easy on us. Also, we use it as motivation for our inevitable matchup with the Patriots in the Finals. I secretly videotaped the game and have it running on a 24 hr loop in my livingroom. I have DaSilva, Mike, Matthews, Steve O scoring TDs burned in my retina. I figure by Finals time it will have driven me completely mad and I will have no choice but to completely destroy them. Or at least thats the working theory. If anyone has a Plan B, Im open to ideas.

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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Having said all that, I am also a strong proponent of everyone getting targets and playing time on both sides (if thats what they want). We all pay our money, none of us have aspirations to go pro, and we all want and need some Saturday morning exercise. I have of course been guilty of keying on a matchup (hello Jomo this week) and not giving certain teammates enough targets certain weeks, but I think over a 9 game schedule, that all evens out. The nice part of 8 teams making the playoffs is that no team is going to miss the top 8 because of 1 play or 1 drop or 1 interception. And then to worry about seeding now? With everyone bunched up like we are, it'll come down to the 11 o clock games the last week to figure it all out. And out of the top 8, every team is dangerous. Sure Pats, Boys, and Packers look strong, but then theres the Ravens shut down D, 49ers have been excellent, Dave Z (enuf said), Nick has a deep, solid, fast team. We have to win 3 games in the playoffs, and it becomes a different season. Cold, rain, slippery, playoffs become tighter. Out of the current top 8, any team can get hot and win it all this season. Looking forward to it.

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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Noah, I can't believe you left out the Broncos as a darkhorse for the championship! Clearly we began our 6 week roll last week that will culminate in an unexpected, but glorious. back-to-back Miller championship!

That said, I hear the league is now looking into your illegal videotaping of the Patriots (I thought it was the Pats who did that?). Seems that our path to the top 8 has been made that much easier as the rumours are that the Redskins victories will be vacated and the 'skins will be sent directly to the Toilet Bowl.

Posted By Posted By: Fellow redskin
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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As a redskin that got smoked 52-0 in the first week I find it quite funny that people are complaining about running up the score. We are all competitive so we all want to win but does it really hurt your ego if you get killed? This isn't the wwfl so stop complaining an just have fun. If it bothers people that much then go home to your wives tell them the problem an listen when she says who cares...

Posted By Posted By: TJ Bradimore
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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Okay, Fellow Redskin, let me break it down for you why I feel that this is an important issue to raise:

1) it is not any fun to play on a team that wins by 50, 60, 70, 80 points, and yet find yourself nailed to the bench.
2) these players, often because they do not want to speak up, will quit the league.
3) they will not refer friends or family to play in the league, and the league will not grow.

Here's a short list of FALSE interpretations for my bringing this up:

1) i've never lost in a blow out and i can't handle it.
2) i'm not very competitive and i don't care about winning, i just want to have fun.

Let me paint a scenario for you, and please tell me how many partipants you believe are having fun:

Colin and Mike Hadden play on a team of 10 other players, they face off against Noah and TJ and a team of 10 other players. 24 players of various age and talent have woken up on a Saturday morning to get some exercise, play some ball (competitive nature) and have some fun (the actual point of the whole thing.

On the first drive, Colin quickly realizes that TJ can't cover Mike. He throws to him 14 times, Mike catches 12 of them, and scores a TD. He adds a two point convert. Noah realizes that Mike is having a hard time covering TJ, and throws to him 8 times, completing 5 and scoring a TD. TJ gets open but drops the two point convert. The rest of the game consists of 20 people standing around watching two really good, accurate QBs throw to two players who are good enough to consistently get open, but can't cover each other for 5 steamboats and 7 moves. The game ends 64-62 for somebody.

What's the point of that game? Does somebody get drafted to a professional league for their dynamic performance?

Can't the above scenario be played out with any number of players any given Saturday morning? If winning was THE most important thing, then the Browns would throw to Dave Z each and every single play, and he would make enough catches to probably win the game. And everyone else would finally get bored enough to just go home.

The point is, there's a fine line between being competitive, having fun, and good sportsmanship. Most players in our league have little issue finding that line, but we have one that consistantly fails in this regard.

If this was simply an ultra-competitive rep league, it would be different (although i still don't agree with running it up). But the fact is that we don't play in a league where winning is everything.

In fact, the most fun I've ever had on the field in the WMFL was a championship game loss -- capped by a last second, long-range Duncan MacDonald. Further from being a whiner who can't take a loss, I was genuinely happy when he made the kick; I was hoping he'd make it since before he kicked it!

