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Posted On Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2022
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2022
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What’s up everybody. Daniel Jeremiah here with Bucky Brooks on another edition of the Move The Sticks Podcast and we’ve got a lot to get to this week. First of all there were no upsets in week 1. Green ran up the score on blue. No surprise there. Yellow laid a spack down on white. Red had a shaky win over black which was a bit of an eyebrow raiser, and of course light blue showed up against gray.

Let’s dive into that because some of our colleagues actually thought grey was going to pull this one out. Reality is, the game winning 2-pt convert was scored on the first drive. Jelani and Frank are both gold jacket players, but light blue has dudes up and down this roster. They imposed their will and backed Jelani into a corner. He was seeing ghosts out there. With 5 picks and 4 sacks it was a defensive performance against a guy who’s made a name for himself by playing playoff football. Sad to see a guy like Frank go down with injury, but that was in junk time and played no role in the outcome of this one. He actually kept his hat on for the entire game, except one early play when he threw it in disgust. But he was able to pick it up after the refs conferred and agreed that they hat throw was in fact justified, and the call on the field was corrected. Light blue goes on the face black next while gray has a date with red. Hopefully gray gets Dylan back because they’re in a tough spot if Frank misses time, but they’ve still got a faint hope of coming out of this group if they can catch the same red that we saw this week.

We can let our colleague over at Fox Sports Collin break down the Pool B, because his predications for Pool A were a bit off the mark this week.

Join us again for the next edition of the Move The Sticks Podcast. See ya everybody.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2022
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I love to see other professionals put some content on the board !!

However, light blue didn't play well. They looked shakey. It's sad to see gray play poorly. Every int was right into light blues hands. This was a story of gray not playing well not a story of light blue 💙

Truth hurts. Sorry. Gray you underperformed but I have faith in jelanie and frank still. Light blue. Prove it.

My analysis will come later. It's a beautiful day for a cigar in Utah.

Also today's NFL picks

With spread :
Jets (this line maybe skewed now, I bet it early)

Posted By Posted By: @colin
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2022
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Brutal take ^^

Posted By Posted By: LT
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2022
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Light blue played poorly lol ok

Posted By Posted By: kinda true tho
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2022
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not gonna lie tho, light blue did look kinda meh

Posted By Posted By: Huh?
Posted On Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2022
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29-6 is meh against mr. playoff?

Light blue is a champion favourite

Posted By Posted By: Sour grapes
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2022
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Haters gonna hate

Posted By Posted By: Hot takes
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2022
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6 teams know they’re going to make the semis.
2 teams are going to wonder what happened when they don’t.
5 of those 6 teams hate on light blue.
At the banquet Royal blue is going to be talking about when they beat light blue in the regular season through a complex multi level lateralling scheme.

Posted By Posted By: True Take
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2022
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Colin Cowherd above is someone from light blue done to light a fire and give his team bulletin board material.

Royal is the better of the blues.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2022
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I love this. All season I wanted a lively message board and all I had to do is poke the bear and not be nice.

White-you have the slowest roster and spack is shorter than a clarkin. Boom roasted

Black-how do you suck so much with that roster? Boom roasted.

Gray- Billy is your best player and frank gets mad alot. Dylan chooses travel over football. Boom roasted.

Red-nick you are washed up and you aren't even 25. Ever heard of exercise other than football? And Grae your name is spelled weird. Boom roasted.

Royal-sophmore slump for Jesus or does he just suck? Good looking roster though. Like not actually but they have handsome players. Royal guys could work at the royal. Boom roasted

Green-you guys are old af. How did one of you not win the fastest over 40? Oh thats right because you are old and slow. Boom roasted

Gold-you are Toby from the office or Newman from Seinfeld. No one likes you. Even though you've done nothing wrong. How can a team be so unlikable. Boom roasted.

Light blue- already roasted you and you couldn't take it. Sensitive much? Cry as much as....I lost my train of thought. Something that cries alot. Boom roasted

Posted By Posted By: Evil colin cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2022
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Roasting is more fun.

First rounders:
Z- it's amazing how overrated you are. Living off reputation only. Boom roasted

Luc-2nd overall? Or here because of the block? Boom roasted

Giorgio-I hate spelling your name. That's why I type g. Also Remy is faster. Boom roasted

Nick-already roasted you. At least you are the most sober of the clarkin siblings. And you screwed me on the skills contest. Boom roasted

Frank- I hope your ankle injury is okay because I love watching you miss handle your emotions. Boom roasted

Joe R- Mr show off. We are all very impressed. Jokes and speed and hands and kicking. Try qb next. That's the real test. Boom roasted

Jamie- actually hurt or just in terrible shape? I haven't seen you run slow. Just an excuse. Boom roasted

Mario-its a good thing you play so hard. I'll leave it at that. Boom roasted

😈 👿 🤘

Posted By Posted By: Jimmy Kimmel
Posted On Posted On: Oct 24th, 2022
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Nobody is impersonating Colin. He’s stirring the pot. And it seems that royal blue is also a team that knows they’re going to make it into the championship bracket and is going to be confused when it doesn’t happen. So make that 7 & 3 instead of 6 & 2.

