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Posted On Posted On: Sep 15th, 2019
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Let the trash talk begin...E5DY

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 15th, 2019
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Matt beats Noah in a shootout. Both these teams are impressive as they score lots and spread the ball across multiple players. They play last game of regular season, and that may be for first overall. Spack though may have something to say about that.

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 15th, 2019
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Red is overrated. Beating up 3 teams that they should have and their defense has been exposed.

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 15th, 2019
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Ok 3 games in what do the stats and facts say ?

Noah team Purple 3 -0 although showing very well has only played the bottom 3 teams. Lets see what happens this week. This is a solid team and will definitely be in the top 3 .

Raf Jr. Team Red 3 -0 Same with this team playing a spackless and top players missing while having full squad and allowing so many points vs Tim as QB ??
This team may be a little overrated unless we are playing tackle and Matt need pass protection I see this team dropping down.

Glenn Team white 2 -1 could be easily 3 -0 such a close game this team is the Cinderella story. Who is Grae and how come no one knew him at the draft? This guy is a second round at least nvm 8th pick in the 3rd round. And Dan is not 4th not by a long shot . Team white has depth and the stats show on there Defense. Look for white to take top 3 to 4. Watching from the hill beating yellow showed their true potential and I didn't see Tim Wray out there.

Kyle Team Blue 2-1 this team has it all young guns old guns . They seem better on paper though than on the field making a big come back the second half vs Spack but just coming short. This team should be top 3 -4

Spack Team silver 2 - 1 losing a game in my opinion should count for their record but what can you do but evaluate them Jack Whitter is most likely higher and has performing . Spack looks great throwing last week . This team is top 2 3

Dylan Team Yellow . 0 -3 although i root for this team i cant see them or can say they are the best 0 3 team . As this week will show that they can win a game as they are playing a 0 3 black team . I guess we will find out who is the best 0 3 team . It doesn't really matter because everyone makes the playoffs. Good luck next week yellow i believe in you .

Jelani Team Black 0-3 this team looks good but it is not showing very well on paper . Tough loss but showing that you cant compete sorry just looking at the stats and facts . However this is the qb champ and will not go down without a fight

Warbird Team Green 0 -3 i dont even know where to begin i just hope they can find some type of game plan and play a little better .

So its still not quite half way of the season here are my thoughts of the final standings.

1. Noah Purple
2. Spack Silver
3. Glenn White
4. Kyle Blue
5. Matt Red
6. Dyl Yellow
7. Jelani Black
8. Warbird Green

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 15th, 2019
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Week 3 video now posted.


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Posted On Posted On: Sep 15th, 2019
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So far best QB? Beat receiver? Beat defender?

Posted By Posted By: OOG
Posted On Posted On: Sep 15th, 2019
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qb glenn
reciever joe
defender giorgio

Posted By Posted By: Ha
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2019
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Posted By Posted By: Vet
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2019
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Dave Z

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2019
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Best QB: probably Matt Rafuse. Heís accurate, can throw deep or drop it underneath with touch, understands what heís looking at and can take whatís there. Plus he can buy himself an eternity, if need be. Heís also an A+ defender, which helps set him apart in this league. Spackman, Noah, Jelani have all proven that they can score every drive, so the defense and mobility in the pocket tips the balance for me.

Best WR: Dave Z is unreal. Catches everything. Nothing even surprises me anymore, I just take it for granted. Thatís when you know how good a guy is. Frank does damage in this league, but will be impacted by a limited ability to stretch the field a lot this year. Tyler is the guy thatís getting on everybodyís radar as a top dawg. Nick Clarkin is an incredible talent.

Best defender: címon, this is Whitby. There ainít no defense here.

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2019
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Matt hasnt won anything yet. Until then itís Jelani, Noah and Spack.

Posted By Posted By: Facts
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2019
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Poo poo pee pee

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2019
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Ahhhhhhhhh, This is the Herd!

Wherever you may be and however you may be listening, we are live in Los Angeles, I-Heart-radio, fox sports radio, and on FS1. The Herd is sponsored by Casper Mattresses, try for free for our 60 day guarantee. Joy Taylor is joining me on a Monday.

