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Posted On Posted On: Oct 16th, 2021
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Let the trash talk begin...

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 16th, 2021
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What are the playoff groupings?

Posted By Posted By: WMFL Exec
Posted On Posted On: Oct 16th, 2021
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So a crazy thing happened on the way to the playoffs...

For the first time the tie-breaker rules were unable to determine the placement between Royal and Grey who were both tied with the same 2-4-1 record. The head to head matchup was the only tie we had all season (an 8-8 barnburner in week 2). The points against were also identical as were the points for. So we resorted to the randomness of a virtual wheel spin which placed Royal in 5th and Grey in 6th.

The playoff brackets are as follows:

Pool A - 1,3,6,8
Pool B - 2,4,5,7

The playoff schedule has now been posted on the website.

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 16th, 2021
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What happened to 1,4,5,8 together and 2,3,6,7 together like every other year?
Why the change? Seems like it’s easier than ever for whoever comes first. #Rigged

Posted By Posted By: Murgatron
Posted On Posted On: Oct 16th, 2021
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Hats off the QB’s this year, you guys have made this a great season.

Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.


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Posted On Posted On: Oct 17th, 2021
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Did you say easier?? Hahaha

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 17th, 2021
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We saw this past weekend.. Royal killed the heavy favourite pink.. grey gave red a major scare without Jelani. Yellow beat up on white. Anything can happen. Weve seen 8 seeds upset 1 seeds in the first game before.. nothing is easy this time of year.

Posted By Posted By: Let's gooo
Posted On Posted On: Oct 17th, 2021
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Bring on the championship , you ain't winning if your losing

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 18th, 2021
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Glenn like playing Spack.. yellow and black defenses both look very strong. In pool b points are going to be tough to come by especially as things tighten up in playoffs.

Expected red to blowout grey without their qb. Was that a testament to grey playing better or red not as good as we thought. Or maybe both

Was there any jockeying for pool positioning this past week? Hard to say which one is tougher, but a pool with Spack Noah Jelani and new QB stud Jack looks pretty tough to me.

Blue hasn’t really had a scare this season, even missing some players every week. Playoffs are different and they will be taking other teams beat shot every week, but so far they’ve looked like the real deal.

Who is our best player in the league? Over recent memory it’s been Super Dave but there are a few that should be talked about. Nick has looked great this season. Jamie can do it all. Tyler impacts the game so much but hasn’t translated to wins. Joe and Bryce in conversation?

Kyle and Jelani are ready to shake off some bad games and make a playoff run. Kyle should get into semis and Jelani will need to pull off at least one big upset against Black or Blue to get into semis.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Oct 18th, 2021
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@what happened

Yes. That is the point. you should be rewarded for finishing first.
If the top 4 teams advance, the 1 should play 4 and the 2 should play 3 in the semis. in previous years, the 1 played 3 and 2 played 4. the 1 seed should have the easier schedule as a reward for finishing 1st. simple. the old way did not do this

Posted By Posted By: ESPN Top 10
Posted On Posted On: Oct 18th, 2021
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ESPN's top 10 players of the regular season, based on
the objective opinion of myself and nothing else. I am correct.

1. Jamie Whitter
2. Nick Clarkin
3. Dave Zmozynski
4. Giorgio Mikos
5. Joe Roccasalva
6. Bryce Meertens
7. Jackson Whitter
8. Frank Katradis
9. Tyler Fraser
10. Noah Hazlett

Posted By Posted By: Debate
Posted On Posted On: Oct 18th, 2021
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We could debate this all week. Noah has been incredible for Black this season and has far outplayed his 5th round ranking, but top ten? Comeon man. He’s not even the fourth best player on his team with Nick, TJ, Adam and Snyder. Ok, maybe third best. He’s better than TJ.

Seriously, good list and those that should be considered as well are Adam, TJ, Neeraj, Luc, Jelani, Murgatron. Jelani is there for his defense but QBs should have their own rankings.

Posted By Posted By: How come?
Posted On Posted On: Oct 18th, 2021
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Luc is not in that top 10, but there’s a cartoon picture of him below it. That’s not right.

Posted By Posted By: @debate
Posted On Posted On: Oct 19th, 2021
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The list says it is correct,sorry.

