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Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: The Football Gods
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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Just wondering...how does a game winning pick six happen, but then doesn't appear on the stat sheet?

Are we deeming this one the Immaculate Interception???

Posted By Posted By: Matty Raf
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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What game did that happen in?

Posted By Posted By: Dave z
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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The only stat that matters is the W.

If concerned though check with the ref who writes it down. The person who loads the stats can only load what the stat card says.

Posted By Posted By: Raf
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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Well guys I came walking down the hill before my game and it felt like 2005 when I seen the J-Gun or plums pick sixing to the house. Glad to see the old veteran showing these young bloods he can still ball.

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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I thought I heard a -You Can't Stop This- from the North field!!

Posted By Posted By: Touchfootball Ontario
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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Grae Hayes congrats bud a championship

Posted By Posted By: Touch football Ontario
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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Jelani Adam’s congrats on a championship

Posted By Posted By: Touchfootball Ontario
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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Congrats on making to semis Nick Clarkin and Mike Rafuse

Posted By Posted By: Grae
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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Haha thanks! Back to back CC champs.
Gotta lose to get there. But in between all the losing, are some really good times. Solid group of guys right here.
Everybody balled out this game.

Posted By Posted By: WMFL Drone
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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Footage from the end of the game between white and light blue.


Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 11th, 2022
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So much good about the J-Gun’s pick 6 to seal the win. Best though, was when he yelled ‘hammer time’, then for reasons unknown did the Worm.

Posted By Posted By: Grey Team
Posted On Posted On: Oct 12th, 2022
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I don’t remember JJ doing the worm. What I saw after his pic6 was a flip over the goal line, stuck the landing, tossed the ball in the air, banged four one-armed pull-ups off the goal post, then caught the ball behind his back. Sick!

Posted By Posted By: Raf
Posted On Posted On: Oct 12th, 2022
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Just want to say I hope to see alot of people come back to Melanie Pringles were it all started for alot players. Its nice to see that the wmfl is headin there this saturday after the games. Whos coming?

Posted By Posted By: Light Blue Alex
Posted On Posted On: Oct 12th, 2022
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I'll be attending for sure. I'm looking forward to the battle for #1 and bringing it despite missing most of our best guys.

Posted By Posted By: Legends
Posted On Posted On: Oct 12th, 2022
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J GUn poster

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 12th, 2022
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Sorry for the delay in recap and this week's game predictions. I have not forgotten about the WMFL. My other job at fox sports and the volume podcast is busy this week. Ideally I'll have both posts done by end of tomorrow or Fri morn.

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 12th, 2022
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@Legends. Love the j-Gunn pic!! He looks so happy! I think your pic occurred the exact moment he shit himself. That was a long run for the gunner!!

Posted By Posted By: Legendary
Posted On Posted On: Oct 12th, 2022
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@synder even if JJ did shit himself, he coulda issued a recall and pulled it back in himself. The man is a fuckin legend.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Oct 12th, 2022
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Can't wait to play Noah this week!! After Grey beats Green this Saturday, I'll use my elevated power over Noah to have him finally shut the hell up about the 35-14 loss. SICK OF IT!

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 13th, 2022
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Week 6 Where Colin Was right and where colin was wrong!

An excellent thanksgiving weekend full of exciting games down to the wire. Sorry to anyone who missed it. Maybe I am too good at this ? Nearly picked all the games correctly. COLIN WAS RIGHT 😊. 14-5 on the season coming into this week. This week will improve my predictions.

GrAy vs Black in the Cranberry Sauce Bowl- PEFFECT PICK!!! WHERE COLIN WAS AWESOME

I picked this game to be a win for Gray 22-18 and that was the exact score. Zing! A ton of missing players for this one. The stars were out for Gray since they had they annual meet at the nationals. I like the players who loyalty stays with the WMFL 😉. Black was up 18-0 with the visor and hair synder playing well. Jamie and Murg get hurt though in the 2nd half and Dyl the thrill took over. Or perhaps the J gun took over? He was the story here. Gray stormed back to win 22-18 in a big comeback. This was a fun game but we would like to see both qbs and big dogs present for a rematch. Jamie had 12 points in this one and I think a pick? But I didn’t see it logged on the website. The score keeper logging guy must suck. Murg had 6 also. All this in the first half of course. Murg also had 3 ints. Gray had a plethora of scorers. JJ for 8, Josh Pringle Can for 8, and Billy the hero for 6. JJ also had a sack. Kyle had 2 ints. And Dylan had a pick. Sloppy fun game and both teams ended up full of the worst thanksgiving side, cranberry sauce. Black is locked into the 8 seed and they have a date with Spack and team white next. Can black end the all important regular season with a W and get confidence going into playoffs? It will ride on the health of Jamie and Murg. Gray has a matchup with Green, I am not sure but Gray is fighting for 7 to 5 seed. This will be a tough matchup and Franky is excited to play Noah it looks like.


