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Posted On Posted On: Aug 2nd, 2022
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50th Season!!!

2022 Registration is Officially Open

Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: Where they at?
Posted On Posted On: Aug 2nd, 2022
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Who are the QBs this year?

Posted By Posted By: Clarkins
Posted On Posted On: Aug 3rd, 2022
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This year the QBs are all Clarkins. EVERY.SINGLE.TEAM.

Ancestry DNA is also offering a special WMFL discount to current and past players. Enter WMFL-Clarkin-Discovery upon checkout.

Posted By Posted By: Rodney Eskins
Posted On Posted On: Aug 4th, 2022
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Seriously, who are the QB's?

Posted By Posted By: Field Yates
Posted On Posted On: Aug 5th, 2022
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QBs ranked in order:

1. Papa
2. Brainy
3. Clumsy
4. Grouchy
5. Hefty
6. Greedy
7. Jokey
8. Gargamel

The main antagonist and sworn enemy of the Smurfs, Gargamel is an evil wizard with limited powers. Gargamel is absolutely obsessed with the Smurfs, and his main goal vacillates from trying to eat them to trying to capture them for use in a potion to make gold to simply getting revenge.

Posted By Posted By: faster smnski
Posted On Posted On: Aug 10th, 2022
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a week away from the draft yay! Who we got locked in at QB?

Posted By Posted By: QBs
Posted On Posted On: Aug 10th, 2022
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Im assuming with the lack of input from the exec that it's the same qbs as last year...

Posted By Posted By: Strategic
Posted On Posted On: Aug 10th, 2022
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Here’s the thing. They don’t want to publicize the QB’s as they don’t want a bunch of whiny people posting that they don’t want to play for TJ because he sucks.

Not sure why his name came to mind. He also knows not to take this too seriously.

Posted By Posted By: Champ champ
Posted On Posted On: Aug 10th, 2022
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It’s a trash talk board… I want to trash talk the shitty QBs!

Posted By Posted By: Strategic
Posted On Posted On: Aug 10th, 2022
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@Champ champ agree that we should be trash talking the shitty qbs. Still don’t know why TJ comes to mind.

Posted By Posted By: QB List for 2022 Season
Posted On Posted On: Aug 12th, 2022
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Dave Spackman
Drew Walker
Jack Hazlett
Jelani Adams
Joe James
Kyle Clarkin
Matt Rafuse
Noah Tumin

Posted By Posted By: Slower Samanski
Posted On Posted On: Aug 13th, 2022
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Great crop of QBs right there, can’t wait to play fellahs

Posted By Posted By: GM
Posted On Posted On: Aug 17th, 2022
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With the first overall pick in the 2022 WMFL draft…

Posted By Posted By: 1st overall
Posted On Posted On: Aug 17th, 2022
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got that dawg in him

Posted By Posted By: MM fan
Posted On Posted On: Aug 17th, 2022
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1 of 1

Posted By Posted By: @1st overall
Posted On Posted On: Aug 17th, 2022
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Hair of the dawg maybe

Posted By Posted By: out of town
Posted On Posted On: Aug 17th, 2022
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execs, for those of us out of town this evening, are we hoping to live stream this in any capacity?

Posted By Posted By: @outbof towner
Posted On Posted On: Aug 17th, 2022
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Yes, and it’s going to be hotter than the Dunder Mifflin launch party! Get ready to let loose!

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Posted On Posted On: Aug 17th, 2022
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Posted By Posted By: wmfl fan
Posted On Posted On: Aug 17th, 2022
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I heard it's being streamed on Snyder's Only Fans account

Posted By Posted By: Way too early predictions.
Posted On Posted On: Aug 17th, 2022
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Top 4: (all 4 QBs are also pretty okay on the defensive side of the ball)

Bottom 4: (again I’m no particular order)

Kyle and Matt

Interested to see how it develops, with a lot of potential to move into the top 4:

Overall feeling: worst draft ever. I can’t believe nobody took Mark Murray!

Posted By Posted By: Sleeper Pick
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2022
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What colours are the teams? Need to hit Amazon to swag out for the season.

Posted By Posted By: WMFL
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2022
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Team colours are now updated on the teams page.

Posted By Posted By: Observer
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2022
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Seems like a really well balanced league this year. Some teams have a better shot than others, but I wouldn’t sleep on anyone.

Good job exec, on another great WMFL draft.

Posted By Posted By: Changes
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2022
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Any big changes this season seeing it's our 50th?

Rule Changes, schedule changes, etc?

Posted By Posted By: WMFL
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2022
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TLDR: You can't just kick the ball into the parking lot for a point anymore.

The CFL made a change to the single point rule. As such we have updated our rules accordingly. Please see the rules section of the website:

1 point for a missed field goal or punt where the ball travels out of bounds in the end zone (ball must first land in the field of play)

Posted By Posted By: Raticus Ratmere
Posted On Posted On: Aug 19th, 2022
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This season begins...



