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Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2013
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First week has been completed, hope everyone has had a chance to dry off.

Now that we've seen (most of) the teams what does everybody think? Any surprises? Any disappointments?

Also, I've posted an alternate format (pdf ok with you?) for the schedule, with the scores to date too! The standings and team lists are there in pdf as well.

Posted By Posted By: daveC
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2013
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Yo Ravens:

I am good to ref next week at 9, need 1 more.

After Craig "2ton" Klassen brutally landed on him, Steve O left the game.

How are you Steve?

Posted By Posted By: Max
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2013
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Is there a 20pt max differential this year/game?
I believe it was 46-6 for the Cowboys ;)

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2013
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Just a typo, it's right on the Google calendar, I'll fix the standings & scores soon...

Posted By Posted By: Phil
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2013
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I saw Steve after the game. He is out for awhile. I think he said one broken rib and one or two cracked ones.

How is Mike Hadden doing? I heard he hurt a knee.

Posted By Posted By: hungry
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2013
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I hope Steve is OK...if not to play at least to run the grill!!

Posted By Posted By: TJ Hadden
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2013
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My brother Mike said he heard a 'pop', and was in obvious discomfort. He's a tough guy and tried to walk it off, but didn't come back in the game. Given his dedication and how much he loves to play, that's not a good sign. I'll be praying for my brother, but I'd feel a lot more optimistic if he was to post on this board saying how much better he feels today, but I'm not holding my breath on that.

Get well, Hadden Jr.

Posted By Posted By: The Truth
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2013
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Posted By Posted By: Doc WMFL
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2013
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Torn MCL, ACL, dislocated kneecap, water on the knee and turf toe. Out 1-2 weeks.

Posted By Posted By: Official Report
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2013
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Lower Body Extremity Injury: Day to Day

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 9th, 2013
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he's a soccer player, just spray that magic water on him and he'll be good to go saturday

Posted By Posted By: The Fantasy Spin
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2013
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Well, week 1 is in the books, and half of you won your first fantasy game and sadly, the other half lost. Those of you that started Raf or TO at QB were disappointed when they didn't even show up. Those that started Spack and Noah are probably sitting pretty right now.

Dave "Can catch everything from A to" Z had a monster week as expected against a decimated Miller squad. Meanwhile, the usually dependable Mike H went down early with injury. Hopefully it is nothing serious as he will be tough to replace on the waiver wire(Plus, we are not insensitive, we actually care about him). TJ stepped up and had a few picks and a few scores. Teams will start doubling that if Mike is not around, so there may be a potential drop in production. Perhaps my sleeper Rodney H. will benefit. Chambers scored some points, but that may be due to playing a weak defense, so you may need to be patient and see how it goes. Nick's team was without their top weapon, but points are going to be a premium on this team, as much as I am a fan of Tank and Phil, I am not sold on this squad. Miller was in tough without 2 of his top 3 against an elite defense. Hard to tell from the first game, but it may be a tough year. Noah looked good albeit against a QB-less ravens, with several Steelers getting in the endzone. Tim Wray put up his usual WR1 numbers. TO's Pack were missing their QB and WR1 so they had a tough game.

Starts for Week 2

No Brainers: Spack and Noah play each other which should be a shoot out. Start everyone except their defenses. TJ is a must start, but they will face a tough hopefully full TO defense. Start both Rafs as they will be looking to even their record at .500 and show the league they are elite.

Start: Miller, Adam, Rodney, Kevin DaSilva, Ben Blanche, Drew Walker, Jason Best

Sleepers: Duncan McDonald, Todd Julien, Dave Carter, Brion Hendry, Big Pete

Posted By Posted By: Predictions
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2013
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5 - Patriots (Colin) 3 - Packers (T.O.)
Colin Hadden ++ vs TO
Mike Hadden (out) Vs Chris Heath +
TJ Bradimore ++ vs Charles Higney
Dan Bradimore vs Tony Scanga +
Rich Hadden = vs Kevin Higney =
Rodney Hubenig = vs Hugh Marshall =
Iain Johnson vs Matt Snyder +
Jordan Mowbray= vs Derek Leahy=
Cameron Dunnett vs Pete Hazlett+
Sean Harding+ vs Jack Hazlett
Brett Burns vs Doug McKeon+
Chris Meadus vs Jason Lungrin+