I remember battles with Mike Hadden that were memorable because they came within the context of a team game in a rec league. We were able to be competitive with each other without ruining it for everybody else. To be honest, the scores don't matter to me as much as the true fun of the challenge. This is getting long-winded and ridiculous, but the bottom line is this:

What happened last Saturday morning was a disgrace, and shameful. Those who can't figure it out needed to be raised better as kids. And if it happens again, and I'm told that certain members of the executive are "faggots" and that the executive has somehow compelled a team to lay out a merciless beating in a rec league, I will play to the letter of the law as well. That would involve playing recklessly, tackling, rough tags, etc. They will have to call a penalty on me every single play, and I will accept the punishment of yardage as a small price to pay to be able to properly vent my frustrations within the confines of a football game.

If that was a thinly veiled threat, I apologize.

I shouldn't have thinly veiled it.

Posted By Posted By: Honestly
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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What do you expect, class from Spackman?

Honestly, has nobody ever learned from the years about the type of person/player that Spackman is?

He could care less about sportsmanship, about fair play, or caring about anyone on the field but himself.

I bet he went home on Saturday and was proud of himself for destroying a team. Napoleon Syndrome much?

How many players have quit the league because of him? 1, 2, 5, 10, more?

Now ask yourself, how many players have quit the league because of you? Probably none.

Again, I am shocked that people are shocked that Spackman would be like this/do this. You really shouldn't be. He could care less if any single one of you has fun. He just wants to embarrass you and make you feel like shit.

The execs of the league did nothing wrong with the situation on Saturday. They really need to evaluate if Spackman should be in the league, because if one single player is detrimental to the league, they aren't worth it to be in it.

That's me talking honestly.

Posted By Posted By: Defense
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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Well if one player keeps getting thrown too we have 7 defenders that can defend an make someone else catch the ball. But in all honestly I just find this comical ,makes me giggle like a Asian school girl. Teehee

Posted By Posted By: The silent one
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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Well maybe if there are qb's that don't involve the executives should do something like not allow them to qb, any maybe put in a Claus that if a qb does not involve a player an he is unhappy on that team the said qb should refund the play his money for ruining there season. Or maybe even vetoing the draft an saying he wants another team. Because it would suck to be a cheerleader an not a teammate. Well all wanna be superstars to our capabilities. Even if its just catching the ball a few times a game.

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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I didn't see the cowboys/ravens game so can't comment but did play on the Spackman 'Tool Time' team a few years ago. Remember that one? He threw almost exclusively to Tim and Taylor (get the reference now? coined by a guy and his brother in law on the team - good guys, neither have been back in the league since). Guess what happened to us in the playoffs? teams covered Tim and Taylor and we lost - exactly what we deserved to have happen to us that year.
The execs do a great job, and it irratates me to hear that guys are disparaging them and in particular making homophobic slurs - that is not acceptable and whoever made those slurs should be embarrased.
This is a rec league and guys need to remember that - the QB's in particular, but everyone needs to play their part. That means everyone needs to sit sometimes, QBs need to spread the ball, guys don't just rush and sit offence, the top players don't play all game, everybody does their share of reffing, etc.
So, my solution is that all guys play their part to make this rec league a fun rec league - respecting each other and having fun playing a little football on a saturday morning. It really is that easy, and if guys don't want to do that there are plenty of other leagues they can choose from where they can go a play a differnt way.

Posted By Posted By: Matt S(kins)
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
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Can the exec make it a mandatory playoff game between the Cowboys & Ravens please?

Mike did leave out one instance of poor sportsmanship in the Skins/Pats game 1 of the year. Right in front of my face him and Da Sivla high fived each other & giggled...I will never forget that sound...I imagine it was much like the sound the beavers made when Spack didn't win his riding.

Matt (beaver lover & member of the Skins - the worst team ever assembled)

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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Were those female Asian beavers? Just trying to bring things together here.

Also wondering, did "The silent one" and "Cowboys #88" go to the same school? Maybe the coffee just hasn't kicked in yet, but I think it took me longer to read that four line post than it took me to read TJ's tome.

Posted By Posted By: MM
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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I think you should get a refund from your coffee shop. No one wants to drink coffee that prevents you from understanding 4 lines that are as clear as mud.

Posted By Posted By: DaveC
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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I believe that the worst team ever fielded was one I'm proud to have been part of.

Due to absences, we fielded a Team last year with the mighty DM at QB and Jason Best and me as the speed receivers!!

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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Don't sell yourself short Carter, for a man approaching 70 you are surprisingly swift.

