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Posted By Posted By: WMFL
Posted On Posted On: Sep 10th, 2022
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: Rankings from the Hill
Posted On Posted On: Sep 12th, 2022
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1. Matt (light blue)
2. Kyle (yellow)
3. Noah (Green)
4. Jack (Red)
5. Jelani (Gray)
6. Spack (white)
7. Joe (royal)
8. Drew (black)

- Matt's team rolled on a short rostered Jelani's team. Their top pick leads the league in scoring. Was Tyler's arm really broken or was it an elaborate scheme to end up with Joe again?
- Kyle's team put up up good numbers on Spack and they have have the Semanski bros. They're both really fast, so I'm wondering if faster and slower refers to IQ?
- Noah got into the W column against Jack. NOvid problems this week.
Joe got in the W column against Drew. He even stole the opposing QB's sons backpack after the game. Who does that?

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Sep 12th, 2022
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Week 2 Where Colin Was right and where colin was wrong! Or this week, WHERE COLIN WAS RIGHT

This was an odd week with so many people claiming they were at a TFont tourney. Little hint to those new to the league…. TFont doesn’t exist. Anyone absent this past week was at 1)Anger Management 2)Referee School or 3) At an NFL game.

Only 2 undefeated teams remain. Light Blue and Gold. 2 winless teams with GrAy and Black. Everyone else is 1 and 1. This is the season of parity and a tough one to predict. Lets see how my predictions went 😉

Jack (Red) vs Noah (Green) WHERE COLIN WAS RIGHT

I predicted Green to win by 16 and they won by 10. I think I will call that a correct prediction. I thought Nick Clarkin was going to be absent for Red which turned out to be false. Nick showed up in great shape and ready to play, even losing some weight in the parking lot pre game. Red was missing Grae though. Red looked good in the early going with Jack finding Nick for an early score burning the aging and slow Z. Jack also got Jordy Hischer, young and talented David Larsson for scores also. Jack didn’t throw a pick all day and looked good. The highlight for Red was the play of the youngster Patrick Downie, that boy is springy and gets to a top speed in a hurry and has hops. Patrick scored a long TD burning the green D and he also had a pick 6. Rodney also chipped in with 2 sacks. Red will be fine but they ran into a green team who were better on this day. Green was unable to get the big play on D, but Justin was able to contribute 2 sacks and Green made stops when needed, holding the Red offense to 16 points. Noah was methodical on offense finding the open receiver all day. Tony, Peter and Z got on the scoreboard, but TJ was the big play maker on this day scoring 3 TDS, man that guy has hands. Green will be a force to be reckoned with and my ranking them 8th place may have been a bit premature. I did notice Green only capitalized on 1 convert, they will have to clean that up. Green has a matchup with the high scoring team White and Spack next, where they should also keep their offense rolling with white giving up tons of points also. Red has a date with team black next as they look to improve to 2 and 1.

Jelani (GrAy) vs Matt (Light blue) WHERE COLIN WAS RIGHT

This one got ugly with the absences of Jelani, Franky and Rion and Dylan throwing so essentially the top 3 WRs gone. I predicted Light Blue to win by 42 and they won by 39, so I will call that a correct prediction again. This game has Dylan step up as QB for GrAy and made a valiant effort. On the first play from scrimmage he attacked Kitch’s zone and Kitch picked it. There might be a backstory there but I cannot be sure as it’s a few years old. The next play was a Joe TD for light blue and it got ugly from there. Dylan involved everyone but a short roster made for a long day. JJ got in the endzone for a score and Bret Seabiscuit got the convert. On D GrAy struggled to stop the shifty Joe amongst all of the light blue weapons. Light blue, however, is more than just Joe, Joe scored his usual 24 points but Tyler got involved, (he dropped in the draft with an injury concern, this may be as sketchy as Wyatt being a 5th rounder), Geoff got 8 poitns, Jake and Connor got converts and Jules scored 6. This score may look ugly but Matt was not running up the score here, he was involving everyone and playing the game the right way. This team is deep and deserving of the top spot so far with the best point differential in the league. Light blue is a scary team and they play the top scoring team in team gold next week which is sure to be the game of the week. Both high powered offenses there, good luck to those two D’s. GrAy looks to get their first win of the season against Jesus and team Royal. GrAy need not to worry, they have the always even keel, calm tempered Franky back in the mix along with Grae and dynasty man Jelani.

