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Posted On Posted On: Oct 16th, 2022
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: Moneyball - WMFL style
Posted On Posted On: Oct 17th, 2022
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analytics have been a big part of sports.. we have 7 years of data.. maybe more? Let’s see how the QBs sort out. Will try to do players later but harder

Posted By Posted By: Moneyball
Posted On Posted On: Oct 17th, 2022
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Yearly stats

Posted By Posted By: Last one
Posted On Posted On: Oct 17th, 2022
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Last three years

Posted By Posted By: Light Blue Alex
Posted On Posted On: Oct 17th, 2022
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The wind was blowing shit everywhere I managed to snag this. Let me know if this is yours and I'll get it back to ya

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Oct 17th, 2022
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Noah got off lucky last week with the rain avoiding the early games. Noah's first 5 passes of the game ended in interceptions to yours truly. Unfortunately for me, I proceeded to drop the first two wide open passes of the game that Jelani threw to me. Maybe I should only be playing one way???

Colin might have some other insider info, but I have learned Dave Z's weakness. Pitchers. Pitchers and pitchers of beer. Like, 20 pitchers of beer. Especially if they are at 'A Stone's Throw' in Bowmanville. Unlucky for me, Green is in the other division. I want another shot at you fools!

LIGHT BLUE!!!! You guys are in trouble this week. I know I may have given you a scouting report, but I may have been a little misleading in my scouting report. After a round of physio, and some massage therapy from one of Deshaun Watsons' famous masseuses', I am ''feeling dangerous' -Baker Mayfield' - Dave Z. As good of an offense unit as you guys are, I know how to exploit a defense and score even when feeling like there is no hope. And if all else fails, Team GrAy has BILLY. Checkmate.

Red and Black, you guys are next >:)

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Oct 17th, 2022
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TWO (2) of Noah's first 5 passes ended in an int. The 4th an 5th.

Posted By Posted By: Jack Whitter
Posted On Posted On: Oct 17th, 2022
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@light blue alex. Thats mine. Thanks for grabbing it.

Posted By Posted By: Dave z
Posted On Posted On: Oct 18th, 2022
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False Franky. Pitchers and pitchers at a stones throw pub is not my weakness. It gives me strength đź’Ş. Hence I will be ready to roll this Saturday vs Jesus feeling extra dangerous. Welcome to pick city Jesus, shocked you have returned after the last stay didn't go well for you.

Posted By Posted By: Junius
Posted On Posted On: Oct 19th, 2022
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I picked up this ball, I'll bring it this week.

I also lost a CFL ball that has my name on the bar code, did anyone pick that up?

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 19th, 2022
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Where colin was right and where colin was wrong from week 7!

Skills contest was fun to watch I hear. And someone said Melanie Pringles was great also. I am sad I missed it but I had duties with FOX Sports.

Skills contest for team RED. I mean for the WMFL.

QB Accuracy was Jack RED - Wrong for me
Fastest man- Remy GOLD. Not even close. I wont even count this as right. Automatic
Longest punt- Nick Clarkin RED. I had this guy for FG. Wrong for Colin.
Longest FG- David Larsson RED. I was wrong
Fastest over 40- Loved to see a few running it. Murg BLACK wins.

17-5 going into the last week lets see how I did. Not much of a recap for this week. The fun part is about to happen and I was absent this week to see the games and no one sent me any recaps.

White vs Black- Where Colin was Wrong!

I had White 38-20 but black got the big W!! 25-20 Awesome confidence booster here to get a W without Jamie. Excellent way to go into the playoffs for black. Didn’t change their standings but it changed their hearts. This is a new season now! White suffers a loss but it doesn’t change much. They are slotted in at the 5 spot since they beat the other 2 win teams. Just hurts to have a rough loss before the playoffs. For white we had Bryce with 6. Carson had 6 and Pinto had 8. And peyton added 2 sacks. For team black there was murg for 2, jack for 20 craig had 2 and Daniel added a sack. White now has a tough matchup vs Gold in their first of 3 round robin games. Gold is a very stout 4 seed. Black starts off vs the number 1 seeded red in week 1 of the round robin. Here we go!

Green vs Gray Where Colin was Right! In spite of frank disagreeing with my pick

I had green winning by 6 but they won by 18. A good way to finish the season for team green. Team Gray had promise in the first half but ended up fizzling out. It okay though playoff time is a new season all together and records mean nothing. All a reset. Gray had Frank score 6, Rion 6, Kyle 10 and Josh 6. Frank also added 2 ints. Green had points all over the place. Kyle had 2, Dante had 2, Tony had 8, Will had 12, Z had 22. Will also added an int and Tony had 2 ints. No sacks in this game. Green clinched the 2 seed in this one and will play Royal next in what some may call a trap game if they aren’t careful. Gray starts off vs Light Blue, the first seed all year until the final week. This is due to be a great game.

