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Posted By Posted By: WFML
Posted On Posted On: Sep 30th, 2018
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: Jprb
Posted On Posted On: Sep 30th, 2018
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Should this not be week 5

Posted By Posted By: Re: Week 4
Posted On Posted On: Sep 30th, 2018
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Based on some of the scores from this week, Iím sure a lot of teams want a do over on week 4.

Posted By Posted By: Jprb
Posted On Posted On: Sep 30th, 2018
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High scoring games. Who won the skills comps

Posted By Posted By: Unconfirmed
Posted On Posted On: Oct 1st, 2018
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Fastest man
Remy Samanski

Longest Punt
Jason Chambers

Longest field goal
Nick Clarkin

Kyle Clarkin

Posted By Posted By: Paternity Test
Posted On Posted On: Oct 1st, 2018
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No question, Clarkins are good at football.

But after this weekend i think a paternity test is required as it looks like Glenn may not be the father, it looks like Noah is their dad.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Oct 2nd, 2018
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Can't wait to take the field this weekend vs Jelani and Z. Red is about to take it to Royal Blue. Royal Blue Q won't know what hit him when Red is taking INT's back the other way for 6. Z, you'll be blanketed all day, forcing Jelani to throw into Reds devastating defense. Kitch, don't reminisce too much on last year. You'll have Red receivers blowing past you in no time!

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 2nd, 2018
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Ahhhhhhhhh This is the Herd!

Wherever you may be and however you may be listening, we are live in Los Angeles, I-Heart-radio, fox sports radio, and on FS1. The Herd is sponsored by Zip Recruiter!
Joy Taylor is joining me on a Tuesday.

We got a lot in store today so Letís start with this:

A segment we like to call ďWhere Colin was Right, Where Colin was WrongĒ

Silver vs Black
I picked Silver with the spread and they kept it close to give me the correct pick. Both teams performed well on O with season high point totals. Nick seemed uncoverable by team black and TO seemed unstoppable as well. Perhaps we need an 8th defender??

RB vs White
Well I was wrong on this game. My sources didnít tell me that spack wasnít going to play. RB cruised and team white showed how valuable a qb/leader really is as they looked disheveled and out of sorts all day. Word on the street has it that they were also missing a top pick in Tim Wray. Not much to learn here, White is still a force

Red vs Coal
Got this pick correct and almost nailed the score. Red is firing on all cylinders now and franky and matty look like a match made in heaven. Coal is in disarray as they cannot score nor stop teams. One cant blame the qb for allowing a 50 burger. Defense and their top 2 athletes need to step up.

Orange vs CB
CB puts up a 50 burger! After eating burgers at the mid season skills comp. Hard to say if this is a case of CB being a top team or orange lacking ability. I believe Orange had their main horses in attendance so I have to give credit to CB for dismantling Orange. Orange needs to step up this week to avoid a toilet bowl appearance with Coal.

3 and 1 on the week again, 13 and 7 on the season. Way over 50%! With the spread too!
Skills comp was nice to see the clarkins reigning supreme along with chambers the leg and a shocker with Remy beating Frank and Giorgio and Nicky, 1st overall pick next august!?

Lets switch gears to this, this weeks BLAZING FOUR!

White vs Orange (White -17.5)

This one has the makings to be a blow out but crazier things have happened on thanksgiving weekends. Orange needs to hope spack is a no show, advantage spack at qb, Hadden has the D advantage. Jordan is proving to be elite and should cause giogio problems but I cant see Jordan stopping G. Although spack will design a D that isnít leaning on man to man anyway. Tim and neeraj should be fun to watch as both are mainstays in the league and elite, even matchup. Will and Alex are both defensive specialist looking to find their way onto O so this is even. Russ has the edge over Adrian. Robert has the edge over Danny boy. Jomo over Anthony. Craigster over Harrison by a hair (see what I did there?). Duffy and wade are even. Warbird and Nicky are the old guard and great to see. Jason is a steal and has the edge over sterling silver. Dougy my boy over joey. Quick analaysis. I think Orange can keep this close if they play well but I forsee attendance issues in a potential blow out. White makes up for last week and dominates as they get their offense back on track in the second last game of the season.
White wins 48-12