Posted By Posted By: @Raticus Ratmere
Posted On Posted On: Aug 19th, 2022
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Posted By Posted By: Sleeper Pick
Posted On Posted On: Aug 19th, 2022
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Someone is off their meds or suffering from CTE

Posted By Posted By: Makes sense
Posted On Posted On: Aug 19th, 2022
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Rat guy makes total sense to me, but why all caps?

Posted By Posted By: Matty Raf
Posted On Posted On: Aug 19th, 2022
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Whoever the rat guy is, can you dress up as a huge rat for an entire game?

If you do that, Glen Clarkin told me he would dress up as a hobbit for an entire game.

Posted By Posted By: Matty Raf
Posted On Posted On: Aug 19th, 2022
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And Glen said definitely Spack would dress up to. 2 for 1. How could you say no.

Posted By Posted By: Ratatat Ratmere
Posted On Posted On: Aug 20th, 2022
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Posted By Posted By: I rate things
Posted On Posted On: Aug 20th, 2022
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The thing I shall rate today shall be...
The quality of each team

1. Noah - nice team. lots of vets. 3 players all formally first round picks. solid players down the lineup. you know what you got
2. Joe - top 5 all solid and experienced. down the lineup is consistent and athletic players
3. Matt - Joe and Tyler together is dumb. how did it happen. good speed in later picks. dufty going in 8th round is also dumb. huge steal.
4. Kyle - back to back champs drafted with qb. every player on this team will get along great. fun team and will build great chemistry.
5. Drew - top 3 are incredible. winning pedigree from klassen and snyder. question marks late
6. Jack - quick team early. nick still has it. attendance may be issue. later rounds mostly unknown. big pete elite in the middle
7. Spack - mario big underrated. bryce will score a lot. BETTER RUN THE RIGHT ROUTE. very athletic team all the way down. team will need to learn to get along. few clashing personalities.
8. Jelani - frank throws hats? rion is improving drastically. is dylan a 3rd round pick? i think no. dont know half the guys on this team. fastest man in whitby.

Posted By Posted By: Draft Analyst
Posted On Posted On: Aug 21st, 2022
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Noah drafted his top 3 guys as if we were still living in 2017, I bet he also drafts Todd Gurley in fantasy football too

Posted By Posted By: Pickering Dolphin Allstar runningback
Posted On Posted On: Aug 21st, 2022
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Noah doesn’t have to worry about his top picks not being like their younger selves as he an allstar picked in the late rounds.
Dante Greaves was also an star at Dwyer when they won many championships including OFSSA.

Posted By Posted By: Former Tackle Player
Posted On Posted On: Aug 22nd, 2022
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I can tell you for a FACT that tackle football skills do not always translate well to touch. I've been playing for 20+ years and I have watched numerous tackle players come into touch, cocky and confident, only to be completely clueless on the field. That being said, it's not always the case and some players DO play well moving on. In any manner, y'all are mid tier compared to my team. Go us!

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Aug 22nd, 2022
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Ahhhhhhhh this is the herd! Writing to you from beautiful Las Angles and you can watch me on Fox Sports 1, or stream the audio versions on I heart Radio, or wherever you find your podcasts. Please check out my new company called the volume and listen to the colin cowherd podcast!

Preseason is a beautiful time as everyone has hope and aspirations! The league looks very well balanced this year, which is amazing, everyone loves parity right? Not really, people love dynastys, think of the bulls, tiger woods, lakers, warriors, Patriots etc. People love to route against a dynasty or for it, it brings the viewers to the screen and fans to the seats. Is Jelani making a case for a dynasty? He has been in the finals and won it a hell of a lot in the last 5 to 6 years.

Top offensive Teams:
1) Light Blue (Matt Raf)
2) Royal (Jesus/Joe)
3) Red (Jack)
4) Grey? (Jelani) Gray as its written on the website so we shall use American English hence forth.
5) Green (Noah)
6) Gold (Kyle)
7) White (Spack)
8) Black ( Drew)

Top Defensive teams
1) Black (Drew)
Big Gap
2) Gold (Kyle)
3) Gray (Jelani)
4) Light Blue (Matt)
5) Royal (Joe)
6) Red (Jack)
7) Green (Noah)
8) White (Spack)


1) Light Blue (Matt Raf)

It is nice to see Matty back in the league after a brief hiatus. Rumor has it he has been learning tricks from Pete Carrol. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Matt brings excellent QB prowess as well as the potential to be a star on D. He has had success in the league before and he sure will this year on offense with an amazing draft. Getting the elusive Joe and the big target Tyler in the first 2 rounds is a steal. Most had tyler going in the first. Geoff and Mike Raf both bring veteran leadership on both sides of the ball and perhaps we will see some halfback with Mikey throwing and Matt playing WR, Matt is likely a top WR in this league FYI. Jake Walsh brings some speed to this team and Alex Lindsay always plays hard on D, and no sexual innuendo intended there. Duffy getting picked up that late is a great steal. Love to see a new comer in Jesse. Jules and Jerry are staples in the league and good luck to the youngster Connor Raf, im sure next year he will be draft much higher, and probably higher than mike Raf. That all being said, this team will score a myriad of points! I just have questions with their defense They have a ton of athletes but rarely do players specialize in defense in touch football and this team is no exception. Still the title favs in according to Fox Bet.

