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Let the trash talk begin...

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First post

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Big thanks to Glenn and Bryan from Central Ontario Protection Services for supplying the mid season BBQ yesterday. And to Charlene for cooking!

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similar hot take

red beat black
red beat (struggled) silver no spackman jamie tj
red beat greeeeeeeeen
red won tight game with white
red beat yellow no dave z or jordan

red is 4th best team right now
playoffs will show

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Red 5 2
Silver 5 2
Blue 5 2
Purple 5 2
White 5 2
Yellow 2 5
Black 1 6
Green 0 7

Calling it now . .. anyone else agree or disagree?????????

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glenn doesnt beat noah

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Green. Best 0-7 team in the WMFL!

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green will prevail. ive just been hiding my true talents for playoffs

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Dylan or Jelani will make the final 4. So which two out of Matt, Kyle, Noah, Spack, and Glenn will end up on the outside looking in?

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there's a greater chance that the miami dolphins make the final four in the NFL than either of those teams making it in whitby

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You just made Klassen feel real good. And canít forget Zookeeper Tim too...

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Yellow should be 4 - 1 not 1 - 4.

They have the best player in the league and Dyl the Thryl is a top 3 QB in this league.

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Dyl the Thrill is not quite ready for prime time. Heís got ďthe best player in the leagueĒ (no he doesnít, Jamie plays for Silver, but I digress), and yet helms the 6th highest scoring team in the Whitby league. If you double the amount of points heís actually scored, heíd have a whopping11 more points than Spackman this year. Heís only scored 20 points more than that overrated bum Jelani! Glenn Clarkin has him by a few TDs!

Dylan is a good QB who will get better over time. But heíd better pray to the football gods to avoid Silver (or even a trash team with a decent QB like purple) if he hopes to make a late run in the playoffs.


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Hanging an 80 burger on a struggling team doesn't look good for anyone or the league. Hope the new guys on green stick around and continue playing this year and following years.

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Seconded. At what point do you lay off the gas?

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But point differential and stats..

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That plus 89 differential came solely from our game Saturday. Not much to argue in Silvers favour.

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I think itís between purple or red. Red has the best qb in the league coupled with tall, athletic skilled players. Purple has a veteran qb with the best receiver tandem in the league.

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Havenít we figured out by now the regular season doesnít mean shit.
We can predict all we want but the playoffs are a totally different ball game.

Last year Spack went 6-1 and was knocked out in the first round.

There are a a lot of great teams this year and I think we are in for some exciting playoff football.

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Foolish men! Spackman knows what you do not! He feeds his youth by sapping the souls of his opponents!

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Do you think Spack could actually be Pennywise?
Maybe that explains the constant hair transplants.

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Spack and Noah donít throw INTs. They both take care of the ball which leads to less chances for the other teams.

Both QBs have been in the final 4 almost every year I can remember. Thatís consistency.

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it aint running up the score, its being dominant. sorry not sorry. It you guys were silver you wouldn't have an issue

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I play with Spack in I don't know how many other leagues and on his tournament team. Whenever we are up big I always offer to throw and he always refuses. Being up 86-6 with 3 plays left and still trying to score is running up the score. Attempting a field goal with 1 play left while up 86-6 is running up the score. No way around it.

I had this discussion with Spack already. He knows it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Hate seeing it. Hate being a part of it... both ways.

Being dominant is winning against a top team convincingly. Not beating up on struggling teams. Your comment might be the most ignorant thing I've ever read on this board.

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Even in the NFL the bench players come in when the games sealed. Let someone else throw, have people play out of position, give your lower picks all the reps. There's plenty of ways to keep playing without running up the score.

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All seriousness, I was under the impression that point differential mattered in this league. Doesnít it?

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Tie-breakers for Final Standings will be record in games involving tied teams followed by Points Against and then Points For/Against Differential.

So yes it matters, but its highly unlikely it will be a factor. Also since every team makes playoffs its even less of an issue. At least in my opinion, not enough to justify running the score up on a struggling team.