Posted By Posted By: daveC
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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Learned a lot on being quik from Miller and his experiences in the Boer war

Posted By Posted By: Miller Time
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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Really Carter , this age thing is getting real boering

Posted By Posted By: The Donald
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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I have a very big announcement. Check back here Friday at noon for an announcement which will no doubt shape the WMFL and its future. It is much bigger than you can even imagine.

Posted By Posted By: The Insider
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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Rumblings are that Noah has contacted Donald Trump to see about funding a domed stadium for the WMFL. Noah figures playing out of the elements is his only chance to return to WMFL glory.

Posted By Posted By: Broncos
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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re: weather saturday looking better


Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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So much talk about running up the score. It is what it is. Best defense is to come back and beat that team when you see them next.
I Just want to bring up the fact that this is my first game against Nick since I have joined the league. I missed last year's game due to an extreme hangover. Not this weekend buddy.
Giorgio, I can't wait to shut you down, or whoever I am covering. No catch for you. I predict an interception against Nick this week as well, if he even throws my way that is.

Nick, you suck.

See you Friday night :)
I'm going to be spending the night playing that "stupid game" with Giorgio.

Oh! Snyder! If you manage to score on me at all, I'll buy you a 6 pack of your favorite beer! I'll bring it to the game so let me know what it is!

Posted By Posted By: #88
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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Ok first of all this is ridiculous and what does dm stand for? Dick mouth??? well maybe I really don't know. But what I do know is that there is a lot of talk about my QB. I must say it looks like there are players or so called players who are upset over a loss...I don't get it, it said that another team got beat fifty something to zero! And there was not one chant or bashing of that qb. My point here is yall don't like Spack and I don't care. Its a league and you might not like some of the other players in that league. That being said why don't you guys put the effort into beating this guy you hate soooo much? Beat him at his own game, and his game is winning if thats a problem for you then you need to tell someone who cares (wife). But it was a game why don't we leave it on the field? That might just work try it sometime. Also you have a person posting lies and thats not cool. If and when I told you to take a beating like a man, that was after YOU TOLD ME TO SHUT THE FUCK UP! Remember no one said anything to you so again stop the fucking crying and play ball. Whoever wants to see a rematch of the game just ask the ravens Im sure they will give you a full summary of fist pumping corner routs. And you quit! what kind of message are you showing your team? If it was me and I've been whooped before and it sucks but you will never see me quit because of the other team scoring on us. So and for our players who you think that there unhappy you can just go ask them, why talk all this shit about players on my team. You have no clue what your talking about trust me on that. I back every teammate thats on the squad and they all know this.

Im #88 I don't hide you can find me just ask. If yall have something to say leave your name don't be a pussy ok! Holla at me my next game is 8:00 Saturday morning @ Henry High School.

Posted By Posted By: Small man syndrome
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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Small people need to try to do big things to make themselves feel good. Its sad to think that those "big" things need to happen in the wmfl. I'd hate to know what goes on in the rest of his life

Posted By Posted By: Spack
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
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Well, well, well...
It appears there is quite a stir on the board and although most of the time I haven't taken the time to reply to the way other people view the world according to them, I think it's best that I shed some light on to their lopsided view of things.

Let me first start by helping out my friend Rodney. You mentioned the reason that I ran up the score was because the standings come down to point differential. Let me help you clear this up Rodney the standings don't come down to point differential, if they came down to point differential, no body would have to run the score up on anybody. In the CFL rules, it eventually comes down to point differential, in our league some years ago, our friend Duncan championed the cause to have it changed from point differential like they do in the CFL to the team with the lowest points against, wins the point tie breaker. So if the season ended today, the top 3 teams in the league would be decided by the team with the lowest points against and as the time of writing this article, Raf's team has the lowest points against (152). Colin's team with the exact same record, would finish 3rd with a points scored against at 186. Now if the league followed the rules of the CFL, Colins team would be in first with a point differential of 61 and Raf's team would be in second with a points differential of 54. When we played the Ravens, your team, we both were tied with the same record, and you had a points against of 99. We on the other hand, had a points against of 143, with the same record. Had we been tied with you and another team in the league and each of the teams at the end of the season had each beat each other, example we beat you, Browns beat us, and you beat the Browns, if you had a lower points against, you would finish higher in the standings...I hope this clears this up. By the way, thanks for congratulating our team on the win.

Dear TJ...
Why you feel it's necessary to come on the board and shoot your mouth off about losing a stupid football game is beyond me... But since I'm addressing Rodney and some of the other misinformed characters in the league, I may as well address your words of enlightenment. The basic just of your rant on the board was that I am a bad sport and that you have ascended from the heavens to be so gracious enough to point that out to every body. For the people that weren't there at the game and only heard your version of the way the world should be, let me help you out with some of the facts.