Predictions for week 2 of the playoffs:

- Jelani makes it interesting, yet falls short against red. In a show of who’s 2022 injuries are worse, Tank plays just to one-up Z who played summer league with torn biceps and broken feet. How do you tear a bicep? Nothing humerus about that.
- Light Blue shuts out black. Drew throws a couple tuddies. Even Craig paying his son to ref isn’t enough to get it done. Take the under here.
- Spack puts a Clarkin on his shoulders, but it’s still a tall order to beat green. Green scores more tuddies than Glenn has kids.
- Yellow wins the toss and elects to kick giving Kyle an extra few minutes to sleep. Slower Semanski shows some fortitude while one-handing some Royal blue balls.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Oct 25th, 2022
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Week 1 of the playoffs wrap up

Gold vs White. Where colin was right.

I had Gold winning by 18 but they won by 20. Gold looks like a force to be reckoned with. White just doesn’t have the horses this year it looks like. Gold has a cake matchup vs Royal next which should solidify a semi final birth for them. Unless Royal can make magic happen. White has a tough matchup vs green next which could end White’s season. A lot on the line come playoff time!

Light Blue vs Gray Where colin was wrong

I thought Gray would get it done. They did not. They looked awfully shakey on offense. Their defense was okay. Light Blue could have won by a lot more but they didn’t capitalize on all of grays turnovers. Light Blue looks for real and perhaps they could be title contenders? Gray has their season on the line vs the top seeded red next. Franky better be heatlhy. Light blue has a trap game vs black next.

Red vs Black Where colin was right!

I had red by 10 but they won by 9. Black is playing loose in the playoffs. No pressure on them. With Jamie healthy and now 29 years old he will be ready next week. Red is the number 1 seed coming into the playoffs and perhaps were complacent in this game? They matchup vs a wounded Gray team next but if Red plays poorly they could be vulnerable. Black, goodluck against light blue.

Green vs Royal Where colin was kind of right.

I had green by 8. I didn’t predict the meltdown of Royal and lose by 42. Royal looked all out of sorts on defense with everyone in green seeming to be wide open all day. They shut down Z but Noah found everyone else. Royals offense didn’t fair much better. I am not sure if this is a story of green playing well or royal playing poorly. We will see next week with Green taking on a dangerous white team. And royal has a very tough matchup vs gold.

Week 2 playoff predictions

9am North Field Light Blue vs Black

As I stated earlier this could be a trap game for light blue, when they played in the regular season it was a 3 point game only but absences were a factor. Waltzing in vs a lowly team black. Black is dangerous and has a ton of atheletes to keep this game close. Black has zero pressure. It is all on light blue. I think Matt will find Tyler and Joe a ton and that will be a nightmare for team black. Even with Jamie, Jack, Murg, Craig, Synder and company Light blue will be too much on offense and defense. Matt is playing great D, Joe and Tyler have Geoff, Jake, Mike Raf, and Alex Lindsay also to contend with. Blacks season is done here as they are eliminated from the semi finals. Happy Birthday Jamie, stay 29 forever.
Light Blue makes a statement to shut up Colin Cowherd. 48-12

9am South Field Gold vs Royal

Not sure which Royal team will show up here. The one that shocked light blue this season or the one from last week where they couldn’t cover anyone. Gold seems to be steady now after a rough game vs red on sept 24 they have looked great. These two teams played in the last week of the regular season last but royal was very short. That is their hope, that gold takes them lightly and G is healthy. Royal should have a much better D with G, Neeraj, Tim and Ben and Bailey and Mike Marci and even Jesus plays good D. They will have their hands full with Gold though with their loaded roster with Luc, Remy, King, Taylor and Wyatt. Royal hopefully makes a game of this but I think Gold runs away and clinches a semi final birth while dashing the hopes of Jesus. Royal’s D is simply too porous.
Gold wins 44-20

10:45am North Field Green vs White

Is green really as good last week? They have looked good all season actually and Noah is playing unreal. The loss of TJ hurts though but it doesn’t seem to have slowed them down. White has their season on the line and Spack will have them come on guns a blazing. Mario, Bryce, Harrison, Speedy Carson, Pinto, Danny Sack master, Peyton and Glenn will show up ready to keep their season alive vs Green. I think they will be able to score on Green but can they stop TO, Z, Justin, Will, Dante, Jay, Tony. That doesn’t sound like a formidable offense but Noah finds ways to scheme them open. Green should win and make just enough plays on D to book their ticket to the semi finals.
Green wins 40-30

10:45am South Field Red vs Gray

A lot on the line here for playoff Jelani. A loss could end his season potentially. Will franky be healthy? A healthy Gray could be scary, Frank, Rion, Dylan, Kyle, Robbie, JJ and company. But Red is the number one seed for a reason. Jack is playing well and wants to go back to the finals with Nick and Grae playing great. Noah, David, Patrick are amazing later round steals. I hope Gray makes a game of this. This one could get ugly if they play like last week and if they are without Frank. Red should step up here and win this. I was burned last week picking gray. Fool me once etc..
Red wins 28-12

Good luck everyone! Happy Halloween! Do you canadians even celebrate halloween?

