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Let the trash talk begin...

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Anyone looking for a player? I am quiet church going guy.

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Your best route is the come back AB.

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Check out my new watch

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Silver is by far the best team. Their offense has been stopped a mere two times. They pooped on purple. Take that for data Cowherd

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Not a chance kitch .

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Glenn - Please elaborate.

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Things that the Red Machine has,
Best Clarkin
Jesus MVP
3 Rafuse’s
Offensive line
Double tightends

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How good is that Clarkin fella on the Red Machine though?

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Can we get a cutest Clarkin contest this year at the skills comp??
Give the people what they want!!

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Best Clarkin in the league

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So if everyone participated in the skills comp, who would win best arm and fastest man.... no one kicks in this league.

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Fastest man - Giorgio - Reclaims his title
Most accurate QB - Spackman - Best QB right now
Longest punt - Tank - Green will win something this year.
Longest field goal - Jamie Whitter - In just a few weeks I've seen him boot some kicks into the endzone (could also win longest punt?)

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Save some hot takes for the rest of us eh

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Week 4 video now posted:


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Great shot of Noah missing his wide open guy down the sideline to take the 10 yard check down. He was probably just trying to kill clock and make it a shorter game to give his team a chance — what a veteran!

Jelani, sick INT on that one. Too bad Tyler made a great play and tracked Jamie down on another big kick return from Silver, would have been nice to end back to back videos with house calls.

Remember that time when Spackman led a drive that didn’t end in a touchdown? Honestly, I don’t. I think maybe it happened once in week 1 and once in week 2? All these young kids on silver are going to continue to be a problem for teams ...

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Don't forget about that great adjustment you made to turn to your back shoulder in the back of the endzone.

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If you look closely at the 5:22 mark, he was not open, but in fact, being blanketed by silver's 8th defender. It all makes sense now. 8 or 9 against 6 is tough to figure out.

Quote of the game though is you coming back after we missed a convert and saying, this is a game of 8s, not 6s. :)

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Annual skills competition gets underway this weekend.
Where's the Vegas odds on this one?

Fastest man? Z?, Gergio?, Samanski?, Snyder
QB - Will Jomo repeat?
Punt - No more Haddens
Field Goal
>40 Fastest man - Is this still a thing

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Best celebrity look-a-like? Jelani/Kevin Hart? King/Thor? Snyder/powder?
Best ride? Viper/Clarkin? Fiero/Klassen? Jag/Mikos? Bus Pass/Luc?

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Hey cowherd, wheres our weekly update?

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Week 4 is all played out and we are just over the halfway point of the regular season. Red played well but I’m still not sold on them being the best team despite their 4-0 record. Spack is playing as well as ever and Green… I don’t even know where to begin. Here’s a recap of week 4’s action:

Game 1: Black v Yellow
Both teams looked to struggle at times but maybe because they are more evenly matched than I had thought. Dylan is Yellows best player on the field right now and that is not a great sign for their defense. No Murgatroyd may have been a large factor in this game. Kitching took over on D with FOUR (4), count ‘em FOUR (4), interceptions and helped Black stay in it.

Game 2: Green v Blue
I called this game right on the money. 52-8 final score. Not much can be said about this game. A garbage time touchdown will have to be the foundation for green moving forward. 4 touchdowns in 4 games is not going to cut it. Blue played as well as they should have, even swapping QB’s mid-way through the second half.

Game: Red v White
This game was a nail biter and could have gone either way. A couple breaks in Reds favour helped but was not the deciding factor in the game. Matt threw well and his defense did enough to hold on. A couple of misplays by White on offense were the difference here however without Tim, this game could easily have gone the other way. Grae is making a case to be biggest steal of the draft after this game.

Game 4: Purple v Silver (GOTW)
This game was much closer than the score may suggest. Purple was in it for most of the game before a Spack lead Silver team pulled away. Tyler was Noah’s top playmaker and was involved in nearly every other play. Aiden Walker is really making a name for himself as well. The Spack – TJ connection is becoming more and more impressive as the weeks progress. If Silver continues to play as they are, I don’t believe they will lose another game.

Week 5 will give us a great idea of where each team is slotted heading into the home stretch of the season and into round robin play.