2) Royal- Jesus- Pretty sure this is just Blue but we can be fancy boys like Jerry Seinfeld and his fur coat

Jesus proved to be a stellar QB last year with one of the leagues most electrifying offenses. Joe will be a QB in this league for years to come which is awesome for WMFL to have talented QBs, it makes everyone want to play more when they can get the ball and score. His first few picks are stellar offensive weapons in the insanely fast and talented Giorgio, the uncoverable Neeraj, and the seasoned vets but always reliable Tim and Ben. Getting Jomo in the 5th is a great steal and shows Joe knows how to draft. Glad to see Nick, Bryan, Regai and the two Mikes back for the leagues 50th season! Bailey welcome to the league! This team shouldn’t struggle to score at all. On defense they should be pretty stout as Jesus himself is a great defender, Giorgio is elite on D, Tim and Ben can hold their own along with Jomo. I like this team a lot and almost had them number 1, or even number 3, the top few teams are very even which makes the preseason picks so difficult. We will see how the teams gel after a few weeks in the regular season. Hopefully Jesus is holding a trophy at the end of the season and not a ROYAL crown of thorns.

3) Gray- Jelani and the Americans- with their American spelling of neighbor, color, and all the se vs ce ending words and the double L or the single L words.

Jelani is making a run at the coveted dynasty title. If you are new to the league Jelani always seems to be in the finals and is batting like .800 in the finals. I could be wrong I do not have my partner Joy Taylor along side me while I write this. Jelani runs an excellent offense and plays/organizes a great defense(defence?). A great leader overall. Jelani gets to play with the greatest WMFL player of all time in Frank, Frank is outstanding on both sides of the ball. Frank is also the nicest player in the league and will never yell at a ref or opposing player. Sometimes I exaggerate. Rion last year proved he is worthy of being a second rounder with amazing athleticism and instincts. It is great to see Dylan back from his time volunteering helping the people of Ethiopia. Dylan once played a staring role on Jelani’s first finals team. I am excited to see what Kyle, Markus, Darren, and Josh bring to the team. If they can learn from anyone its certainly Jelani and Frank and Dyl the thrill. This team is truly great because of Robbie Edwards, JJ, Seabiscuit, and Billy. I love both the offensive and defensive potential of this team. I don’t see them as a number one offense or defense but I think they will end up top half of the league in both which is perfect. You just cant be awful on one side of the ball.

Bubble Teams

4) Gold- Kyle- More Fancy boy talk, this team will be wearing yellow not gold 😉

Kyle is always in contention, and he has solidified himself as a top QB year to year in this league. Too bad he is an incredibly old 25-year-old and will probably retire soon. Please stick with this league Kyle! I had this team ranked a bit lower on offense then on defense but I think Kyle can make magic happen with some chemistry in the regular season. He has oodles of talent with Luc and Remy who are both elite defenders and I think can now be called elite receivers. One of them is faster than the other, come preseason time we shall see who that is. Amazing pick getting both of these players. King is a great 3rd round pick and plays excellent offense to help Kyle out of a jam Kyle can throw it up to kinger. Taylor seems to win on whatever team he is on and I am excited to see if he keeps the winning aura alive. Wyatt may be young (and pretty) to the league but he is a steal this late in the draft. Kyle can teach him the ways of the game. The rest of this team is wiley vets that are sure to fit in fantastically. Tim is the best man at any wedding. Waleed and Patrick bring youth. Dougy and Rodney have seen it all. And I think Steven may know Kyle and thus have some chemistry. This team has a ton of potential and is a top bubble team who most will argue should be in the contenders section of this post.

5) Red Jack

What an amazing rookie season Jack had last year. He looks to keep it rolling this year even though the league now has plenty of tape on him. Will there be a sophomore slump? I don’t think so! He teams up with the always amazing Nick Clarkin. Can you believe Nick is only in his early 20s? It feels like he has been in the league as long as anyone. These two will score a plethora of points together. Hence I have them ranked as the 3rd best offensive team. I just wonder about the D (that’s what she said). Grae and Jordan are both excellent athletes in the prime of their careers and can play both sides of the ball. Noah seems to have a relation to Jack, Noah is an ascending player and a great pick in the middle rounds. Rodney and Quincy are solid players. Big Pete is uncoverable and the best center in the league. Patrick, Alex, Aaron and David, I am hoping to see big things from you guys as Red will need help on defence, Jodan, Nick and Grae can’t cover everyone. Jack will make any receiver look good so I am not worried about the offensive side of the ball here.

