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Posted By Posted By: WMFL
Posted On Posted On: Sep 3rd, 2018
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: Frank Fan
Posted On Posted On: Sep 3rd, 2018
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Frank is a dumb ass

Posted By Posted By: Zoolander
Posted On Posted On: Sep 3rd, 2018
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Frankís red blazin fire red outfit was too much for the tearful watery Carolina blues. Frank looked good in his 2018 debut.

Posted By Posted By: Week 1
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2018
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Every team looked good. Most balanced season in a long time although Jelani's team looks like the early favourites to repeat. Somehow Spack and Noah contend every year no matter who is on their team.

Matt started slow, but has one of the deepest teams. Dylan looked great with his buddies. Mike made some great throws and has one of the fastest teams. Kyle was much better than expected, and TIm's Ajax block looks to be the best 1-2 punch in the league.

Posted By Posted By: Dave Z
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2018
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Reminder for those of you who signed up for fantasy that our draft is tonight at 7pm!

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2018
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Before I get into some trash talk this week, I wanted to let guys here know about a fundraising campaign Iím running for The Denise House, an emergency shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence. Itís located in Oshawa, and currently supports 32% more people than they get government funding for. Iíd like to try to give them some extra breathing room this year, and in particular Iím looking to have men be the ones to step up and donate.

To that end, Iím matching all donations dollar for dollar up to $10,000, so hopefully if you had some donations to make this year, youíll consider giving here. Tax receipts available upon request (after the money has been donated).

The campaign has raised over $2k in just a week, so Iím looking for you guys to be part of the next wave. Any shares of the link on your social media will also help to raise awareness of this critical resource, so I appreciate any help you can give me there as well.

Frank, if you donate $40, Iíll defend you on the message boards and even apologize for the things I was gonna say here later this week about the handshakes after the game. Iíll give you until Wednesday at 4 pm. Lol.


Posted By Posted By: Kitch
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2018
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@TJ Please don't be mean to Frank. He loves this league so much. You should have seen him when he came over to watch the end of our game. The look in his eyes said it all as Jelani drove the length of the field needing to score for the win. He just wanted to be out there helping!

As for the handshake, he was wearing a Niners hat and we all know how you Lions turn handshakes into fights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rf1cGZYucmg

Posted By Posted By: Dylan
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2018
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I'll donate $40 in Frank's name.

Great cause!

Posted By Posted By: Raf Jr
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2018
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Iíll donate $5 for every drop TJ will have this season...wait I canít afford that...I will donate $5 for every drop he has already, so $10. Thanks for helping us get that win on Saturday buddy, couldnít of done it without ya!

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2018
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Are we counting my drop on that easy pick 6 you sauced me? I was just so stunned at the disrespect of having Frank butcher my route on a 2nd and 10. Anyways, I think I dropped 4, so pony up.

Posted By Posted By: Nigel
Posted On Posted On: Sep 4th, 2018
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Frank buddy I wish we had ya this year! But we will still kick your ass when we play you!

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Sep 5th, 2018
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Ahhhhhhhhh This is the Herd!

Wherever you may be and however you may be listening, we are live in LA, I heart radio, fox sports radio, and on FS1. The Herd is sponsored by Zip Recruiter.com!
Joy Taylor is joining me on a Thursday.

We got a lot in store today so Letís start with this:

What happened to the pass rush!? No sacks in week 1, thatís what happens with athletic QBs? Or is there a website error.

Royal Blue vs Black
Finals rematch had Jelani and Royal Blue battle hard for another comeback win over Noahís squad. I have a feeling these two teams will meet again. Both teamís looked dismal on defense. I was correct as Blue covered the spread.

Red vs Carolinla blue
Tight ball game, Dylan had his offense and his BFFís clicking while Rookie QB Matt started slow but eventually found his rhythm with the all Red Frank Tank. Unfortunately Red didnít cover the spread as they only won by a fg and I needed them to win by 5.5.

White vs Coal Grey
Wow was the spread wrong here. Timmy and his first rounders looked good. One even ended up with two INTS on the great spack! Spread of 25.5 I took coal and the points so I was correct as White only won by 10. Give Spack sometime to get his crew in order.

Orange vs silver
Upset of the week here. Spread was wrong but I correctly picked silver with the 8.5 spread. Silver looked sharp. Clarkin mania is coming, or is it clarkinsanity? Both rookie qbs played well but showed signs of weakness. Look for orange to bounce back next week with Mikos and Neerja leading the offensive charge.

3 and 1 on the first week against the spread. A professional gambler needs 63%. Not bad for week 1.

Now switching gears to this weeks games. These are tough to pick with many missing players due to tourney games. Frank and Matt Raf gone? Jelani and Z gone? Clarkins tourney ball?