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 19th, 2021
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I am compelled by my nature to confront untruths, fake news, and Ill-advised opinion masquerading as truth; in all their forms, and in everything I do. Hero? No, just a man who is tired of seeing real contributors unacknowledged, difference-makers unrecognized, and those whose spirit makes their teams competitive and this league great ignored in favour of some flash-in-the-pan primadonnas, such as we see in the ESPN top ten list.
1. For Carolina blue: I agree Jamie is the best player in the league right now, and young Jack is starting to creep out of his long, handsome, shadow. However, where is Peter Kalo. Solid on both sides of the ball, and he also brought Tony in, who is working magic. Is blue the top team without these fellows. No.
2. For red. Joe/Bryce? No. MARK MURRAY. If you watch closely, as I have, you will have noticed that virtually everything Joe or Bryce accomplish is predicated on a foundation laid by Marks excellent play or motivational techniques. What is more, without Danny’s sac mastery, the likes of which this league has NEVER before seen, red is only a mediocre team.
3. For blue. Where is Tuna? This team wins when Tuna is there and they lose when he is not. When he throws they almost win. And how does doubter suggest Jelani as a top 10 player on defense when we know that Grey and Blue are identical in every statistical team based category BUT yet Drew outpaces Jelani in individual picks? Why do you not recognize Drew’s excellence?!
4. For white. David Z? Probably, but how do you not recognize Mario - playing on one leg and when not on the field hiding in Doug’s beard so he can coach the team to victory
5. For green. Frank?! Maybe as Most Volatile Player. No, it’s uncle Bryan, Glenn’s oldest son. Without whom this team would be winless. Always open, always scoring - on the field and with the ladies. Special shout-out to Glenn, who chased Murg down. That is elite speed from the 56-year old sprinter turned QB!
6. For pink. True, Giorgio has been popping ankles en route to the end zone all year. BUT he did get chased down by my old ass twice in one game, and so their true MVP is Steve! That boy is on the ball more than Stevens Jeune on a disco, and if he caught a quarter of his knock-downs he’d have challenged Jamie for the top interceptor crown.
7. Black. Wyatt. ‘Nuff said, kid is the real deal everywhere; and his cuddly demeanour quickly endeared him to the team as a real-life mascot. Like if you had Corky on your team, but actually a really good athlete.
8. Grey. Disrespected on the ESPN list. True, they’ve chronically underperformed this year and are going to getting friggin anihilated this week; but how do you not recognize the three times WMFL fastest man. Run it again!!!
As we move into playoff time, I hope you’ll all reflecte on on ALL the great guys that make this the best league there is. ALL contribute in different ways, and TOGETHER we win, we lose, and we have a great time with outstanding fellowship. I am also sorry that the other seven teams are going to expend so much energy over the coming weeks only to watch black go 5-0 on the way to the WMFL title. Thank you all for being speedbumps on our road to the championship.

Posted By Posted By: Agreer
Posted On Posted On: Oct 19th, 2021
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@Snyder you are so f’in wise!!! I just love everything about you. I totally agree with everything you said, and I thought I was alone in my belief that while Bryce is nice, and Joe can make ‘em go, that MARK MURRAY is the Belichek AND the Brady in the budding red dynasty. He is the GOAT.

Posted By Posted By: I seent it
Posted On Posted On: Oct 19th, 2021
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I heard Mark Murray sits to pee and stands to shit. A true legend in my eyes.

Posted By Posted By: Red Rockets
Posted On Posted On: Oct 19th, 2021
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Mark Murray jerseys will be for sale this weekend. Make sure to pre-order this once in a lifetime item NOW!!!!

Posted By Posted By: Bert
Posted On Posted On: Oct 19th, 2021
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Posted By Posted By: Meme Enjoyer
Posted On Posted On: Oct 19th, 2021
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Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd 2.0
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2021
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This segment is called:
Where Colin was Right! Where Colin was Wrong.

Noah (Blue) vs Jack (Black)

I picked this game correctly, I said it would be a 10 point win but it was 14, close enough. The Noah and Whitter train continues to roll on. Team Blue continued to score in bundles as they do everyweek, nothing team black could do about that. The really take away from this game was the black scored the most on team blue this season. Congratulations for black for putting up a 30 ball on blue, that bodes well moving into the playoffs, however, they are in the more difficult of the groups. Blue showing a tiny chink in the armor maybe giving other teams hope that it is possible to put points on them. Both of these teams will face off again with the season on the line perhaps in the last week of the round robin on Nov6. The whitters combined for 16 ints this season in 7 games, nice. Noah also got 3 of his players in the top 10 in scoring. Sounds impressive but team black had 4 players in the top 10 in ints, and jack had 2 guys in the top 10 in scoring. Looking forward to the rematch!