Time for a segment we like to call where Colin was right and where Colin was wrong.

Purple vs Black
Got this game correct. Purple is looking solid on both sides of the ball thus far. Noah is getting the most out of his top guys, and his whole roster for that matter. It was nice to have a neeraj sighting. Team Black isnít quite clicking yet. I am hesitant to say their season is lost but they have a lot of work to do to right the ship by playoff time.

Red vs Green
Got this game correct also, vegas got the line wrong at only 19.5 (Kind of like they got the 19 point spread wrong with Miami vs NE this week). Red looked great, Jesus is really coming into his own and Matt is feeding the ball to his top 3 targets. A little revenge game for the former teammates Matt and Frank. Greenís woes continue, and this isnít all on the QB. They need to step up on both sides of the ball and make some plays.

Silver vs Blue
Wow, Vegas got the spread right here. I got this one wrong, thinking Silver could cover the 3.5 spread, but they only won by 3. Silver scored at will as usual, exposing a previously stout Blue D. Blue held firm and kept the game close with an impressive performance from Kyle and company. I am very intrigued to see this matchup again, Blue exposed a slight chink in the Silver armour.

White vs Yellow
Got this game wrong, as did most pundits. Glenn is the real deal, picking his spots and using all of his receivers effectively. In heavy winds Glenn proved myself and others wrong about the concerns over his arm strength. Was this a showing of how good white is or how bad Yellow is? Z is overrated, Jordan drops the ball, and Yellowís D couldnít stop PeeWeeís. I was wrong about Yellow being the best 0 and 2 team. They have some work to do on D.

2 and 2 against the spread this week again, and 5 and 7 overall. This isnít my year.

Time for Colinís Blazing four (Five picks in the NFL in case you are curious)

Black vs Yellow (Pickíem)
Both teams off to miserable and shocking 0 and 3 starts. Both with similar strengthís of schedules as well so no excuses there. Yellow has a much better point differential if that means anything to the nerds out there. Both QBís are very capable and are looking to lead their teams to victorys. Both players are mobile, accurate, and can play D. TO vs Z, Z may be the bust of the year thus far, but still a very slight edge here over TO. Jordan vs Mug, I have to take Mug here as he impresses everyweek, this guy can seriously ball out. Bryce vs Drew is an interesting matchup as both are similar players and are better on the defensive side of the ball. Call this one even. Steve vs Kitch is also very close, hit or miss on O but solid on D, call this one even as well. Dustin can outplay Jay, but donít sleep on Jay as he has a sneaky way of getting wide open and Jelani knows how to use him. JJ and Wilson should be able to take Nigel and House if used correctly. Dan and Mark is too close to call, strictly analytically speaking here, Mark has some stats where dannyís line still reads 0ís. Migs and Jay over Jules and Q money. I think both teams are in shock at their positions. Black perhaps a little more as they expect to be title contenders and Yellow still needs to find the belief they can win. Yellow needs to show me something
Black wins a close one, 38-34

Blue vs Green (Blue -20.5)
Blue has looked very strong, and could very well be 3 and 0. Their win over white looks a lot better now. Green has looked, well, abysmal to say the least. 22 points scored in 3 games just wont cut it in a steamboat league. QB edge goes to the young gun here as he learns to use his speed targets. Nick is primarily an offensive threat, and Frank can play both ways at an elite level. I like Frank by a hair here (Frank has long hair). Luc will out duel Colin here and he will look to prove he was worthy of a first round pick. Remy over carey, the speed kills and he just gets better every week. Craig is super underrated and plays outstanding D, great plays last week vs Silver, Waleed will learn. Dan and Rodney is close but Rodney has that championship pedigree in his bones. Charles and Taylor is a great matchup of firey personalities. Both specialize in D, man to man to be specific. Too close to call. Duff man vs Synder is very close, hard to go against Synder, but Duffís can ball also. Sydner by the hair on top of his head! Peter vs Pete, gotta go with Pete on this one! Sorry Lance, Billy over everyone! Doug vs Rod is a matchup for the ages! All that being said, the matchups donít look as one sided as it really will be. Blue should do well on D as that seems to be what they are built for. Green has shown very little signs of life on O. The Green D should be better than what it is, and they actually donít have the most points against, they are 7th and 6th is clost, Green may make a few stops but not enough. Donít take them too easy team Blue, you donít want to be the only team green beats.
Blue wins 36-8 and covers the spread