North Field Joe (Royal) vs Drew (Black) WHERE COLIN WAS RIGHT!!!

This was a fantastic game. Royal had a full roster, which may have helped or maybe kept the horses off the field more in the first half? Black had a near full roster as well, just missing their stud Jamie. I predicted Royal to win by 10, and they won by 8, so I will call this a correct prediction again!!!! Black had this game for a while, with a big first half lead. Synder had a wonderful halftime speech, shirtless and fired up, getting his team ready to play the second half as the underdogs. Then the second half came and Royal took over and won….. Not going to say correlation means causation here so you can make your own conclusions. Team black looked good in the first half scoring 20 points and rolling. Drew was taking what the defense was giving him. Unfortunately the second half wasn’t as strong for team black. Jack looked great as usual, making a bid to be the best Whitter of all the Whitters in Whitter Nation, scoring 8 points. Riley Walker, (No relation to Drew Walker) scored 12 points and Craig added 6 of his own. Their defense was stout in the first half, limiting jesus but they were unable to force a pick, only added by Daniel Salmers with 2 sacks, he was the better Dan today in the pass rush department, but more on that later. Royal eventually found their footing on offense in the second half and Jesus found Giorgio for 10 points. Those who aren’t aware, Giorgio is kind of fast…, the always reliable timmy scored 6 along with Mike and Bryan. Ben Payne added a pick 6 (I think, my assistant Joy Taylor Left my show the Herd so maybe my information is wrong). For team Royal this win was important as they fought hard to get back into this but they must be worried about their first half performance and how to work in their lineups when they have a full roster. They have a motivated team GrAy next week in a tough matchup. Black looks to get their first win vs Red who are also coming off of a loss. Black has tons of potential and should hold their heads high, they are holding the fort down until on the third day they look to the east and see the riders of Rohan and Gandalf coming to save them at helms deep. Awful Lord of the Rings refence there, I should have googled the real scene but I just mean they need king Jamie back.

White-Spack vs Gold-Kyle Matchup of the day! WHERE COLIN WAS SORT OF RIGHT

This game was a great game played by both teams and both teams should be proud. Gold put up a 50 burger and showed some excellent individual coverage, particularly by Luc. Team white played short with only 6 guys and had to pick up some plug to rush for them. Unfortunately this meant that the sack master Danny Parker could not rush and hence this is the reason team white lost. I predicted Gold to win by 2 and they won by 10 and therefore I am sort of right??? First with team Gold, Kyle looked great all day, finding the open receiver and marching up and down the field with ease. Some quick drives and some slow and methodical. Kyle only threw one INT and it was to his father in the endzone. Gold looked amazing on offense, albeit they were against a short roster, but Luc scored 22, Remy 14, Kinger 6, Wyatt 6 (Wyatt is a 3rd round or higher pick next year exec!!) and Dougie for 2. While their offense looked great, their D had some good individual performances with the likes of Luc, Wyatt, Remy making plays but they still allowed 40 points which cant happen week to week and they were unable to get an INT or sack on Spack. Team white should hold their heads high playing ironman all day in the heat. They still put up 40 with the Mario and Bryce show. Spack goes to his horses when in need and Bryce scored 12 with Mario scoring 26 making him the highest scorer of the day. White struggled to stop Gold and needs to solidify their D with reinforcements next week vs Green. They will be in tough though since Green look hard to stop. Gold has the matchup of the week and a big test vs lightblue. They have had a up and coming and learning team black so far and a shorthanded team white, a true test in week 3 for them.