I like Packers Defence and I like Patriots Offence should be good game
Patriots in a close one  

1 - Steelers (Noah) 2 - Cowboys (Spack) ref

Noah Tumin vs Dave Spackman+
Tim Wray Vs Dave Zmozynski+
Ben Payne+ vs Ryan Myer
Ommer Chohan = Vs Jordan Hischer=
Craig Klassen Vs Darryl Cain+
Jomo Hanley Vs MikeSchleiffer+
Dan Fowler+ Vs Bryan DeSouza
Glenn Clarkin = Vs Tim McCaskie =
Nick Clarkin + Vs Gary Blizzard
Peter Kalo + Vs Aaron Baechler
Ciaran Hickson Vs Stevins Jeune+
Mike Hickson Vs` Dave Warburton+

This game is going to be a good one. I love the way Spack always picks his team every year! He seems to pick a solid team all around. Noah went this year with experience good choice too!! Should be a close one but I think coyboys will win.

8 - Ravens (Rafuse) 4 - Broncos (Chambers)

Mike Rafuse+ vs Jason Chambers
Matt Rafuse vs Ben Blanche +
Kevin DaSilva + vs Matt Siekowski
Steve Matthews+ vs Jeff Reid
Rodney Eskins = vs Drew Walker =
Taylor Eskins = vs Miguel Morris =
Fabrice MacLean+ vs Adam Zuccato
Steve Oleksik(out) vs Chris Aarons +
Steve McConnell vs Duncan McDonald +
Dave Carter + vs Kent McDonald
Dennis Downey vs Rich Heighway /G$++

Raf / Raf is back and should win against the Broncos

6 - Browns (Nick) 7 - Redskins (Miller)

Nick Mikos vs John Miller +
Phil Dehaney+ vs Alex Carswell
Frank Katradis= vs Adam King =
Giorgio Mikos vs Wes King +
Brad Smart = vs Andrew Staff =
Brion Hendry = vs Paul Shannon =
Nate Coates = vs Jason Best =
Mario Bianco vs Chris Dufty +
Sami El-Hajjeh vs Todd Julien +
Thomas Jeffrey= vs Shawn Heighway=
Kent Clark= vs Phil Choloniuk =
Kyle Clark = vs Brad Crouter =

This game is going to be a close one but I think Miller will win.

Posted By Posted By: Predictions
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2013
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Perfect last week!!
lets see how well this week turns out!!

Posted By Posted By: Scott
Posted On Posted On: Sep 11th, 2013
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Hey all,

Sorry to ambush your boards momentarily but I just wanted to let everyone out there know that the OTFL will be running a fall draft league this year. So if one morning of football a week just isn't cutting it for you consider our league as well. The season will run Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 10:30 (games will be done by noon so still plenty of time to set your fantasy lineup and get your proline tickets) from Oct. 20th until Dec. 8th. We will be using OTFL (straight rush, no steamboat) rules. The cost is $65 which pays for fully officiated games, free food at the year end banquet, your jersey and year end prizes. The draft will be Wednesday Oct. 16th, 2013. If you are interested email info@oshawafootball.com or call me at (905)213-3183 for more information. Registration forms and fees are due by Sunday Oct. 6th (or while spots are available).



Posted By Posted By: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery
Posted On Posted On: Sep 11th, 2013
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Hey gang,

The OVFL is running a lottery to raise funds. The first prize is 2 tickets, flights and hotel for the Super Bowl in February 2014.

There are other Bowl prizes, as well, including the Rose Bowl, Gator Bowl and Orange Bowl.

For more information, see the following website:


If you are interested in purchasing tickets, I will have a limited number with me Saturday morning at the field. (9 AM game...) $10 per ticket.

Big Pete

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 11th, 2013
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Put me down for one Pete.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 11th, 2013
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Who put Miller over Nick? Your fantasy points just dropped off this week.


Posted By Posted By: The Line
Posted On Posted On: Sep 12th, 2013
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Patriots vs Packers

I think the Packers have the better line up with Mike out for the Patriots but Packers still have TO at QB. Look for Colin to throw to TJ until he pukes and then throw to him some more.