Yellow (Glenn) vs White (Spack)

I picked white to win. Boy was I wrong, a blowout for Yellow. Short manned or not, this is unacceptable for team white. Finishing last place when I picked them to be 3rd this year. I am not so sure they can turn it on for the playoffs as they have only really shown up and played decent for 2 games this year and only winning 1 of those. Their defense was a joke all year as was their offense. Basement dwellers destined for the toilet bowl? As for Yellow they finally showed some life on both sides of the ball, scoring at will and playing some solid defense to limit team white. Looking ahead, both have very tough challenges in the first week of the round robin. White plays the top team in blue who blew them out in week 2, will things be different? I think not, now that the team is all hurt. As for yellow, they play red who they lost to by two scores in week one. Both teams are trending in opposite directions though since week one Red has been a top 2 team, and yellow has been, well, yellow and getting only a late win. Maybe momentum is on the side of team yellow though since they looked better than red did in the final week. Some may see a potential toilet bowl matchup here with white and yellow but we will see, my predictions may say otherwise.

Royal (Drew) vs Pink (Kyle)

I picked a pink blowout, got this wrong, team royal tripled the score of team pink. What the heck? One of the best offensive teams all year, Pink, only managed 6 points? Common man! I don’t know what to say about this game. I still have faith in team pink. Not taking the regular season seriously is their thang. They will get the offense rolling again, I still worry about them always getting into shoot outs and not locking down other teams. They are in the easier division though and will get a crack at Royal and Yellow. As for team Royal, this has to be a nice confidence booster showing that they can hang with the big boys and put it together for a full game to win again, their record is decent and I picked them to be one of the worst in the league. Perhaps these two teams were not showing the playbook or their intent, they do play eachother this coming week. Will the results be the same? Or will the results be more of what I predicted? Ill save that for later this week for my predictions.

Red (Joe) vs Grey (Jelani)

Good game here with two solid defenses going at it. Red came out on top as I predicted. Grey kept it close like I thought. Team grey is really reeling heading into the playoffs which doesn’t bode well for their confidence but they have the squad and the experience to put it the nay sayers to rest. Their defense can hang with anyone, but their offensive has been hit or miss. As for red, I wouldn’t want to be in their pool, they have looked great all year in the regular season but can the young Joe get it done in the playoffs? I think he can since he has some good experience mixed with younger and newer guys on the roster. Looking forward to seeing Red play against some real pressure. Red starts with an easier matchup vs yellow, don’t play down to the competition! Grey starts with with black who already beat them in week 4. Can the young jack play well when the pressure is on? We know Jelani has before. Time will tell!
Stay tuned to my picks for week 1 of playoffs and my final standings picks.

Here are my final power rankings. Wont be doing power rankings for playoffs. I will have a final picks by tomorrow sometime

1) Blue- Undisputed top dogs still
2) Red- Excellent win over grey
3) Black- tough loss vs blue but not a shock.
4) Pink- weird loss but I cant move anyone ahead of them
5) Grey- Still an excellent roster
6) Royal- Beating pink was excellent but not sure they can do it in the playoffs
7) Yellow- Good win vs white
8) White- Common man!

Posted By Posted By: Whaaat?
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2021
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Is he catching? Intercepting? Fumbling? Shitting? Who cares, it’s Mark Fucking Murray, y’all!!!!

Posted By Posted By: Mark Enthusiast
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2021
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heart,sole and most talented player on red

Posted By Posted By: Observation
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2021
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Mark is not even looking at the ball because he knows that would be too easy. By looking away he is at least giving his opponents a fighting chance.

Posted By Posted By: Not Mark but I wish I was
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2021
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Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd 2.0
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2021
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Playoffs Week 1 Picks
Sorry, not mentioning everyone anymore. I mentioned everyone nearly every week. Its playoff time now, play makers time to shine and make themselves known. Might be a little more harsh and not bothering to guess the correct score. Doesn’t matter, you play to win the game.

Playoffs !? You talking about Playoffs??