6) Black Drew

Is this the 85’ bears? Maybe the 00’ Ravens? Or perhaps the 13’ Seahawks? What an amazing draft drew has pulled off here. So much elite talent on the defensive side of the ball. Also a ton of athletes for drew to work with that will certainly find their way open with the D giving them excellent field position all day. With his first pick Drew snagged the best player in the league (other than Frank) late in the draft because Jamie played possum and said he was hurt for a long time, a long time is a few weeks and he will be fine for playoffs. Jamie dominates both sides of the ball. Murg is always amazing on O and plays solid D, I think Drew and Murg are buddies so there could be some chemistry here? Jack is the steal of the draft, slotted to go in the 2nd but gets moved to the first because of Murg. Amazing. Criag and Synder will shut anyone down on defense and have a connection with Drew as well for offense, we are the 4 best friends that anyone could have, the 4 best friends that anyone could have! Riley and Donovan are young bucks that will be top round picks come playoff time, excellent. Daniel, Jai and Brayden you guys have a great team you are joining! Nahgrieb rounds out this stellar defensive team. I cant wait to see how this team performs on both sides of the ball, will they maintain the hype on D, are they underrated on O? Time will tell.


7) Green Noah

Wow this team looks good ! Oh wait it isn’t 2016 anymore. This joke would have been way better if @draftanalysis didn’t steal my thunder. Anyways. Noah is an elite QB and leader. Any Noah drafted team championship potential due to their offensive ability. Even when Noah has unfamiliar players he teaches them to be great. This year he has some veterans. Z, TJ and TO usually they are found in a museum, but this year they will be on the football field. Can they find past glory? My guess is their offensive skills will still be there but can they keep up with the young bucks when they play D? Time will tell. I am curious about the Justin pick, I am sure it works out as all new players with Noah do. Will and Jay are both excellent sneaky mid round picks. Anthony, Peter, and Justin, It is great to see you guys back in the league, lets see what you have this year for the famous 50th season! Dante and Kyle I am excited to see how you do, will highschool glory bleed over to touch football glory through osmosis or will there be a stoppage in the cell wall? Anyways, I have this team listed as a pretender for now because I need to see how they do on D. I am not really worried about their offense as Noah is dominant and he has sure handed receivers to throw to even if they have lost a step. Maybe this post will motivate them to prove me wrong?

8) White Spack

Spack is absolutely an amazing QB and I have never ranked his team this low. This team will find a way to score with his leadership but I just don’t see the athletes on this team to match up with other teams. I hope this post is motivation for them. As I said before, there is a ton of parity in the league this year by the looks of it so seeing White knock off a top team wouldn’t be surprising. I will be updating my rankings all year. Mario and Bryce are both big talented targets for spack to throw to. Bryce is the scoring master. These 2 will dominate on O. Can they cover the young guns on D though? Spack may have to design something special on D. Steve and Harrison are consistent players. For some reason I don’t think steve played last year but I know he has played before? Sneaky picks by spack, just like Carson who I believe Spack knows from outside the league. Alex Pinto is a rising star. Danny Parker is the sack master and runner up to defender of the year last year. James has played with spack before and good luck to Richard, welcome to the league! The best picks here are Glenn and the young Peyton. Difference makers! This team wouldn’t surprise me if they were in the finals, it also wouldn’t surprise me if they finished out of the top 4 and miss the semi finals. But someone had to be ranked last in the preseason rankings.

Please feel free to agree or disagree with this post. It makes the league better with activity on the message board. I am going to now Ice my hands since this 2400 word post has hurt the phalanges and metacarpals.

1) Light Blue
2) Royal
3) Gray
4) Gold
5) Red
6) Black
7) Green
8) White

Posted By Posted By: I rate things
Posted On Posted On: Aug 22nd, 2022
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The thing I shall rate today shall be...
The best matchup's for week 1

1. Noah (Green) vs Matt (Blue) - two of the top qbs. two of the best rosters. both have been to the finals in recent years. this game will be high scoring.
2. Jack (Red) vs Jelani (Grey) - im spelling it the canadian way, nerds. matchup week 1 between last years finalists. both teams have lots of rookies. will be sloppy first game but fun to watch.
3. Joe (Royal) vs Spack (White) - joe had unreal rookie season after called up last minute. spack is perennial contender coming off bad year. he will compete. this game will be low scoring and high on turnovers
4. Drew (Black) vs Kyle (Gold) - recent champ vs qb who struggle last season. drew has strong team. best top 3 in league imo. kyle has old championship receivers. they went back to back. could be one sided but low scoring game.