Carolina Blue vs Black spread is (Black -8.5)

Dylan looked sharp last week and I expect he will find holes in blackís defense. Starting to design more craftly plays and the chemistry with his brethren will only increase week to week as he begins to audible at the line of scrimmage. Both Samanskiís balled out, and TJ has yet to roar with his new lions brothers. This team will only improve week to week as their defense is stellar. Noah and team black should have more trouble against blueís defense here as jelaniís defense was porous last week. TO showed he is still impossible to cover and Megatron winís jump balls all day long. Give me luc and TJ over Megatron and TO. Nigel is coming into his own and the walkers are a nice sneaky middle round pick for team black, however, mark remy alex and Snyder are no slouches. Middle rounds are even. Black has the depth advantage with a sneaky drew late pick due to blocks and chambers and lungrin, Blue will be in tough with peter, migel, kevin and JJ. Assuming both teams have good attendance I will take blue and the points. Noah wins a nail biter with a stronger offense, but his defense will let him down against blue athleticism. Black wins but canít cover the spread. Take blue with the points
30-28 for Black.

White vs Red (White -20.5)

Expect Red to be shorthanded here with potential tourney athletes gone, perhaps even Matt and Frank. While White should be nearly unaffected by this. Much closer game if the sides were equal as Matt and Frank are elite. With Mario left to fend for himself against Jordan and Tim there could be issues on both sides of the ball. Jordan has proved himself to be a worthy adversary. Bryce, Dustin and Connor are going to have to step up, the question is, while Mike Raf throw if Matt is absent? Alex Russ and Robert are only going to improve under the tutelage of spack. I am worried about the bottom half of red having to step up to meet the middle part of team White without the QB there. Which leaves team whites depth easier to rotate in for matchups. Daryl, Folco, Ambrose, and Billy will have their work cut out for them. Harison wade warbird and wade will score some points and get involved as spack looks to spread the ball around while also laying the wood to Red to avenge missing the spread last week. Look for Luele and Dave Raf to shine. That being said, a healthy Red team would matchup man for man on both O and D and this would be a fun game. I cant see Red scoring much or playing much D shorthanded against White. Take white to cover the spread. Unless my sources are wrong about potential absences.
White wins 40-12

Coal vs Orange (Pickem)

Had this game been week one Vegas would have had the spread in favour of orange but with orangeís poor showing vs Silver and Coal holding their own vs white this is a pickem game. Tim and Mike at qb, the advantage goes to Tim on play design and accuracy, Mike on arm strength and defense. Give Mike the edge. Joesph last week was a force to be reckoned with, however, I cannot give him the edge over young Mikos on O or D. I need to see more from Tyler still, advantage to Neeraj again. Will and Adrian vs Ben and Jake, very similar playing styles here. Rely on athleticism and speed. Even in this matchup. I like rounds 5-8 in favour of Orange with Duffy, Jomo and Craig. Da silva and Higney are solid for coal but one can only wonder how will Higneyís mental state holdup now that he is not winning every game. I need to see more out of Daniel and Dan. The bottom rounds are nearly even but I like the sure handed Jules so give me coal. With all that being said, I like Coalís defense better than Oranges. Orange struggled against a rookie QB whereas Coal held White under 40 unexpectedly. I still cant trust Coal until they show me something, give me Orange to get their offense on track and score, even if they are not defensive specialists. Sorry Coal, I need to see more from the unknowns.
Orange wins 30-24

Silver vs Blue (Blue -13.5)

I am concerned with Silvers attendeance as word has had it that they may be partipcating in a tourney, I also hear Jelani and Z may be absent as well and Blue is uncertain on their QB. My sources on this are not as certain as I would like so I am going to pick this game assuming complete attendance. The QB advantage is heavily in favour of the now seasoned vet Jelani, on both sides of the ball. Kyle has potential, but QB takes time to learn. Nick vs Z is an interesting matchup with the rising star Clarkin coming into his own. Iíd still take Z here even though Nick have better lateral quickness in his routes. King vs Joe, Advantage to Joe in all aspects other than height and Arm strength. Taylor vs Brooks, I will take Taylor here after proving his defensive prowess last year as well as proving he is clutch with the game winning TD and Convert in last years final. Geoff and Jordan. Jordan has been absent for many years and when he did play he was also absent, Geoff is a solid and reliable player with a higher floor, whereas Jordan has a lower floor but higher ceiling. I donít see Jordan reaching his ceiling in his first game back, give me goeff. Jay Best has been sneaky good this year but Noah always shoes flashes. Noah is better on D, Jay on O, give me Noah by a hair. Staff Clarkin and Roberts and Machado are going to be in tough against the late round steals of the two Rodneyís Edwards and Brett. Slight advantage for Silver in picks 10 and 11. That being said, heavy advantage in this game to the defending champs up and down the roster, but will the attendance issues effect this game? Darn Youngins and their Tournies. Blueís defense should step up against Silver and their offense will be humming along as usual. Silver has the horses to score but I am concernd about their ability to stop Blue. Give me Blue to cover the spread.
36-20 Blue

Herd Hierarchy after 1 week of play
1 Blue
2 White
3 Black
4 Red
5 Silver
6 Carolina Blue
7 Orange
8 Coal

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Bet the farm on these picks and parlay them for a larger win.