Coal vs Black (Black -7.5)

Preseason would have had this game as a potential blowout. Black has struggled on D and struggled to find their form on O. Coal has shown glimpses of potential but has yet to put it all together and sustain any momentum. Noah has the edge at qb. Coalís top two will give TO and Megatron a handful with blazing speed and height combo. Edge to coal. Jake and nigel are even steven. Ben over Cody. Dan and ben are even steven. Higney will be chomping at the bit vs josh. Hopefully peter is back in the lineup along side aidan to give matt and danny fits. Drew and Jason squared have the big edge over Jules, Bryan and Aaron. Quick analysis again but on paper this matchup should be close. The rosters are very even but it all comes down to the play of Noah. Will Noah be on fire or will he struggle? I say he is on fire and gets the black train rolling, much to the chagrin of Tyler and Joe who are waiting to break out. Take black against the spread.
Black score a season high 40 and coal fires it up also and scores 30.
Black wins 40-30

Silver vs CB (CB -8.0)

Well the battle of the youngster QBís. Two teams heading in opposite directions. This time next year Kyle could be where Dylan sits, with an explosive hit and miss team. Dylan has the QB edge here, even on D. Nick is proving he is still good at something, field goals in the skills comp. Apparently he is good on D also with the lead league in INTS. This will give Luc difficulty, along with realizing his brother is the faster of the two brothers. Advantage nick. TJ has the edge over King. Brooks over Murray. Jordan is a solid football player but Remy is Derius Heyward Bey, blazing speed. Advantage still Jordan. Noah and Alex are even steven. Matt Synder is turning back the clock and has the edge over Staff. Jimmy and Glenny are even steven. Marc Mike and Pete have the edge over Kevin peter and Migs. Both teams are hit and miss week to week. I see this matchup as one where they need to prove they are capable of putting together good performances. If there is any time for silver to step up, its here. CB needs to keep the train rolling and not take silver lightly as they have a taste of success and may drop off. Give me CB to hold steady and put up another 50 burger. CB wins and covers the spread.
CB 52-20

RB vs Red (RB -3.5)

This could be a playoff preview here. Word on the street has it that Raf may be absent, but perhaps Mike will throw so the deficit will not be as extreme as one may think. Ill rate the game with full attendance still. Jelani is more proven and has the edge over Matt but matt is rising fast and who knows come playoff time. Z vs Frank will be a good one to watch. Offensive vs defensive specialists. Call this one even for now. Frank will take over soon. Joe and Mario are similar players. Slight edge Mario. Taylor over Bryce. Geoff over Dustin. Jay and Connor are even steven. Rodney and Mike Raf has Raf with the edge. Edwards and Cain, ill take cain. The real matchup to watch is stevins vs Billy. Folco vs Brett, and Jay vs Dave Raf. All that being said, Red has been hit or miss this season but have seemed to find their form, RB had one hiccup but looked stellar since. This one will be a close battle. Give me the defending champs for now, Red could make a serious statement in this game to sway me in the future.
RB wins a close one. 30-26.

Now time for Best for Last and the Herd Hierarchy and several teams rising and falling from last week.
1)White (Top dogs until proven otherwise despite the lopsided loss to RB)
2)RB (beating up a wounded team wont bring them up)
3)Red (a real force to be reckoned with)
4)CB (a 50 burger would normally move them up but red is too strong)
5)Black (perhaps a little streak with coal coming into town after last weeks win)
6)Orange (ugly loss again)
7)Silver (Tough loss last week, too much talent on this squad to be in the cellar of the league)
8)Coal (Same as above, loaded with athletes and shouldnít be down here but someone has to be last right?)

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Bet the farm on these picks and parlay them for a larger win.

Until next week,

This is the Herd. Remember to subscribe to my podcast on I tunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Or check out the youtube channel here.

Posted By Posted By: Kitch
Posted On Posted On: Oct 3rd, 2018
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Tank - there's the real 40, then there's the Prime Time game speed 40. And as much as I want you to line up against me, I know you'll be sending Billy on 10 yard outs all morning. The real rematch came in week 1 when we beat Noah on the final drive of the game. But alas, I might have to skip out on this one. Talk around, guys know why my intuition led me to skip the Oshawa victory party last Sunday.