Posted By Posted By: Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks
Posted On Posted On: Oct 26th, 2022
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I really questioned your logic Colin, but glad to see that you came around after throwing some shade on everyone. Looks like some teams should be going out and buying lottery tickets given the luck bestowed upon them by Colin. Green and light blue, you can go ahead and buy a ticket because you’ve proven you don’t need luck to win in this league. Black, white and royal blue: y’all need everything you can get.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Oct 26th, 2022
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I faked my injury. It was all a ruse. I am perfectly healthy and not hurt in any way. I hope red got their hopes up because I am ready to tear them down. Colin doesnt know shit. I have said this before and I'll say it again. Team GrAy is the GOAT. Playoff Jelani is just lulling teams into a false sense of security.
Also Billy is awesome.
Giorgio you stink too. Stop cheering for the Colts, maybe they'll start doing well again. Danny would probably agree.

Posted By Posted By: The Ghost of Paul
Posted On Posted On: Oct 27th, 2022
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The Ghost of Paul
Weekly Quick Picks

Playoffs, week 2. With wins this week 4 teams could guarantee themselves semi-final bids... Hint, hint, I think that will happen as Gold, Light Blue, Green, and Red seem to be a cut-above the other 4. To the rest of you, prove me wrong!!

Playoff week 1 Recap (4-0)

Pick 1 - Gold by 8 - RIGHT - Gold played a solid all-around game and look primed to be in the final four. White could still pull off an upset, but the lineup probably doesn't scare anyone.

Pick 2 - Light Blue by 12 - RIGHT - Playoff Jelani needs the rest of his team to step it up too. Light Blue is still the favorite to win it all this year and proved it again today. They can move the ball and score when they have to, but the D is the biggest strength.

Pick 3 - Red by 6 - RIGHT - Red's offense scored early and held onto the lead through a second half in which both teams played great defense. Both will need to find better O this coming week in order to stay in the hunt for the semis.

Pick 4 - Green by 10 - RIGHT - Did I say 10 or 0 scores? Wow, Noah's team blew the doors off this one early and never let off the gas. Noah is focused and this team looks primed to help him get to another final. Royal needs something fixed or else Gold will do the same thing this week...

Playoff Week 2 picks

9am - Light Blue vs Black - Light Blue by 10
9am - Gold vs Royal- Gold by 6
10:45am - Green vs White - Green by 18
10:45am - Red vs Grey - Red by 8

Fall weather is being extra-nice to the league this year. Remember to enjoy the fresh air and have fun everyone!!

Posted By Posted By: Frank's Emotions
Posted On Posted On: Oct 28th, 2022
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We take pleasure getting thrown around, so watch us fly!


Posted By Posted By: Spirit of Halloween
Posted On Posted On: Oct 28th, 2022
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Posted By Posted By: Spirit of Hallowe’en
Posted On Posted On: Oct 28th, 2022
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Forgot the ultimate Light Blue team accessory!

Posted By Posted By: Boards quiet
Posted On Posted On: Oct 28th, 2022
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A quiet week in the wmfl trash talk. teams must be nervous while preparing to play crucial and pivotal games tomorrow night.

Posted By Posted By: Vegas
Posted On Posted On: Oct 28th, 2022
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North 0900:
Blue......... -16.5
Black........ o/u 58.5

South 0900:
Gold......... -7.5
Royal........ o/u 54.5

North 1045:
Green........ -18,5
White........ o/u 74.5

South 1045:
Red.......... -3.5
Gray......... o/u 52.5

Posted By Posted By: Dave z
Posted On Posted On: Oct 29th, 2022
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Water bottle left at the north field. If it's yours I'll bring it next week.

Posted By Posted By: WMFL Exec
Posted On Posted On: Oct 29th, 2022
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Playoff tiebreakers:

1. Head-to-head among tied teams
2. Cumulative Points Against after all 3 games in the round robin.
3. Cumulative differential after all 3 games in the round robin.
4. Best looking team as judged by Snyder.

In the event of a 3-way tie in Pool A at the end of the round robin, the 2nd tiebreaker is used to determine seedings. We could see a three-way tie at 2-1, or a three-way tie for second at 1-2. So nobody is out.

Light Blue (2-0) - 23 points against
GrAy (1-1) - 43 points against
Red (1-1) - 52 points against
Black (0-2) - 51 points against

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