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Ha Ha Ha... Ha!

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ďMarkĒ drop the mic

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Silver just got 86íd!!

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Hey, can anyone on Silver tell me the score of the game today, specifically Spackman if he can tell me the score? I was watching the game but I forgot to wear my contacts so I had a hard time seeing who won and what the score was. I know they beat that team with a bunch of new players and a new quarterback 86-8 which was impressive so they probably won today easily if they can put up that many points in a game. Anyways, when someone tells me the score, thanks!!!

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Unfortunately I heard that Silver will be protesting the results of their game with black because it was impossible that their amazing team could have lost because they have such amazing athletes and their amazing athletes have amazing hands and amazing skills and their QB is amazing and throws the ball so amazingly to their aforementioned amazing athletes with the amazing hands and amazing skills basically itís actually amazing that team amazing lost to begin with.
Pretty sure itís the refs fault. Silver is too amazing.

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Can someone tell me the rule when a QB goes over the line and throws the ball?

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I donít think itís considered crossing the line if the QB throws the ball. Thatís literally the only thing he can do in a football game.

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Quarterback crosses line of scrimmage Ė any foot that fully crosses over the line of scrimmage - 10 yard penalty assessed

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I want to thank team yellow for a great game yesterday. Even more so for the excellent fellowship all together after the game. Thatís what makes this league great! Go get em next week boys!
Next item of business - team black. I likely wonít have time to post much this week, nor will Craig. We control 3 of the political parties in our federal election, as well as a group of Russian computer specialists we acquired who know a thing or two about western elections. So regardless of outcome (insert diabolical chuckle) weíll be busy this week rolling out our agenda for the country. We know what is best for you, just like the WMFL.
So Iíll keep this quick. Black got lucky doing as well as they did during the regular season. This week went well, as expected, beating a horrible silver team who are unlikely to win any games during the round robin. I hope you show up next week cause blue would like a game, and Iím sorry for the schooling you will receive. Consider your impending loss a character builder, that will help you all grow as individuals.
All trash talking aside - everyone make sure you perform your democratic DUTY and vote! Make sure youíre voice is heard!

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Another year and Spackman will fail to make the finals, regular season is just that. With Tj gone for the next two games it will be tough with the match ups coming. Silver best 2019 regular season team

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@how high
I took a quick peek at the standings and it looks like purple was the best regular season team. Am I missing something?

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62-38 silver against Purple and the 2 games they lost their players were at tfont. Am I missing anything?

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Silver canít win in the round robin and regular season doesnít matter. Am I missing something?

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silver dominated every game they played when they had a full squad with the exception of a questionably called game this previous weekend against black, yet we must give credit where credit is due, Jelani balled out. As for the best regular season team, come on. Game versus purple wasn't even close

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Was close until silver pulled away in the second half. But if we are making excuses for players missing, purple was missing their best player. And silver was also missing their bottom 5 players.

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Does all this silver/purple talk really even matter.... bLuc is taking the ship... I mean blue!

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Everyone in Spackmanís pool is awesome and they should all be 3-0 and the get a trophy. Letís end the season.

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Dearest Snyder,

You demonstrate great confidence my friend. But your comment about luck undermines how we used opportunity and preparation to emerge victorious. Unluckily for silver, they found themselves drawn against us in a momentum week. I trust when you wrote that you hope they show up next week, you were referring to your own game against Silver in a fortnight. For that is the week when you get the opportunity to relegate the evil empire down to the consolation bracket.

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Purple - 2:1
Blue - 2:1
Red - 3:1
Black - 4:1
Silver - 5:1
White - 6:1
Yellow - 8:1
Green - A lot:1

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8th- Green
Sorry Green, there is just so many question marks with this team. We know Frank is great week in and week out but he will have to step it up on D to earn some Wís. Higney and Duffy are nice late picks for warbird. The middle of the line up concerns me, Newton, Carey, Hamed and fowler. Prove me wrong, use this as motivation boys. The biggest concern lies at QB. Smart play caller but will the arm hold up. Good thing for steamboats and the use of double moves and play combinations. I see this team struggling on O and thus putting the D in bad spots all year.