Until next week,

This is the Herd. Remember to subscribe to my podcast on I tunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

Posted By Posted By: @ Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2018
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''What happened to the pass rush!? No sacks in week 1, thatís what happens with athletic QBs? Or is there a website error.''

Team Carolina Blues point total in the stats sheet doesn't add up to the points they scored, so seems like there is a website error.

Posted By Posted By: WMFL Exec
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2018
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By my math stats for Carolina Blue 6+6+6+3+2=23 matches the points total recorded for the game. If stats are missing or scores are wrong please email the league mailbox so we can fix.

Also, check out, subscribe or follow the league on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Links can be found at the bottom of the homepage.

Posted By Posted By: Observer
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2018
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Frank - leave the mathematics to the Exec

Posted By Posted By: Eagles
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2018
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Hey Dylan did you watch the coin toss tonite the Eagles differed to the second half. Hopefully you learned something tonite

Posted By Posted By: Dyl
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2018
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Anyone watching our game knows the refs gave you that game. Maybe next week the refs will know how the rules work. Not worried about red this year at all.

Posted By Posted By: ONE PLAY
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2018
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Hello again ! 4 out of 4 what a guess!!

Great games last week !!

Let's get to it

Dylan (Carolina Blue) vs Noah (Black)

Dylan getting rip off last week ( who are these refs?)

hey refs read the rule book!!

Noah keeping real close last week.

I like what i seen with CB last week strong Defence stong Offence Dyl showing he is a great contender.
I see him putting up points and keeping the defence strong this week will be the key.

Noah will be Noah as always scoring but not playing D

Of course attendance seems to be a theme this week making it hard to choose!

I'm going with CB by 6

Spackman (White) vs Matt (Red)

Attendance seems to be a concern again with this game
going with Spack.

White by 12

Hadden Jr (Orange) vs Tim (Coal Grey)

this is a tough game to guess who will win. Im saying Orange has poor attendance and Grey wins

Grey by 6

Kyle (Silver) vs Jelani (Royal Blue)

Another game with attendance a big issue. Im saying Royal had the poor attendance.

Silver by 6

Remember it all comes down to one play!!

Posted By Posted By: That's it?
Posted On Posted On: Sep 6th, 2018
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One Play mailing it in this week.
C'mon man!

Posted By Posted By: ONE PLAY
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2018
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to that's it ?

Attendance man attendance. What more can I say when we don't know who will be there. if you want a good read see Colin Cowherd above, Most of it is BS.

Posted By Posted By: Swifty
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2018
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Considering how close the first games were, I'm baffled as to how quiet the board has been. Where's Snyder? Tank? The two loudest trash talkers are M.I.A. TJ has made more than one post this week and no one has asked him to shave yet? Maybe it's the tournament weekend that has everyone down.

I'll give some hot takes here.

Carolina Blue v Black
Noah can put up 50 points with a shoelace, paperclip and a football. But he's got a lot more than that this year. Dylan started strong but struggled mightily after his first two drives. Defense looked strong but I don't see them stopping Noah much.
Black wins 42-26

White v Red
Spack played like Spack. Lights out. Minus some INT's to a top player, there isn't much else to say about Spack this year so far. Red is expected to be missing their two top guys in Matt and Tank as well as their backup QB Mike due to the tourney this weekend. Hopefully red can snag a temp QB and maybe make a game of this in what could be a blowout.
White takes it 48-6

Orange v Coal Grey
Mike looked strong in his first game as QB and kept it close. His team will start clicking once someone takes a dominant role as defensive captain as their D looked porous. Tim will have his first crack this year after missing week 1. His top two mystery picks were able to make a difference and could both have great years. Conversions will be the difference.
Take Orange in a very tight game 28-26

Silver v Royal Blue
Kyle looked like a vet slinging the ball to his tall and fast teammates. and the D started rolling together nicely as the game progressed. Jelani and RB played like a team that just won a championship. Oh... right. Top two players go head to head. I give this top match-up to Z as he looks faster and better than last year.
Royal Blue wins 34-30

Posted By Posted By: Dave z
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2018
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Swifty is my new fav prognosticator. An ode to Taylor Swift. This board needs more quality pen names like that. Also it needs more quality players unlike nick and kyle clarkin stinkin up the league. Short handed or not, Go Royal Blue!

Posted By Posted By: Madden Pix
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2018
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Carolina Blue v Black

Black wins
Why? Black is 1-0

White v Red

White wins
Why? I heard red inst showing up

Orange v Grey

Orange wins
Why? I was wrong for picking Orange last week, lets hope im right this week.

Silver v Royal Blue

Royal Blue wins
Why? Blue is better, unless silver only has their top 7 guys like last week.

Record (3 right - 1 wrong)

75% aint bad

~ Madden Pix

Posted By Posted By: Clarkin
Posted On Posted On: Sep 7th, 2018
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Dave Z change his name from Peaches to Swifty!

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