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Let the trash talk begin...

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Waiting patiently for these post game right ups

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Write ups*

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I heard Jelani is worried about losing his QB1 spot to Dylan Goulet. The kids got a cannon

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First week down and the weather was fantastic. Wouldn't it be great if it could stay like this all season. Here is a recap from the hill based on what was seen/heard.

Game 1 – Black vs Orange

This was a real back and forth battle with both teams playing some solid defense. Both QBs used their weapons well and outside of brief back to back plays by Orange special teams and defense (Kick return TD and pick 6) it may have very well been a win for Black. Frank showed no off-season rust putting up 3 TDs. Noah spread the ball well but a few too many picks which we’ll chalk up to early season jitters but experience on both sides of the ball will serve him well and help get things in order next week. Both teams will be competitive.

Game 2 – Gold vs Red

While Jelani was missing week 1 this team didn’t skip a beat with young Goulet stepping up and hitting his targets consistently. Between great catches and solid QBing, Gold didn’t have much difficulty against a very good Red team. Miller went down early with a phantom sack but showed grit and came back in after a rough series for the backup. While the score may not reflect it, once Red gets some timing and chemistry they will be a tough team. Will also help if Miller stays healthy.

Game 3 – White vs Royal

This was not a game you wanted to watch from the outset. With Todd missing Royal had difficulty getting any sustained drives and only seemed to be able to complete passes to TO with any frequency. White showed no mercy with Spack spreading the ball to key receivers and getting the wily veteran Warburton in on the action. Royal looks to be a very athletic team and with Todd at the helm will be very competitive. White scored early and often on both defense and offence. They have a lot of speed, not a lot of height, but a lot of speed. The young Clarkins showed why they are a top pick. They will be a very good team and will definitely be a top 4 team all season.

Game 4 – Green vs Purple (or is it Grey?)

This was a great game and I don’t think anyone gave Chambers enough credit for the team he selected. Playing against a nearly full Green team they held the lead until late in the game when Colin finally marched his team into the lead. King stepped up nicely into the top role he was drafted and required more attention from the D late in the game to shut him down. TJ looked good out there again (I thought he was missing some games, oh well maybe the next one he can’t make it) and will make this a tough team to get matchups against when he is there. Grey did good to keep this close and probably should have pulled out the win if not for a key defensive stop by Green late in the game that turned the ball over.

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Are the player stats that the refs are keeping this year going to be posted on a weekly basis, or is this information only going to be used for future drafts? It would be great to have this stuff posted.

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As someone who is an admitted stats whore, it's usually not the best for leagues like this to keep stats. It ends up meaning a lot to some people and their QB, who then force the ball to a particular person in the interests of becoming a legend in a rec league. Hopefully that doesn't happen here.

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Spack is still washed up

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Are you secretly Spack trying to boost your own ego buy saying how bad you are and then playing well each week?

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Stats: Truth is we have been keeping stats for a long time now and for the green team anyway, we will continue to do so. So far this season there has been 2 credible contributions to team Green, being Colin and TJ Hadden. Both brought beer to week 1 and therefore are the stats leaders. Liam is a little young for these stats but he doesn't get off the hook that easy, Rich will be the stats leader by end of year supplying both his and Liam's cases.

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Great start for week one 4 out of 5 Not to bad. Miller must of got hurt in the beginning of his game. Let's see what week 2 brings

Grey (Chambers) vs Red (Miller)

This is a tough one as Miller may still be hurt and I may have underestimated Team Chambers I will assume Miller is fine
Red by 7

Royal (Todd) vs Black (Noah)

Todd's team struggled against a strong Spack team but they didn't have their starting QB Todd. Noah had a decent game against a strong Nick Special teams and D team as I predicted. Todd's team has a OK D but not strong enough to stop Noah.

Black by more than 7

Game of the Week!
Gold (Jelani) vs White (Spackman)

Will Jelani QB? Hard to say now. Naw he will be there running and passing as usual. This game will be a Good one as both teams are strong in O and D. I will have to go with the more washed up QB
Spack by 7 in a close game til the last play.