In case you are keeping track (I am sure no one is because no one cares about my record, but I am now 6-2 for picks on the season)

Power Rankings- This will change a lot in the early weeks
1) Light Blue- Pumped a shorthanded team but got everyone involved.
2) Gold- Another big win keeps them at the 2 spot
3) Royal- Showed GRIT here like the Lions and Dan campbell with a comeback win. Up from 6 spot
4) Green- Seem to have underrated this team, impressive win. Up from last place.
5) Red- Disappointing loss but still a strong team. Down from 3 spot
6) White- Down from the 4 spot but shorthanded they still played well.
7)GrAy- Need to see this team at full strength, down from 5 spot
8) Black- Lots of potential here

I would like to try to start something here:

Player of the week nominees!
I'll say week 1 players of the week were Wyatt and Joe Rocca

I cant do that on my own since I don’t have the redzone package for the NFL. The person who used to film and use the drone for WMFL seems to have had a mental breakdown so I need your help with player of the week Nominees.

I would nominate the following in no particular order for week 2:
Joe Rocca
Please submit your nominees and reasons!

Stay tuned for my weekly picks

Posted By Posted By: David zmozynski
Posted On Posted On: Sep 12th, 2022
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I agree TJ for player of the week! Since he's already nominated I'll throw Kyle Clarkins name in the hat also. Had to rush him for 4 quarters which wasnt fun and he scored 50.

Posted By Posted By: Legend has it
Posted On Posted On: Sep 13th, 2022
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JESUS is not attending this weeks games due to a carpentry job.

Posted By Posted By: faster smnski
Posted On Posted On: Sep 13th, 2022
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@rankings from the hill.

That is indeed correct. The faster and slower brothers never had anything to do with running speed. It's been strictly about brain development/intelligence.

That said, slower one is away at a wedding Saturday so we're in a tough spot against Light Blue this weekend.

Posted By Posted By: Truth
Posted On Posted On: Sep 13th, 2022
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Finally recognition that faster/slower samanski references cognitive capacity. Still, it’s kind of like saying Noah is less bald than drew. Short bus stopped at the samanski house, for both boys.

Snyder is an idiot. His mid-game rant sucked the energy from his team and made them lose. C’mon man!

Light blue is the team to beat. Not an alternate universe folks, Raf droppin’ more bombs than the RAF!!

Colin Cowherd is awesome. Keep up the great work, love your write ups.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Sep 14th, 2022
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I have this week's predictions ready but I am waiting on at least one more player of the week nominee from week 2. Common guys prop eachother up!

Posted By Posted By: Kitch
Posted On Posted On: Sep 14th, 2022
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Joe. For juking two or three defenders on the left sideline, then coming back and scoring up the right sideline. And Robbie for chasing him all the way across the field and never giving up.

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Sep 14th, 2022
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Ben Payne - took a little out route up the field about 60 yards for a touch down to make the game close, then had a key pick that got the ball back for blue on a drive where black could have gone up. Two key, clutch, plays by that young man. I did not enjoy them at
the time, but appreciate them nonetheless.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Sep 14th, 2022
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Thanks Kitch and Snyder for the player of the week nominees!!! Here is the post

Week 3 Predictions. On Fox Sports 1 I call this segment, the blazing 4. 4 and 0 last week so I am looking to keep it rolling. 6 and 2 on the season predictions.

It’s a beautiful time of year with the NFL starting, WMFL in the full swing of things, the air is becoming fresh and the mosquitoes are dying away. Be aware of the bees though. The bees are wonky this time of year.

