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Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2018
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 17th, 2018
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First of all, everybody who talked garbage about my QB can spend the next week questioning your decisions in life, because the Carolina Blues emphatically dethroned the previously undefeated champs on the strength of his golden right arm. Dylan was slinging that pill to pay the bills, and if youíre next up on our schedule, I assure you that heís coming to collect.

Now that weíve got that out of the way, shout out to those of you who made donations to my GoFundMe campaign (www.GoFundMe.com/the-Denise-house-fundraiser). I collected $50 in donations at the field on Saturday, as well as $60 in verbal pledges and finally, from the Eskins family, a ballsy proposition based on stats. If I didnít have twenty grabs that game itíd be because I got thirty, and while I only remember two TDs from that game (pending drone video review), I was credited on the stat sheet with three. Whatever you guys choose to donate, I appreciate you. Iím not sure if I was just motivated by the thought of stats, or if your suffocating D was just kind enough to let an old man who has lost a step feast on your charity to feel good for the day, or just the magical golden arm of Dylan, but whatever it was, it all came together.

Now throwing it out there for anyone who hasnít donated, my tournament team of 15 guys rallied together to come up with $795 towards this worthy cause, so Iím hoping you guys can out-do them! Tax receipts will be given upon request for whoever meets whatever the minimum is to qualify for one (not sure if itís $20 or $40 off the top of my head).

So, to recap: Dylan is amazing and the prognosticators our him an apology. Donate if you can, because money coming from men to this cause is a very powerful thing (share the link on your social media!), the Eskins family is awesome for coming up with a props bet, and Spackís Team is garbage and theyíre gonna get destroyed on Saturday (late addition, I just checked the schedule). Any QB who donates, I will drop one pass for every $50 you kick in. Raffy, you retroactively owe $300.

Posted By Posted By: ONE PLAY
Posted On Posted On: Sep 17th, 2018
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I will get on here early!! The teams are now starting to show their ability, chemistry and team work!

My thoughts on the teams so far

#1 Spack - can anyone beat Team White as they are relentless on Offence. DId Black not know the skills of Tim and Russ? I know Black was missing Noah but still Defence man defence. Spack will continue leading this team all the way to the Final's.

#2 Dylan That's right people this team is for real Beating up on a Badly bruised Blue Jelani team. This is the start of a new beginning. Calling it out noe Spack vs Dylan in finals

#3 Noah - This team desperately needs Noah as the leader of the Offence last week to truly show a better Black team! Not sure if Black has the team this year to go all the way to the final 2 but you never know!

#4 Kyle - This team showed that they are for real this week as beating up on a full team roster grey while silver had top players missing!! Is Kyle a Hot and Cold QB? Only time will tell.

#5 Jelani - After seeing this team play last week im thinking the Blue is just hype! they will still win some games however they will fall behind soon.

#6 Matt - This team has had their struggles not sure if they have found the chemistry yet. I still have hope for red . If a team could turnaround this would be the team. Go Red !

#7 Mike - This team is struggling Offensively. Not sure How Mike will Do from here on in. good win this week!

#8 Tim - Not seeing too much hope for this team as Tim struggles to find his receivers.

On to the games this week!

Jelani vs Tim

Both teams coming off a loss! I see Jelani flowing back with the Offence and making a statement. Tim will most likely continue struggle as Blue D is a tough one.

Blue by more than ONE PLAY

Spackman vs Dylan

This could be a precursor to A championship game .
I see Spack winning this one and Dylan learning lessons from Spack . Pay close attention to Spack Dyl he will show his weakness and don't show him yours Focus young one! Stay calm and be cool!! You Will get him in the finals!!

Spack by more than ONE PLAY

Kyle vs Matt

Battle of the new QBs! What QB shows up Hot Kyle and Cold Matt ? Cold Kyle Hot Matt ? I will say Silver takes this one in a tight game.

Silver by ONE PLAY

Hadden Jr vs Noah

Orange with a big win vs Red last week in a tight last min of the game. Black Struggling without Noah . I will say Team black show up and makes a huge statement

Black By more than ONE PLAY

Keep it safe out there boys remember it all comes down to ONE PLAY !!!

Posted By Posted By: ^^^^^^
Posted On Posted On: Sep 18th, 2018
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Looks like this guy is on Carolina Blue.