Red vs White (Red -12.5)
Vegas seems to have no faith in White here somehow, or maybe they just love Red. Either way, this spread seems high. At QB in preseason everyone would go with Matt, however, Glenn is making this much closer. Bo vs Girogio, very different play styles, I like G money is this matchup, speed kills in this league. Tim vs Joe, preseason would have Timmy before Joey, but Matt is proving he uses Jesusís skills effectively and is proving he is worthy of a top 2 pick, give me jesus here. King vs Grae, very good matchup with two physical players with solid hands. King is proving he still has gas left in the tank and Grae is trying to prove his worth still. Call this even for now. Staff and Daniel, Daniel is a steal at his draft spot and will out play staff here on both sides of the ball. Will J over Mikey here, even with the brotherly connection. Robby can still ball out and Goldy is still making his mark. Robby over Goldy. Braddly is too smart for Chris W Clarke. Brett and Bryan will be fun to watch but I think Brett still has some juice left in the canister to take mr Clarkin, and Glenn will expose the Clarkin, he is the genesis of all clarkins. Nick over Rick, rhyme time! This matchup seems to favour white here with some solid athletes, and im inclined to take them. No one has stopped Redís O to date and I donít expect white to fair much better, however, Red has shown weakness on D other than the outlier game vs green last week. Glenn will find a way to keep it close.
Red wins, but give me white with the spread. 40-30 for Red

Purple vs Silver (Pickem)
Game of the weak and maybe a finals preview unless anyone can step up. Both teams have looked stellar thus far, Silverís one blimp came due to absenteeism, and Purple has rolled their teams, albeit purple has beaten two teams without wins. QB matchup is always a fun one to watch but Spack has the edge. Jamie is proving he is elite and should have been the number one pick perhaps. Joe is as solid as they come on O and maybe the most dangerous in the open field. Jamie will have his hands full but takes the cake her. Tyler and TJ is a close matchup, TJ will get it done. Mario vs Neeraj is a fun one to watch, both great guys, physical big receivers, call this even atm. Ben over jake here as jake learns to be more consistent still. Jack finds ways to get sneaky open, or maybe thatís the play call, and will outplay Ben W in this one. Jomo and Harry is very close, I need to see this one to make an accurate prediction. The young bucks Aidan and Stevey will play important roles as the two QBís both use all of their receivers. Tim over Tenzin, Tim is the ageless wonder. John Greg and James JGJ for Purple need to neutralize Patty and Roll tide Folco. I cant see either D doing well, both QBís will score a bundle. It will come down to a play or two, perhaps on D, perhaps a missed play on O to decide this one. If I were betting this I would not bet it as I have no idea. Based on my player analysis, I do like silver a bit more due to their top 3 having the edge. These teams will likely play each other at some point in the playoffs and perhaps wont tip their hand for the real deal. I cant see either team playing opossum though. Purple has the better Points against, but they havenít been tested enough in my eyes.
Silver sneaks it out 44-40

There you have it! Bet the farm on these picks or parlay them for a big win!

Finally the Herd Hierarchy:
1 Silver still up top for now (but way too close of a win against blue)
2 Purple (Proving they belong here after another big win, although they have only beat winless teams)
3 Red (cant move up if they beat green)
4 Blue, staying strong even after a loss, played well and maybe should have won.
5 White, Looking very good, perhaps can crack the top 3 with a big win here.
Tied for 6th Black and Yellow, maybe neither get the win this week and they tie also?

8 Green. I may be able to copy and paste this line all season

This is the Herd. Remember to subscribe to my podcast on I tunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Or check out the youtube channel here.


Posted By Posted By: WMFL Hall of Fame
Posted On Posted On: Sep 17th, 2019
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If you had to pick 5 current WMFL players who would be first ballot hall of famers in our little league who would they be?