7th White
White is a big step up from green though (sorry green). Whiteís lineup can compete day in and day out. Wray, Giogioioioio, up and coming Daniel, Will, Edwards and Bret all provide this team with a nice splash of veterans with a winning pedigree as well as youth and speed. Defensivly this team looks stout with vets and young G and Daniel running around like crazy. Lets hope Hayes and Clarke can make a difference here. Glenn at QB has proven he can win and move the ball in a dink and dunk fashion with excellent effectiveness. Nothing wrong with that unless teams pick up on it. This ranking is not indicative of their talent, itís just unfortunate there are so many other strong teams.

5B Black
Maybe ive lost my marbles putting the 3 time finalist and 2 time defending champ QB at 6th but the other teams are just so strong. Jelani will do well with T.O, Mug, and Walker and a nice dash of familiarity with kitch, Jay, and even House and Murray from year 1. They will certainly move the ball with ease with a plethora of hands on their team an big body targets and Jelani can design an O. I question their D and their ability to lock down top speed teams. Jules, Nigel and Quincy will make plays as well. I hope this team can prove me wrong but its just so gosh darn hard to pick without seeing some games first.

5A Red
Did Matt think they were playing Basketball and needed some height in his first 3 picks? All great athletes that will win jump balls for sure, with Bo, Jo and King. Staff and Brad are nice mid round steals. Mike is a solid vet as well. Tyler will have to adjust to the game, but some more nice vets in the late rounds with Clarkin, Stevens and Palmer. Its hard to think last years finalist QB is sitting at 5th, but I struggle to see how this team of giants will Gel (even with all the family connections) Who will play where on Defense as it seems like plenty of defensive specialists but less safetys. Matt will score, sure but there are simply stronger teams.

4 Blue
Wowzers this team has some speed up top. Luc, Remy are first rounds and almost went 1st overall for peteís sake (see what I did there? Big Pete is on this team). What a steal getting Nick, luc and remy. This team will play scare some defenses as Kyle proved he can throw in big games last year. On defense it may be even scarier with Craig, Rodney, Taylor and Matt all locking it down not to mention Kyle plays some solid D. Big Pete and Philips fill out this lineup nicely. This team will beat some top teams for sure and I am excited to see what they can do. Any one of these top 4 teams can take the title!

3 Yellow
The top 6 players on this team maybe all still require babysitters, gosh dolly they are young! Dylan will have to deal with tons of athleticism on this team and young athletes with Z, Jordan, Bryce, Steve, Dustin. Itís a good thing they are young because we know Dylan has an arm and will have them running hard. JJ, Wilson and Migs are excellent late round picks to help this group of teeny boppers. Lets hope Parker and Jay bring a spark to this team. This team looks stout on D, if someone can call a solid defense as we know Dylan can jump in on D as well. Offense will be electric to watch with all the top end speed, and vets with solid hands with Dylan at the Helm. I donít see any glaring weaknesses here other than proving they can win.

2 Purple
Wow Noahís top 7 picks can all play. Joe and Tyler showed flashes of brilliance last year and I am sure are chomping at the bit to prove their status. Neeraj is an excellent late steal, and Ben, the Walkers and Jomo fill out the top half nicely. Not sure of the last 4 picks but Noah always likes a little gamble in him. Noah always does well on offense, and his top 3 guys will love playing with the pumpfake and solid accuracy of Noah. This team may be one of the highest scoring teams. The team will also play great defense aided but a good offense putting the other team deep in their own territory. I just wonder who is going to lead the Defense?

1 Silver
Spacks top 5 picks are incredible. Jamie, TJ, and Mario are all excellent on O and D. even as TJ becomes more of an offensive specialist. Jake and Jackson are nice sneaky mid round picks (even though Jackson was a block with Jamie). The bottom half are all guys spack knows and can play both sides of the ball with ease as spack leads the O and designs the D. Is this the year Spack breaks through in whitby? Time will tell!

Random dude


Another random

Dylan got the first pick and after feigning some confusion about what to do, he did the expected and went with Z. He then decided to go with a team that gels over the BPA. He had a solid pick in Rob Wilson later in the draft that should compliment his top picks well.

