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Let the trash talk begin...

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first post

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im gonna beat the shit out of giorgio

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Billy, that could be construed as Nephew abuse. Please reconsider your proposed action.

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1 The QBs to beat from now on will be matt and dylan.
2 spack and noah are on the decline
3 tyler on purple is best offensive player in the league
4 adam mario neeraj tyler bo dave z bryce TO are tall and fast and dominant wmfl
5 reffing has been good this year so far
6 clarkin vs clarkin in toilet bowl?

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Hot take knows nothing .

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Too many missing players to properly gauge the league after week 2.

But what did we learn...

Red vs Silver
Silver didn't have their QB or top picks, nothing to be learnt. Their remaining players can clearly hold their own.
Team Red is overrated. Sure, they can put up points but that defense looks like a sieve even against inferior opposition. Once that O starts facing actual defenses, Red will be in for trouble.

Purple vs Yellow
Purple looks outstanding, looks like the real deal here. Great group of offensive and defensive players.
Yellow was missing David Zmorafsnjavski who easily can make up the 5 point difference. Yellow is TBD, but I am leaning towards real deal.

Black vs Blue
No Jelani? Can't gauge this team. But the guys that did show showed that they weren't prepared to come and play this week.
Looks like Blue blew their load after holding back on the point total from their game last week. Hard to properly gauge them after their performance the week before but that defense is looking mighty fine. A notch below the top tier of teams for now.

Green vs White
Green, ouch.
White, they did what they had to do against team Green, which is put up a lot of points and attempt to shut them out. I personally believe that the amount of points that team Green puts up against you should be your final place in the standings.
So with that the actual standings (for now) should be...

1. Yellow (0 Green points against)
2. Silver (0 Green points against)
3. Blue (0 Green points against)
4. Red (0 Green points against)
5. Black (0 Green points against)
6. Purple (6 Green points against)
7. White (16 Green points against)
8. Green

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Tyler on purple ? Whose that ?

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Tyler is that tall and fast and dominant wmfl

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Where is the damn video from week 2???

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they just posted it 35 minutes ago, some solid plays:


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Thats not the video, the video can be found here:


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The actual week 2 video is now posted, sorry for the delay.


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Two weeks down and we still have so many question marks around the league. A bunch of missing players didn’t help. Here’s a recap of what we saw last weekend.

Game 1: Red v Silver
Red showed up with a full squad even with the tournament abound. Another 50 points on the board but it was against a Silver team missing its top 3 players. Red still gave up 30 to Silver which concerns me for when they face a top team with all its players. Silver looked as good as possible while missing Spackman, Whitter and TJ. Reds D needs to step up big time.

Game 2: Purple v Yellow (GOTW)
Both teams were missing 2 of their top 3 guys. Both QBs threw the ball extremely well and utilized their depth to its full extent. Noah did what Noah does best, put up points with whoever he has available. Dylan stuck around all game and kept his team right in it. Yellow might be the best 0-2 team I’ve seen in a long time. A good trait is being able to score without Z on your sideline. This game definitely lived up to the hype!

Game 3: Green v White
Glenn looked great throwing the ball around this week. White found the holes left open by the inexperience of Greens rookies. Green finally put up some offensive scores. A good sign going forward but ball security is still an issue. Everyone on White seemed to be making plays while Tank seems to have fallen in the cracks for the first two games. Hopefully these tough losses haven’t demoralized team Green.

Game 4: Black v Blue
This game was another blowout with Blue’s defense taking over. With Jelani missing, Black struggled to move the ball. There were many great plays and jump balls that favoured Black but Blue dominated the majority of the game. Kyle looked like his old self, leading his team methodically down the field.

So many players missing and the season still being so early, it’s hard to determine which teams are for real and which are not. Week 3 should help us see a little more into what teams will contend.