9am North Field Jelani (GrAy) vs Jesus (Royal)

GrAy needs to get their act together and get in the win column. But Jelani last year didn’t do well in the reg season and turned it on in playoffs so maybe this is apart of the plan. Jesus and team royal are coming off of a nice come back win with a full roster. Its looking like Jesus is out in Bethlehem working as a carpenter this week so as I look through the roster there are a ton of athletes there that can play QB but they may be better served running routes and perhaps Nick Mikos will throw. Whoever throws for Royal, give Jelani the advantage. He is certainly tired of hearing the slander against his team in the regular season. Can’t wait to see the family matchup of G vs Frank. Frank prides himself on his D but he would have a hell of a time with G. On the other side of the ball is what it comes down to, can G stop frank? I am leaning G in this matchup but Franky is probably fired up from week one and may come out like a man on fire. Call this even. Neeraj and rion are totally different players. Neeraj for Royal is uncoverable big body WR but doesn’t play too much D, Rion is young speed and athleticism, give me the Vet Neeraj for Royal. Dylan and Tim have both been in the league a while and both play hard on both sides of the ball. Dylan may be fired up to prove himself from last week as QB, he played well but I am sure he feels responsible, which he isn’t, but it will motivate him. Take Dylan and gray. Ben is playing well this year for Royal, and I will have to take him over Kyle. Jomo vs Edwards, a matchup of wonderful people and veterans of the game, I am leaning Jomo and Royal here. Have to go JJ for Gray over Mike Marci but not by much. Royal’s Michael, Bailey, Bryan have the advantatge for me over Gray’s Daren, The roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and Josh Pringles. The only reason I lean Royal there is because I am aware of their players and I need to learn more about Gray’s Roman leader and Potato chip in a can man. Nick will be throwing for royal and Regai Buffet is a fun name, but no one can match up with Brett seasbiscuit and Billy so ad to gray there. Royal should be okay on D since missing jesus shouldn’t make a huge difference, he hasn’t been playing much D. But without Jesus in the mix they may have to defend a short field if they cannot move the ball. Their D isn’t stout to begin with. Gray should look for a statement game here to put the league on notice. They should be able to stop a backup QB and get the offense in check. Hope this game doesn’t get ugly.
Gray wins 36-22

9am South Field Noah (Green) vs Spack (White)

Green is coming off of a solid win where they played well on both sides of the ball. White should also be coming in with confidence playing short and still putting up 40 points on a great Gold team. QB matchup seems even here, both QBs march the ball effectively up the field and neither plays much defense or has a tendency to scramble. Pocket QBs. Noah spreads the ball all over the place, Spack relies on the big dogs. Call this even. Z vs Mario, Mario is playing like a man on a mission this season on both sides of the ball and he is looking healthy even if he doesn’t feel that way, Z is still working his way into the season so call this even. TJ and Bryce, Bryce may have the speed advantage and youth and coming off a great season but I think TJ is playing lights out this year so far also. Bryce and TJ both look excellent, call it even for now. I don’t see these two guarding eachother much as the teams will likely have to play a zone. TO vs Steve, I have to take TO for green here, on both sides of the ball. Steve, prove me wrong! Harrison and Justin D will be a good one to watch, Justin is learning the game quickly and I haven’t seen much from Harrison this year so I have to lean Justin. Young Buck Carson has looked good in week one and will have his hands full with Will on team green, I have to go with the vet on team green here but Carson may change this as he learns the game and is ready come playoff time. Jay vs Alex is very close, have to call this even for now but Jay is being utilized more so I may change this were it next week and I get more information. Tony vs Sack master Parker. Danny is a specialist at defensive tackle and invaluable there, Tony plays both sides of the ball well. Call it even. Peter and Dante vs James and Glenn, Glenn always makes magic happen and is in the right spot, but Dante and Peter have more upside for green. Justin and Kyle vs Richard and P money. Very close but I have to give it to young Peyton on team white. This matchup will be high scoring. It is tough to stop either QB with all the weapons and 4 steamboats. I like greens weapons and depth more though. Both defenses will have a heck of a time stopping the other team. Green spreads it around a bit more and has more depth of roster as they build for playoffs, white plays like its playoffs and gets it to the top guys as much as possible to win at all costs. Two different strategies here. High scoring game. Coin flip. Ill take the more depth though.
Green wins 44-38

10:45am North Field Raf (Light Blue) vs Kyle (Gold) Matchup of the week, number 1 vs 2

