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Let the trash talk begin...

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Can we clarify the rule for a batted ball on a lateral. Why would the opposing team get the ball where the ball lands (after rolling) as opposed to where the ball is batted down. If every other situation constitutes a dead ball when the ball hits the ground how is this any different?

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The rule would be to place the ball where it contacts the ground when batted by a defensive player. There was no confusion today on that aside from the fact that it was difficult to tell exactly where the ball hit the ground. I don't think the ball placement made any more than a 2-3 yard difference and was still first and goal.

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Nick, Jelani


Colin, Todd

Out of it this year:

Todd, Miller, Chambers

Has a good shot:

Spack, Jelani, Noah, Colin, Nick


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Why is Jelani a surprise? He's only played one week. Or do you mean team gold is a surprise?

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After 2 weeks, still safe to say Spack is washed up

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What are the championship odds for each team?

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Parents, lock up your daughters . . .
Husbands, hide your wives . . .
Fellas, disguise your mommas . . .
'Cause Team Black has the biggest SUPER-STUD in this league.
NEERAJ - Three picks last week plus smothering defense. Combined with dominating Offense. And also so handsome he's almost pretty.
NO ONE can resist our super-stud - and the Black Team climbs ever steadily up the standings, one broken-hearted victory at a time. You are next team yellow!

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I'd like to give play of the week to Giorgio for connecting on a Game Winning field goal from behind mid field on the last play of the game!

It was a very close game between Orange and Green and looks to be a good matchup come playoff time when both teams have a full and healthy squad.

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I hear Neeraj will be away this week, casting call to be the new James Bond. What you gonna do now Black?

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Very impressed (and hurt) by Giorgio's 50+ yard game winning FG.

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1.) Spack
2.) Nick
3.) Noah
4.) Jelani
5.) Colin
6.) Miller
7.) Chanbers
8.) Todd

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Spack - Ryan Fitzpatrick
Nick - Jay Cutler
Noah - Alex Smith
Jelani - Ben Roethlisberger
Colin - Matthew Stafford
Miller - Rex Grossman
Chambers - Jamarcus Russell
Todd - Case Keenum

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QB position is important in whitby league. interesting to discuss what makes a qb successful in this league. strong arm, accurate arm, good scrambler to buy more time, reads defenses.. Spackman has been successful for a long time and Colin has as well as he has a really strong arm. Nick doesnt have a strong arm and has had good success. Noah also doesnt have a strong arm but has won more than anyone. He also cant scramble.

so what makes qbs successful?

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Tank I beg to differ. I believe the play of the week was when I made the amazing scramble to elude the speedy Rich Hadden and throw a strike 🏈 for a score. Now that's sports entertainment at its finest!!!!!!!!!

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i second that Nick

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There were a couple old men making plays on team Orange. Gotta cover those old dogs, new guys.

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Where are the great game summaries?

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Where are the reports from Frank's various doctors?

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Well week 2 looked to be a wet one but the rain held off (more or less) and the games were very close (except one). Let's start with the not so close game.

Royal v Black

Noah showed once again why he is one of the top QBs in the league spreading the ball to the whole team and outside some questionable drops (I'm looking at you Will and Klassen) this was a very solid overall game by Black. Neeraj proved to everyone that his knee is fine with 3 picks and a bunch of points. Todd's first game of the season started pretty good as the game was close at half but lost steam in the second half to a strong team. Keep your heads up guys, its a long season and everyone makes the playoffs.

Now onto the close games:

Red v Grey

This was a great back and forth game by both teams and entertaining down to the wire. Miller bounced back from his knee problems last week for a gutsy effort and the big man Listro was solid again. This looks like a good mid pick. Grey once again as I said earlier is better than given credit for. Without the injury mid-game for King, who knows what would have happened. Hope he recovers for next week as Chambers will need him down the stretch. Ultimately the game was decided on a last play of the game punt through the endzone by Red for a rouge. Good ole Canadian football.

Gold v White

Another two way battle between two fast, skilled teams. Jelani's first game was a good start and outside of a few late drops I think this may have been a win for Gold. That combined with a kick return for a near touchdown by Clarkin to position White on the 5 yard line was a back breaker for Gold. You're probably thinking it was Nick or Kyle but you'd be wrong. The old man rumbled and stumbled to the 5 yard line attempting to lateral at the last minute to avoid a tag by Z who I don't think started chasing him until Glenn hit the 20 yard line as no one could believe he wasn't tagged. Score one for the old guys I mean veterans. While the game was close White struggled with Gold's D throughout the game... they will be a tough team to play against.

Best for last...

Orange v Green

Not much more to say on this game than has already been posted. Nick deftly avoided a sack by speedster Rich Hadden and Giorgio kicked a wind-aided 50+ yard field goal to win the game. Sorry Giorgio, impressive kick but I call it as I see it and there was a definite tail wind helping to carry it through :) Nick definitely has a strong team but also keep in mind this was a TJ-less Hadden squad. I get the feeling Colin will find a way to be in most games regardless who he has there.

Looking forward to another great weekend of football, let's get some more predictions on the board and see you on the field.

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Regardless of the small tail wind it had to be strait. From 50+ yards no one has kicked a field goal from that distance, on the last play and to win the game!!! Never before in the history of this great league had this been done. Just saying!!


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I dunno about that. I was there the day the mighty Duncan McDonald kicked a 50 yard field goal into the wind in a blizzard to win a championship on the last play. Just saying.

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Yep, can attest to that as I was the holder on Duncan's kick. I mean it was so cold that the ball was frozen, it felt like 20 lbs. plus the visibility was so bad in the blizzard that we didn't even see the ball go through the uprights, we had to take the refs word for it. 6 of us were treated for frostbite after that game.

Is that how you remember it TJ?

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I still walk with a limp, but trading a toe for a WMFL Championship is a deal I'd take 10 times!

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I still have all my toes :(

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Drew's right.. all 11 of them.

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Yes Duncan it was a great field goal. It was not 50-55+ that's all I am saying. And we should give credit where credit is due. In the spirit of the league this is good stuff. Don't forget my scramble which was one for the ages. 50+

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Duncan's was much longer.

Posted By Posted By: Duncan's husband
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Duncan's IS much longer

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4 out of 5 last week good games all around

White Vs Grey
This is an easy one as I think Grey lost King last week in a injury don't think he will be back so soon.

Spack by 7

Orange vs Royal

Orange is on a roll winning close games. Royal is falling behind quickly.

Nick by 7

Green vs Red

Should be a good game not sure if TJ is out this week or not . Im guessing he is out. Not sure How Miller is feeling hopefully better.

Colin by 1

Gold vs Black

Noah winning big last week . while Gold suffering a close one that in my opinion should of been a win But this crazy game can change by one play as proven before.

Gold by 6

Good luck everyone have fun out there

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White (Spackman) vs Grey (Chambers) -> White(-13.5)
Orange (Nick) vs Royal (Todd) -> Orange(-10)
Green (Colin) vs Red (Miller) -> Green (-5)
Gold (Jelani) vs Black (Noah) -> Black (-1)

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T.Hill must have been hanging out with Jomo on the hill last week.

Not sure how you go 4 of 5 when there are only 4 games??!!

The fifth game must have been you playing with yourself...

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Should the execs institute a drug screening program, as I feel as though Frank's skills are unfair and he may be taking performance enhancing drugs.

I speak on behalf of the league

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I don't think I knew the term drug screening program before it was used here. I think I would have posted something along the lines of Frank is the best PERIOD. He is amazing and all the ladies love him.

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