Game 1: Black v White
Jelani > Glenn
T.O. < Giorgio
Murgatroyd = Tim
Walker < Grae
Kitch < Ahong
Best = Will
Haeussler, Schaffer, Murray = Edwards, Clarke, Biscuit
Junius, Quincy = Mikos, Roberts
White has too much speed on the field for Black to keep up with. Young Daniel Ahong is playing lights out and could be making a case to be a second rounder next season. Jelani has a large advantage while knowing how to operate a team but Glenn has become a serious threat. Speed kills and I’m sticking to that theme here. Advantage White!
White 36 – 26

Game 2: Green v Silver
Warbird < Spackman
Tank > Jamie
Colin < TJ
Carey < Mario
Waleed < Jake
Fowler = Jackson
Higney, Dufty, Kalo > Schaefer, Clarkin, Tim
Billy, Doug = Folco, Patrick
I won’t go to deep into this game. If Spack can put up 62 on Purple, I fear for what this game might bring. Green needs to score. Period. Maybe a call for changing of the guard if they can’t. Advantage Silver!
Silver 60 – 6

Game 3: Purple v Blue (GOTW)
Noah = Kyle
Joseph < Nick
Tyler = Luc
Neeraj = Remy
Payne > Klassen
Ben Walker = Hubenig
Jomo, Aidan, Tenzin < Taylor, Snyder, Big Pete
Soares, Jenkin, McKinnon = Lance, Rodney Eskins
Purple’s offence is running on high octane but their D will be put to the test again this week as Blue has found a way to score endlessly while still having a strong D. The Kyle – Nick connection is as strong as ever. Luc and Remy are slowly transitioning into becoming Clarkins themselves. Joseph has missed a couple weeks in a row and hopefully this wont impact the chemistry between him and Noah moving forward. It will be hard for either team to make a stop this week. Youth and athleticism will be the difference as Kyle will be able to stretch the field. Advantage Blue!
Blue 46 – 42

Game 4: Red v Yellow
Matt > Dylan
Bo < Dave Z
Jesus > Jordan
King > Bryce
Staff < Sinclair
Rafuse < Dustin
Tyler, Smart, Clarkin < JJ, Wilson, Parker
Roznik, Palmer, Jeune > Morris, DeSouza, Goulet
Matt will have a tough time versus this Yellow D. Yellow will have to cut down their drops if they hope too keep up with Reds offence however. Joe is playing like a man possessed and will continue to score as the matchups favour him greatly. JJ has been Dylan’s secret weapon (sorry not any more) and always finds a way to get open. Defence wins championships and Yellow’s has been hurting. Advantage Red!
Red 38 – 30

Heading into week 5, the rankings are shaken up a bit:
1. Silver – Could not be stopped this week proving they are currently the best team
2. Red – Moves up after a tough win vs White
3.Blue – Moves ahead of Purple. Played better vs common opponents
4. Purple – Falls below Blue for the opposite reason
5. White – Lost a closely fought game vs red
6. Yellow – Picked up their first win
7. Black – Lost to Yellow
8. Green – Hasn’t proven anything yet

The mid-season skills competition will be held this weekend in between the 2 sets of games! Four events are held every year: most accurate thrower, longest punt, longest field goal, and the most coveted prize, the Fastest Man in Whitby! Included in previous years is also the fastest man over 40; maybe the best race to watch. Here are some hot takes (and some not so hot) heading into the events:

Most accurate thrower: Dave Z
Longest punt: Tyler Fraser
Longest field goal: Giorgio
Fastest man: Daniel Ahong
Fastest over 40: (Not sure who is actually over 40) Rodney Hubenig

Best of luck to everyone out there this weekend!

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Taking over for cowherd. More people posting great write ups the better. Keep it up.

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Much respect for your prediction. I agree that blue is a mix of young studs and old studs. Fathers, watch your daughters. Noah, watch your ballers flounder, fail, and ultimately implode against mighty blue. You’re whole team is old and decrepit. You all look like you stink. We’re sorry in advance the same way Putin is when he plays against retired pro hockey players. You literally can’t win, and we don’t care. I could say more, but am tired of purple already. Domin#ate!

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@Black: how the heck did you guys lose with kitchen picking Dylan off four times? Prediction: Dylan picks Kitchen next August. In the draft!!

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I felt bad that Jelani wasn't throwing to him, wanted to get him in the mix

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ThE rEd MaChInE dEfEnSe Is A sIeVE

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Staff has a no fly zone.
Jesus walks on water
King is jumping throw the roof for balls
Matt is throwing no looks like Mahomes
Boh is mossing guys
RAF is looking like a second rounder🤷‍♂️
Bryan best Clarkin in the league
Jay and Stevens best pass rush
Oline is the best in the league

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Red Machine has played the top teams without their best players.

Red finishes 5-2.

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Top 5 team will end up 5 and 2

Now what ?

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@red machine
Sorry boys, but if silver had TJ , Spack and Jamie, y’all would have a one in the loss column and we’d have a zero #hottakesonly

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Alternate take

Top teams are scared of The Red Machine


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