This game proved to be exactly as I thought, the best game of the day and the best part of thanksgiving. Unfortunately I thought that Gold would win a high scoring affair 37-32 this but it ended up in an exciting tie 44-44 which gold feels as though they won since they had a wicked comeback. This was an awesome back and forth game all day. Both QBs played well. Both teams had near full rosters. Green was up 4 with a few mins to go. They go score quickly to be up 10. 2 point convert is a pick 6 by Wyatt!! Which makes Gold be within one score only down 8. They march down and score on the last play and get the convert. Tie game and both teams finish with some Turkey. Gold gets the tastier end it looks like. Noah played awesome getting green to score with TO getting 6, Will had 2, Tony had 12, Dante had 2 and Z had 22. Noah only threw the one INT to wyatt at the end. Kyle did Kyle things and had Luc with 16, Remy with 20, King with a one handed 6. Kyle only had 2 ints but both were inconsequential to Z. TJ had a sack before Kyle arrived. Awesome game and cant wait to see a rematch. Gold has Royal next week it will be tough for them to jump ahead of green with that tie and a large plus minus deficit, it looks like they are locked into the 4 slot. Royal however will likely be short handed. Green however had a tough matchup with Gray next week where they can stay at 3rd or move to 2nd depending on what happens with the red and light blue game. It appears red will win with light blue short handed and with a Green win they will jump to 2nd since light blue will have 2 loses and Green just the 1 and the tie. Who knows though. Green needs to play well this week. Gold really doesn’t have much to play for as they are 4th either way. The all important regular season!

Light blue vs White STUFFING BOWL- Where Colin Was Right!

This was an exciting back and forth game! I thought Blue would win 36-28, but they won 27-24 in a nail biter close finish so I will call this correct but almost. This was a good back and forth game. Some say Spack may have had an off game but that’s for his high standards. Joe and tyler were able to get ints. Tyler had a sick 1 handed pick. This was a very defensive game. Spack had 5 mins to score with a tie game but he had a pick in the endszone giving raf 3 plays. First play was a huge 50 yard bomb to alex Lindsay, great throw by raf. Gets them close then joe added another 15 yarder turning it into about 30 then he had a last second field goal to win and allow Light Blue to win the stuffing bowl. Man I love stuffing and great games like this. Spack got his guys involved and Mario had 8, Bryce with 6, Carson with 2, and Alex with 8. Unfortunately, Light Blue had several INTS. 2 by matt raf, 1 by joe, 1 by tyler, and one by Mike Raf which hurt the white offence. When light blue had the ball raffy hit duffy for 2, tyler for 8, and 14 for Joe R, Joe also had the game winner FG. Another close game for Light Blue, No longer living on the blow outs! Light blue has a big matchup for 1st place next week vs red. They will be without Tyler Joe and Jake though. If they win they are 1st. If they lose and Green wins they will fall to 3rd, if they lose and green loses then they end up in 2nd. White next week has Black and they can finish anywhere from 5th to 7th depending on a win or a loss so I imagine they will be playing hard.

Red vs Royal- MASHED TATERS BOWL!- Where colin was right

I thought red would win 40-26 but they only won by 4 points 28-24. Shoot out at the mashed potato bowl between Jack and Jesus(Jack and Jesus sounds like a strong cocktail) Back and forth game. Nick, grae and Jordan were feasting today on thanksgiving. Quincy was a putting a lot of pressure on Jesus. Neeraj, Tim and Macri were cooking it up on offensive. Bailey and Jomo played hard on Defensive but didn't make it hard enough (that's what she said) for Jack as he was able to drive at the end and get the last scoop of mashed potatoes w a TD to grae. Royal goes home hungry. Noah got hurt for red, hope nothing serious. Patrick played great. Jack hit Nick for 2, Grae for 8, Jordy for 6 (Great photo on the WMFL insta of Jordy), and Patrick for 12, only Bryan could get a sack on the great jack. Jesus was able to hit Neeraj for 12, timmy for 6, and mike up and coming marci for 6. They really miss Gorigio. Jordy picked off jesus once but quincy was the story with 3 big sacks. Coming for Danny! As state already red has the big matchup vs Light Blue for 1st. If they win they get 1st, if they lose they can drop to 3rd depending on what happens in the green game. Royal on the other hand has a gold matchup next. Gold does not have much to play for and maybe Royal rests G for another week in hopes he can return for playoffs as royal is in that ugly 5-7 mix that I don’t even want to think of all the possibilities.