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While I do believe spirit of the league has to come into play at some point. I want to point out a couple things having already played green. Without calling anyone out. Yes their offense is completely impotent we can all see that. Buttttt their is no excuse for not playing D. They have the athletes and talent to do a better job of stopping people. Iíve played on my share of dead end teams, it shouldnít stop you from wanting to make plays. The game against Spack may be and even greater outlier but look when they played blue different qb steps in during the second half and they still give up easy points.

At the end of the day yes what happened ainít cool but greens also gotta stay in the game and actually play on D when you have the players to do so.

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Ahhhhhhhhh, This is the Herd!

Wherever you may be and however you may be listening, we are live in Los Angeles, I-Heart-radio, fox sports radio, and on FS1. The Herd is sponsored by Casper Mattresses, try for free for our 60 day guarantee. Joy Taylor is joining me on a Tuesday.

Lets recap this past week in WMFL football!

White vs Black
Had I had picked this game I would have went team Black. But team white continues to shock me. They are clicking on all cylinders on D and are able to score when needed on O with solid drives. White could be dangerous come play off time and will make a push for the final 4 after the round robin. Glenn is way underrated and I apologise now to team white. Team black, whats going on? Saving it for the playoffs? Resting starters like NBA because the reg season does matter?

Silver vs green
This could have been predicted. My two cents here may be unpopular but I see nothing wrong with this. As it is no fun to be getting crushed, it is worse when getting crushed and the other side lets their foot off the gas. Thatís humiliating in itself as you see the opponent not even trying. If its about the fun in the game, its always fun to compete against strong teams, why compete against a team that isnít trying? As for silver, are they supposed to sacrifice their enjoyment and ability to play to spare the feelings of team green? Enough of this nonsense, itís a Mens football league. Let the men play the game.

Purple vs Blue
Wow a nail biter, I would have predicted purple to win handedly. Blue showed they can hang with the big dogs and perhaps will steal a win come playoff time. So much promise on both sides of the ball for both of these teams. There really is a clear top 5 and bottom three this year, so lets hope the draw for the playoff pools works out in these teams favour because it would be ashame if one of these teams didnít make the final four.

Red vs Yellow
I would have taken red here. Yellow needs to step up and I think they will finally gel this week vs green. As for Red, they have the ability to be in the championship hunt, let alone the final 4. Enough of this Dylan smack talk, team yellow has been scoring even with attendance issues with the top end of their draft. As for red, they have really impressed me as I thought Matt had a rough draft with a bunch of taller players lacking the blazing speed. Red is undefeated and has the 2nd best Points against. Impressive stuff.

Time for Colinís Blazing four (Five picks in the NFL in case you are curious)

Red vs Blue (Red-5.5)
This may be Redís biggest test of the season thus far as they played a silver team with attendance issues. Blue is looking to prove they belong in the conversation for the top 4. Matt vs Kyle is a good one to watch, both newer QBs to the league, Matt having made the finals last year. Both have arm strength and are accurate but with some tendencies to float the ball. Both mobile and can play solid D. Ill take Matt by an inch for the big game experience. Bo vs Nick, ill take Nick all day. Both great hands, Bo has the height but Nickís agility gives him the advantage. Jo vs Luc, both started as ďdefensive specialistsĒ but are proving to be feared offensive threats as well. I will take Luc for the speed advantage, but Joe has really impressed this year. King and Remy, its amazing both of these players are 3rd rounders, probably some of the best 3rd rounders out there. Remy is the fastest man again, but needs to improve on O to be a 1st rounder. Ill still take remy in this. Staff and Craig are two wiley vets, give me craig as he continues to improve and staff may have plateaued. Mike and Rodney are even steven. Taylor over tyler, when taylor is healthy he is an impressive player. Snyder and pete over bryan and brad. The bottoms of the draft go to Red as Jay palmer has been used effectively by matt. It appears Blue has the edge across the board nearly but do they have the chemistry and the ability to put it all together in a big game? I am going to trust the talent Blue has, but I am worried they wont click as they can be hit and miss. Both teams will score a medicore amount as both have stout defenses.
Blue pulls out the upset and wins 28-26