Patriots by 3

Steelers vs Cowboys

This is the game of the week. Tim W vs Dave Z is worth getting up early to watch. Should be a high scoring game between two good rosters. Look for Spack in a close one, willing to do what he feels is necessary to win.

Cowboys by 1

Ravens vs Broncos

Ravens have offense and Broncos have defense. I just don't see Broncos offense being able to keep up with Rafuse's scoring. Broncos defense need a big game.

Ravens by 6

Browns vs Redskins

Redskins only managed 6 points last week with a short roster. Should be able to score this week. Not sure of Alex's health so Redskins may have trouble with Phil D. Should be close.

Redskins by 1

Posted By Posted By: Schultzy - Week 2
Posted On Posted On: Sep 13th, 2013
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Not bad, 3-1 the first week. Only the Browns let me down, but that was going out on a limb against the experienced Hadden team.

Sure was nice that no one had to start so early. I am sure Mike Hadden appreciated not having to deliver the field materials before 8 am!!

No tournaments this week, so all those "pros" will be back. A couple of injuries last week though which might effect the games this week.

North 9:00 Team 3 (Packers Chris) vs. Team 5 (Patriots - Colin)

It was not surprising that the Pack struggled to score last week, with a fill-in QB and not 1st pick, plus the weather. The Patriots surprised me by beating the Browns. Mike Hadden might be out. Knowing him he will be there and will try to give it a go. I know that all of my fellow prognosticators have had the same idea, but they also pulled back and picked the Pats. I will dare to be different. The Packers D shuts down the Pats and the O scores just enough.

-- Take the Packers

South 9:00 Team 1 (Steelers - Noah) vs. Team 2 (Cowboys - Spack)

Spack and Noah started off as the only Offenses to put up big, big points last week. Both have
potent lineups that have many options. The question becomes which team will get the first stop
of the game? In the end, I have to go with someone like Tim M or Mike S not falling for one of
Noah's pump-fakes and making a pick for the Cowboys. One stop might be all it takes in this shootout.

-- Take the Cowboys

North 10:45 Team 8 (Ravens Mike) vs. Team 4 (Broncos - Chambers)

Nice opening week win for Chambers last week. You have to take advantage of the situations and they did by handling an undermanned Packers team. However, concerns abound as they did not score in the second half, but still hung on for the. The Ravens lost as they were short-handed without the Rafuse boys. Both should be back this week and I see this offense coming together under the leadership of their true QB. Duncan will try to hold, but he won't be able to hold all the Ravens.

-- Take the Ravens

South 10:45 Team 6 (Browns - Nick) vs. Team 7 (Redskins - Miller)

I know the Browns were without Phil last week, but c'mon man! You ruined my perfect record for the week with that weak effort against the Pats. The Redskins are who I thought they were. A couple of good plays, but overall just not as strong a roster as one would hope. If Frank can hang onto the ball, which he couldn't last week, this game shouldn't be close. Even if he doesn't, I think the Browns are too strong for the 'Skins.

-- Take the Browns

Sorry to hear the Steve O is out with an injury. I hope to still see him on the hill treating everyone to some fine BBQ.

Have fun everyone, and remember to leave it all out on the field.


Posted By Posted By: The Truth
Posted On Posted On: Sep 13th, 2013
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Noah's pump fakes are like that triple chocolate, hot fudge brownie dessert, you know you shouldn't bite on it, but you can' resist.

Posted By Posted By: A "Cheese Head"
Posted On Posted On: Sep 13th, 2013
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Hey Schutlzy - not sure which games you were watching but the Pack/Broncos game was a lot closer than you made it sound. Only thing that stopped them from putting up more points was the weather....they catch a few of those balls and totally different game.

The Pack is going to be at full strength this week and let's see what happens.....hopefully Mike H. is there, so there's no asterisks beside the big win!

Go Pack!

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 13th, 2013
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c'mon Shultzy...Duncan will TRY to hold?

I've been around long enough, not much of an effort to hold at this point in my career, no "trying" is required...unless I'm covering Snyder, then it's totally unnecessary (roughness!)

Posted By Posted By: Ya
Posted On Posted On: Sep 14th, 2013
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Spot on with the Cowboys prediction... I want a copy of that WMFL almanac!

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