Both teams undefeated and look great. Both teams haven’t been tested too much though. Last week Gold played a short manned white team, and blue played a short handed gray team. Week one gold beat up on the leagues basement team black and light blue fought hard for a tough win vs green. QB matchup is a matchup of elite QBs who are shifty and hard to sack, both can play D if need be. Both have been finding all of the right matchups and using all of their targets. Kyle has 7 players who have scored points, Matt has 8. Not sure who to go with here, maybe even? Kyle has won a championship more recently so I am inclined to lean that way for team gold. I don’t know which semanski is missing, the brighter or dimmer one so Ill pretend both are playing for picks purposes. Joe vs Luc would be a wild one. No one can stop joe in the open field but I think luc is the defender to stop joe from getting the ball often in the first place. On the other side I still need to see more of Joe’s defense in order for him to stop Luc, give me luc here for gold. Remy vs tyler, speed vs size. Have to go speed here as on team gold remy shows up ready to rock everyweek but tyler is balling out this year as well in spite of his playing possum and fake injury to be drafted with his buddy joe Rocca like the old blocked teammates they are. King and Geoff is a great matchup, King loves to play O, Geoff does as well but prides himself on great D, Geoff is an iron man and I have to go Geoff here for blue. Taylor and Mike, two wiley vets. Mike will be used more since he has a last name that is eerily similar to matts for blue. Wyatt and Jake, predraft id say this is a close matchup, but Wyatt is simply drafted too low and he out classes all the 5th rounders, other than the shirtless halftime speech maker of course. So give me Wyatt here for gold. Tim vs Alex, Tim the vet always shows up ready to play, Alex could be more dominant but his attendance is in question and readiness to play is as well so ill take gold’s tim. Have to go waleed for gold over jesse on the account of I need to learn more about Bamby. Patrick vs Duffy, even if they both show up ready to play, Patrick will overtake with another few seasons under his belt. Steven, Dougie and Rodney are all excellent people you want on your team, as is jules, and Jerry, But connor seems to be the game changer here. By seasons end Connor will have himself a mid round pick and the future is bright with a few more seasons under his belt. I think Gold has the better roster here and they proved they can play well during a shootout which this likely will be. Matt and Kyle will both score a plethora of points but who will make the key defensive play when it matters? Id like to say gold but I am not sure since a semanski will be missing. Even playing field im taking gold. Going blue here. Perhaps this will fire up gold being the underdog and I have screwed my own pick? After I finished this paragraph I realized Luc is the one missing, either way I stay with my pick.
Blue wins 42-36

10:45 South Field Jack (Red) vs Drew (Black)

Both teams coming off tough losses. Black thought they had the game and just couldn’t finish it out. Red played well but couldn’t put it all together last week. Both QBs are putting points on the board this season. Drew is more mobile and can buy time for his receivers, Jack has the bigger arm for the deep routes. Hopefully Drew can jump in for some series on D and show that talent off. I would love to see a Jamie vs Nick Matchup. If Nick shows up with enough sleep and limited booze in his system he is elite, he is still great when he doesn’t. Jamie may or may not return this week and if he does he should take it easy so I wouldn’t expect a hero game from him if her returns from his pesky bout STI’s. Give the edge to red Nick here. Not red neck but he is close. Grae vs murg, both great on offense and working on their D skills, Murg jump ball man, Grae some more speed. Ill take murg for black. Jack vs Jordan, both are firey players that work that butts off, Jack has been carrying this team on his back so I have to lean that way, however, Jordan has less pressure to be a standout so perhaps he will step up. Still, give me Black Jack here 21! Or Jack Black School of rock like last year. Noah is getting better every year, Craig though is a tough matchup. I have to go with the veteran Craig for black. Young David is a hell of a player and he is quick and learning fast, by seasons end I may give him the edge but it is near impossible to stop the shirtless Greek god Synder for black. Just be carful if he whispers sweet nothings to his team it becomes a siren song at half time… Daniel vs Rodney is too close to call and I need to learn more about Daniel so Ill lean towards familiarity and Red Rodney. Riley is playing unreal this year which is great to see, Patrick though has shown excellent athletic ability and he has top 3 rounds potential if he keeps learning, both of these players do. Call it even. Quincy beats Jai only because I don’t know Jai other than his name rocks, ill go quincy Red. Red finishes the roster with a lovely eastern European last name Alex, The best Pete, and aaron vs Blacks, Brayden, Donovan and Miller. I still need to learn more about all these cats but I know Pete is a monster as is young Synder so call it even. I have the team black defense rated high and I think they will be able to somewhat bottle up team red, but not to their full capacity without Jamie at full strength so Red will find their way to score. The test is if black can put it together for 2 full halfs. I am worried with Nick, Grae and Jordan all being strong defenders with young David and Patrick adding in hustle and heart. I have to go red here for now. I could be wrong if Jamie shows up and is flying around, he is that much of a difference maker.
Red wins 30-18