At the end of the game you came over to tell me that according to you, some of my players were not playing in the positions you thought they should be or on the field when you thought they should be there. I politely listened to your advice on the way you think I should run my team. Quite frankly TJ, it's none of your business how my team is run. If certain players on my team feel that they should have different roles they can voice their opinion at any time...Further to our conversation on the field, I explained to you like I did to Rodney above that the points tie breaker in this league is ridiculous to say the least.

Now some facts about us running up the score. If you recall TJ, the score at the end of the first half was 14-2. No running up the score in the first half. I believe a team 12 points down definitely has a chance to come back with half a football game left. In the second half of the game our last 24 points scored went something like this...
After we scored and kicked the ball off to your team, you decided for some apparent reason not to come out and be the QB. You put Rookie QB #1.in After going 3 and out, we took the ball, basically from where you returned it on our previous kickoff around your 30 yard line and went and scored.
After that score, we kicked off to you again, and you returned the ball to about the 30 yard line. Then you decided not to QB again and Rookie QB #2 went in and promptly went 3 and out. If I remember correctly, you decided not even to be Rookie QB #2's receiver. After Rookie QB #2 went 3 and out, we got the ball on your 30 and went in and scored. When then kicked the ball off to you and you returned it to about your 30 yard line and you put in Rookie QB #3. He promptly went 3 and out. We took the ball over from the 30 and went in and scored again.

TJ, I don't know if it has occurred to you yet that almost half the points we scored on that day were after you quit. We got 24 points on the final 3 drives. If you take away the 24 points from our total score, we end up with 28, thats hardly a blow out. I think instead of coming on the board and blaming everyone else for your problems, you might want to look in the mirror and ask yourself why the hell you quit. Now I normally wouldn't have to highlight the fact on the message board, but I thought this might wake you up.

You went on to say that I was racking up the score by using my 3 top horses and you couldn't cover them... I'm going to let you in on one of my secrets TJ... and I don't let these secrets out very often... My favourite receiver in football is the open one. I could care less if people think he is our best player or our worst player. The reason this particular game most of my passes went to my top 3 guys is because they weren't covered as well as the bottom 2 receivers. Your bottom 2 defenders actually did a very good job that day. It wasn't that I didn't want to throw to those guys, it's that they did a better job covering them.

The part of you being told to take your beating like a man wasn't from me. Now with you being so petty, as saying it is so important for me to win a trophy and that you have a bunch at home that you could give me, let me help you out with this TJ... Seeing that we are being petty at this time, what particular touch football trophy are you insinuating I could have. If my memory serves me correctly TJ, the only time you ever won the Oshawa League, was when I was a member of your team. That trophy I already share with you. You have never won the Oshawa League when I wasn't on your team, so there will be no trophies coming from that league... And as for you dropping off a trophy from the WMFL, if my recollection is correct, you've never won the championship. So where are these trophies you talk of smart ass? If my memory serves me correctly, you've never played on a team in Oshawa, that has finished higher in the playoffs than any team I have been on...

You make a comment that the executive gets blamed for something and their is a short list of solutions for them to solve it... I don't think there is anything the executive or anyone else in the league can do about you being a suck. You quit on your team and have the nerve to come on this board and try to make like I was your problem. TJ, character doesn't show when you win, character is shown when you lose...and what kind of character you have after you lose. You are a suck.

TJ... I don't know if it has occurred to you yet, but your best player didn't even show up on Saturday. So losing by a wide margin without your best player is typical. Most teams in this league without their number 1 player are at a severe disadvantage.

In your second post about this merciless beating in rec league, don't let it be lost in the fact that the score was 28-2,when you quit and hung your team out to dry. You as the QB of the football team, believe it or not are the team leader. It's easy to be the leader when you are winning, it's not so easy when you are losing. Blaming the team that beat you, doesn't solve your problem of you quitting. If that was thinly veiled, I apologize. It wasn't meant to be.

