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Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2014
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: The best
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2014
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What happened in last weeks games?

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2014
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Attendance seems to be an ongoing theme this season so far and ranking the teams are difficult because top teams are losing potentially due to missing their top players. Taking some of that into consideration...

1.) Noah - Didn't score 50 this week? What happened? Still handled a Rafless Brown team with a bunch of Clarkins. Noah will be here until they lose, if they lose.

2.) Nick - But a beating to Spack, and from the sounds of it was just Spack. The rest of his team thought it was a bye week. Can't punish Nick for winning, but his real test will be this week against Noah.

3.) Colin - Another MIA QB, as brother Mike stepped in to do a good job. Of course, pretty difficult to throw to Mike when he is QBing, so they suffered. Still beat TO, but it was interesting.

4/5.) Spack and Raf - Both undefeated coming into the weekend. Both were very short players, both lost to good teams. At this point, its hard to get a feeling of where they stack up. But good QBs, missing top players, both 2-1, something tells me when they have their team out, they will be tough.

6.) Ryan - Finally put together a good game. I think this team has the most upside, but until they put a few together, I don't see them moving up the rankings.

7.) Buzz (Miller) - Another disappointing loss. I want to like this team, but up till this point, nothing they have done has really stood out.

8.) TO - They've had a couple of gifts the first 3 weeks in both Raf and Colin absent when they play them, but they have failed to take advantage. Need to win this games.

Posted By Posted By: Risky Business - Week 4
Posted On Posted On: Sep 26th, 2014
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Bad-good-bad… Must mean this week will be good again. Wow, a terrible 1-3 last week putting me at 5-7 for the season. Didn’t know that the Mike would be away or I might have taken Noah in that one. Ryan and Nick’s teams surprised me with their wins.

Makes for a much more interesting season when all of the teams can win any week. (well, almost all the teams…) On to the picks for this week.

North 9:00 – Team 7 (Noah) vs Team 1 (Nick)

Noah is the last remaining unbeaten team. Can they keep it up against Nick and his mates, who looked great last week dismantling Dave’s Colts team. Should be a fantastic shoot-out style game and whoever has the ball last will pull it out… I like the team Nick has put together and I think if all are in attendance, he will pull this one out.

Take Nick’s team

South 9:00 – Team 6 (John/Buzz) vs. Team 4 (Chris)

After this week we will only have one team without a win, unless these two can manage a tie. Chris’s so-called strong D has not looked it at all. Mike is an okay QB replacement, but he shouldn’t be able to put up 34 against this D. Buzz should be able to score. What will determine the outcome is if Chris’s team can keep up. I don’t think so…

-- Take Coach John’s team

North 10:45 – Team 3 (Colin) vs. Team 8 (Dave)

Big win for the Colin-less Bears last week. This week it gets a little tougher though. Dave’s coming off a big loss (I don’t think I have ever typed that sentence before during the season…) and will be looking for redemption. I pity the teammate that doesn’t show this week. I am also concerned for Colin’s D…

-- Take Dave’s team

South 10:45 – Team 2 (Mike) vs. Team 5 (Ryan)

Late game for Mike’s team. Hopefully that means there is a better turnout. Is 9 am too early for these guys?? Ryan’s team looked good in winning last week , but this competition will be a little tougher. Does Glenn have all the secrets after QB’ing Mikes team last week? Perhaps, but I am not sure it will matter. If Mikes team is all there, they win.

-- Take Mike’s team

Have fun everyone, and remember to leave it all out on the field.


Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 27th, 2014
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Spack (30) vs Colin (8)

But those weren't the only stats from that game kept. In what I believe to be a WMFL first, the complete game statistics are as follows:

Spack -- 26/32, 337, 4 TDs, 2 INT

Wilson 6 catches, 109 yards, TD
Dez 4 catches 80 yards, TD, 2 pt
Ben 5 catches, 35 yards, TD, 2 x 2 pt
Tim 3 catches, 31 yards, TD
Richardson 3 catches, 29 yards
Smart 3 catches, 27 yards
Warburton 2 catches, 24 yards

Colin 18/29, 218, 1 TD, 0 INT

Liam 4 catches , 72 yards
Hadden Jr 2 catches for 60 yards
Jake 7 catches for 47 yards, TD
Rich 4 catches for 34
Jomo 2 catches for 10 yards, 2 pt convert

Interceptions went to Mike Hadden (with a great defensive call I happened to overhear) and Rich Hadden on a highly disputed non-call on Ben from what was obviously (from the front side of the play) an armbar move to spin Ben out of the way.

It was an interesting way to spend the game reffing.

Posted By Posted By: RobW
Posted On Posted On: Sep 29th, 2014
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Love the stats TJ... Awesome value add.... Can you ref all the games so we can get the advanced scouting reports on teams so we know who to double cover. lol...

Also Dude, what was the name of the app you were using to do the tracking?

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