Good Luck everyone!

Posted By Posted By: Giorgio Mikos
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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To call me equal with my less talented cousin is disgustingly disrespectful as I am superior in almost every way....

We may be down our QB this week but ill make sure that frank has 0 fun as he will be locked down all game. Even on defence every ball will be thrown his way to show our teams dominance and how not scared we are of his poor defensive efforts.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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F u jerk.

Posted By Posted By: Frank Vs G
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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Frank owns superiority when it comes to number of finals appearances.

Posted By Posted By: Giorgio Mikos
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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He also owns superiority when it comes to number of finals losses

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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Posted By Posted By: G vs Frank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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Based on the response time, it seems G was able to deduce that finals appearances meant finals losses while Frank needed interpretation. Seems faster vs slower is the theme of week 3 familial comparisons.

Posted By Posted By: Da Bears
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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Is Taylor Eskins going to sprint for the first time in 2022 this week ?

Posted By Posted By: WMFL Psychology Department
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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Taylor Eskins is a very fast football player. One of the faster ones in the league.

Posted By Posted By: Paul the octopus
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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The Ghost of Paul
Weekly Quick Picks

Congrats to WMFL on starting the 50th season with a bang!! Solid games all around. Looking forward to more of the same in week 2.

Week 2 Recap (2-2)

Pick 1 - Red by 3 - WRONG - disappointed in the effort by red on offense, but green also took it to them on O.

Pick 2 - Light Blue by 20 - RIGHT - Jelani playing possum in the regular season again or is Light Blue really that good.

Pick 3 - Royal by 6 - RIGHT - Good game by both teams but Royal has the better lineup when Jamie is not there.

Pick 4 - Gold by 10 - RIGHT - But, Spack was shorthanded and kept the game close. Bodes well for them in the future.

Every week the quality of the play in this league impresses. As does the parity.

Week 3 Picks
9am - Grey vs Royal - Grey by 3
9am - Green vs White - Green by 6
10:45am - Gold vs Light Blue - Light Blue by 2
10:45am - Red vs Black - Red by 10

Keep it clean out there and everyone have fun!!

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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Great work Paul. You as well Colin.
As for speed, I wasn't aware of what was transpiring against me on the board from my own family. Apparently, there has been some swindling and conniving. However, my play tomorrow shall silence the haters. For I am not named Tank for no reason. My readiness to react to changing situations, and willingness to fire off and explode are what make me Tank. You will see, as it becomes likely that I straight up punch Giogio in the head at some point tomorrow morning. I for one, hate the kid, and am happy to see him decay into plat. He never deserved the rank of Diamond. idiot

Posted By Posted By: T
Posted On Posted On: Sep 16th, 2022
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@Da Bears, just mind the drops this week Alshon

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Sep 18th, 2022
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That Dolphin’s comeback brings back some memories. 35-14.

Jelani? Z? Mario? Taylor? Kitch? Still got to be the best Finals in recent memory..

Pretty sure Tank still has nightmares.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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Thanks Noah. Nothing like sharing the trauma we once felt together, year after year after year after year.

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