Purple vs White (Purple -9.5)
A big test to prove white can hang with the big boys, only a close loss to red and a loss early in the season vs blue. Purple has looked excellent all year other than vs silver. Noah is the most accurate man in whitby, but Glenn has me being a believer, at least in the regular season. Ill take Noah here. Joe vs Gorigo maybe the most fun matchup to watch all day, both speed demons and crazy shifty. Ill take the more experienced G money in this one. Tyler vs tim, both physical players, tyler sometimes shows his frustration and takes a play off, tim is giving it his all always, ill take timmy. Grae has surprised me with his ability to play, but neeraj is crazy good here. BenP and Daniel are both strong players with speed and athletitsim, Ill take the younger Daniel here who wont be drafted this low again. Ben walker and jomo and Will and robby Edwards are even steven, prove me wrong! Aidan is proving to be a steal and has the edge over Mr. Middle Initial. I like the bottom half of team white better than purple due to Nick and Brettís involvement in the offense. White seems to have the better team on paper in my opinion, and they keep proving they are underrated. Noah has an excellent team across the board and will win this game. Noah always scores a bundle, and plays well on D, other than vs silver. White has a good d but sometimes doesnít score when needed and comes up short.
Selecting purple to win, but doesnít cover the spread 30-24

Green vs Yellow (Yellow -19.5)
A long season for green. Yellow needs a confidence boost here. At QB, contrary to what you naysayers may say, Dylan can play and takes the cake here. Warbird is a great guy. Z vs Frank is a fun one to watch, some say Frank should have been 1st overall, I would agree, its ashame he is hidden on a lackluster team, these are even. Jordan, when he shows up, will take colin. Although Jordan has dropped from last year I think he will finally break out and show the speed, agility and hands from last year, colin will have a tough cover here and will find it tough to get open. Bryce over Chris for sure here, both sides of the ball, nothing against chris, this is a salut to Bryce. Steve vs waleed is closer than I thought at the start of the year but ill take S squared. Waleed is showing he can play and I hope this season doesnít deter him from playing next year. Dusty over Dan here, Dustin should have been selected higher, and Dan is right where he needs to be. Higney over JJ for his ability to play both ways. Wilson over Duff man. Wilson is a special athlete when active, Duff man is a solid player though. Parker over Peter, spiderman reference be dammed. The bottom of the draft has yellow ahead with the help of Migs and Jay. Sorry team green, cant blame the QB on this one, I see yellow being better in most of the picks here. Hopefully green still comes out and isnít insulted by the big loss, a bigger insult would be silver taking it easy on you. Take out your frustration on yellow. I cant see green scoring much, even against the porous yellow D. Yellow will find a way to score but havenít proven they can put together a full game. Ill take yellow to win but GREEN with the spread! Yes I said it!
30- 12 for yellow

Silver vs Black (Silver -13.5)
Boy what an abysmal season for black thus far, and silver is rolling and on a tear since their week 2 loss. QB matchup, Spack is playing great, so is Jelani but somehow they cant stop anyone on D which makes Jelani look bad. Both great accuracy. Spack the edge here. Jamie is proving he is worthy of number one overall pick and perhaps the MVP thus far (Excluding QBs of course). TO is still great but I need to go Jamie. TJ and Mug will be fun, perhaps a jump ball battle ? TJ can do it all on the field, Mug is great on O but slightly less on D. I will take TJ with no mean to offend Mug. Mario and Drew will have a good battle, but super Mario it is for me as he has more reliable hands. Kitching is the INT champ at the moment, however, all those came against yellow it seems? I like jakeís speed, even those his hands are not ideal. Kitch is improving every year. Even. Jack and Jay are similar players, often overlooked and end up making big plays. Call this one even. Harrison and alex are so close as well, both seemed to go a little later in the draft than expected, call it even. The bottom parts of the draft are so close with Mark and Tim and Matt and Nigel. All of this being said, it looks like it should be closer than it looks after the first few rounds, but Silver top talent is all elite and it will carry them to victory here. Team black needs to find a way to get the most out their top talent as they like to focus on spreading the ball and playing time everywhere. Find where people are comfortable and fit and roll with it. Black struggles on D wont help playing silver here, I donít predict many stops. Black will score some still though but long silver drives wont help the black offensive mojo.
Silver wins 52-24

There you have it! Bet the farm on these picks or parlay them for a big win!