Dear Mr. Snyder,
why you feel obligated to chime in about some team I played on years ago... and why we lost... and where our guys that we good guys and haven't been back in the league since is crazy to me. Let me help you out Mr. Snyder. First of all, who the guys were in question, Tim and Taylor, the Tool Time guys. Tim was Tim Wray and it was first full year in the league. Taylor was the son of Rodney Eskins, he was about 17 years old. If you can recall, in the final minutes of the playoff game, we were on the other teams 30 yard line and if we had scored, we would have been in the lead. Tim was being covered by a former CFL football player... (Defensive back MVP)... On third down, the CFL guy, batted the pass down to Tim Wray. We turned the ball over and lost the game. Tim and Taylor played great all year. It is not my fault that they get open more than other players. It's a credit to them as receivers. A little secret for you Snyder... and I don't give these secrets out all that often...when the other defence is covering my guys well, go to your big shooters to get the job done...
As for your insinuation that the good guys that never came back, is because of me is hilarious. Let me fill you in on another tidbit of information Snyder, I'm not exactly sure where Taylor is, I wouldn't doubt that he is in university some where right now playing football. As for his dad, the other player, that you haven't seen in a while is a tackle football coach in the Durham area. I had played several years with his dad on competitive touch teams in Durham, after our season he asked me to come help coach his tackle team. I hope that addresses your concern for these good guys.

In conclusion, I think it is best to leave the final remarks on this topic up to the great Rick Flair... when you get knocked down you don't cry about it...if you're a real man you don't get knocked down, you just stay up WOOOOOOOO!

Posted By Posted By: KC
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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Some valid points in the post above. Actually quite a few points that seem to make sense. Getting your team as far as you can is what everybody wants to do. However, here is where the problem lies

"I politely listened to your advice on the way you think I should run my team. Quite frankly TJ, it's none of your business how my team is run. If certain players on my team feel that they should have different roles they can voice their opinion at any time..."

Last time I checked, everybody pays the same registration fee. So the concept that one player has the right to state how they 'run there team' really doesn't work in a gentleman's league whether they are a quarterback or not. I have played in this league for quite a few years. I played on the team that lost every game one year and then on the championship team the next. I have been fortunate enough to never play with a quarterback that had the misconception that they were somehow more equal than anybody else on the team. The quarterback is usually the team leader and there is nothing wrong with that. That doesn't give him the right, however, to determine when or how often any other team member gets to play in a gentleman's league. If anybody told me they had decided that I wasn't going on the field at any point in the game, I would have no problem pointing out their confusion with just a couple well-chosen words. Nothing wrong with being competitive, but when one projects the opinion that they are somehow more equal than the other 10 guys who paid the same registration fee, it's not competitiveness, it's arrogance. It also invites animosity and puts everything you do under scrutiny.

BTW…#88 You crack me up… GO MARGATE!

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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Spack - I'll talk to you Saturday, not sure my memory is quite the same as yours.
Tank - I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.
Packers - is the fear settling in your stomachs yet? This week you lose!

Posted By Posted By: daveC
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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Here's to the non-QB's who come out every year, don't get as many catches as they used to, can't cover as well as they used to, but are still on the field for the fun of it, will have a laff on the sideline and congratulate an opponent during the game.
These are the lifers that drive the league and not the passing thru
Kent, B-Ver, Clay, Hugh, Duncan (DM), War-Bird, G$, Klassen, Schni-der, Todd, Tim, every dang Clarkin and many more.
The game & these guys are why I come out every week... and the sausage on a bun.

Every team has got one!

Posted By Posted By: Mic Boogie
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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As a former player on one of Spack's teams, I find it hilarious that people feel the need to come on a board and express their opinions on how another team should be run and speak on behalf of players on that team, which they know nothing about. From experience, I know that Spack runs a very organized team and sees the game differently than the average player. He can spot the strengths and weaknesses within players and uses these characteristics to win football games. This is why I don't understand why the argument of paying the same registration fee keeps coming up. Everyone gets to play on Spack's team, it just so happens that some individuals excel at certain positions. For example, TJ clearly points out that Stevens rushed all game and that it is considered "unacceptable". Whats unacceptable is how TJ quit after Stevens and the rest of the Cowboys lit him up in the first half. Do you think players on the Cowboys are complaining that they didn't get a chance to rush after watching Stevens sack TJ even though they paid a certain fee? No. They are out there to win football games, same registration fee or not. Everyone contributes on Spack's team, and if they have a problem I'm sure they can address it themselves, rather than leaving it up to randoms on a board. If this is such a "gentlemen's league", shouldn't everyone mind their own business and play some football rather than ripping on another teams way to get the W. If these guys spent the same amount of time focusing on their own team, over chirping Spack, maybe they could find a way to win.