Score predictions
1. Noah 42 - Matt 30
2. Jack 30 - Jelani 26
3. Spack 32 - Joe 30
4. Kyle 24 - Drew 12

Posted By Posted By: A guy who just wants to ball
Posted On Posted On: Aug 23rd, 2022
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What’s all this rubbish about Baby Blues Defence? That team looks stacked on both sides of the ball.

Remember when Tyler and Joe played together? They were nearly unstoppable with Noah as their QB. But Noah doesn’t play D. Now they add Matt Raf to their ranks. That could be impregnable.

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Aug 23rd, 2022
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Not sure where this don't play defense rep comes from? Now that the vast majority of QBs are now young, fast, and athletic, I have taken this very seriously..

Last year I was tied with Jelani and Luc with number of interceptions. I also have put a few of our 10s on Noah-island and shut them down.

I am hoping to take another step this year as I have to carry this alleged Senior Green team of Z, TJ, TO, Will, Best, Kalo, Tony... Looking forward to the challenge.

Posted By Posted By: WMFL Insider
Posted On Posted On: Aug 23rd, 2022
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Rumor on the hill is Matt Raf wont be playing much defense this year. If there is any truth to this, Noah will be looking like Darrelle Revis out there.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Aug 23rd, 2022
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@team red
You guys suck. Big banter. Get rekt.

Posted By Posted By: BJ Honeycutt
Posted On Posted On: Aug 24th, 2022
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@guy who just wants to ball. Better watch out for team white. They have glenn Clarkin. That dude can impregnate anything.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Aug 24th, 2022
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FYI, I have my week 1 predictions ready but will post it next week. More time this week for others to do season predictions.

Also, if you listen to my podcast you know that I'm taking the over on the vikings win total and even taking them to win the NFC north over the packers.

Posted By Posted By: Its Britney B!tch! And I'm Back!
Posted On Posted On: Aug 24th, 2022
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Just like when Michael Scott rolled up in his luxurious Sebring to the Dunder Mifflin parking lot after a brief hiatus to return to his duties of manager. I will be returning to the historic fields of Henry Street H.S. after spending the last year or so collecting intel for Mark Murray's secret mission to infiltrate the Russian self defense network to put a stop to the Russian and Ukraine conflict. I wish him luck.

@WMFL Insider. Your probably Noah. To answer your question. I am probably going to be playing some defense out there as much as I can. I love D, and I always play hard when I am on the D (that's what she said). So make sure you know where I am at all times or might pick you buddy.

@Colin Cowherd. Top 3 most important things in this league are your write ups. Everyone looks forward to reading them, and it gets the people talking.

You have always shown me love in the write ups. I appreciate the first ranking, and I know you have to be fair so you couldn't say everything is perfect about my team. But you already got us wanting to prove we can play some defense out there. I believe we are going to earn some respect out there when the ball is finally snapped. We got a lot of speed and smart players, that is a good mix in my books for success.

Oh and lastly. Hey Frank, you suck!

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Aug 25th, 2022
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I appreciate the early shots fired about me sucking at QB ... you're not wrong, and also I can take it. Remember, I think we only won one regular season game, and were within half a yard of winning the championship that year - I was over the line on the bomb the last play of the game [tears].

But it's good motivation for new guys to know ... nothing matters until playoffs, boys!

As for having Noah ranked 7th ... that's a laugh. He's gonna score a huckabajillion points a game, and while Z, TO and I aren't necessarily elite defenders, we're risk takers who will cheat for a few turnovers. Can't lose if we're scoring every drive, and Noah pumps 32 times to make sure we get every convert, too.

The league is on notice. Noah winning every game (that matters).

Posted By Posted By: Big Pete
Posted On Posted On: Aug 26th, 2022
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Aw, @Tank, why you gotta be like that? Nothing but love for you and the better brother, Billy K.

Looking forward to opening the season against Team Gray.

But, I do believe our Grae is better than all of yours...

Go Red!!

Posted By Posted By: Kitch
Posted On Posted On: Aug 27th, 2022
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Great seeing some familiar faces at the draft last week.

One of the many ways that we keep league fees low is by finding efficiencies. I store the pads during the season, but we always need volunteers to either bring them to the field in the morning or back to my place in the afternoon. I live around the corner so they often hang out if the backs of trunks or pickups.

If anyone is able to offer to help then please let me know. Generally it’s the same people each week, but it would be great to have some more offers. If you can help, even just once, then please email the league. I live around the corner so it’s only one stop sign and doesn’t add much to the day.