Game 1: Black v Purple
Jelani < Noah
T.O. < Joseph
Murgatroyd = Tyler
Walker = Neeraj
Kitching = Payne
Best > Ben Walker
Haeussler, Nigel, Murray = Jomo, Aiden, Tenzin
Junius, Quincy > Soares, Jenkin, McKinnon
Noah is once again looking like the real deal. He’s putting up points at will and that will not change this week. Black has been exposed on D and will struggle to stop Noah… even if Noah doesn’t have his full team. Jelani will have to use his signature no look pass to draw Purple’s top defenders away. Murgatroyd looked great last week, going up for ball after ball and seemingly coming down with every single one. No one will be able to keep up with the speed of Joe, Tyler and Aiden, and that’s why I have to give… Advantage Purple!
Purple 42 – 28

Game 2: Red v Green
Matt > Warburton
Bo = Tank
Joe > Colin
King > Carey
Staff > Waleed
Rafuse < Fowler
Tyler, Brad, Clarkin < Higney, Dufty, Kalo
Roznik, Palmer, Jeune = Billy, Doug
This game has the makings of another blowout for team Red. Matt has put up 112 points in the first two weeks and I don’t see that stopping vs a Green team that struggles to move the ball. Green will need to slow down their offense and try to control the ball longer to avoid giving up big points. Matt has looked good so far but even a big week this Saturday will leave much to be asked. If Green has a chance to put up good points, it will be against a Red D that has shown signs of weakness. Green’s D will have a lot to carry on its shoulder again this week. Too many questions about Green’s offense. Advantage Red!
Red 40 – 18

Game 3: Silver v Blue (GOTW)
Spackman > Kyle
Whitter = Nick Clarkin
TJ = Luc
Mario > Remy
Jake > Craig
Jackson > Hubenig
Harrison, Steven, Tim < Taylor, Snyder, Big Pete
Folco, Patrick < Lance, Rodney Eskins
These two teams were my picks from the start to reach the finals. Blue has not put up the numbers that I would have expected from them at this point and Silver only has one game with their full team. With Silver’s top 3 returning from TFONT, I expect this game to be a good fight. Spack never seems rusty and always has full control of his squad. Kyle has had 2 weeks now to get into game shape and will find ways to score vs a silver D that has looked porous, even when at full attendance. The real matchup will be watching who gets doubled between the elusive TJ and the game changing Whitter. Blue’s defense has been stout but if they can’t move the ball vs Silver, Spack will certainly make them pay. I expect this game to come down to the wire. Experience will prevail however. Advantage Silver!
Silver 32-26

Game 4: Yellow v White
Goulet > Glenn
Dave Z > Tim
Jordan < Giorgio
Bryce < Grae
Steve = Dan
Rice > Will
JJ, Wilson, Parker = Edwards, Clarke, Biscuit
Morris, DeSouza, Mark Goulet < Nick Mikos, Marc
Despite 2 losses, Yellow is looking incredibly strong. Dylan is throwing well and his team seems to be clicking. Glenn is out performing probably everyone’s expectations and putting together a strong campaign early in the season. With Z and Jordan back, Dylan will be tough to stop. Glenn has learned how to pick apart teams’ weaknesses and his defense is playing a vital role in giving him as many chances to score as possible. Giorgio will need to step it up to help lead this team past a determined Dylan. Dylan can put up points, but White has proven they can stop team’s dead in their tracks. QB play will eb the difference. Advantage Yellow!
Yellow 34 – 22

With 2 weeks in the books, here are my updated Power Rankings heading into week 3:
1. Purple – Tough fought win moves them into 1st
2. Silver – Lost a high scoring game but still kept the game close missing top 3 players
3. Red – Won vs Silver but allowed an undermanned team to stay in the game
4. Blue – Dominated their game as they should have
5. Yellow – The best 0-2 team but loses will never keep you up
6. White – A convincing win vs Green; 2 strong weeks in a row
7. Black – Down a QB but a tough 0-2 will cause you to drop
8. Green – Hasn’t proven anything yet

Hopefully attendance is much better this week and we can get a real feel for how teams align themselves. There are many exciting matchups to watch, and hopefully “The Hill” isn’t too relentless! Bring out the beer for some early morning fun!
Best of luck to everyone out there this weekend!

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Murgatron was a beast pulling down at least 5 double-covered jump balls with defender hands on em. Strong play, great haircut. #murgstrong

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Ahhhhhhhhh This is the Herd!

Wherever you may be and however you may be listening, we are live in Los Angeles, I-Heart-radio, fox sports radio, and on FS1. The Herd is sponsored by Simply safe security for your home!
Joy Taylor is joining me on a Thursday.