Posted By Posted By: Bored at work
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2018
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Come on gents. Let's get this trash talk thread going. Where are the game recaps and pre-game analyses?? Quietest year yet...

Posted By Posted By: The other drone
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2018
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Check of the highlights of Matt evading every defender in sight last weekend. Too bad he wasn't allowed to cross the line of scrimmage.


Posted By Posted By: Footage guru
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2018
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Great quality. Did they ever catch him? Rumour has it he's still scrambling...

Posted By Posted By: Haden Jr.
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2018
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To be young again... Matt was like a Minotaur

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2018
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Ahhhhhhhhh This is the Herd!

Wherever you may be and however you may be listening, we are live in Los Angeles, I-Heart-radio, fox sports radio, and on FS1. The Herd is sponsored by Old Spice!
Joy Taylor is joining me on a Wednesday.

We got a lot in store today so Letís start with this:

A segment we like to call ďWhere Colin was Right, Where Colin was WrongĒ

Red vs Orange

Wow was I wrong here, but so were the vegas odds. Red let me know. Look for them to get their motor running come playoff time, they have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball but were outplayed by orange. Giorgio looks like the better cousin in the battle vs Frank now that the QBs are more even

Silver vs Coal

Silver showed their teeth in this game and kyle played strong. Tim and the mystery two had their second taste of work together and they should gel more as the season wears on. Silver has a lot of sure handed players and play makers hidden. Got this game correct in the pickem.

RB vs CB

Upset of the week? Or is this a weekly thing where CB plays well? RB looked awful on both sides of the ball and their roster looks like it aged 15 years over night, they couldnít get open nor cover CB. RB has a lot of work to do to right the ship. CB is finally clicking and this could be a scary team if Dyl keeps it up. Got this wrong by a mile.

White vs Black

Ugly game here. It was said earlier, but playing without Noah doesnít mean the D should collapse like that. Black may be falling out of contender status. White is coming together and improving each week. Look for White to be a serious title contender and my early pick to win it all.
Letís switch gears to this:

This weeks game picks and the BLAZING FOUR

RB vs Coal (RB -10.5)

Vegas still has faith in RB after last weeks humiliation? Or do Vegas not trust coal? Advantage at QB goes to RB on both sides of the ball. I like Coalís top two, Salva and Fraser, better than RBís. Z is not enough to cover both and Joe James has shown he needs to step up. Taylor and Geoff are outmatch in speed by Jake and Ben, however, I like the defensive ability of Taylor and Geoff more so ill call that even. The middle to late rounds have an advantage for RB for experience and athleticism and I worry about Coalís mental stamina during a long season that may not go as planned. I am worried RB will collapse into a Rut like the Steelers this year if they lose this game. RB should get their offense back on track, but Coal should as well as RBís D has looked precarious at best. Look for them to make a statement against Coal, much to the chargin of Danny and Jules.
RB wins and covers the spread 38-16

White vs CB (White-7.5)

The much touted finals preview? Maybe, but this game looks outmatched schematically and by experience. CB has the youth and athleticism though much like a Pats vs Jets game. QB matchup goes to spack on O, Dyl on D, but advantage White as Dyl gains experience weekly. Jordan and Luc will be a nice matchup. Is Jordan elevated by playing with spack or is he that good? Luc will have a tough time covering Jordan but I think he gets the job done, Jordan has shown his ability to ball hawk so this is an even matchup as Luc learns the offensive side of the ball. TJ vs Tim, hussle and heart vs Flash and Dash. TJ has proven he can still dominate after last weeks inspired performance. TJ advantage. The middle rounds lean heavily to White with Russ playing like he is 24 again, Alex on D, and Robert underrated Wilson. Remy has proven he can play and Mark is consistent as ever with alex but they get lost in the mix at times. Snyder, JJ, Peter and Miggy lead the charge for CB over the warbird and crew. Look for Kevin Foutiane to outplay Jason. All that being said, the leadership and experience on White is too much to overcome this week for CB as they are riding high after last weeks win. Look for White to add to their impressive Stat lead in points and INTS.
White wins and covers the spread 42-28.