I'll start:
Dave Z

Posted By Posted By: @Hall of Fame
Posted On Posted On: Sep 17th, 2019
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I know heís not playing this year... but Iíd add Mike Hadden to this list for sure.

Posted By Posted By: HOF
Posted On Posted On: Sep 17th, 2019
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Mark Goulet and Klassen too. Being Pres is a ton of hard work and deserves first ballot nom

Posted By Posted By: Billy
Posted On Posted On: Sep 17th, 2019
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Thanks Colin. REading those kinds words made my birthday all the more sweet

Posted By Posted By: HOF FAN
Posted On Posted On: Sep 17th, 2019
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I actually really like this hall of fame idea, but based on skill alone there is no way Klassen makes it in. Even when he had his long flowing locks, was mediocre at best (just kidding buddy)
What are the criteria to be inducted?
- Do you have to be playing?
- Do you have to be retired?
- Is it based on skill?
- Is it based on years in the league?
- Is it based on a playerís positive impact on the league?
Maybe the exec should consider a few categories and introduce this to the league. Winners can be announced at the year-end banquet.

Posted By Posted By: Stanley Yelnats
Posted On Posted On: Sep 17th, 2019
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Best qb: Dave Spackman
Best receiver: Dave Spackman
Best defender: Dave Spackman

Posted By Posted By: Hall of Famers
Posted On Posted On: Sep 18th, 2019
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Well, I will give a few sure picks and justification. I will keep it to current players only because I am sure there are very deserving players that played in the past I am not aware of.

1.) Dave Spackman - Love him or hate him, villain, or anti-villain, Dave has been the Steve Austin to our league. Sure he has rubbed some people the wrong way over the years, but he has also legitimized the league and there is no doubt that his team will be competitive every year. He is still the best QB in the league and has been for a couple of decades.

2.) Dave Z - Hasn't been in the league for that long, but already has a more championships than TJ, Drew, TO (combined!!). Not only is he arguably the best receiver in the league, but he is a great teammate, a league ambassador, and on overall good guy.

3.) TJ Bradimore - As stated, he has been apart of a couple of championship games, but hasn't hoisted the trophy. Now that he is typically not a first round pick, his chances will rely on his QB and his 1st round teammate. His route running and hands are second to none, and his low key trash talking is legendary.

4.) Craig Klassen - Builder, innovator, visionary. For a league to stay relevant for almost 50 years, it takes effort, energy, ability to keep it fresh, recruiting, etc. Craig is just the latest of a long line of men that kept this league one of the best out there (Mark, John, Duncan, Woody, Tim, Colin, and lots more). Also, Craig has lots of help with a dedicated current executive, and we are all grateful.

5.) Noah Tumin - The anti-Spackman. Every year is a contender and has had several championships in his career. Not gifted with great athleticism or even a great arm, but somehow finds a way. Also a great ambassador to the league and is the best QB a first year player can have. Spack vs Noah this weekend is always a great battle.

Others to consider: Drew, Tim Wray, TO, Mike Rafuse, JJ, Clarkins, Doug McKeon, Big Pete, Tank

Posted By Posted By: Giorgio @ HOF
Posted On Posted On: Sep 18th, 2019
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What about Nick Mikos, he had been in the league since the stone ages. A Wilt Chamberlian of sorts.

Posted By Posted By: Big Pete
Posted On Posted On: Sep 18th, 2019
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Love the WMFL HOF talk!

While I appreciate the consideration, I certainly wouldn't put myself anywhere near the HOF...

Just a guy out there trying to have some fun!

Over my 15 years in the league I would say there are a few that definitely deserve consideration.

#1 would be Duncan, who worked tirelessly to keep things running smoothly. Similar to the way Craig does now!

Others to look at would definitely include Darren Chlod, who seemed to be on the winning team year-after-year.

Some others are just remembered by me as first names or nicknames... Ernie, Woody, Fitzy, Verville

Later on, I would include both Colin and Mike Hadden, along with Miller, and the Goulet brothers...

From the current league, I would certainly agree with Spack, Noah, Nick, JJ, Drew, T.J., and T.O.

Oh, and by the way, Noah may not have the athleticism, but that arm is strong and magical!!

Posted By Posted By: The Real JJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2019
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Thanks Big Pete....appreciate the nomination.