3-1 this week. Improving my record to 17-6

Herd Hierarchy going into the last week of the all important regular season.

1Light Blue- good experience getting it done in tight games will be key for playoffs
2) Green- tough tie here, hard to move them down though
3) Red- Great win so they stay top 3
4) Gold- Showing again how dangerous they can be. Scary to be in their pool at the 4 seed
5) GrAy- Staying here. They won with a shorthanded roster.
6) Royal- Still here huh?
7) White- Need to see more to move them up
8) Black- Playoffs near but injuries and absences are hitting.

Player of the week nominees!:
Remy for Gold had 20
Murg had 6 and 3 ints
Z with 22 and 2 ints
Joe r with 17 and the game winner FG and an INT

Posted By Posted By: JJ
Posted On Posted On: Oct 13th, 2022
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Really enjoying the talk this week...even an old dog has his day.

@Raf love the J Plums reference, haven't heard that in forever, who knew you were supposed to wear shorts over top your your football pants??? :)

Thanks for coining the term Mike Hadden, hopefully we'll get to a see a Hadden or two at the Mid Season!!!

Posted By Posted By: The Ghost of Paul
Posted On Posted On: Oct 13th, 2022
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The Ghost of Paul
Weekly Quick Picks

Last week of the regular season is here and along with it the skills competition. Should be a great Saturday to be on the fields.

Week 6 Recap (2-2)

Pick 1 - Black by 6 - WRONG - This looked like it was going to be the right pick, but then J.J. had to go and do old-fashioned J-Gun things. Hopefully the Black injuries are not too serious as I still believe they can cause someone problems in the playoffs, if all there and healthy. Grey is the same, as Jelani has always proven to be a tough out come playoff time.

Pick 2 - Green by 4 - WRONG - Again, it seemed like Green was going to prove me right, but Gold made another amazing late conmeback. That's 2 weeks in a row. That is a dangerous way to play though, which may bite them in the end. Green will be fine and will be another tough, experienced team to beat in the playoffs.

Pick 3 - Light Blue by 10 - RIGHT - Thought they would win by more, but they needed a last play FG to pull it out. White put up another good fight, but just don't seem to have the finishing touch. Light Blue's D is even more impressive than their O and make them the favorites still.

Pick 4 - Red by 8 - RIGHT - Thought Red would take this by more, but other than 1 week this year, close games have been the norm. With Giorgio this might have been a win the other way. Red is good at using the entire team and those young legs are going to be a benefit in the second season. As I stated last week, Joe and his experienced lineup will be fine, especially if Giorgio takes the time to heal right.

Week 7 Picks

9am - Black vs White - Black by 2
9am - Green vs Grey - Green by 6
10:45am - Royal vs Gold - Gold by 4
10:45am - Red vs Light Blue - Red by 2

Skills predictions
Longest Punt - Noah Hazlett (If injured, Frank Katradis)
Longest FG - Jack Whitter
Most Accurate QB - Kyle Clarkin
Fastest Man - Patrick Downie
Fastest over 40 - Drew Walker

Remember to have fun out there. It's the best way to spend your Saturday morning!!

Posted By Posted By: Play of the Year
Posted On Posted On: Oct 13th, 2022
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Where the drones at ?? Saw Tylers unbelievable interception from a mile away, would love to get another look !

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 13th, 2022
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Week 7- Blazing 4! Last week of the all important regular season-17-5 on the season coming into this last week.

Reminder to read the recap above

So many possibilities coming into this week. The seeds for the 2 pool playoffs are as follows. 1,3,6,8 and 2,4,5,7. The top 4 teams are very strong so it is nice to get them all split up. But the 6-8 seeds are all dangerous. All the standings reset after this week so it is really one last week of preseason until the PLAYOFFS start.


Also. EVERYONE COME BACK TO MELANIE PRINGLES AFTER THE LAST GAMES ARE DONE. Probably at like 1:30pm. Perhaps I will be there?

