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Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 15th, 2013
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Week two in the books, what do we know now that we didn't know before the weekend started?

Boards were pretty quiet last week, anybody out there?

Posted By Posted By: daveC
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2013
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Ravens would like to thank Drew, G-$ & the Clarkins (2 anyway) for helping us out these first couple of weeks when we have been short players.

Even with the shortage & guys pulling up, game this weekend came down to last drive.

We should finally have a "near" full team this weekend, so exhibition season is over!

Posted By Posted By: DaveC
Posted On Posted On: Sep 17th, 2013
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Reminder to Exec
I have the goal pads & ref bag & I'm holding them hostage.
I can release them for a Snyder autograph and a momento from the Boer war from Johnny M.

I won't be at game this weekend and not around Friday night.
Let me know.

Posted By Posted By: Big Pete
Posted On Posted On: Sep 17th, 2013
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Hey gang,

Last chance this Saturday. Flights, hotel, and tickets for the Super Bowl being raffled off. Other prizes as well, similar deals for the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and Gator Bowl. Many sport memorabilia prizes as well.

Tickets are only $10. That's right $10...

I thought you guys liked football?! What could be better than winning those prizes??

Not only that, the proceeds go to helping fund Youth football through the Ontario Varsity Football League. It's a WIN-WIN!!

If you want more information, see the following website:


I will have tickets with me Saturday morning at the field. (11 AM game...)

ONLY $10

Big Pete

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Sep 18th, 2013
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Pads would be good Carter, how about if I promise to sign John's football for you after I pick 6 him?
To the Redskins - I feel inspired by the friendly wager my 2 protege's Kaepernick and Wilson had last week. I hope one or more of you has the confidence in your team that I have in mine. Loser shaves an eyebrow. Anyone love their team like I love mine? Show us!
On a separate note, I would like to commend TJ for his end zone artistry last weekend. Entertaining and inspiring!

Posted By Posted By: Cowboy
Posted On Posted On: Sep 18th, 2013
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The battle of 2 undefeated teams this Saturday. One must fall.

No one thought the Broncos would start 2-0, but is anyone taking them against the Cowbows.

I'll shave more than my eyebrows if the Broncos pull this one off.

Posted By Posted By: Big Daddy Pimp Master B
Posted On Posted On: Sep 20th, 2013
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Come on predictions....
any time now

Posted By Posted By: The Line
Posted On Posted On: Sep 20th, 2013
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I expect the rain to be a factor in every game.

Steelers vs Patriots

Game of the week. Last week it was the TJ show on offense for the Patriots. This week with a slick ball and slick track I expect a drop off. Plus, I think the Steelers are smart enough to put someone better than Snyder on TJ. Noah has better depth and will spread it around to find the weak spot.

Steelers by 4

Ravens vs Browns

The wet field and wet ball will take away the quickness of the Browns team of Smurfs. Nick doesn’t throw a wet ball very well either. The weather never seems to bother Rafuse but his team doesn’t want to show up.

Ravens by 7

Packers vs Redskins

This has train wreck written all over it. The battle for last place. The Packers had no answer for TJ last week. Fortunately for them the Redskins don’t have a player of his level of talent. The Redskins look like they have a team made for this type of weather but they had trouble catching in nice weather.

Packers by 3

Broncos vs Cowboys
Cowboys look like the team to beat. Broncos have some good defensive players but the Cowboys Dave to Dave Z show looks unstoppable. Broncos need to keep every throw away from Dave Z but they won’t. Basically the Broncos need Dave Z not to show up.

Cowboys by 10

Posted By Posted By: Schultzy
Posted On Posted On: Sep 20th, 2013
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2-2 last week. 2 easy expected wins and 2 losses that still baffle me…

Hey Packers, I know T.J. is good, but really? Couldn’t you find your way to actually putting a man on him in the second half after he burned you twice in the first half? That’s a loss that you could’ve/should’ve won and one and it may come back to haunt you come playoff time.

The other loss was the Ravens. Bad start boys. As I have read you were short-handed once again. I hope you refocus and get your team out quick as it doesn’t get any easier.

I must say that my overall impression is that the quality and competition of the games is excellent so far this year. 8 teams only seem to have been a very good decision by the league leaders…

North 9:00 – Team 5 (Patriots) vs. Team 1 (Steelers)

If you missed it Noah and Steelers, read the first paragraph above… I don’t suspect that Tim Wray and Ben Payne will be leaving T.J.’s side much during this game. Colin better figure out how to get the rest of the team involved. Noah’s team has been putting up good numbers on O, so I think they will have what it takes to win this one.