Noah always surrounds himself with a good team and doesn't always pick textbook. This year he had a solid 1-2 punch in Tyler and Joe, who are hoping to bounce back after a disappointing rookie season. Word is Noah has had success with them in other leagues, so I trust Noah here. Getting Neeraj in the third round is a steal, so if his top 2 are what he expects, he has easily the best Big 3 in the league. Veterans like Ben Payne and Jomo will had experience and depth. His lower half is unknowns but Noah has proven he can win with anyone.

The runner up last year went with familiarity and friendship. After making some pre-draft promises, Matt choose a solid team. King in the third round can make this team scary. I think the success of this team will rely on his unknown picks in the mid rounds like Tyler and Rick. Brad Smart's return will be good for Matt as well. This team should contend.

WMFL veteran that has thrown many times as backup and in pickup makes his QB debut with his own team. He will have his growing pains, but Tank will help things a lot. His next 3 new picks will define his season. Rumour has they looked like studs at the draft, but we all know that doesn't always pan out on the field. Great mid picks in Fowler and Higney and Dufty. New QB and unknown players will start Warbird with low expectations, but the upside is huge.

Spack's top 3 rivals Noah's with Jamie, TJ, and Mario. Jamie is new to WMFL but not new to football or Spack. And TJ is not TJ of old, but this may be TJ's best shot at a title since he stared at that 45 yard game winning field goal split the uprights a decade ago. Apparently he has cancelled his vacation to Aruba in anticipation of making a run this year. McKaskie is a steal late in the draft, especially as he doesn't have to throw. SPack will be there at the end.

Kyle had a solid inaugural season at QB and maybe should have made the finals. He also has a pretty enviable Big 3 in Nick and the Samanski Bros. Having these 4 on defense will make this one of the best Ds in the league. Klassen the Assassin, steady Rodney, and Taylor should make this team very tough to beat. If Kyle continues to impress, they will contend, if he suffers a sophmore slump, maybe not.

Seeing Jelani without Z is going to be weird. But it will be fun to watch him with a different crew. Lots of very solid guys on this team, but TOs days as a gamebreaker may be in the past. The Drews are a fantastic pick and the team will be fun for sure. Solid players like Kitching, Best, Nigel, and Murray rounds out a nice roster. Right now I can't see this team contending, but if the team gels, you never know. A 3 peat for Jelani will cement him as one of the better QBs in the league.

Glenn is another new QB but not new to WMFL. He has fathered a good portion of the league and now leads a new team without another Clarkin. The schedulemakers did us all a favour and matched Glenn vs Kyle right away in week 1. Tim is an outstanding pick, although may be last year he is in the first round. Giorgio may be the true first round pick, and if properly motivated can be a gamechanger. Will Glenn be able to properly motivate him? Grae is new to WMFL but a steal in the 3rd round. HE could arguably be a first rounder. We all witnessed Daniel last year and he will only get better. Nice picks in Will and Rob Edwards who should be able to top their counterparts taken in the 5th and 6th rounds. This team has a chance, but Glenn's arm may be an issue. Time will tell.

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Kitch; it is true that team black was both skillful and opportunistic last week. Your efforts are revered by all. Unfortunately the schooling I refer to will indeed be the destruction of team black this week.
A wise old man suggested to me that these next two weeks of the round robin are like a meal for team blue. Black is the appetizer and Silver the entree we canít wait to eat, and then we devour. I thought the food analogy went on a little long and I wasnít quite clear on its applicability to football when it clicked! Personally Iíve always liked to eat my entree first, especially when at a fine dining establishment like Applebeeís, and then only bother with the appetizer if Iíve room and feel like it. So the old man (not saying it was Miller, not saying it wasnít) was RIGHT! Black is the entree, with you boys playing so well last week finally after sucking ass all year long. Then silver is the appy we enjoy while resting up a bit to get ready for the finals. Canít wait for Saturday fellas, letís go!!!

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Bye Glenn

Posted By Posted By: Come back Glenn
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Posted By Posted By: I have to go Glenn
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I don't think black is ready for the blue streak

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Yellow is going to send Silver into shambleland on Saturday.

Blue will be 3-0. Winner of the bumble-bee game next weekend moves to semi-finals.