Pink vs Royal

Well these two teams just played, Pink must have been resting their starters or not taking it seriously because Royal won by 12. When these teams face off with the chips down and something on the line Kyle will be sure to take over as the superior QB with playoff experience he can draw on, yes it has been a while but he will get the ball moving. No one on Royal can cover Giorgio, simple as that, put two guys on him if you have to. I am not sure Murg or Tyler can cover Neeraj one on one for the full steamboats but one of them will have to be helping with G money so I cant see Royal stopping the top 2 of pink. IFFFF they do find a way to lock down the top 2, Jordan, Steve are dangerous and we have sure handed Jay, Rodney and Jules to deal with. Jake Will and Ben will really have to step up their game, JJ and Scotty will also have their hands full. Pink will score a ton here. On the other side of the ball, depending who is throwing, scott or drew, Pink should be able to somewhat slow down blue. While blue has the size advantage with their top 2, G money should be able to stop tyler and Neeraj can somewhat slow Murg and they can use Jordan or even Kyle himself to play overtop to help. They will have to worry about the sure handed JJ and the speed of will and jake but Will and Jake are not known for excellent hands. Blue wont be completely shut out since pink did show that they don’t dominate on D. Perhaps in garbage time they can make this closer than predicted but I see the Pink blowout that I predicted earlier. Murg and Tyler will really have to carry the team to pull off the upset.
Pink wins by 16

Grey vs Black

Black won the regular season game but this is playoffs now. Where the big boys come to play. Jelani has been in the finals before and has faced adversity in the finals before and won. Some pressure on Jack here as I am picking Jelani as the superior QB also for his D ability and he will get the athletes in line to play hard. Perhaps just saving their real schemes for the playoffs. Nick Clarkin is going to cause all sorts of problems when he is running routes but other than that I think grey should be able to lock them down. Remy and help can try to bottle up nick. Luc on king. Grae and help over top of TJ. And pick and choose for the ryan and rion crew. Black has scored in bundles all season and maybe it continues here but I think this game wont be high scoring. A colder morning is in the forecast with the smell of playoffs to wake up these 9am gamers. On the other side of the ball, Grey really should break out of their offensive slump. Nick, Matt, Craig and Wyatt are solid defenders in their own right but team black simply doesn’t have the speed to keep up with everything grey has with the ryans, semanskis, grae and company. Grey needs to run lots of crossers and longer developing routes to get these speedsters in space if black plays man to man. If they play zone, find the hole when you run those long drags or deep posts when the safeties pass them off. Make this happen! Team black is loaded with long time WMFLers and great dudes who should calm down the young jack to make this a close game. I still think Grey finally puts it all together for a close win.
Grey wins by 6

Blue vs White

On paper this is the 1v8 matchup and should be a blowout. Spack missed the first matchup I believe. I will go with spack over noah at QB for this matchup but it is very close, Noah has been balling out. Playoff demons will come back to noah or is this the steve young monkey off the shoulder season? With White on offense it would be nice to put Jamie on Z and lock him out and have the rest of the squad duke it out but I think Jamie will need some help in this matchup. Spack will be throwing to the open receiver and Geoff, Mario, Robert and Alex have the ability to get open on Jack, Jomo, Dererk and company. The best defense in the league in the regular season will have a little trouble here and will allow some scores for a full strength team white, assuming they all finally show up. On the other side of the ball though, Blue will simply score more. Z cant cover Jamie. They will need help on Jamie. Jack is a stud and Derek is as well that can cause problems. The rest of the squad is not burners but are sure handed and find ways to get open like Peter, and with Noah’s excellent play design and PUMPFAKES. Hopefully team white shows up with a full roster otherwise they will be exhausted chasing around team blue all day, specially with some of their more……veteran players. This really should be a closer game than the standings look. The rosters are very even. I think the turning point could be team white choosing to go for it in their own area and leaving a short field for team blue a few times. Whereas Noah often puts himself in short 3rd down chances if he gets that far or they play smart and kick when needed. Not to mention Jamie and Jack are INT machines. Anyways, Blue wins but this isn’t the blowout you would expect. Maybe a closer game shocks blue and they fold late even?
Blue wins by 10

Red vs Yellow

This is the possible other second blow out of the day. Team red is simply superior. I have seen Glenn play well in the playoffs and not fold though at QB, and Jesus is new to this but I have to take the advantage for Jesus but a slimmer advantage with his playoff nerves coming in. On both sides of the ball Frank, Tim, Ben and Harrison are going to have to carry the load all day and will be exhausted. With Red on O, no one will be able to stop Joeseph Rocca in the open field so Yellow when he gets the ball everyone converge. Or put Frank on him to stop that. The problem is then you leave TO and Bryce open against Tim and Ben which will be tough matchups. I really cant see yellow halting team red or holding them to a low score but I think some nerves will come into play and they will get some stops or an errant throw or two which could be picked. The concern is when yellow is on O and red on D. Yes Frank, Tim and Ben are beasts but Red has Jesus himself to play D with Bryce, Rocca, Edwards, Danny Sack master and the newly crowned MVP Mark Murray to counter at yellow. The first game Red doubled Yellows score and won by 16, this time Red is clicking and should be able to make this more of a blowout. Yellow though is coming off of a win and will come out flying. I just cant see Red losing this game, but crazier things have happened in round robin play. I just don’t know if this is a blowout or a close game. I think a close game favours yellow since they are playing with house money and no pressure and red may get tight if its close. Still, Red will come out and put it away early.
Red wins by 18