Silver vs Red (Opening week spread favoured Red more, now the spread is only Red-3)

Battle of the new and mobile QBs. Both are strong on O and mobile as heck. I like Mattís arm and decision making a little more and his D ability as Kyle learns the position still. Nick vs Frank is a great matchup, if anyone can cover Nick its Frank, however Nick will win his fair share of plays. I worry about Nickís ability to cover Frank. Advantage Frank. Mario and King, Advantage Mario. Matt and Bryce are even steven. Jordan has a large advantage over dustin, Jordan just needs to stay positive and he will be a second rounder next year. Staff is also playing well and Noah along side him have been a great duo for silver. Mike had a catch that should have won the game for Red last week, Daryl and Staff will match up against eachother well. Silver has stronger depth in the late rounds with experience and sure handedness. Watch out for Billy Though. The player to play matchup looks in favour of Silver but the top end playmakers for Red are much stronger. I see Red coming back with a vengeance after a tough loss last week. Matt Frank and Mario should carry the team to a close victory.
Red wins and covers the spread 28-22

Orange vs Black (Black -5.5)

Orange looked good in their win last week and Black looked awful without Noah. Noahís team needs to step up now in fear of losing their heads for the season. Noah has the advantage at QB and is clearly the glue holding Black together. Giorgio outmatches TO though, even though Girogio wont be able to cover TO. Neeraj and Megatron is an interesting matchup and fun to watch, call it even until proven otherwise. Orangesí Will Adrian Duffy Classen and Jomo are coming together as if they have played together for years and showed that last week in a grind it out game. Still waiting on Daniel Aís breakout game. Nigel, Ben, Aidan, Josh, Cody and Peter are battling a bruised ego without their fearless leader and should come out playing strong. Drew and Chambers will ensure that happens. I like Black in nearly all facets of this game as they rally and draw to 500 on the season. Black will score and stop Orange easily. Perhaps a blowout is looming if the weather holds for team black.
Give me black to cover the spread

Nearly all blowouts this week.

Herd Hierachy entering week 4

1)White (Easy choice)
2) RB (in Limbo here and another tough loss could drop them significantly)
3) CB (Could very well be 3 and 0)
4) Silver (Proving they can win, strength of schedule is an issue, only one close loss)
5)Black (Title contenders or pretenders?)
6)Red (Could very well be a contender if they pick it up, havenít shown it for a full game yet)
7)Orange (Looked good last week but I still donít see them higher than red despite the win)
8) Coal (Need to see more)

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Bet the farm on these picks and parlay them for a larger win.

Until next week,

This is the Herd. Remember to subscribe to my podcast on I tunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Or check out the youtube channel here.

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2018
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on Behalf of team Carolina blue I would like to say youíre welcome to the league, in advance. Youíre welcome for badly beating team white, and exposing their many many weaknesses for all to see (at the field and via exceptional 4K video footage sliced together into an epic compilation of light blue highlights Using child Labour)
And I say youíre welcome for entertaining you with decisive light blue dominance, brought to you with a smooth and funky style that you may imitate but you will not emulate.

Posted By Posted By: Overrated
Posted On Posted On: Sep 20th, 2018
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White has not faced a team with there actual QB yet. They are good but not as good as people may think. I feel like Dylan and CB boys are going to expose white for what they really are. I would take CB in this one.

Posted By Posted By: Player
Posted On Posted On: Sep 20th, 2018
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Doesn't matter who is at QB when White is putting up an average 45 points per game on opposing teams.

Posted By Posted By: ^^^^^
Posted On Posted On: Sep 20th, 2018
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Iím glad there are guys in the league that are this dumb.. you know if a team goes three and out several times a game against white, white gets the ball a lot more and a lot quicker.. therefore scoring more points.

Posted By Posted By: ^^ Toolshed
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2018
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Stop making excuses and play ball. Stop them from scoring then, or stfu.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2018
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Not sure whether we'll stop them from scoring, or just score too much for them to keep up, but we're taking the boots to White in 24 hours. Grab a pop and a seat on the hill -- it's time the great Spack took a spacking of his own. Instead of running up the score, tho, our top guys are gonna take off our cleats and grab a beer enjoy the last 5 minutes of the game on the hill with all the chirpers. Because we know that's what makes a team a team; getting everybody lots of reps when the situation allows, not to try to get that 80th point to win by 63.

Posted By Posted By: Observation
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2018
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Lol why does someone like Colin Cowherd so much

Posted By Posted By: buddy
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2018
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Colin is his alias. similar to Collinsworth from the last couple years...

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