9am North Field Spack (White) vs Drew (Black)

Black doesn’t have much to play for since they are locked into 8 and have a surplus of injuries so they may rest the big guys like tyler and jamie. The good news is Black should have Drew back and jack. The QB matchup should be a fun one. Spack wants to bounce back from a rough outing last week with lots of picks. Drew wants to get on the board with a W. A lot of motivation on both sides. White can finish 5-7th. Jamie is out for Black so next up is Murg vs Mario. I don’t know if Murg will be healthy so I have to lean Mario here. Mario is a baller and may have taken this even if murg healthy. 3 ints last week for murg though! Ad to white. Bryce vs Jack. Bryce is being used very well by spack. Jack is also a second rounder so this should even out well. Both are strong players. Jack plays with more aggression on D so ill go jack for black. Craig and Synder will easily take young carson and the absent Harrison. Both players for black are playing well and play hard even in the regular season! Salmers vs Pinto next. Pinto finally balled out last week for white, but salmers has been steady this year showing good prowess on D. He is working on his hands on O. Ill call this even. Riley vs the Sack master. I think danny may get some sacks in this one since Drew will hold the ball sometimes and underestimate the great danny and he ability to rush the passer like Dwight freeny. But Riley plays both sides very well using his size and speed so Ill take Riley here for black. Jai on black hustles like crazy. James is a solid player but I need to go Jai here for black. Braeyden vs Glenn, Glenn hustled us this year saying he should be drafted this late, nonsense. He is healthy and playing well. Ad to white. Young synder vs Richard and P money. Close matchup. P money and Young synder both play well but there is a slight size advantage for Synder. Miller and pyefinch are even steven. Like George and Elaine. Jerry always ends up even steven. I think white will want play hard in this one as spack always does and will get the offensive confidence going before playoffs. Black is missing Jamie but still has studs and should get some stops. Black should be able to score unless murg is also out then jack has a lot of pressure on him to get open and he could get doubled leaving synder and craig to have a day. I have to go with white in this one. Black will get a win in the more important season next.
White wins 38-20

9am South Field Noah (Green) vs Jelani (GrAy)

Both teams have motivation and playoff seeding to play for. Frank wants to beat Noah. QB matchup is a great one. Both very accurate and have championship pedigree. Jelani has mobility on his side. Noah has recency regular season chemistry on his side with his guys. Frank vs Z. Both seem to be playing well at this juncture in the season. Franky, while busy with nationals and tournaments is now focused on the league. Loyalty here in WMFL please franklin! Frank has a better chance to cover Z then Z does to cover frank. Ad to grey and Franky. I am sad TJ is playing at half speed, otherwise this matchup would have been closer. Have to go ad to grey and rion here who is a top athlete in the league now. TO vs Dyl. TO and Noah have a great connection, Dyl wont be able to cover him one on one. Dyl though has speed on his side and will make it tough for TO to cover him. Kyle Roberts is a sneaky good pick for Jelani as is Justin D for Noah. If both show up they will cancel eachother out as they learn the league. Will vs Edwards. Both have speed. Both get open. Both are working on catching the ball each play. Jay best vs the J gun. I think Jay best has been absent a bit? I haven’t seen him. Hard to go against a reloaded and powerful J gun though! Ad to grey. Tony wins the next matchup for green vs Daren. I just haven’t seen enough yet from daren. I think Peter has been in street clothes lately so I am not sure he will be matched up vs Pringle Can so Ill go with hot and spicy pringles please for grey. Dante and Justin vs Seabisucit. Brett is certainly the most vocal and passionate but Dante and Justin are very solid players so ad to green. Last is Kyle vs Billy. Billy is too wonderful. Kyle is a solid player but how can anyone say no to Billy. If grey shows up and plays they have a lot of athletes to try to stop Noah. I don’t think they do stop him but maybe stop him enough? Noah always scores and he has the highest scoring offense this year but gray has a top 3 D. Grey has a bottom 3 offense though and may have chemistry issues with absenese? And use this game as a tune up for playoffs? I think Green makes just enough plays on D to get the win. I need to stop picking against green. This is a close fun game. I hope cooler heads prevail and no one yells 😉
Green wins a tight game. 32-26

NOTICE THE GAME TIMES- Mid season will happen inbetween here

11:15am North Field Joe (Royal) vs Kyle (Gold)