1) Pink
2) Grey
3) White
4) Carolina Blue
5) Red
6) Yellow
7) Royal
8) Black

Overall predictions New (Not much change, other than red in the semi's over grey)

(after this week ill start making NFL player comparisons and just see how these predictions go)

Pool A has Blue, Grey, Black and White
I really think there will be something shocking happening here. This pool is loaded with QBs and solid teams in my preseason rankings. Here it is.

Blue 1st
White 2nd

Pool B has Red, Pink, Royal and Yellow. This one should go as scripted but I don’t see red winning it, pink does.

Pink 1st
Red 2nd

Semi Final 1- Blue vs Red
Semi Final 2 Pink vs White

Posted By Posted By: Missing Football
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2021
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Alex from Team White is missing his NFL ball. Someone may have grabbed it after they played Yellow including Spack so if anyone may have grabbed it please let me know. It's an official game ball. Thanks!

Posted By Posted By: NFL rules committee
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2021
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Does it hold air? Spack will only keep it if it’s deflated

Posted By Posted By: Dufty
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2021
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Man harsh words geesh guess we gotta show up for play offs

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2021
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Since we're doing memes...

Posted By Posted By: Bold Predictions
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2021
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I’m baaasaccckkkkkk!!!!!
Had to hide out because I kept thinking white would get their shit together, but they really can’t!
On to this week:
1. Pink v Royal rematch from last week, where drew and company embarrassed pink. Or did they expose them? Pink should win this game, but I don’t think they will. Bold prediction: two picks by Murgotron, one of which is a pick six. Royal wins by 2.
2. Grey v Black. Black took care of grey in the regular season, but I don’t think they’re going to have as easy a time this week. Jelani took last week off (reports suggest for his bi-annual aenima, so he’s a little lighter on his feet).- and he’ll be ready to go. The problem is this equation is that there isn’t anyone on grey who can cover Nick. Bold Prediction: 22 points for Nick Clarkin, black wins by 8.
3. Blue v white: blue has been the best team all year, and despite giving up more points last week than were used to seeing, they’ll pull back on track this week and take care of white easily. White just isn’t a good team, they’re hurt, and Spackman is starting to show his age. Bold prediction: white scores 0 points, and Spackmans only touchdown will be a pick six to Jack. Blue big, 38-0.
4. Red v Yellow: this won’t be a good game to watch. Yellow will keep it semi-close in the first half, with their defence keeping it close. Probably 14-6 at the half. Then Jesus will figure out the defence and red will roll to an easy win, 38-12. Bold Prediction: Danny sacks Glenn 5 times, Frank rages 4 times, defenders bounce off Billy three times, Bryce scores twice, and Mark Murray is #1.

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2021
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Posted By Posted By: One more
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2021
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Posted By Posted By: Top ten
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2021
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If Spack QBed a team with the top ten players in the league on the same team and they played a game against Mark Murray, would it be close?

I say Mark Murray - 46 Spack with top ten players - 6. They do score a TD but Mark knocks down the convert.

Posted By Posted By: Here’s the thing…
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2021
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Spack did just QB a Whitby top ten team in Oshawa. They won the A division. Just sayin’

For the record, that top 10 team included at least 3 Clarkins, but that’s normal because it seems like every Whitby team has 3 Clarkins.

Posted By Posted By: Meme
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2021
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Posted By Posted By: Bean meme
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2021
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Posted By Posted By: @here's the thing
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2021
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Was Mark Murray on an opposing team in Oshawa? If no, then bush league title for spack and co

Posted By Posted By: meme team
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2021
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Posted By Posted By: Chuck Norris
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2021
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My grandson Mark Murray (obviously he looks like me ) is the best at everything of course he is the best football player in the world . He is a Norris.


Posted By Posted By: Ranger
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2021
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“If I wanted your opinion, I’d beat it outta ya” so says the Ranger, so says his love-child with Jean-Claude Van Damme, MARK MURRAY

Posted By Posted By: meme team
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2021
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Posted By Posted By: Red
Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2021
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Entering playoffs vs start of season

Posted By Posted By: @schedule creator
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2021
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Week 3 playoff games should have the teams from the same pools playing at the same time

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