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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I am shocked as we are the Thursday before gametime and I have yet to hear a peep from Neeraj about our game Saturday. I could only surmise he does not want to give us bulletin board fodder to motivate us even more than we already are. No matter, it is not possible to be more motivated. I circled this game on draft night when I purposely avoided drafting Neeraj, Jomo, and Duncan, knowing Miller would scoop them up, and thereby relegating himself essentially on draft night to one of the bottom 2. It will give me poetic pleasure to mathematically eliminate them this weekend. That is all.

Posted By Posted By: Matt S(kins)
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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Hey Guys,

As there are posts about trophy offers, I have a Men's Rec Slo-Pitch National Championship medal from 2004. It can be had for $20 and I'll even take a picture with you if you want.
Maybe one of those heterosexuals on the Executive can organize a trophy exchange at Mickey Finn's after the games?

Go Skins


Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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Great idea Matt. And as another idea, whenever we post on the message board, we can add all our trophies in our signature. For example:

Noah Tumin

1982 Broward County Punt, Pass and Kick Champ
1987 Florida State Math competition 8th place
1993 Employee of the Month K-Mart

Some slow,depressing years..

2005-2012 Father of the Year 7 years in a row.. Dynasty!!! I got little trophies and a mug to prove it.

Posted By Posted By: daveC
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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I'd be interested in the K-Mart employee of the month award!!

Let the bidding begin!!

Dave Carter
Father Of the Year 1988-2013 (the real award)
Scarborough Boys Football League Worst Team 1973
WMFL General Team below .500 Award 1995-2012
and soon..
K-Mart Employee of the Month

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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Hey Noah -
Punt, Pass, and Kick? you must have done really well passing and kicking, cause we all know you can't punt!
Also, re Neeraj - i have it on good authority that he is chained to a chair with his eyes taped open in miller's basement watching film. This is apparantly a 'motivation technique' that Miller learned somewhere and has chosen to employ as he 'helps' Neeraj to be a better baller, and a 'better person'.

Posted By Posted By: Neeraj
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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Sorry boys...I'm a bit late to the party...It's not easy trying to pick the 3 locks out of John's basement.

Noah, you know for years you have helped me become a descent football player and for that I am grateful.

Now based on the 86 hours of film I finished watching (Thanks John), I feel confident you'll help me again.

I feel the reason I haven't met my potential for this season is because I have no interceptions. With that said, and talking to Tank and Snyder, you will once again help me regain my 4th round draft pick status when I pick you.

I do have to say it was nice catching passes from you in Week 2 ....and it will be nice catching them from you again this Saturday again


P.S. -> Matty, you could have helped me..I could have used your years of knowledge escaping out of Johnny's basement.

Posted By Posted By: Honestly
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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Hey Spackman,

Shouldn't you be yelling at your own teammates calling them idiots?

Second, Tim Wrays first year in the league was NOT the year you were talking about.

Third, running your mouth about ANOTHER league is pretty weak. Pretty sure people think TJ is a nicer person and a better teammate than you are, take that to the bank.

Finally, nobody likes you because you treat people like shit, and think you are above people.


Posted By Posted By: What a move.
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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Why would you quit on your team? That's weak... Last week lol

I would rather play for someone who plays the whole game. Not someone who quits by half time, that's half ass lol

I love this shiiiiiiiit.

Lets have a vote,
Who would you rather play for Spack the "ass" or TJ the "quiter"?
An don't be a dick just vote once lol

Posted By Posted By: Bob Dylan
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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""And I tried to harmonize with song" the lonesome sparrow sings"

Posted By Posted By: TJ Bradimore
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
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Great responses.

I had thought about posting last night (and in retrospect I should have), that I actually personally like Dave (apart from rec football). I think that he is very intelligent, funny, insightful and, of course, talented.

Dave, I'm just vocalizing everything that's said behind your back at every turn. This isn't something that I made up when I decided to "quit" shortly into the second half. This isn't an excuse to avoid the fact that I personally played badly and we got whupped on Saturday. This is just the type of stuff that drives people crazy about your personality on the football field, and unfortunately they write you off as a person in the process, which I feel is a mistake. Most other players don't have the courage to stand up to you and speak up for themselves, and that's just a fact. Why I felt the need to speak up for them on Saturday is probably even beyond me.

To Dave: I still like you just fine, and would grab a beer with you any time; well, maybe a Coke ... I'm not much of a drinker. I think that our friendship is strong enough to withstand what I believe to be the truth, and if you feel the same, maybe we can talk about it sometime.

To the league members who like Dave and think I'm an asshole: I totally understand where you're coming from, and no hard feelings no matter what you may say about me or think about me.

