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Posted On Posted On: Oct 2nd, 2022
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 2nd, 2022
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League members! Oct 15th after the games you are invited to head back to Melanie Pringles Restaurant on Thickson in Whitby for mid season celebration. The league exec has treats for this seasons players !!!
That week is also the week of the mid season competition for longest FG, longest Punt, fastest man and most accurate QB
Mark it in your calendars.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 3rd, 2022
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My research has failed me this week. Do we have a ton of absences this week? Qbs? Top picks? Thanksgiving always tricky. Starting my write ups. I think I heard that team black is missing a bunch?

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 3rd, 2022
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Rumour has it gray is missing Jelani, Frank and Rion

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 3rd, 2022
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So yet again Jelani is going to finish at the bottom. Last time he did that his group of black-clad rebels rose from the ashes and executed the high scoring imperial stormtroopers who were led by Spack in the final round Robin. That same team that put up 86 in a single game as “practice” was obliterated like the Death Star. Will we see a repeat rise to power?

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 3rd, 2022
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Tank is on his team this year so no way.

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2022
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Nobody is saying Frank will win, just that Jelani has a history of getting into the dance at the expense of a team who thinks they’ve got a chance to win it all. So does Frank. Except Frank is a Flat Earther who celebrates an annual falling off party on the third Saturday in November.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2022
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Week 5 Where Colin Was right and where colin was wrong!

Wow what a fun week! No blow outs. All games were exciting. The ratings on Fox Sports were amazing! I wish the WMFL was on DAZN to watch it all at once! 11 and 4 on the season predictions so far. I didn’t hit my big parlay this week so I lost money, dammit Royal!


I had red win by 8, Red won by 4. That’s as correct as I can be. Wow this was a fun game. 40-36. Right down to the wire. Spack is down a few points. Drives down for the score. Some time management debacle perhaps gave red too much time to go down and score and take the lead in the dyeing seconds. Excellent experience for both teams in how to play well on offense in the late game. Defense may need some work. Both Jack and Spack looked great, stopping both QBs offenses proved to be difficult for everyone except NICK CLARKIN with 2 ints. Jack is throwing TDs all over the place and relying on Nicky for converts also. Nick with 12 points, 3 converts for that. Grae had 12, Noah 14, and Jordy 2. Red looked sharp. White also marched the ball successfully all day and Spack rarely misses a throw. Spack fed Bryce for 20, last years scoring champ is chomping at the bit to get up the leaderboard, and Mario had 12 and Carson scored 2 coverts. Both Jack and Spack have 2 players each in the top 10 in scoring. Red has 3 ball hawks getting INTS in the top 10. But the real hero is Danny still sitting up top of the sack race. White and Spack have a tough test next week vs Light Blue, Light blue has shown some chinks in the defense they will look to score but can they stop anyone? Red on the other hand plays Jesus and Royal and should continue their scoring ways against a weakened Royal team that had Michael and G go down with injury. Red needs to sure up their defense and this is a nice practice vs a weaker royal next.


I had Light Blue winning a close game by 2 and both teams scoring under 30 now that black is recharged and would put up a fight. They did, but Light Blue still won by 3 in a very tight game. Drew is playing well and using his horses correctly as he learns the routes that Jack and Jamie will run and the speed they run them at, he already knows Murg. Matt raf threw the ball very well today but Light Blue had some untimely drops derailing the offense a bit. Something they need to sort out come playoff time which is very soon. Matt needs Tyler back at full strength and Alex Lindsay to actually show up and help Joe. Matt loves to spread the ball around so if you show him you can make a play and get open its coming. Team black did a good job bottling up Light blue and the shifty Joe but they had no INTs or Sacks to show for their efforts. Joe R has a quiet day with 4 points, FG and a single. Mike Raf looked sharp scoring 12 points. Jake had 8 points. And Duffy added a convert. Black played well on O, only giving up one int to Jake and Mike had a sack. When Drew was throwing he found Murg for 8, Craig for 6, and Jamie for 6. Jamie also did Jamie things and kicked yet another FG. This was a fun one to watch and I would like to see these teams play again in the playoffs when there is more on the line. Light Blue matches up with team white, while whites record may not show it, they are playing much better than the preseason rankings and first weeks indicated. Black seems to be short handed next without Drew, Riley, Jack I believe and some others. Synder may be throwing? They are playing a short handed Grey without Jelani Frank and Rion so that should even out and hopefully people still come out!