Posted By Posted By: WMFL x NFL comps
Posted On Posted On: Aug 29th, 2022
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Noah - Drew Brees (great arm talent/accurate)
Kyle - Kyler Murray (can get it done with his arms and Rushing
Joe - Herbert (ascending QB who will get better his age)
Jack - Joe Burrow (great arm accurate)
Jelani - Russell Wilson (future HOF)
Matt - Dak (will throw a bunch of TDS can use his legs too)
Drew - Jameis Winston (could throw 30 tds and 30ints this year)
Spack - Aaron Rodgers (great QB but when things go wrong it's always the receivers fault and never his)

Dave - Devante Adams (Always seen as the best in the league usually plays with Spack...I mean Rodgers
Luc - Stefon Diggs (Reliable receiver that can win with both speed, route running and size)
Giorgio - Ja'Marr Chase (fast, extremely talented receiver that can make explosive plays)
Nick - Keenan Allen (great hands, route running, one of the most dependable reaceivers in the league)
Frank - Mike Evans (great 50/50 ball receiver and at times injury prone)
Joseph - Cooper Kupp (great lateral movement and route runner)
Jamie - Justin Jefferson (can do it all and might be the best receiver in the league)
Mario - Travis Kelce (Veteran player that is dependable as ever)

Bryce - Michael Pittman Jr. (ascending big body receiver who can come down with jump balls)
Murg - Courtland Sutton (large frame receiver with great hands)
Tyler - George Kittle (Tall receiver with goods hands and and show to be productive when healthy/good QB situation)
Rion - Jaelen Ramsey (absolute lockdown corder on Defence)
Grae - Tee Higgins (great complementary receiver and can make big plays)
Neeraj - Mark Andrews (Size & dependability)
Remy - Tyreek Hill (fastest player in the league, can make big plays)
TJ - Jarvis Landry - (good hands, relies on route running to win battles)

Chris - Amari Cooper (veteran receiver that has great hands and can run good routes)
King - Darren Waller (Large human, big time red zone threat
Tim - Adam Thielen (great veteran receiver can make plays for first downs and in the redzone
Jordan - Diontae Johnson (decent receiver but has a decent amount of drops)
Dylan - Hunter Renfrow (hands, route running and a real lunch pail guy)
Kitch - Robert Woods (great depth vet receiver)
Jack - A.J. Brown (Fast, gifted player that seems to improve every year)
Steve -

Posted By Posted By: WMFL x NFL comps
Posted On Posted On: Aug 29th, 2022
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Steve - New Mark Murray

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Aug 30th, 2022
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FYI I wrote this last week when I made preseason predictions so if there is news I missed, so be it.

Week 1 Predictions. On Fox Sports 1 I call this segment, the blazing 5. However we have only 4 games weekly so it will be the blazing 4 for the WMFL. In the past I have made up spreads. Teams are too close this year. Ill pick the games straight up.

9am North Field. Joe- Royal vs Spack-White

According to my preseason picks this game should be a blowout for Royal, however, the top and bottom teams aren’t as far apart as in previous seasons. At least I don’t think so. We shall see. Anyways, The QB matchup has the vet and very well liked Spack vs a somewhat enigma in the rookie Jesus. Jesus had a magical season last year, can he repeat this? Spack had an abysmal season last year and is looking to bounce back. Ill take Spack for the better QB but Joe makes it even with his excellent defensive ability. Giorgio and mario are very different players at the first round slot, both play both sides of the ball, G just plays it better and faster, give me royal here. Bryce vs Neeraj is a good one to watch, Neeraj is uncoverable and Bryce is a scoring machine, Ill take Bryce on team white because he plays better D. I have to take Royal’s tim and ben over Steve and Harrison and I don’t think this one is close, prove me wrong. Royal’s Jomo has the edge over Carson for now, I need to learn more about Carson. Team white takes the next 3 rounds with Pinto the athlete, Danny the D master, and James. Royal counters with Mike, Micheal and Bailey, ill need to learn more about these players to make a more educated prediction. Jesus, after the game, please send an email to my agent with info on those boys. White’s bottom 3 also takes the cake with the allstar Glenn, newby Richard, and youngster peyton (insider information says that Peyton makes a mean kraft dinner FYI). Spack has excellent depth over Royal’s Bryan, Nick and Regai. If you were keeping score it is fairly even throughout the rounds here. I really think Joe and his top 4 take over this game though but Spack makes it close as his players learn to play with him. Close game here and a fun one to watch.
Royal wins 32-24