To the league members who dislike Dave: he really has a good heart. He's a totally different person than most of you will ever know. He just happens to have the same disease that, truthfully, I do as well -- he's competitive to a fault on the football field.

To the people who read what I wrote and thought, "we'll I could say the same thing about you too, asshole": I hear what you're saying. I'm working on it. I promise.

Posted By Posted By: ONE PLAY
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Now that Spack and TJ made up let’s get to football this Saturday shall we?

8:00 10 - Cowboys (Spack) 3 - Steelers (King)

This game will see a repeat of last week Ravens .Spack will continue to spank the teams from here on in.

Cowboys by more than ONE PLAY

9:30 9 - 49ers (Chambers) 6 - Ravens (TJ)

This may be a close game. Will TJ quit? I don’t think so.

49ers by a last play FG by ONE PLAY

9:30 1 - Browns (Ryan) 7 - Patriots (Colin)

Browns are looking like they can’t get the ball to their receivers. The Patriots on the other hand look solid offensively and are always solid on D

Patriots by more than ONE PLAY

11:00 8 - Broncos (Miller) 4 - Redskins (Noah)

Miller I knew you would get that win last week congrats again this week however looks tough as the Redskins and Noah have found their grove

Redskins by only ONE PLAY

11:00 2 - Packers (Raf) 5 - Giants (Nick)

Packers look great. Giants look great. This is my game of the week if Nick spreads the ball around he will make it a close game and may win the game but I’m thinking Raf is more focus from here on in.

Packers by more than ONE PLAY

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 26th, 2012
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One Play - not to late to change your pick; nick's got more spread than penut butter on jam!
Neeraj - i am really sorry i couldn;t help get you out. The truth is that Johnny had me locked up for months when he still saw me as his 'mini-miller'. I was never able to escape. Eventually he became angered with me, crushing my little finger to 'always remind me' whatever the hell that means.
Congrats for getting through the locks, you are by far a craftier man than I!
Off to therapy now, see you all tomorrow for the big crushing of GB. Giants rule!

Posted By Posted By: GRAPES
Posted On Posted On: Oct 26th, 2012
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Well, that’s a disappointment. 1-4 last week, making me a paltry .500 for the year at 8-8… Let me just say that the following teams suck and I hate you

Ravens – You gotta be able to do better than that even without Ben
Patriots – You gotta be able to better than that even without Mike
Browns – Really? You lost to the team that hadn’t won a game and probably won’t win any more
49ers – Did you really fall for all of those pump fakes?? 45 points, what happened to the D?

My three stars for last week are:

3> Jay Schleiffer (for the Redskins) – Not sure if it’s right to give him a star for the other team, but he nominated himself as a bonehead earlier in the week, so here you go…
2> Mario Bianco – Blocked a punt by Colin, which began a run for the Giants as they put a beating on the Patriots.
1> Duncan MacDonald – The Broncos got their win because of you old man!! 2 blocked FG’s. Welcome back!!

I imagine you want me to say something about all the talk on the board this week, but you know what, I don’t think there is anything I can add to the discussion that hasn’t been said already. Let’s just try to remember that EVERYONE is out there for the fun of it. If you join this league for winning titles and trophys, you are in the wrong place!!

Just try to have fun guys!!

Not enough time this week to do a full review of player vs player for every game. There seems to be lots of incentives for various teams this week, which hopefully makes the picks obvious…

Henry North - 8:00 – Cowboys vs Steelers

I hope the Steelers are ready for this, because after a week of trash talk, I am pretty sure Spack will be energized for this one, even at 8 AM…

Chris P, Wes King, Verville and Clay will not be able to stop this train as it barrels down the track.

PICK: COWBOYS win easily…

Henry South - 9:30 – Browns vs Patriots

Slightly different reasons, but I think Colin and the Patriots will be pretty energized for this game. Not because of the trash talk, but because they got hammered last Saturday by the Giants, and no-one on this team likes losing like that… I really thought the Browns would find their game last week against the Broncos, but it wasn’t to be…

M.Hadden, DaSilva, Sabadin, Marshall et al will be too much for the Browns D this week, and I think Mike will be able to neutralize the Big Z, just like Phil D and the Broncos did last week.

PICK: PATRIOTS win easily

Henry North - 9:30 – Ravens vs 49ers

Both teams have incentives this week to play well, having both dropped games last week.

Anyone not think T.J. and the Ravens will be itching to put last weeks game in the rear-view mirror? The 49ers certainly don’t think they should’ve lost to the Redskins and are kicking themselves, as they would’ve been all alone in 1st place if they’d won.