I had Gold winning by 1 point 35-34 but they won by 1 point 34-33. It was an awesome comeback as Gray kicked for a point (Rion) and Gold stormed back to win the game before time expired. Kyle looked great today on both sides of the ball throwing and playing defensive tackle, so did Jelani on both sides. A fun game to watch. Big plays being made on both sides of the ball with 2 stacked rosters full of athletes. Kyle was able to spread the ball around a ton and got Luc for 18, Remy for 6, King for 2 (I have a hunch King will come on strong come playoff time), and Wyatt who was shockingly not hungover for this game still got his 8 pts. On D, Gold was only able to get 1 int on Jelani and it was Jelani’s former teammate Luc. Kyle himself pitched in and got 2 incredible sacks on the elusive Jelani. Gray and Jelani moved the ball consistently still and found many players for scores. Jelani had a pick 6 himself, Frank had 6 pts, Rion 5, Dylan 8, Edards 6 and Josh Pringle Can 2pts. Frank also added an impressive INT where he high pointed the ball showing his hops. Exciting game and I think we all want to see these 2 teams play eachother again. Gray is going to be short next week but they are playing a short handed team black so hopefully both squads come out to play a full game. Gold however has a test for themselves vs Noah’s team who, after losing week 1, has won 4 straight games.


I had Royal winning by 8 against the short handed Green team. I forgot Noah is magical and surgical and he put the team on his back and Green won by 16. Green had 5 players but Jesus being a kind Jesus let Green pick up Youngsters Riley and Peyton. He may regret that now as both young guns were awesome. Rough first half by Joe or maybe a good defensive half by Green had Green in the lead at half. Green didn’t really let up in the second half and finished the game strong with a long drive and score to make it a two possession game after a Royal and Jesus played well in the second half and brought them within 8 points. The sad news in this game was G hurt his Hammy and I believe it was Michael who hurt an ankle. Jesus found Neeraj for a convert and many big plays, Mike Marci was the star though getting behind the Green D for 18 points. Jesus himself had a big int late in the game as he tried to bring his team back. Noah though did Noah things and Green put Royal away, TO scored 18 and Z had 16. Jesus wasn’t exactly in Pick City as he only threw one INT that had a consequence and that was by TO. A late INT didn’t matter much for Z. Royal needs to turn it around next week and play a full game otherwise they may get buried by Red. Green has shown they can play short handed and still be fine if Noah shows up in a tough matchup against a loaded Gold squad who broke out of their 2 game slump this past week.

3-1 this week, improving my record to 14-5

Herd Hierarchy for Week 5 going into Week 6

1Light Blue- Looking shakey now 2 weeks in a row
2) Green- Even short handed Noah gets it done
3) Red- Great close win in final seconds
4) Gold- Up from the 6 spot with a triumphant late win over Gray
5) GrAy- Staying at the 5 spot. Close game. They will be ready for playoffs?
6) Royal- Down from the 4 spot. Ugly loss after their big win the week prior.
7) White- Almost played perfect and still lost. Sad
8) Black- This team is scary. Don’t take them lightly

Player of the week nominations:

Kyle Clarkin- QB and made 2 huge sacks to seal it
Noah T- QB for team Green on a short roster still got it done
Bryce- 20 points
Nick Clarkin- TD, 3 converts, 2 ints

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2022
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Super Dave has to be the player of the week.. he had several of the league’s top defenders draped all over him double and triple teamed and still made catch after catch.. with all due respect to those that probably stake a claim to best player in the league, after watching what Super did to Royal, would say it’s SuperDave and then everyone else fighting it out for second best

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2022
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For a team that allows over 30 points a game, I’m not convinced it’s full of the league’s top defenders. Also having played with and against Noah, he would be finding that open receiver who is not being covered by anybody when 3 top defenders are on Dave.

Posted By Posted By: What?
Posted On Posted On: Oct 4th, 2022
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Did I read that right? Is The Bald Rifle throwing for black this week? Wtf?