Time for a segment we like to call where Colin was right and where Colin was wrong.

Red vs Silver
I got this game right somehow, even with the crapshoot attendance due to tourney weekend. Red scored at will but its hard to gain much info from this as Silver was missing their top dogs. Somehow Silver still put up points on the Red basketball team. Red better tighten up their D as they will struggle if facing a full silver team with Spack TJ and Jamie.

Purple vs Yellow
Got this game wrong. Purple scored a boat load again, and yellow gave up a bunch of points again which concerns me. Yellow may have had the toughest schedule thus far but this is still a strong team that should have actually won this game. Steve and Dustin and Bryce are really coming into their own, carrying a Yellow team without their top 2 picks. People mocked me when I anointed Dyl better than Noah, I think he did a good job silencing the haters here.

White vs Green
Got this game right. White scored a ton, Glenn is the story of the season thus far. Or maybe Green is just that bad. Perhaps a bit of the ravens vs Miami in the NFL. Hard to say if White is good or if green is just that bad. Neither team had many TFONT issues so this matchup was legitimate. If this is a toilet bowl preview, it will end much like this game, in a yawn fest.

Blue vs Black
Got this game wrong. Blue finally flexed their muscles (or speed) and brutalized a QBless Black team. Kyle is playing well and Blue’s defence has looked solid all year and one to be feared. Even racking up the sacks! Team Black needs to pick up the slack (Rhyme time). Team Blue needs to prove they can be a full strength top team.

2 and 2 against the spread this week and 3 and 5 overall

Time for Colin’s Blazing four (Five picks in the NFL in case you are curious)

Purple vs Black (Purple -5.5)

This is a tough matchup for Black to get off the schneid. Purple is a strong squad and Black hasn’t shown much promise aside from Mug. The QB matchup is a tight one. Both are very accurate and rely on longer developing plays. Jelani has the edge due to his ability to be a game changer on D if needed. Joe and Tyler vs TO and Mug is a fun one to watch. Id call this matchup even. Mug is becoming elite and will be a good matchup for tyler in the jump ball game. Joe cant be stopped one on one in the open field and TO still has amazing hands. Neeraj has the edge over drew if he shows up. Ben has the speed edge over kitch but Kitch plays outstanding D. Jay and Alex have the edge over B Walker and Jomo here. Jay is sneaky good. Aiden and Tinzen take a back seat to Mark and Nigel. Jules, and Q money take the cake over John, Greg and James. While the rosters seem pretty even, I struggle to see how Black can keep up with Purple’s ability to score. I don’t see either team playing strong D in this one as the QB’s are solid.
Purple wins and covers the spread. 40-34

Red vs Green (Red -19.5)

Christmas game! Poor green, I cant see them being in this game barring some sort of unforeseen attendance issue. Matt has the edge at QB here, he shouldn’t be allowed to play D! Frank and Bo should be fun to watch, both solid players on O and elite defenders. Give me Frank by a hair in this one. Joe and Colin is a neat one as Colin is making a name for himself as a solid player but I like Joe in this matchup. I need to see more from Carey, so give me King in this matchup. Staff has the edge over Waleed. Waleed needs to prove himself this week, Staff is a seasoned vet. Mike and Dan are even steven. Higney can take Goldy if he can keep his head and not lose it (a long season for Hig’s could result in emotional explosions). Duffy and Smart should be a good one, both awesome guys. Ill take Duff man here. Peter, Bill the thrill and Douggy will have their hands full with Bryan, Rick, Jay and Stevins. This is a tough game to call with the spread so high but I cant see green scoring much and Red should score at will. Even if Green had 2 or 3 Frank’s I am not sure they could fix this matchup. Blow out city. Hang in their green, regular season means nothing and crazy things happen in the playoffs.
Red rolls 52-8

Silver vs Blue (Silver -3.5)