Royal is in the 5-7 seed mash up and has some motivation to play. Gold is stuck in the 4 spot it seems so they don’t have much to play for other than keeping confidence going and enjoying the beautiful sport. Royal has looked pretty rough since beating Light blue a few weeks ago. They really need G back. Kyle has back to back weeks of scoring a bunch. Both QBs Jesus and Kyle are elusive. Can throw it deep. Accurate and are able to take the underneath when its there. Both also play good D. Love this matchup. I hope to have a beer with both at Melanies after the game. Luc vs G would have been fun but it wont happen I don’t think. G needs to be ready for playoffs. Luc vs Neeraj will be a great one. Neeraj is always awesome but Luc is making a case for MVP on both sides of the ball. Ad to gold. Tim plays super hard this year on both sides its awesome but it’s a tough matchup vs Remy. Remy maybe too tired from the big sprint off?? Nah, advantage gold. Remy trains for this. Ben is looking sharp this year but King has that ability to make a huge play. Another ad to gold. Taylor vs Jomo is a closer one. Both are very similar defensive players and both are solid on O. Call this one even. Wyatt and Mike marci are both acending players who catch the deep ball wide open with their speed. Wyatt though can make excellent offensive and defensive plays so ill take Wyatt for gold. I think Micheal is still hurt for Royal so its Tim vs Bailey. Tim is too solid another Ad to gold. Injuries are messing up this game pick. Sorry for less shoutouts here but Waleed, Young McCaskie, Steven, Dougy and Rodney are simply too much for Bryan, Nick and Buffet. Royal is in tough without their top player. I do think this will be closer than the analysis predicts based on potential gold looking ahead to melanies and having beer first and saving energy? Or maybe Jesus makes magic happen and keeps it semi close. Friendly fun game here I hope. Gold will get a lot of stops, will they score at will on Royal? I think so.
Gold wins 40-24

11:15am South Field Jack (Red) vs Matt (Light Blue)

Battle for first!! But Light blue I believe is missing the top 2 picks and their 5th. Makes this player analysis almost useless. Perhaps Matt though will play out of his mind with no pressure to win and will get it done. He plays solid D, he throws well and buys his WRs time! Jack may have pressure being a big fav and find it tough to get motivated. Nick vs Joe would have been aweseom. Nick though now has Geoff. Ad red. No slight to Geoff would is great. Grae vs tyler would have been fun but now grae vs Mike raf, Grae has this one for red but Mike is sneaky good with his brother. Jordy vs Alex Lindsay is now closer even though a big round disparity. If Lindsay shows up he will be good. Jordy though is looking sharp this year. Noah if healthy has the add over Bambie. David is awesome and has the advantage over duffy. Rodney and jules can be close, jules is used well but Rodney is too good. Red again. Patrick maybe the steal of the year with wyatt, so Patrick has this over young raf. Quincy Pete Alex and Arron will just be too much depth over Jerry Joy. I have to love a name that is an alliteration though jerry! I hope Matt raf plays out of his mind to make this game watchable. I think he can. Missing top players really hurts but depth does matter also. The problem is that Red has great depth and top players. Red should light it up. Light blue should get a couple scores.
Red wins 48-18

17-5 for my picks in the reg season. Lets see what happens here

Midseason Skills

Most Accurate QB- Spack vs Kyle vs Matt raf and big pete makes it in the finals. Spack wins.

Fastest man- Remy again. Wish G or Joe R would run. Patrick Downie is the other Fav perhaps.

Longest Punt- Jordan Hischer or Bryce. Jordy though.

Longest FG- Nick Clarkin or Luc. I guess I have to pick one. Luc

Fastest over 40- J gun !? How old is Will J? Tim W? Edwards? Drew? Craig? Synder? Glenn? Need to check ID on this one. These cats all look great and young. No idea if 29, 35, 39, or what. Silver Foxes. Ill take Will J but not even sure he qualifies.

Reminder to come to melanie pringles after the last game is done.

Posted By Posted By: 80s retro
Posted On Posted On: Oct 13th, 2022
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Noah and the heart breakers

Posted By Posted By: Melanie pringles
Posted On Posted On: Oct 13th, 2022
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Turn back the clock
J-Gun and Pyfenich

Posted By Posted By: President alumni
Posted On Posted On: Oct 13th, 2022
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Finally got the trophy
Mark Goulet

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 13th, 2022
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Upon close review of the pic of JJ and pyefinch from 28 years ago, if you look to the far left, you will see a picture of a pregnant JJ. And from that mighty man-womb, 6 weeks and 426 Wildcat Strongs later, JJ gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Natural birth. When the doctor asked the gunner if he needed an epidural he said, “hell no”, lit a fresh cigar, and brought Mark Murray into this world.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Oct 15th, 2022
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@Colin Cowherd. You'll be regretting your pick of green over GrAy for tomorrow. It's raining, and we ALL know what that means.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Oct 15th, 2022
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C’mon, Frank — Cowherd learned his lesson in betting against Green. He’s got the winning strategy now.

Posted By Posted By: Hadden Jr.
Posted On Posted On: Oct 16th, 2022
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I don't even play but I am allowed to have beers with the guys more than Drew... very poor no show!

Great to see everyone!

Posted By Posted By: Drew
Posted On Posted On: Oct 16th, 2022
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@Hadden Jr. Sorry I couldn't make it buddy. You let me know when you're allowed out again, we'll go for some pints. I'll even drink a draft Guinness to make it up to you.

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