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 5th, 2022
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It’s true, I’ll be slingin’ on Saturday. I understand that’s the real reason Frank and Jelani and Rion aren’t showing up - fear of a bald planet. I get it, I’d be worried about losing to me too, and you have to admire Jelani’s strategy here…. Knows snyder is his kryptonite (frank might be too, in the playoffs, we’ll see), so skip the game snyder throws so he doesn’t get beat on both sides of the ball. I see you J!
I also have to do well. Drew told me if I do poorly that he’ll trade me to Wyatt for two-packs of smokes and a half-full lighter. I’m highly motivated.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Oct 5th, 2022
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The hall full lighter I’d believe … but no way Wyatt doesn’t live his life “smoke to smoke” and bothering everybody he meets.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Oct 5th, 2022
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Oh yeah … I keep forgetting. Someone left this at the field two weeks ago, so I grabbed it for them. Meant to post it in chat, and got busy and forgot. Remembered when I left the field last week. Not doing too great at this. Anyways, I have your water bottle — come see me.

Posted By Posted By: Spirit of the League
Posted On Posted On: Oct 5th, 2022
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TJ I’m sure collecting water bottles will help you keep your mind off your knee injury. I’m not sure if you noticed, but team Red is undefeated since you you did your post game coaching to the young guys on our team. Team Green will regret that come the playoffs, but hey you can drink out of your “spirit of the league” mug while team red drinks out of the trophy.

You really should be a coach in your next life.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 6th, 2022
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Week 6 Predictions. On Fox Sports 1 I call this segment, the blazing 4. 3 and 1 last week and I am 14-5 on the season.

This should be a tough weekend for predictions with Thanksgiving coming and it causes absences throughout the league. I will still be there to watch the TRUE football players who make time for an hour and a half to support their team and the league on a Saturday morning 😉. A beautiful weekend. Common out everyone to enjoy some fresh air and football before we stuff ourselves with Turkey.

9am North Field Jelani (GrAy) vs Drew (Black) CRANBERRY SAUCE BOWL-Not everyone’s fav dish at thanksgiving and no one would care if this dish/bowl/game didn’t happen. It would be a lovely game but absences are in abundance so we can just have a little treat.

This is a hard game to pick, so many people seem to be absent. Both QBs. I reckon Dylan the Thrill will throw for Jelani and Synder for Drew. The Bald Rifle as someone coined it will have Jamie to throw to which is nice, and I think he will have Murg? So that will help, toss it up to the big dawgs. The QB battle goes to Dylan though with experience and he wants to prove he is a top QB in this league after a rough showing last time this season, he will be without his top 3 receivers though (he is the 3rd). Advantage GrAy there. Jamie is then matched up with Kyle Roberts perhaps? Or Dylan will try to cover? No one will do a good job on Jamie so make a good zone. Advantage Black. Murg vs Edwards, Murg wins by a landslide. Jack is away so it is Craig vs JJ, Criag has this one easily as well. All advantage black so far other than QB. Daniel vs Daren, Daniel is a solid player and takes this one also for black. Riley is absent so its Jai vs Josh, this is a nice matchup. Josh is solid, Jai is a lovely up and coming player so call this even. Seabiscuit and Billy vs Brayden, Snyder Jr. and Miller time. Ill go with team black here since Matt Synder will be able to use Synder Jr very well. This game is ugly and no idea how to pick it. I think Black could have more athletes at the game and Jamie makes a big difference. Dylan will have his hands full without many players. I really have no idea how this game will go. Can Jamie put the team on his back and get blacks first win? Maybe, but ill go with Dylans ability to play QB in this ugly one. Maybe black has more to play for to avoid the bagel in the win column.
GrAy wins 22-18

9am South Field Noah (Green) vs Kyle (Gold) TURKEY BOWL! This is the main course of the meal and everyone’s fav part of the meal/weekend. White or Dark meat? I like both. Gravy please.