Finally the Herd Hierarchy:
1 Silver still up top for now
2 Red (moves up a spot after Purples loss to silver)
3 Purple (still a top team, tough loss to the top dogs)
4 Blue tough loss vs a tough team.
4B White- keeps on rolling into the top 4(5)
6 Yellow, really need to get things on track before playoffs
7 Black, winless reg season?? Big game the next week vs Green to get off the shnide.

8 Green. I may be able to copy and paste this line all season

This is the Herd. Remember to subscribe to my podcast on I tunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Or check out the youtube channel here.


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While I agree with Frank that Spackman is always likely to run the score rather than potentially risk not scoring on a drive by throwing too many times to new guys, itís not as if Greenís other games were filled with ďspirit of the leagueĒ, and the Silver game an outlier:

Purple 52, Green 6
White 42, Green 16
Red 41, Green 0
Blue 52, Green 8

There were 7 INTs in our game. No drives of any sustainability whatsoever (they scored on a sweet kick return). That game is bound to get out of control no matter what. Scoring more on D than another team scores on O means itís gonna be a blowout.

Frank needs to rally the troops through this tough season and help guys get better on defense, and try to get something going on O.

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Attempting a field goal on the last play when youíre leading 86-6 is a bad move. No way around it. No justification. Perhaps Jamieís end of season reward for most points is going to include a bottle of jerk sauce.

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TJ has been around for a long time and he should know the difference Blue switched QBs in the second half purple knocked down balls instead of picking them and also tried different qb. red had players in different positions silver kept the foot on the pedal till the last play after silver was up 50 - 0 at half, things should have changed the league went to points against as first tiebreaker to prevent this there is no way that silver and green would be tied at the end so for silver to run up the score is pure stats and humiliating green

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As someone said earlier, green has the athletes and skill on defense to prevent the 86 points against. I understand that maybe switching positions (silver) was a less humiliating strategy, but no matter who the quarterback is, no team should give up 86 points. At least a couple times in the game silver allowed green to make a play. For example, TJ allowed warbird to catch the ball for a 40 yard reception. If you were watching the game, silver did give green some breaks. I dont blame them for playing their best. Even throughout the game, they gave some reps to guys that didnt play O.

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I do what I'm told. Have you ever tried to argue with the great Spackman

Posted By Posted By: TJ
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Does Spack want to run the score? Yes, always. Like Frank, I personally feel very differently about this philosophy. I have had pretty open battles with Spack about this in the past. Those who know me know that. One area where I do empathize with Spack a little bit is that I think he enjoys playing QB more than anything else about football. So if he plays well (he usually does), heís kinda punished by not getting to do what he loves.

I do feel that this game was slightly different, as plenty of different people got the ball, and it wasnít the case of picking on one defender who was hopelessly overmatched. Thatís where ďrunning the scoreĒ really bothers me the most.

But to ask what the justification is for kicking a late FG? Well for one, itís to see what Jamieís range is in a game. Silver intends on scoring a TD on every possession, so chances to kick FGs will be rare. What if we need to do it in a game? This was our first chance to get a live rep this season, and we may need to do this come playoff time.

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Why not down the last 3 plays though? Your excuse for kicking a field goal up 80 is embarrassing.

@everyone else

We had Billy, my brother BILLY, covering Jack Whitter half of the game because we had 7 guys show up and clearly didn't have the 'athletes' to keep up with silver if Billy is covering Jack.

I was playing hurt and couldnt run a route. Colin rolled his ankle just after half time. TJ was running a light jog after a catch and Colin struggled to keep up because of his injury. Tell me that we matched up well to stop this.