Royal vs Gold- Where Colin was Right!

I had gold by 16 but they won by 24. Close enough. I heard this game was super sloppy. Royal showed up with 5 guys. A 6th showed up later. Fun times had all around. Gold knew they were locked into the 4 seed and had several people play QB that day I heard. I heard that one player played for both teams? Common man. Pickup ball at its finest I guess. Royal was short handed and is looking forward to next week vs Green in hopes they have Giorgio back and a full squad for the playoffs. Gold has a matchup vs team white next where they look to start their playoffs the way they finished, with 3 strong performances.
Red vs Light Blue Where Colin was sort of right?
I had red in a 30 point blow out since blue was short handed without their top guns but red also looked shorthanded (too busy winning the skills contest I guess) and they made it a hell of a game and only won by 1 point. Red had Nick score 9, Noah 8, Patrick 6. Noah, David and Patrick all had an int. Rodney added a sack. For blue there was scoring by Geoff with 2, Mike raf with 14 and Alex with 6. Matt raf and duffy had ints and Jerry Joy had a sack. Red gets the first seed and rewarded with a matchup vs a very eager and excited team black. Light blue finishes first all year and one week slips up and now they are the 3 seed and have a brutal matchup vs Jelani and team gray.

20-6 on the season for my picks as if people care.

Not doing player of the week anymore since no one else nominated anyone really. Maybe Ill try again in playoffs.

No more power rankings needed. Its time to make my playoff predictions. Anything can happen now that our preseason ahemmmm regular season is done and we move to the important games in the round robin playoffs!

Pool with Red, Light Blue, Gray and Black.

Red and Gray move on with Red the top seed in the round robin. This is stunning team light blue with either a big gray win somewhere or black does damage.

Pool with Green, Gold, White and Royal.

Green and Gold move on. Gold with the top seed. Gold beats green in week 3 of the reg season to take the top seed.

Semi Finals then:
Gold vs Gray
Green vs Red

Still need to see how these teams fair during the round robin phase to predict the semi final and final outcome.

Stay tuned for this weeks game picks

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2022
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Welcome to week 1 of the real season! Playoffs baby! No more preseason. We had 7 warm up games for the big show.

No need for player to player matchup comparisons anymore since that’s been done for everyteam.

The Trash Talk board is quiet so there isn't any reading material for me. Makes me less inclined to spend time writing. Here it is:

9am North Field Gold vs White

This was a high scoring affair in the regular season with a week 2 win by Gold, 50-40. I see no reason why this wont be high scoring again. White has not shown much of an ability to stop anyone. And Gold has been hit or miss on defense. The offenses with White with spack could go off, and so can gold with Kyle and his plethora of weapons. This is an interesting matchup with size with White, Bryce, Mario and speed of Gold Remy, Luc, etc. I like the matchup for speed in this sence since size will have to make tough contested catches but speed can be wide open. Also Yellow has wyatt and king to combat the size of white. Carson, Pinto, Glen and Peyton will have their work cut out for them. I think white is simply outclassed in this one even with Bryce and Mario being excellent and Spack has potential to go off. Gold is just too strong and if kyle throws well which he has been of late, the depth of taylor, waleed and steven will be great to go with their top guns. I like Gold in this matchup. It could get ugly seeing is how it’s supposed to be a beautiful day and weather shouldn’t be a factor. White does get some scores though.
Gold wins 48-30

9am South Field Light Blue vs Gray

The first matchup was an ugly one, light blue won 47-8 in week 2. This feels like this game never happened though since gray was missing their QB and Rion and Frank. Cant say this game will go the same way. On paper this should be a very good matchup. Joe R seems unstoppable and I hope Frank can help stop him. It will take a committee to make that happen. Gray has play makers all over the place with Rion, Dylan, rising star Kyle, Melanie Pringles Cousin Josh, Elder statesmen Edwards and seabiscuit and JJ. I wonder if all those are enough to stop Joe, Tyler if healthy, Geoff, Mike, Jake, Alex, Duffy and sneaky good jules. I feel like Light blue has solid athletes on D to stop Rion and Frank. But Jelani can make magic happen. It is playoff Jelani after all. Not to say matty cant get it done in the playoffs. Can joe R and Tyler though? I don’t believe they have ever been a fav. I am taking a long shot here which really shouldn’t be that much of a long shot.
Gray wins a stunner. 30-24

10:45am North Field Red vs Black

Red beat black 22 to nothing in week 3. Hard to take much from team black then. They are a different team now. Red however has geled nicely since then. Only having one loss all season and it was week 2 vs green. I wish I knew the health status of Jamie but it was good to see Murg healthy winning the fastest man. Jack is playing well and craig and synder are always awesome. Black has a fresh start and Red could become complacent. Jack though is playoff jack. Nick is always a playoff stud and we remember grae last year in the finals so red should be able to pull this one out. I am curious to see how Jordy does for Red. Noah should be wicked as usual. Red though has serious depth with Patrick and David and quincy. Blacks depth however is perhaps too young for this moment ? Or maybe they will not feel the nerves of the moment?
Red wins this one. Black wont be making their stunner on this day.
Red 30-20