Both QBs played amazing last week so this is an excellent matchup. I think both teams should be at full strength, at least as far as I have heard. Other than of course the great TJ. Kyle has had a few awesome games and some games where he was missing players and struggled. Kyle is also very elusive and an excellent defender. Noah distributes the ball week to week like a surgeon and keeps his team in games they probably shouldn’t be. Z vs Luc, if Z is on offense this will be a close matchup but Luc as the chops to get this done without a double team, however, Z wont be able to cover Luc so advantage Gold. Remy vs TO, same thing here I think, TO will be uncoverable as usual but Remy is simply too fast and good to be covered one on one. King vs Justin D. Justin is looking sharp this year and can certainly hold his own but if King plays to his potential he will have the advantage for Gold. Taylor vs Will, both great players. Taylor loves to call the D and is a leader, Will plays well on both sides of the ball and now knows how to catch the ball after a couple drops. Call this even. Wyatt vs Jay, I believe Jay was hurt and may not be coming but either way, Wyatt gets better every week and is fun to watch. Gold advantage. Tim vs Tony, I like Tims savvy play style but Tony is a superior athlete and should be able to give an advantage to team Green here. Waleed vs Peter, Waleed may have the speed but Peter is sneaky good and sure handed so call this even. Patrick vs Dante, Patrick will be great one day like Timmy but Dante currently takes the advantage for Green. Steven and Doug vs Justin C, Justin has the size and hands but Steven is a solid player and dougy is too good looking. Kyle vs Rodney, I will take Kyle in this because I am not sure if Rodney will be showing up to this. The matchup looks like a heavy advantage to gold but I like Green’s ability to make plays and make it happen. I can see both offenses having success. The game will come down to who can make the big plays on D. Gold has more defensive players to make plays. Although, I have a tough time picking against Noah and Green this year as they keep getting it done. Maybe I am a fool, but I am going with Gold and Kyle to make magic happen.
Gold wins a tight game 37-32

10:45am North Field Matt (Light Blue) vs Spack (White) STUFFING BOWL- A very important part of the thanksgiving meal, it’s a lovely treat that only happens at holidays it seems. This will be an important game.

Both Matt and Spack have been playing great this season. Both teams are suffering from some drops. Matt started off hot and has cooled off a bit due to drops but he continues to win other than the blemish vs royal. Spack has been playing well the last couple weeks including before the game vs gray was halted. Matt has the ability to extend the play and has more weapons to use. Joe R vs Mario is a mismatch, while I love mario for his hard play on both sides of the ball, Joe is elite and cannot be covered 1 on 1 with or without the ball. He is also working on his D skills so advantage Light blue. I am not sure if Tyler will play due to injury but he would have a tough matchup vs Bryce. Bryce looks great playing with spack this year as he picks up from his great season last year. Ill take Bryce over a hobbled Tyler. Ad light blue. Geoff is absent so next up is Mike Raf vs Steve and Harrison. I haven’t heard steve much this year, is he playing? Harrison is a solid player but Mike is really looking good this year and Matt uses him well, another ad to light blue. Jake vs Carson, very similar players. Speed, iffy hands, play super hard. Carson will overtake jake soon but not yet, give the ad to light blue and jake for now. If alex Lindsay shows up he will take the cake from Pinto so another ad to light blue. Jesse is on the IR so next up is Duffy vs Danny. You know I love me some Danny getting sacks but I am not sure he will be able to sack Matt. Danny is being used on offense some but I have to go duffy here if he shows up so another ad to light blue. Jules vs James. Both very similar players. Find ways to get open without blazing speed. Both can be used well but Jules is doing great with matt this year so another ad to light blue. Connor vs Glenn, Glenn looks 20 years younger this year and is smart as heck, I have to take glenn over the youngster Raf, advantage white. Light blue is out of players so White has the depth advantage with rising star Peyton. These rosters seem extremely mismatched but I don’t think this will be a major blow out unless Joe R goes off. If anyone else had whites roster it would be chaos but spack will keep them in the game. White just wont be able to stop light blue in this one. Light blue will make just enough stops to win.
Light Blue wins 36-28

10:45am South Field Jack (Red) vs Joe (Royal) MASHED POTATOES BOWL- Everyone needs this part of the meal. And often come back for a second helping. This will be a very good game, just like the stuffing.

Jack vs Joe. Jack has his team tied for first and an impressive 3 straight wins. They are scoring at will. Jack is playing better at the QB position right now. Joe has magic moments where he beats Light blue and a Black team but also has looked shakey in the other starts. Joe can extend the play and has the potential to be great like last season. He needs to put it all together. Joe is also an elite defender. Giorgio is out with an injury which is too bad, would have been fun to see him vs Nick C. Instead, Neeraj, while great as he is will certainly have his hands full with nick. Nick wont be able to stop Neeraj with his size and athleticism but Neeraj or anyone on Royal cant cover nick. Advantage red. Tim vs Grae, Tim is playing excellent defense this year while Grae also looks fantastic. I think I will lean towards tim here since there are so few players that play great D. Ad to royal. Ben vs Jordy. Both similar players, good speed and hands and defense. I will call this one even. Jomo vs Noah, Jomo is excellent however Noah is being utilized fantastically this year and he is in the top 10 in scoring and INTS. Ad to red. Mike Marci is sneaky quick and he burned green for 3 tds last week, however, David is the one to stop him. David plays very hard and wont be drafted this late again. Call this even. I think Michael is out with injury so Bailey is up next vs Rodney and he is just out classed but 2 draft rounds unfortnaelty so ad to red here. Patrick for red is getting better every week and will be a top 4 rounder next year so he has another ad for red. We are left with Bryan, Nick and Buffet vs Quincy, Alexander, Big Pete and Aaron. Bryan and Nick are solid players, Regai Buffet has the best name in the league but Quincy can play, and Big pete is Big pete so ad to red. Red seems to have a massive advantage in this one due to the loss of Giorgio for royal. I can see Red scoring a bundle and Joe having a tough time vs a stout red D. Perhaps people will be absent and make this game a close one. I can see red pulling away though unless Jesus makes magic happen again?
Red wins 40-26