-- Take the Steelers

South 9:00 – Team 6 (Browns) vs. Team 8 (Ravens)

It wasn’t this Browns team that traded their best player away, right?! I hope not as they finally came through as I expected them to last week. It gets tougher this week with the 0-2 Ravens, who aren’t very happy with their start. This should be a good close game, but I am still a fan of the overall strength of the Browns team. Could Raf really be 0-3 after this week??

-- Take the Browns

North 10:45 – Team 7 (Redskins) vs. Team 3 (Packers)

Hey Miller, pick out a number one target and throw to him all day. The Packers won’t cover him anyway… Honestly, I don’t see it happening again, ever. The Packers O was impressive putting up points last week and I am a little unsure of what the problem with the Redskins is… Can’t put my finger on it, but even if I did, I am not sure this team could solve it that quickly.

-- Take the Packers

South 10:45 – Team 2 (Cowboys) vs. Team 4 (Broncos)

Congrats Broncos on being 2-0. Unfortunately, I think the competition level is about to step up another notch. I know you just have to beat who shows up, but you have gotten a break in the first two weeks with key players not being there for the other teams… Many feel this is the game of the week, but that is only because of the records. The best game may be the Browns/Ravens tilt as I think the Cowboys run away with this one. I am not sure if anyone is going to be able to keep them under 40 points this year.

-- Take the Cowboys

Good burgers last week. I love the work Steve does on the grill, but I hope we get to see him back out on the field soon,

Have fun everyone, and remember to leave it all out on the field.


Posted By Posted By: TJ Hadden
Posted On Posted On: Sep 20th, 2013
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I struggle with zone coverage, got a little lucky last week. Noah, you should definitely play a loose zone coverage with Tim and Ben closely watching the opposite side of the field. If I see that coverage too often, I'm destined to fail.

But I have been practicing my Joe Fauria "Doo-Wop" end zone celebration at my meetings here in Utah. It's only a little weird.

Posted By Posted By: TJ Hadden
Posted On Posted On: Sep 20th, 2013
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Hey, Colin. My flight is delayed over Utah. It's going to be dicey whether I catch my connecting flight in Chicago. I'll update when I know for sure. My brother is out, as he has a race that morning.

Noah, stop giggling, that's bad sportsmanship.

Posted By Posted By: Predictions
Posted On Posted On: Sep 20th, 2013
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Sorry i'm Late Fans. Needed to see if TJ will make the game or not plus is Mike H. OK ? I will assume not. Noah is giggling his way to victory tomorrow with both Mike and TJ out.

Colin Hadden Vs Noah T
Mike Hadden (out)
TJ Bradimore (out)
Dan Bradimore (out)
Rich Hadden -
Rodney Hubenig -
Iain Johnson -
Jordan Mowbray -
Cameron Dunnett -
Sean Harding -
Brett Burns -
Chris Meadus -

Noah with a big score

6 - Browns (Nick)

Nick Mikos -
Phil Dehaney =
Frank Katradis =
Giorgio Mikos -
Brad Smart -
Brion Hendry -
Nate Coates -
Mario Bianco -
Sami El-Hajjeh -
Thomas Jeffrey -
Kent Clark -
Kyle Clark -

Raf should win this one in a close one

7 - Redskins (Miller)
John Miller+
Alex Carswell+
Adam King +
Wes King+
Andrew Staff+
Paul Shannon +
Jason Best -
Chris Dufty -
Todd Julien +
Shawn Heighway +
Phil Choloniuk =
Brad Crouter =

Miller to win a close one

Next is the game of the week

2 - Cowboys (Spack)
Dave Spackman ++
Dave Zmozynski +++
Ryan Myer
Jordan Hischer +
Darryl Cain +
Mike Schleiffer ++
Bryan DeSouza
Tim McCaskie +
Gary Blizzard
Aaron Baechler
Stevins Jeune+
Dave Warburton


4- Broncos (Chambers)
Jason Chambers
Ben Blanche
Matt Siekowski +
Jeff Reid
Drew Walker
Miguel Morris
Adam Zuccato +
Chris Aarons
Duncan McDonald +
Kent McDonald +
Rich Heighway +
Garnet (G$) Tower +

Spack picked a champion team this year and i see them going undefeated DAVE and DAVE combo is too good to ignore and while you put your top player's on Dave Z Whos going to cover Jordan , Cain, Schleiffer. and if you had players that could cover them (you don't)who is going to cover Tim?

Spack killed the Beavers last week! Sorry! I meant to say Steelers. He will continue a beating on every team that shows up!!
Cowboys in a whippen

Have fun out there keep playing hard and stay safe !!

Posted By Posted By: dm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2013
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Hey guys, sorry I missed the rain...

I need scores for
Browns vs Ravens
Redskins vs Packers

then I'll update standings.

Posted By Posted By: kc
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2013
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Browns 36; Ravens 8

Posted By Posted By: Big Peter
Posted On Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2013
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32-11 Packers

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