Purple vs Yellow
Red vs Blue

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Dylan = Carr
Noah = Brees
Raff jr = Wilson
Warbird = RG III
Spack = Rodgers
Kyle = Watson
Jelani = Jackson
Glenn = Cousins

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no thank you

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So funny youíre doing comparisons. I was just thinking how Jelani reminds me of Joe Flacco. Used to be good but best days behind him, kinda old and slow now, and destined to lose to blue this weekend.

Posted By Posted By: QBs?
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How is spack not brees?

Noah can be Big Ben.

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I am Brady.. deflate gate is my specialty

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Noah - Joe Kingman. Dominant player who leads his team through the playoffs. It is accurate to say that his affiliation with ringette has him shortlisted for a starring role in an upcoming Disney flick where football intersects with family values. This is a fun one.

Glenn - Shane Falco. A washed up guy driving a fast sports car. Gets his big league call up following the retirement of Hadden. Manages the game with high efficiency. Not bad for a replacement.

Raf Jr - Matt Saracen. Tough kid who can air the ball out and fight hard. Can manage a game well.

Warbird - John Jack Cap Rooney. An aging veteran struggling splitting time with an up-and coming player.

Tank - Alex Moran. When Tank isn't partaking in all night dance parties he's definitely not in the film room. The anti-Tim Tebow.

Dylan - Ronnie sunshine Bass. Dazzling looks. serviceable QB. Will bring up the moral in the locker room.

Kyle - Jonathan Moxon. Desperately wants to escape his small town and football crazed family. Mox is loyal to his friends and pretty solid as a person. He doesn't care much for whip cream.

Jelani - Vince Howard. Extremely versatile athlete. Can kill you with his passing game, but also with his ability to scramble and run.

Spack - The Night King. Can lead and army and throw daggers that slay dragons. Vulnerable to counter attacks.

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@more: who the fuck are those people, rappers?

Posted By Posted By: @?
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Google them you Neanderthal

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This is gold. If you are a football player at all, you would know all these guys. And if youíve never watched Friday night lights or blue mountain or qb1 or last chance u or the replacements than shame on you.

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Fuck I left early. What happened?

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Silver td (catch disputed but confirmed), and missed pt after. Silver up by 6. 3 or 4 plays left. Yellow marches. Last play incomplete ......BUT holding penalty. Dylan gets one more chance from the one. Slings it to who? J-Gunn! Game tied. Yellow attempts a field go for the win, AND...... Jordan makes it! Yellow wins! So silver is drawing dead, out. Next week winner of yellow/black joins blue in moving on. Go blue!!!!

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Itís like I shit an owl outta my arse, magical win yellow. Wizards love you.

Posted By Posted By: Real talk
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I'm not impressed yellow. You had a man advantage and silver was missing 2 studs.

I am sure black will hand you a beating next week...

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I 100% agree with you, silver almost handed yellow an L with 6 defenders on the whole game. Last play Jackson and Super Dave, ran into eachother both trying to make a play, yellow got lucky coming out of this one alive.

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Cowardly silver players canít even write their own names. Yellow got the W, silver is eliminated and life goes on.

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On the last play jack made a great play with the jump ball but the flag wasn't there when we ran into each other. It was a few seconds before that.

Posted By Posted By: Jack
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Thanks super, but what was the flag thrown for?

Posted By Posted By: Raf Jr
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Thanks for the recap Snyder!

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Morale of the story: don't drop 86 points on a team that every other team drops no more than 52 on.

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Well uh, you gotta see, uh, uh, Spack was seeing what his players could do for when playoff time comes...uhhh uhh...we needed to know how far Jamie could kick uhhh uhh...Spack is a really good guy off the field...uhhh... and a competitor on the field uhhh... green could of stopped them from putting up 86 points uhhh... whatís the point of playing football if you canít try... uhhhhhhh... it was the refs faults we lost to Jelani uhhhh...remember... that tag or that other thing they didnít call uuhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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The moral of the story is why are we still talking about this, silver smashed green just like every other team did. Yeah it sucks for green but why are so many feelings hurt. Get over it

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On the menu it should say NO SEMI FINALS AND NO FINALS... and a picture of a under inflated ball.

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Howís the semi format work? 1 from pool A vs 2 from pool B/ 1 from pool b vs 2 from pool a? Or a reseed?

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