Posted By Posted By: highlights
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2018
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We can we expect the week 5/skills comp recap video?

Posted By Posted By: highlights
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2018
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When can we expect some trash talk?

Posted By Posted By: Slower Samanski
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2018
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I still think CB should be #3, but hey it is what it is. 50 burger #2 coming this Saturday

Posted By Posted By: ONE PLAY
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2018
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Hello again Time for my pics for this week!

Just what I thought Red getting their groove back and should be top 4. CB showing me they can and in my books top 3. White proved they cant win without Spack
Black Back on Track. Silver losing their touch in the red zone / point afters.Grey being Grey. Orange still struggling. RB coming alive.


Let get to it

Spackman (White) vs Hadden Jr (Orange)

assuming Spack is back! this will be White all the way!

White by more than ONE PLAY!

Tim (Coal Grey) vs Noah (Black)

Black is back Grey still continues to struggle.

Black By more than ONE PLAY.

that was easy now lets get to the tough games!!

Game of the week!!!!

Kyle (Silver) vs Dylan (Carolina Blue)

This is a tough one both QBs are inconsistent. Has Dyl finally figure the QB roll? Will Kyle Find the end zone while being in the red zone.Will Nick step up? Will the fastest man in Whitby show more potential this week? this will be an exciting game Well potentially.


Jelani (Royal Blue) vs Matt (Red)

This could be the game of the week but it sounds like no QB ? that would normally be a no brainer however Raf Sr. is stepping in So it will be a great match!

Red by barley ONE PLAY!

Stay safe out there have Fun and remember it all comes down to that ONE PLAY!!!!!!

Posted By Posted By: #toomanyclarkins
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2018
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Snyder sucks balls !!!

Posted By Posted By: oven mitts
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2018
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I do not !!!

Posted By Posted By: Mitts
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2018
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As I prepared myself mentally for the utter collapse of team silver this week, I had To remind myself how this band of gridiron-losers came to be.
Well - this past August king and brooks were involved in a terrible shipwreck. After the storm, they awoke only to find themselves bound by great threads and guarded by the army of the Lilliputians (papa, Kyle, and nick). Evil papa forced them to lure Gary and useless-Staff into the clarkin van with the promise of candy. Donuts were dragged behind the van, hooking Noah and big Pete, and Jordan was actually knocked unconscious after stumbling out of the woodville crackhouse and getting run over by Glenn leaving the legion on his orange-flag scooter. Gimpballed and into the van.
This collection of shitshows formed into the disaster you will all see on Saturday - when Carolina Blue brings da muth*!*+#in ruckus

Posted By Posted By: CB Rusher
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2018
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When I sack Kyle will he have to take me to his wee pot a gold?

Posted By Posted By: Slower Samanski
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2018
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@mitts Wu-Tang!!!!! Bring The Motherfucking Ruckus!! #WuTangIsForTheChildren

Posted By Posted By: Big Pete
Posted On Posted On: Oct 5th, 2018
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Thanks Snyder for your eloquent post. There were a few giggles while reading it last night at the Hazlett house.

My wife suggests that we need to intervene and get you the help you so obviously need.

It seems that your Lilliputian Hallucinations (BTW, that is an actual medical term, just google it!) and that sort of post are the first signs...

Silver will try to help out this weekend.

After you get burnt so bad by Glenn, Staff, Kinger, Noah, or whomever you try to cover, you will have no choice but to hit the sidelines and get the help you deserve. I only hope we are not too late!!

Looking forward to battling Carolina Blue this weekend!!

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 5th, 2018
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Thanks, Bigus Peteus, for your thoughtful words. You are an exemplar of the peer support and caring that makes this league so great!
But I donít need any help, Iím good - iím Going to help myself to kyles football, probably more than once, plucked from the sky like a flight of turkeys before thanksgiving dinner!
Beware young hobbits! You shall not pass (your own 40 yd line)!

Posted By Posted By: Kitch
Posted On Posted On: Oct 6th, 2018
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Sorry Tank - Iím inactive today. I really wanted to take you up on your challenge to a duel. On the field that is - we donít need to use big words, out of context to compensate for our lack of on-field skills.

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