@colin Cowherd
What ever happened to Spirit of the league? Clearly that has escaped the minds of many of the younger players... and Spack

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Hey, Frank -- I think our opinions are mostly aligned here. If I was 'running the team', I would have targeted Patrick and Matt a ton in the second half, and would have been less interested in the results, and more in the process of getting them better (and letting them have some fun!). Some guys are new to the sport, so it's good for everybody to help coach these guys up and let them see for themselves if they're able to make those plays, or if they need some more help in other facets of the game. Anybody who is a good player now can probably tell you of all their failures that helped them improve.

Clearly, Spackman is who he is at this point, and I think it's fairly established that he's 1) unlikely to change 2) he doesn't give a shit about how anybody feels about that. Honestly, it's hardly worth talking about going forward. Remember, when I was recovering from my ACL and he kept throwing to a guy that I clearly couldn't cover, I started full-on tackling the guy every play if he continued to run routes (I let him know it was coming). I would have been fine losing by 80 if the #4 and #5 guys were doing the damage, because at least our defenders could get in some work. I figured everybody watching me not do something that I knew I physically wasn't able to do wasn't overly exciting.

As for my rationale about the FG attempt, it's the best that I can come up with. For the record, the play call was for a fake FG attempt, so kudos to you guys for playing the proper prevent, or I feel this conversation could be even worse.

Posted By Posted By: ha
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funny that initially the excuse was trying to get Jamie some in-game FG reps in case he needs it in playoffs, to now admitting the real call was a fake.

people like playing on spacks team that get the ball and when they win. otherwise, there are many other QBs most would rather play with. Noah and Matt and Jelani are all very successful and rarely have any complaints.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
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Not ďexcuseĒ, I was attempting to speak towards rationale. Spack is ultra competitive, and liked competitive situations. Executing a fake FG or giving Jamie a chance at a FG if it wasnít there would give him an opportunity to see how prepared his team was. Thatís my guess at the rationale for it, not the excuse.

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@ha Uhm excuse me? Talking about success I have my name on the toilet bowl thank you very much

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I rarely double post but I am shocked at the divide in this, or rather everyone would rather baby players and teams. I stand with my reasoning above based on the right for silver to play and give it their all, and how it is more humiliating for any team to play against a team who is crushing them and isnt trying. Why would anyone want to play against a team who isnt trying? Playing tough competition is part of any game and is a challenge one shouldnt back down on.

This isnt a blow out sentiment from some of you, it is an anti spack sentiment. If this was a well liked team blowing teams out there would be less of an issue.

@ Frank where is the rule book does it state a win is too much and its a blow out? The 50 something wins were okay but 80 is too much? What about 60? 70? Mercy rule in place perhaps? I dont see it.

Also, if we care so much about people's feelings, why is the draft public and we can see who the last picks are? Why not just hide the last picks or make them lottery picks.

As for the anti Jamie or anyone else on silver comments, if the ball is thrown should they not go catch it or run fast? Trying a new position would just get silly like an NBA allstar game where no one is playing hard and its a joke.

Posted By Posted By: @TJ
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Sticking around to watch the FG competition that followed would have also helped gauge preparedness.

Posted By Posted By: Big Mike
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Views Views: 1507

Posted By Posted By: Tank
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It's not the number of points that concern me. If it was, I would be complaining about losing by 10 points. The issue is the fact they kept running it up as if the game was 40-35. Running plays designed to score quickly, throwing to the top guys consistently while the lower picks didn't see a pass the whole game. 3 plays left. I have never in my life seen a team, while winning, take the final 3 plays of the game. Again, to your lack of understanding, 'Spirit of the League' was meant to avoid these confrontations. And making the league unpleasant for most. I understand the game is competitive by nature and people want to play it accordingly, but we aren't getting paid to play nor are we trying to get #1 rank in the NCAA rankings.


I understand that we may view this similarly, however I've seen on more than one occasion, a leader of a team call the game over the QB's decision. I don't know how many times I've personally turned to the ref and waved the plays as a receiver despite what my QB might want. Not saying it was your responsibility though.

