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Let the trash talk begin...

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Strange that most of the exec is involved in the semifinal games this weekend.


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Chicken or egg?

The exec became exec because they are great and dedicated players.

They arenít great and dedicated players because they are on the exec.

Except Snyder. Heís self serving and about as corrupt as the come.

Couple of great matchups next weekend. Hope they are both as intense as our game was with Red yesterday. Love those games!

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Listen Noah, donít you ever ever ever disparage Snyderís great name. You have no idea what Snyder does for himself, I mean this league.

Do you enjoy watching videos of yourself throwing touchdowns each week? That wouldnít be possible without the great Snyderís foresight and vision. Snyder was pushing for a drone when drones werenít cool.

Do you enjoy the seven defenders?
Do you enjoy the third and 20 rule as opposed to third and goal?
Do you enjoy the four steamboat in place of the five staples?
Do you enjoy league fees being the lowest out of any touch football league in the GTA?
Do you enjoy the great weather weíve had every Saturday morning thus far throughout the season?

If you were pleased with all of those things that this league offers, then get down on your knees and thank Snyder. (The double entendre was intentional, Snyder appreciates gratitude in ALL manners.)

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I can confirm that Synder also uses all the league funds to gamble on double zero at the casino on the wheel. Currently he has lost everything but one year he is bound to hit and make up half of everything hes lost. We are looking good.

Posted By Posted By: Love that car
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I heard Klassen bought his sweet car on league fees. El presidente Fiero

Posted By Posted By: Tank
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That car was given to him by Hall & Oates themselves.

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Tank, you're so out of touch

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Blue wins 36 - 24
Purple Wins 42 - 18

Posted By Posted By: At predications
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Black going to shock the world!

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Not so fast on those high scoring games.

Posted By Posted By: Redemption or Repeat?
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The last time Noah and Jelani squared off in this meaningful of a game was the championship a few years back...

Noah and Carbon were up multiple scores in the second half... Jelain and team Green stormed back ruining Carbons perfect season and setting up back to back titles for Jelani.

Will Noah exersize his demons and get his redemption?

Will Jelani once again defy the odds?

In a close fight to the finish I believe Jelani and team black will win!

Team black with a huge interception late too swing the game...

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Playoffs week 3 video now posted


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I can confirm fanboys assertions that I am responsible for all that is fine and good in the league. And Noah, love the corrupt line. Hopefully we get another meaningful game in this year and you can watch me corrupt your passing lanes and self-serve myself to your football!!
On to the red team; who are going to take a try at blue this week. Your team is too tall. While you all are struggling around the field with your old big man bodies, youíll be swarmed by little Clarkinís and skinny Samanskiís all game long. Iíd go through the matchups in detail but upon a cursory glance at your team I see nothing threatening. Youíre like a big old broken down bear with no teeth or claws. And look at your QB and halfback! Iím not going to say theyíre losers, cause I love em both dearly, but time has passed them both by. Itís Kyle time!!

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Heard Tyler from purple is out for the rest of the playoffs... Itís now a toss up between the 4 teams. Should be interesting

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What happened to Tyler?

Posted By Posted By: Hmmmm...
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Perhaps this is the Shock the World that Black was referring to?

They hired Jeff Gilooly to take out Tyler just like he did with Nancy Kerrigan

Posted By Posted By: The truth
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Hungry boy is stirring shit.

I also heard the Clarkins are out too.

See anyone can do that

Posted By Posted By: ESPN Injury Report
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The following players are listed as 'Out' for Week 3:

Dylan Goulet Noah Tumin Matthew Rafuse Dave Warburton Dave Spackman Kyle Clarkin Jelani Adams Glenn Clarkin
Dave Zmozynksi Joseph Roccasalva Bo Rafuse (Gluch) Frank Katradis Jamie Whitter Nick Clarkin Chris Pierre Tim Wray
Jordan MacDonald Tyler Fraser Joe James Colin Newton TJ Bradimore Luc Samanski Andrew Murgatroyd Giorgio Mikos
Bryce Meertens Neeraj Gautama Adam King Christopher Carey Mario Listro Remy Samanski Drew Walker Grae Hayes
Steve Sinclair Ben Payne Andrew Staff Waleed Hamed Jake Walsh Craig Klassen Geoff Kitching Daniel Ahong
Dustin Rice Ben Walker Mike Rafuse Dan Fowler Jackson Whitter Rodney Hubenig Jay Best Will Jeyaveeran
Jim (JJ) McCallum Jomo Hanley Tyler Goldsworthy Charles Higney Harrison Schaefer Taylor Eskins Alex Haeussler Robert Edwards
Robert Wilson Aidan Walker Brad Smart Chris Dufty Steven Clarkin Matt Snyder Nigel Schaffer Christopher W. Clarke
Danny Parker Tenzin Loden Bryan Clarkin Peter Kalo Tim McCaskie Big Pete Mark Murray Brett Herod
Miguel Morris John Soares Rick Roznik Billy Katradis Matt Folco Lance Phillips Junius Jules-Soungie Nick Mikos
Jason DeSouza Greg Jenkin Jay Palmer Doug McKeon Patrick McCaskie Rodney Eskins Quincy Richardson Marc Roberts

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
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@injuryreport: that was a lot of typing for a joke no one will fall for - we all know Klassen NEVER misses a playoff game! Your joke was lame, you must be on the red team. Blue rules!

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Blue vs Red was an interesting regular season game. Mike threw for red and Blue barely was able to win. Not sure if both teams were at full strength. I think Blue has more depth and is a better team. I also think Matt is a better QB. In the end, I think Blue's defense will do enough to contain Red, and Kyle will figure out how to score enough points for a win. Will be close.

Purple vs Black based on the score was a route for Purple. If Purple has a full squad they don't lose this game. If rumours are true of 3 or 4 of their top guys out, that changes things a lot. Black has just enough to take advantage of that. The question marks make this one a toss up. Noah vs Jelani is a very good matchup.

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no one cares about those games.

do a write up on the other games!

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Green 86 silver 0

Posted By Posted By: Fantasy Life App
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There are several rumors coming out of the Purple camp. Here's what we know: Jomo broke curfew following celebrations after the comeback win over red. Ben channeled his inner Charlie Tweeder and drove a squad car naked through the streets of Oshawa. Both have been suspended from all team activities.
- Adam Schefter. 3:23pm EST.

The rumors involving Tyler and a mystery injury are unsubstantiated. He is expected to play.
- Stephanie Bell. 6:24pm PST.


Aiden is a sneaky match-up and intriguing streamer this week. Tune into our week 11 TNF Preview for WR/CB matchups.
- Field Yates. 9:28pm EST.


Rarely do I say start two WRs on the same team, but the combo of Jack & Jamie this week is just too irresistible. They're playing green. Even in junk-time, they are a must-own in all formats.
- Matthew Berry. 9:29pm EST.

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Tomorrow game will be a blowout against red. Blue has to much speed and red has to many guys who canít play defence and canít catch. 52-24

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We may not play defence well/at all but you must be high on the blue speed if you think we cant catch.
Whilst on the topic of being high, Red has 5 guys over 6 ft tall. Big Pete cant cover all of us on jump balls.
Looking forward to it fellas!

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Posted By Posted By: Well no
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Iíll take Joe every time.

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Hats off to red for a great game. Couldnít have asked for a better one, coming down to the wire. After you guys, playing weak-assed purple will be a breeze!

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Purple Gargamel is going to eat up all those little smurfs!!!

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made you look here

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