Overall, I like the lineup of Bradimore, Blanche, Rafuse, Walker, Phillips and Hubenig over Chambers, Heath, Schlieffer, Hendry, Morris, and McCaskie. Not to mention adding in Carter and the Clarkins

PICK – RAVENS in a close one…

Henry South - 11:00 – Packers vs Giants

This should be the game of the week. Let’s go player by player on this one…

Rafuse vs Mikos --- Mike is playing fantastic football this season and seems energized with this lineup. However, the same is true for Nick. This young, fast, exciting lineup that he has seems to have got him playing better than he has in years. In the end, however, I think I still give Mike a slight edge here. Advantage: PACKERS
Wray vs Carswell --- Tim is still one of the quicker and exciting players in this league and he proves it week in/week out. I have never been quite sure about Carswell, but lately he has been playing really well and making me rethink… Again, the edge is very slight, but I still think I give it to Wray. Advantage: PACKERS
Payne vs Hischer --- Ben Payne is a really, really good player. But he will do one or two head-scratching things each week, like a dropped pass or missed coverage. Jordan H is much better than many people thought. Solid hands and seems to make one or two big plays each week. Advantage: EVEN
Katradis vs Klassen --- Frank has some big incentive this week, playing against family will do that… (BTW, I think Giorgio beats Frank for a deep TD this week) Craig has been having a fantastic season and seems to come up with a big catch for Nick every week. However, I am not sure he is quite as good as Frank, if he can keep focused… Advantage: PACKERS
REST OF THE TEAM – The Packers have some really good players in the “rest”. However, this is where the Giants have won their games this year. Matt S, Mario B, Giorgio M and Sean H have been contributing huge amounts to every game.… Advantage: GIANTS

PICK: I wanted to pick the Giants, but I just think that the Packers top 4 or 5 will win out over the Giants. “team”. PACKERS will win a close one.

Henry North - 11:00 – Broncos vs Redskins

Since the other game at 11 is the game of the week, I don’t expect many will be watching this one…

Seems to be some good old-fashioned “want to beat the snot out of my friends” incentives on this one, specifically between Noah and Jomo H/Neeraj.

The Broncos come off their first win, but I wouldn’t count on Duncan blocking two field goals this week. They have all the incentive they need in terms of making the top 8. One more loss and they are done. The Redskins seem to be relishing the role of proving everyone who wrote them off after week 1 wrong.

PICK – This should be a close game, but Noah and the ‘Skins are playing too well now, REDSKINS by a TD…

Donald S. Cherry aka Grapes

Posted By Posted By: Webmaster
Posted On Posted On: Oct 26th, 2012
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The Announcement

There is no announcement. This was a blatant attempt to receive more clicks on the site based on the dwindling message board particiaption of late. As it turns out, it wasn't necessary as the Spack/TJ drama accomplished that and more.

Please don't hesitate to click thru our ads as well as there really are hot, young girls in the area looking for guys that play football all weekend, drink beer, and fight with each other like 8 year olds.

Posted By Posted By: Toast
Posted On Posted On: Oct 26th, 2012
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I wanted to chime in on this, as I feel I was the one who started stirring the pot. I won't go into all the details of what happened on the field last Saturday, but I would like to say the following.

1) I am a high strung, competitive guy. Sometimes that gets the better of me, and most of you have heard that.
2) Anytime there's a scuffle, argument, exchange of word on the field between myself and anyone, I like to leave it on the field.
3) I NEVER, and I mean NEVER hold a grudge to anyone. Stuff will happen, and I may be mad about something initially, but I never stay that way.
4) Even though my talent has declined, I still enjoy coming out to play with all you guys on Saturday mornings.
5) I appreciate all the guys who have put up with my shenanigans over the years.


Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Oct 26th, 2012
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To my friend Toast,

I have to tell you that your post made me smile. When you are a guy who, in your prime, was nicknamed "Toast" due to your penchant for getting burned, what should we call you when your "talent has declined"?

Posted By Posted By: Toast
Posted On Posted On: Oct 26th, 2012
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I had a feeling you would be the first one to comment D-Mac. You could say that my talent level went from bad, to where it is now: Downright ugly.

Posted By Posted By: Roethlisberger
Posted On Posted On: Oct 26th, 2012
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It's looking like the Steelers may not be able to get 7 healthy bodies on the field tomorrow. Anyone looking for some extra reps this week? I need one man to help us take out the Cowboys @ 8.
Ravens, I'm hoping one of you might want another crack at the 'Boys...
Let me know if anybody can do us a favor.

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