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
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@dyl: our toilet bowl season was outstanding. Every man on that team had a great season! We had a ton of fun. And for all you haters out there - Tito Jackson (TJ) Bradimore was on that team too, and a more stand up dude does not exist.
Spack does this from time to time, and as TJ said he isnít going to change. itíll bite him in the playoffs when teams have his big dogs covered and the rest of the team canít help Ďcause they got no reps all year. Or maybe heíll win it all by a field goal. Gotta play to find out.
I love this league because of the fellowship. Frankie and Green - hold your heads up, play as a team, have fun. Youíre a great group of guys; shut the door on that bullshit last week and make this week a better week.

Posted By Posted By: LOL
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After this last game, I guess Spacks and TJs HOF candidacy has been... 86'd


Posted By Posted By: Billy
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Even though we lost 86-6 I had fun and that's good enough for me. Not everyone comes out with the sole intentions to win while others do.

Posted By Posted By: Nigel
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Who won all the skill comps?

Posted By Posted By: Dave Z
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Billy for Prime Minister !

Posted By Posted By: Playoffs
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Enough of whats in the past. Predict the final rankings and playoff pools. I hear Nationals next weekend may cause some attendance issues.


Noah and Kyle out of first pool
Matt and Dyl out of second pool

Noah beats Dyl
Matt beats Kyle

Matt beats Noah in the finals to win his first championship.

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Curious if our permits are valid for use this weekend given the CUPE negotiations. My other league had our permits pulled (even after appeal) so curious what our plans are.

Posted By Posted By: Shrek
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Posted By Posted By: WMFL Exec
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We are looking into options for this weekend's games however if we are unable to secure a location we will need to cancel games until the strike is over. An email will be sent out to league members once a decision is arrived at. Sorry for the short notice and potential disruption however this is outside of our control.

Posted By Posted By: Rats
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This is somehow colonel's fault

Posted By Posted By: But wait...
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If the strike action isnt effective until the 7th then why would the permits be pulled prior to that date?
Also if a ball is kicked on a field and theres no CUPE employees to hear it, was the ball really kicked?
Just saying...

Posted By Posted By: WMFL Exec
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Week 5 video now posted.


Posted By Posted By: I don't know law
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Permits are pulled because staff is on a work to rule strike. Which means they are not taking care of anything outside of their contractual duties. This includes cleaning garbage cans, hall ways and maintaining many parts of the school including the fields.

Posted By Posted By: Question
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But would CUPE run up the score?

Posted By Posted By: Answer
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No. Warburton and Doug have seniority.

Posted By Posted By: Red Champion
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So if we can't play I guess overrated red are the champions at 5-0. Roll Red

Posted By Posted By: WMFL Exec
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While†we have explored options for this weekends games, it was ultimately decided that the most prudent action at this time is to postpone this weekends games and re-evaluate next week depending on what happens with the strike.† The current proposal is that this will extend the season by a week pushing the finals to the 23rd.††
We will update via email†and message board to try and give sufficient notice if the locations are changed for subsequent weeks.
Sorry for the inconvenience but this is out of our control.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
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This is not an inconvenience at all. Extend the season one week, that works for me!!

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Real Reason:

Posted By Posted By: TJ
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Iíve gotta be honest, I think weíll run up the score on Jelani and Glenn these next two games, just to show itís nothing personal. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Posted By Posted By: Tank
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lol nice meme

Also I forgot to mention previously that I found a gray tank top at the field 2 weekends ago. Any one missing the shirt please let me know. It seems to be an extra large but there is no tag to tell.

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Be careful Silver.

After that beatdown you put on Green, the grey tank top Tank found (stole) may now have some shit stains on it after he wiped his ass with it post game.

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Instead of playing with the drone Frank will be playing with a voodoo doll.

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Games will be played tomorrow as normal per the schedule.

Sorry for all the back and forth and last minute email however we have received and exemption from the school board trustee office to play tomorrow.

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Blue is 5 points from being undefeated. They gave silver their best game.

They will be a favourite going into playoffs.

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Silver will be favourite going into playoffs... only loss came when severely undermanned vs red

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