10:45am South Field Green vs Royal

Green got the better of Royal in week 5, 36-20 but this was the game that G hurt himself. Will he return again the same Green team? That will be a big factor in this game. Royal just isn’t the same if G isn’t at full strength. I am going to estimate that G plays and is a factor. Maybe not 100 pecent but even him at 75 is dominant. Both teams can be deep if everyone shows up. Jesus has not only G , Neeraj, Ben and Tim both playing well and Jomo but also the rise of Mike Marci, and Bailey has helped them. Noah and Green may be missing the Great TJ but Noah spreads the ball everywhere to TO, Justin D, Dante, Tony, Will, Jay, Peter, Kyle. I wonder if this game will go like the first? I think not. Jesus will get his guys rolling from the get go and start scoring. The problem is I don’t think they can stop Noah and his numerous targets he has. I think Green makes more stops than Royal but this one is closer than the last game.
Green wins 38-30

Enjoy the warm weather! You guys will have weather similar to where I live. LA LA Land California.

Posted By Posted By: Snyder
Posted On Posted On: Oct 20th, 2022
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Am loving the WMFL playoff brackets!!! The baby Jesus looked down and gave Team black an absolute GIFT in a first round matchup with Red. Buncha bums and an easy first game for Black. Let’s go!

Posted By Posted By: Vegas
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2022
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North 0900:
Gold......... -7.5
White........ o/u 76.5

South 0900:
Blue......... -10.5
Gray......... o/u 61

North 1045:
Red.......... -14.5
Black........ o/u 42.5

South 1045:
Green........ -17.5
Royal........ o/u 59.5

Posted By Posted By: faster smnski
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2022
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playoff Jelani? Black covers that 10.5 spread easy money

Posted By Posted By: faster smnski
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2022
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shit, meant grey covers the spread easily, black not so sure lol

Posted By Posted By: Lost and Found
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2022
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The league bag is too damn heavy. Claim it or lose it.

Posted By Posted By: Lost and found
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2022
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XL Karbon pants, kids thrasher hoodie, blue and grey hat. Black shirts. Someone’s old etfl hat.

I’m wondering if the etfl hat is a trophy. The same one that was being worn when Frank was head butted in field.

Posted By Posted By: Lost and found
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2022
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Posted By Posted By: Kitch
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2022
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Look for the white bag marked lost and found tomorrow. Contents unclaimed will be thrown out tomorrow.

Posted By Posted By: The Ghost of Paul
Posted On Posted On: Oct 21st, 2022
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The Ghost of Paul
Weekly Quick Picks

Here we go... Playoffs are here.

Great final weekend of the regular season and lots of fun back at Melanie Pringles afterwards. Glad I didn't see anyone eating calamari!!

Week 7 Recap (2-2)

Pick 1 - Black by 2 - RIGHT - Nice postive-vibe win leading into the playoffs for Drew. Look out for these guys in the playoffs! White had a tough day. They have the potential to pull an upset in the playoffs, but I don't see it being sustainable.

Pick 2 - Green by 6 - RIGHT - Noah and his team look ready to put in a long playoff run. Strong across-the-board with the experienced field-general. Finals-bound perhaps? Past tells us that Jelani will be a tough playoff out, but I am not sure this 'team' is one that go all the way.

Pick 3 - Gold by 4 - RIGHT - Thought this would be closer, but Royal was short-handed, picking up some help from the sidelines. Gold has a solid lineup with lots of playoff experience and looks primed for a long run. Royal really needs their #1 to be healthy, but even then I am not sure they have the lineup to win enough in the playoffs.

Pick 4 - Red by 2 - RIGHT - Both teams were short-handed, but put on a good show anyway. Both have had successful seasons and when healthy have to be favorites to make it to the finals. Let's hope they stay healthy.

Skills recap
Punt - Congrats Nick. I had the wrong Team Red member here...
FG - Congrats to David. Did Jack even kick?
QB - Jack for the win and Team Red looks pretty skilled... Definitely disappointed in Kyle.
Fastest Man - Should've known better than to pick against Remy. Someone has to give him extra-incentive!! He is so fast he must have 8-legs too.
Over 40 - Picked the wrong family member. Way-to-go Murg!!

Playoff Week 1 picks

9am - Gold vs White - Gold by 8
9am - Light Blue vs Grey - Light Blue by 12
10:45am - Red vs Black - Red by 6
10:45am - Green vs Royal - Green by 10

Now the real season begins. Have fun everyone!!

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