You Canadians have your thanks giving so early. I assume it is because it is colder for you and you must harvest earlier than us from Murica! We have our thanksgiving in Nov FYI and we watch NFL all Thursday and often get the Friday off also. Suckers you only get the Monday off. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 6th, 2022
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I have no problems drinking on the sidelines out of a Spirit of the League cup (though I’d rather be playing). I’ve been fortunate enough to have some ‘old guys’ over the years take the time to show me a thing or two — even though sometimes I was too stubborn to listen to them in the moment. So if I can be that ‘old guy’ now? I’m all for it.

I love this game. And if I can help some people grow their talent and go from “playing football on Saturday mornings” to really loving this sport? I’m all about that. So if you’re a young guy with some athleticism who has questions on how some guys seem to get open all the time — I can probably show you a thing or two if you ask. Happy to help, whether you’re on my team or not … whether we’ve ever talked before, or not.

But if anyone thinks that I should be afraid of coaching up some young guys because then Green won’t win, well … we’ve got a Noah.

And he — and the rest of team Green — don’t care about your defense’s feelings. So don’t get caught monologuing out there.

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 7th, 2022
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The Ghost of Paul
Weekly Quick Picks

Thanksgiving weekend is here. Only 2 weeks left in the regular season and then the real season begins. As the great Colin mentioned it is a little tough to pick this week as it is unknown who is actually going to be there…

Week 5 Recap (3-1)

Pick 1 - Red by 8 - RIGHT - Great back and forth game, but in the end Red made one more stop and pulled it out. White will be a thorn on someone’s side in the playoffs and this Red team looks like they will be a tough out.

Pick 2 - Light Blue by 6 - RIGHT - Light Blue is still the best team in the league and pulled this one out against a Black team that has been struggling to finish games strong. Love their D and lIke White they will pull off at least 1 upset in the playoffs.

Pick 3 - Gold by 6 - RIGHT - Didn’t look like they were going to pull this out, but a great comeback was just what the doctor ordered. This will give Gold lots of confidence that they are never out of a game. Tough loss for Grey, but history tells us that Jelani will bounce back strong.

Pick 4 - Royal by 2 - WRONG - Thought this would be a close one, but a short-handed Noah looked very impressive using his main tools (Z and T.O.). Joe will be okay as long as none of the injuries are long-term. He has a team of veterans and they will bounce-back.

Week 6 Picks

9am - Grey vs Black - Black by 6
9am - Green vs Gold - Green by 4
10:45am - Light Blue vs White - Light Blue by 10
10:45am - Red vs Royal - Red by 8

Thankful for family, food, freedom, and football, more specifically the WMFL. Happy Thanksgiving from the bottom of the sea to all!!

Posted By Posted By: Vegas
Posted On Posted On: Oct 7th, 2022
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North 0900:
Gray o/u 35.5
Black -0.5

South 0900
Green -6.5
Gold o/u 68.5

North 1045:
Blue -4.5
White o/u 76.5

South 1045:
Red -3.5
Royal o/u 59.5

Posted By Posted By: Oh Canada
Posted On Posted On: Oct 8th, 2022
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Hey Colin Cowherd, we celebrate Thanksgiving early to give thanks to the bounty given to us by the land in form of food and crops. You guys celebrate Thanksgiving to commend your skills of stealing land with brute force and armed weapons.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 9th, 2022
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@oh Canada
Canada is a very large country with a trash football league. CFL is for people that don't make the NFL. It's unwatchable. I'd rather watch high-school football, preferably Texas. Odessa Permian Panthers

The only thing Canada does well is the WMFL

Read that in your head. Rhyme time !

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