9am South Field Drew-Black vs Kyle-Gold

If you haven’t read my preseason predictions, GO DO IT NOW, but to quickly summarize, both of these teams have stellar defenses on paper and will have a bit of difficulty on offense potentially. Excellent week 1 matchup. Kyle has the advantage and championship caliber QB play over Drew, however Drew evens it out with his defensive abilities. Kyle is simply too old to play D these days 😉. Black’s first rounder Jamie wont be playing, which really sucks for everyone on the hill who loved watching Jamie light it up on both sides of the ball. So ill move to comparing Luc to Murg. Both are elite on O, but Gold’s Luc has the advantage on D. Jack is certainly an ascending player as is Remy, this one is too close to call. Gold’s King, Taylor, Wyatt are excellent sleepers as are Blacks Criag and matt and perhaps Daniel will shine. I have to go with the sure thing and Gold’s trio there. The bottom half of team Black has a lot of potential but also a lot of question marks. Riley is awesome but young, Jai and Brayden could surprise me, Donovan will shine im sure because he is a Synder, and Miller round out their depth. Later in the season I may pick them over Gold but “not today, not tonight, not this game, tonight we are the greatest hockey team in the world.” Gold has known faces with Tim, Waleed, Patrick, Steven Clarkin, Dougy and Rodney and I have to go with them and the movie reference to Miracle on Ice. If you haven’t seen it you should, Im sure Jelani and team GRAY have seen it since they are American. Anyways I digress. The loss of Jamie here is huge. Gold will win this one on both sides of the ball. I want to see them matchup again in the playoffs.
Gold wins 38-14

1045am North Field Jack-Red vs Jelani GrAy

Love the schedule makers making a rematch of the 2 finalist QBs in week 1. Thank you! College football take notes, we don’t need Alabama playing Panera Bread and USC playing Colgate in week one. Week 1 in college football is when everyone is watching you since NFL hasn’t started yet. Common Man! Learn from the WMFL! Anyways, I have to go with the champ and dynasty maker here in Jelani and team gray, plays both sides of the ball well. This isn’t a slight to Jack who had an excellent rookie season. Nick and Frank are top talent in the league. Both play excellent on both sides of the ball. While Frank is the greatest player on earth as previously mention in my season prediction post, I would take Nick offensively, Nick is crazy elusive, not to say that frank isn’t a stud on O as well. I would take Frank on D though, which isn’t to say nick isn’t a stellar defender. Call this even for now. Grae and Rion are both excellent players and both have yet to hit their peak, perhaps Grae is closer to his peak and Grae balled out in the finals last year. Still though, call this even as well. Dylan vs Jordan McHischer, Dylan has been absent a while and if he shows up in shape ill take Dyl, but for now Ill take Jordy on team Red. Red has Noah and new comer David, David is an awesome name by the way, vs Kyle and Robbie. I don’t know enough about these players but I know Edwards is a rockstar and so is Noah so call it even. A lot of unknowns for me in the next 3 picks with Red having Rodney, Patrick and Quincey but I am unsure of Daren and Markus, JJ makes this even though as he saves Gray here. Red finishes with Alexander with an Eastern European last name which again is awesome, along with Big pete and aaron cody from Animal Kingdom. Gray counters with Josh, Seabiscuit and Billy. Call this even. These two rosters are incredibly even. On both sides of the ball. A lot of new faces though so I can see the scoring being a little bit lower or perhaps the defenses wont be in the right spots? I have to go with Dynasty Man and Franklin for team gray. Will the Frank Curse stop the Jelani Dynasty though?? We shall see.
Gray wins 26-20

1045am North Field Green-Noah vs Light Blue- Matt

Well well well new news just came in and I made a mistake in my previous preseason predictions, Noah is the elite defender and Matt wont be playing much D. Noah also runs a wicked offense, as does Matt. Give me Noah in this matchup for green. Z vs Joe is an interesting one to look at but I cant see Z covering Joe nor Joe covering Z. If anything Tyler will cover Z, and no one can stop joe in the open field so green will use a zone. Joe has the ability to take it to the house everyplay so he has the ad here for light blue. TJ and Tyler, Ill take TJ on offense and Tyler on D, this is a close one though as Tyler is ascending and TJ will use his veteran instincts to the advantage. Slight edge to Tyler and light blue. T.O vs Geoff the Iron Man, Geoff will be excellent on defense and be able to run all day as an Iron Man under 3 hour finisher, but TO is still too smooth on O. Call this even for now, we will see how the season progresses. Justin is new and Mike is somehow related to Matt and thus will have chemistry, have to go with the veteran and now in great shape Mikey for light blue. Will and Jake actually strike me as similar players, both lots of speed, working on their hands, play hard. Greens next 3 are jay best, tony and peter, vs Lindsay, Jesse and duffy, I have to take light blue here since Alex and Duffy are great late picks. The next three are very even for now until I see more but I have to lean light blue as they have young raf, sure handed jules, and jerry vs green’s Dante, Justin and Kyle. I can see lightblue scoring an overabundance of points here if raf plays well, I had them ranked as the top offensive team and green as a team that could struggle on D. Green should also score but they wont open the flood gates like team light blue, light blue has a marginally better D on paper. Both have the potential to score in spades if the chemistry is right.
Light Blue wins a fun one 46-34

1) Light Blue
2) Royal
3) Gray
4) Gold
5) Red
6) Black
7) Green
8) White

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Let the record show that I will not play a down of football in the WMFL this year until my team's name is spelled appropriately on all WMFL documentation.