47 years old and still on the scoring list, after taking five years off, Iíll take it!!!

Posted By Posted By: JJ is the HoF
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2019
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Posted By Posted By: Hallsy
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2019
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Busy week and I guess posting this is better late than never. Letís get right to it starting with a quick recap of last week.

Game 1: Black v Purple
Black played well but Purple played extraordinary. Purple is cruising on offence and even when the defence blinks, Noah is there to bring it right back. Black needs to improve their defense dramatically. Somehow allowing a league high points against.

Game 2: Red v Green
This game went about as expected. Green looked better on O but multiple drops hindered what Warbird could accomplish. Green was able to move the ball but couldnít finish any drives. Red looked dominant on offence but their D, despite putting up a goose egg, looked porous. Red has still not had a real challenge presented to them so Iím not sold just yet. Green will have a rough go if they canít score this weekend.

Game 3: Silver v Blue (GOTW)
This game lived up to its name. Game of the week was just that; both teams looked unstoppable moving the ball and even some special teams got involved. Spack was on fire and Kyle was able to keep up. The emerging star is named Whitter, but itís not Jamie. 5th round pick, Jackson, has become a threat behind Jamie and TJ. This is my favourite for the finals this year.

Game 4: Yellow v White
All I can say is ďWOW!Ē Either this has been the upset of the season, or Glenn is really that good. Maybe yellow isnít the best 0-2 team Iíve seen. Dylan struggled to move the ball and when he fell behind, he became trigger happy, throwing deep ball after deep ball and letting the game slip away. Glenn was able to keep his team under control and lead them past a confused Yellow Defense. Keep it up Clarkin!

Some great games on the lineup. Iíll keep this short and sweet.

Game 1: Black v Yellow
Jelani = Dylan
T.O. < Dave Z
Murgatroyd > Jordan
Bryce = Drew
Kitching > Sinclair
Best > Rice
Haeussler, Schaffer, Murray < JJ, Wilson, Parker
Junius, Quincy > Morris, DeSouza, Goulet
One team has to win. The difference will be Dave Z. Advantage Yellow!
Yellow 38 Ė 30

Game 2 Green v Blue
Warbird < Kyle
Frank > Nick
Colin < Luc
Carey < Remy
Waleed < Klassen
Fowler > Hubenig
Higney, dufty, Kalo = Eskins, Snyder, Big Pete
Billy, Doug < Lance, Rodney
Green needs to figure it out. Blue already has. Advantage Blue!
Blue 52 Ė 8

Game 3: Red v White
Matt > Glenn
Bo < Giorgio
Joe = Tim
King = Grae
Staff < Ahong
Mike = Will
Tyler, Brad, Bryan < Edwards, Clarke, Brett
Rick, Palmer, Jeune = Mikos, Roberts
Matt plays defense, Glenn doesnít play it as well. Advantage Red!
Red 30 Ė 26

Game 4: Purple v Silver (GOTW)
Noah < Spack
Joseph < Jamie
Tyler < TJ
Neeraj = Mario
Payne = Walsh
B. Walker < Jackson
Jomo, Aiden, Tenzin > Schaefer, Steven, Tim
John, Jenkin, McKinnon > Folco, Patrick
This game has the making for a very, very high scoring game. Experience is the difference for the top players and Jackson is emerging as a star. Advantage Silver!
Silver 48 Ė 45

3 weeks down, 4 to go! Who will take the regular season? Still many great games left! Here are power rankings heading into week 4:
1. Silver Ė Reclaims top spot after proving how talented they are vs a loaded Blue team
2. Purple Ė First team to fall when 3-0 but beating on 2 lower quality teams is hard to keep up
3. Red Ė No change after beating Green
4. Blue Ė Lost in a shootout to the top team
5. White Ė Dismantled a strong yellow team. Glenn is proving he belongs
6. Yellow Ė Maybe the best 0-3 team Iíve ever seen?
7. Black Ė Can move the ball but defense has been slacking
8. Green Ė Hasnít proven anything yet

Best of luck to everyone out there this weekend!

Posted By Posted By: @hallsy
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2019
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summed it up very well!

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