Green (Colin) vs Orange (Nick)

Colin struggles moving the ball on Chambers last week While Nick needed hid D and Special teams to Win. Got to go with Colin on this unless Nicks D can make magic happen

Colin by more than 7

Good luck, Have Fun everyone and Remember its just a game we all have to work on Monday.

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The ONLY reason that we beat Black was because of a lack of Snyder on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Otherwise this is a blowout for Black. Thank the Lord that was wasn't there.

As for our game this week, the only way we can lose is if TJ Hadden is a no show. Consider it a loss for Green if TJ is present.

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A couple of things, on the stats front, the intent is to have them posted but will need some technical assistance to make this happen so everyone will need to be patient. I agree with TJ that this is just for interest sake and I hope people don't take it too seriously. I was also hoping it might be a gauge for next years rankings but in all honestly I'm not sure how reliable they will be as you could have a solid receiver like myself make all the receptions the whole way down the field and then have a someone like Snyder make a lucky catch in the endzone and get all the credit. See, not a great indicator of ranking. Let's use this this as a test to see what people think and decide if we continue going forward.

Second, many of you may have noticed that the rules page has not been updated to reflect the number of steamboats (4) or the removal of the 2 completion rule. This is due to the fact that we are trying to document some of the more common rules that come up regularly and post everything at once. Rest assured that the officials have the most current set and will refer to them as needed. That said, I can admit when I made a mistake which I did helping ref on Saturday. Just to clarify, this is a one hand touch league and in order for a tag to be counted, contact must be made by hand. Sorry to the White team, thankfully it didn't affect the outcome of the game. If anyone comes across any rules they feel need clarification based on something that happened in a game, post it here and we will do our best to provide clarity to the refs.

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See, Tank, I love me a good challenge. As of 5 minutes ago, I had a zero percent chance of making it on Saturday. But now I find myself wondering if I can let that slide. Or do I play Josh Norman to Frank's Odell Beckham personality (minus a career defining moment)?

Hmmmmm ...

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Klassen, would you mind clearing up the details regarding pass interference penalties please?

Thank you

Posted By Posted By: Tank
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Tank Rulez

Everyone else drools



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Don't blame me, I just give the customer what they ask for.

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Hey Dylan, the penalty for pass interference is ball marked at point of foul and automatic first down. If you're question was what constitutes pass interference it's probably worth talking about on Saturday. Come find me and we can discuss.

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He's got a pretty healthy vagina. No issues here.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
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Thanks to my gynecologist, having a healthy vaginas will allow me to embarrass him more when I score over and over in his face ;)

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This board has regressed.

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Grey (Chambers) vs Red (Miller) -> Grey (3.5)
Royal (Todd) vs Black (Noah) -> Black(-10)
Gold (Jelani) vs White (Spackman) -> Gold(-1)
Green (Colin) vs Orange (Nick) -> Green (-4.5)

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Really? Plural? Multiple vaginas?

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No respeck for Todd and his fellow Royal Rumblers

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We are going to melt in the rain on Saturday

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Run run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the 5th fastest player in the league?

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I heard Tank's favourite band is Coldplay

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Whats wrong with Coldplay? Apart from them completely blowing it at Superbowl 50, they are ok. Although I do prefer to listen to any EDM, or heavy bassy dubstep. It gets you a little more amped up you know.

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Guess who

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Good Men of the WMFL;
So sorry for missing the discussions all week on this board. I was cryogenically frozen to speed healing, have thawed this week, and will see you at the fields tomorrow.
I do have a couple of comments.
First, Hadden-stats are the right stats. good on you fellas - that is spirit of the league!
Then, Tank. I have a question - you posted the following, 'Although I do prefer to listen to any EDM, or heavy bassy dubstep.' what does this even mean? I am confused. Miller is even more confused - he wondered if this is some sort of new swing music playing at the grandstand?
Last - Todd. I will pick you twice - one on a third down to pad my stats, and the second to take to the house. Big Pete will pick you while rushing, do a forward flip over your tag, and walk sideways to the end zone for six more. You will go down in flames and give up by half-time. Craig will pick you up and comfort you in your time of distress. Black taketh, but also giveth back.

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Taylor swift or nothing

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Is JJ back in the league? He is the fastest man.

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