Silver will be out for revenge after having the score run up on them last week while absent, and Blue is looking to prove they can beat a real team at full strength. The QB matchup has Spack ahead, even with Kyle improving every week. Jamie may be the top dog in this league and will be looking to prove it this week and every week as he is elite on both sides of the ball and special teams. Jamie has the edge over Nicky bear, prove me wrong Nick. Luc and TJ are very even, TJ’s hands are unreal and runs great routes which will be tough for Luc to cover. TJ may have an easier time covering Luc if it comes down to it. Ill still call this one even with Luc’s speed. Remy and Mario are opposite players. Big physical Mario vs the speed demon Remy. These two wont be covering eachother as it is a bad matchup both ways, ill call this one even until I can see Remy with consistent hands and playmaking ability. Ill take Jake over Craig, although Jake needs to improve his D and not rely on his speed, take notes from Craig. Jack is a steal and has the edge over Rodney. Taylor over Harrison here, but this is close, Harrison is a sneaky steal in the draft also. Synder over everyone! Synder over Clarkin here. Timmy and Pete, small height miss match, ill take timmy for his ability to play both ways. Matt over Lance, I need to see more from Lance Corporal. Timmy Jr over Rodney2. This will be a fun matchup to watch, Blue plays great D but in a steamboat league its tough to stop Spack with weapons. I am not sure Blue will be able to score as much as silver will adjust to the speed disadvantage. It will start close but Silver pulls away.
Silver wins 36-24

Yellow vs White (Yellow -5.5)

Yellow is already being called the best 0-2 team ever. They have looked good yes, but have proved nothing without W’s. White actually has a win and has played very well in both games. Give me Dyl in this QB matchup even with Glenn’s strong play. Tim’s effort level is commendable however ill take Z. Georgey Go has the edge over Jordan here, he is still a top player and Jordan is trying to prove he is a 2nd rounder. Bryce over Grae for sure, I want Grae to prove me wrong, but Bryce has shown he can hang with anyone. Daniel has the athletic edge here but needs to learn the game more, Stevey has that down pat and is no slouch himself. Call this one even. Dustin is proving to be a steal at his draft spot and Will will have trouble with this matchup. Robby vs JJ! The matchup to watch! Too close to call! Robert Wilson will take it over most people at that draft spot and is worthy of a much high pick, even against the only man in whitby worthy of the middle Initial Christopher W Clarke. Danny Spider Man Peter Parker has the athletic edge over Bret but falls short with experience, at this spot Ill go with the potential in Mr. Parker. Miggy over Nicky here. And the emphatic Jay takes it over Mark with a C. Yellow needs to improve their D here and this is a good matchup to prove they can make some stops. White will have to be creative to score and get it to their play makers in open space. White’s D has looked stout thus far but will have fits covering the whole field with a QB with a big arm and capable receivers all over.
Yellow gets their first W (34-20)

There you have it! Bet the farm on these picks or parlay them for a big win!

Finally the Herd Hierarchy:
1 Silver still up top for now (hard to penalize a team missing QB and top 2 players)
2 Purple (Proving they belong here after a big win)
3 Red Another big win but allowing silver to score that much scares me
4 Blue, proved they can score a bundle and their D is stout
5 Yellow, needs to get a W to stop their freefall to the bottom
6 White Leap frogs Black with a solid win
7 Black, a long season ahead, something has to change
8 Green. I may be able to copy and paste this line all season

This is the Herd. Remember to subscribe to my podcast on I tunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Or check out the youtube channel here.


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I shave my head to mimic the greatest football player I know.

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We art he cape?

What’s that about?

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“Wear the cape”. Lol. Synder knows.

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How the hell is JJ #9 on the scoring list??? He wasn't even good when he started in this league a hundred years ago!!!

You can't stop that! Ummm, yes we can, quite easily.

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JJ is a legend on and off the field

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WMFL archives have identified that JJ is the birth father of at least 15 current players. Warburton, Spackman, Walker, Synder, Jeune, amongst others.

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Don’t want to complain but the 2 sacs that Stevins got today was me.
He did not play in today’s game.

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Odds for a 3-peat:

Jay Palmer - 5:2
Dave Z - 5:1
Taylor & Rodney Eskins - 6:1
Jelani & Kitch - 10:1

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Wow some good games and some not so good. Surprising White shut Yellow down with some strong defence all the way around. This team is a lot better than initially was thought. Big underdogs today but proved everyone wrong
Good job Glenn moving the offence.

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50% chance a Clarkin wins the championship!

100% a Clarkin will not win the championship!

25% a Clarkin lives next door to you!


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@Jay sorry, stats fixed.

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