It's GREY dammit!!

Unless you're talking about the finals last year, then the only acceptable spelling would have been Grae.

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The Ghost of Paul
Weekly Quick Picks

Who is Paul you ask? Haven't you heard of me, the famous prognosticator, Paul the Octopus??


Anyway, when alive I picked the other football, but now I figure I can pick the world-famous WMFL.

If some guy named Colin Cowherd can make picks, why can't I? I probably have a higher IQ. ;-)

Not going to waste a lot of time doing it though. Quick picks.

Week 1: This week will really depend on who actually shows on a long weekend...

9am - Royal vs White - Royal by 14

9am - Black vs Gold - Gold by 10

10:45am - Red vs Grey - Red by 3

10:45am - Green vs Light Blue - Green by 3

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Excited to be back for another season!


As always, thanks Colin for the preseason run down plus the weekly in-depth matchups and picks as I am most definitely a fan of the herd (And everyone else's slightly more mediocre posts).

Ready for week one!

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Team Royale w Cheesus. LETS RIDE!!

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Some people on the board seem to be suggesting that team black may not win this week against gold. Even I, in my arrogance, can acknowledge why this may be true. This isn’t just a game, it’s a family feud. On one hand you have past champ Kyle with a Clarkin brother and with Wyatt, who is a Clarkin affiliate (ie almost family and for tax purposes may marry Nick) and he has the samanski twins, with whom he past won. He has the Dynamic eskins father-son duo who he also won with, and who are the heart of the Jelani dynasty (we’ll get the the veracity of that dynasty, or not dynasty, in a future post). And then you have the mighty mcKaskies- a more fearsome and commuted pair does not exist. And lastly you throw kinger into the mix? Only thing keeping you from winning this week is that you don’t have Wes. One family member missing, and the whole house crumbles! Sure, Kyle is more of a mythical creature than a human man, but his little known weakness is that he can’t see bald. So while he’s blinded by Riley and Donny and Klassen and their flowing locks, the rest of team black will be like stealth fighters on a World War One battlefield, shooting down gold bi-planes all damn day. And you wanna talk family? Team black is the only team that boasts more family that team gold. Drew/Murg/Riley. Snyder/Klassen/snyder, oh, and right - best block out there, the Whitters. Jamie’s not sitting cause he’s hurt. He’s resting because he knows we don’t need him this week against weak team black. There, I said it. I can’t help myself. Te gold is weak cause they don’t put in the effort to win. Team black all day, everyday baby. Stay hard!

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I don’t know what to say, really. Mere hours to the biggest day of our summer. All comes down to tomorrow.

Either, we gel as a league, or we are going to Hepburn. Inch by inch, play-by-play. Till we’re finished. We are in Whitby now, gentlemen. Believe me. And we can stay here and get the beer held back from us, or we can drink our way into Tap & Tankard.

We can climb up Henry Street Hill … one inch at a time.

Now I can’t do it for you, I’m too sober. I look around, I see these Clarkin faces and I think, I mean I’ve made every wrong choice a non-Clarkin man can make. I, uh, I’ve pissed away every chance to marry into the family believe it or not. I’ve looked down on any Clarkin who’s ever loved me. And lately, I can’t even count the number of them in the league.

You know, when you get old, in life, things get picked from you. I mean, that’s … that’s… that’s part of being Drew. But, you only learn that when you start throwing bad balls to a Samanski. You find out life’s this game of inches, so is football.

Because in either game, life or football, the margin or error is small. I mean one half a step too late, or too early and Kinger grabs it. One half second too slow, too fast and Giorgio scores. The inches we need are everywhere around us. Especially if you’re a Clarkin. They’re in every branch of the family tree, every team.

In this league we all have some of their inches. In this league we take pride in ourselves and everyone else around us for those inches. Because we know when we add up all those inches that’s what’s gonna make the fucking difference between SNYDER and GLENN, between KLASSEN and SPACKMAN.

I’ll tell you this, In any fight it’s the guy who is willing to murder who’s gonna win that inch. And I know, if I’m gonna have any life anymore it’s because I’m not going to yell Karma when someone goes down. Because that’s what playing is, picking an opposing player up. Now I can’t make you do it. You’ve got to look at the guy next to you, look into his eyes. Now I think you’re going to see a guy who will share that beer with you. You’re gonna see a guy who will sacrifice two hours if his Saturday morning for this league, because he knows when it comes down to it you’re gonna do the same for him. That’s a league, gentlemen, and either, we play, now, as a league, or we cut grass as individuals. That’s WMFL guys. That’s all it is.

Now, what are you gonna do?

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