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Posted On Posted On: Oct 29th, 2022
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: WMFL Exec
Posted On Posted On: Oct 29th, 2022
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Playoff tiebreakers:

1. Head-to-head among tied teams
2. Cumulative Points Against after all 3 games in the round robin.
3. Cumulative differential after all 3 games in the round robin.
4. Best looking team as judged by Snyder.

In the event of a 3-way tie in Pool A at the end of the round robin, the 2nd tiebreaker is used to determine seedings. We could see a three-way tie at 2-1, or a three-way tie for second at 1-2. So nobody is out.

Light Blue (2-0) - 23 points against
GrAy (1-1) - 43 points against
Red (1-1) - 52 points against
Black (0-2) - 51 points against

Posted By Posted By: Kitch
Posted On Posted On: Oct 29th, 2022
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Drew right now…

Posted By Posted By: Black
Posted On Posted On: Oct 29th, 2022
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Has a solid chance. They take care of business by a couple of scores, and light blue should take care of red.

Drew in the semis!

Posted By Posted By: Slower Samanski
Posted On Posted On: Oct 29th, 2022
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Guaranteed semis is nice, that being said I still want to beat Green next weekend

Posted By Posted By: Snoozing
Posted On Posted On: Oct 29th, 2022
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If you guys are sleeping light blue is in a self induced coma lol

Posted By Posted By: Playoffs?!
Posted On Posted On: Oct 29th, 2022
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Playoff Jelani is BACK

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Oct 29th, 2022
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A pair of hugo boss sunglasses has been found on the south field today. If anyone is missing them post here and i'll see it. Team reps if you can, ask around and see if anyone is missing a pair.

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 31st, 2022
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Last week there was a post about 6 teams thinking they would be in semis.

We now have 2 teams punched their ticket (gold and green) and 2 teams eliminated (royal and white). light blue is in unless they have an impossible collapse, so we have 1 of black, gray and red. Who will be that 4th team and we’re these the 6 that poster was talking about?

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd 2.0
Posted On Posted On: Oct 31st, 2022
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Week 2 of the playoffs wrap up

Where colin was right and where colin was wrong

Light blue and black- Where colin was sort of right

I predicted a blow out but it was a 2 score game. Light blue has a stout defense, and they are showing it. They also look dangerous on offense. Black is dangerous and still alive!!! This is exciting! If Light Blue smashes red next and Black beats Grey then they are alive!

Gold vs Royal Where colin was right

I thought Gold was going to roll here but this was a tight game and they won by 6. Gold looked shakey in the first half. Royal was balling out. Royal should have put this one away. Its sad they didn’t use Giorgio or Neeraj more in the second half. There were some key drops but Gold pulled it off. Gold has booked a ticket to the semi finals. Royal is now out. Heartbreaking game for Royal.

Green vs white Where colin was right

I thought it would be a 10 point game but Green blew the doors off early. Noah is dominant. Will and TO are studs. The other teams focus on Z which works for green and noah as they pick apart defences. White made a mini comeback with 10 min to go in the game but it was all for not. Green now has a ticket to the semi finals and white is eliminated. Royal vs White next week will be a snooze, hopefully people still show up.

Grey vs Red Where colin was wrong

I thought red would win this but they were short handed again and had to have some guys play D that don’t normally play D. This game was a route for grey though. Dylan showed up back from vacay with like 15 catches and a toe tapper TD. Is it playoff Jelani or did they just need dyl the thrill? Grey now has a chance to beat black and be in the semi finals if light blue wins against red. If red beats light blue though then it could be a 3 way tie and come down to some funky analytics. Grey needs to do their job next week and see what happens. Red as well needs a big win vs the power house light blue.

Week 3 playoff predictions

White vs Royal

Not much to say about this game. I am concerned about attendance. Hopefully they still show up to ball. I feel like royal is more crushed and had higher hopes based on week 2 so they may not have the emotion for this game. White never really had a chance vs green. White will want to prove they can win and I think they get it done vs Royal in a meaningless one.
White wins 30-22

Gray vs Black

Wow this is suddenly a very big game. Both teams have a chance if they can win and hope for help from light blue or red. Playoff Jelani is back, playing solid on both sides of the ball. Franky was playing possum and is healthy as a horse which is scary. Rion looks excellent. Dylan is the X factor here, simon cowell? Dylan is a stud on both sides of the ball. Kyle is growing into his role also. Edwards looks super fast these days. JJ does well and Daren caught his first ball. Billy and seabiscuit and Melanie Pringles are nice depth. This team is scary and one that no one wants to match up against in the semis. Black will have their work cut out for them. Jamie is finally looking healthy which should put fear into greys eyes. Jack and Murg are playing very well in the playoffs. Craig and Synder round out this veteran crew. They have youngsters for depth which may be their undoing. Grey has the mental ability to stay focused and not cave or choke in this big game. Not saying black will, just saying grey makes the plays when needed. This was a close game in the regular season and it will be close again.
Grey wins 30-26

Red vs Light Blue

The game of the day. The playoff hopes of the whole pool is on the line in this game. Light blue can lose and still get in. Red needs to win to have a chance in the tiebreaker (unless black wins). Light blue has looked like a machine all year and I cant see why they falter here. Matt on both sides of the ball is elite. Throwing dimes. Joe R and Tyler are a hell of a matchup nightmare (Halloween) for anyone. Then they have Iron man Geoff, Mike if he shows up, Speedy Jake and the oft absent al Lindsay. They also have nice depth with jules and duffy. This team is scary on both sides of the ball. I wouldn’t want to cover them. Red got the best of them in the regular season but it was a depleted light blue team. They look for revenge here. Jack is throwing well but his season may come to an end here. Light blue is just too much for Nick, Grae, Noah, Rodney, David, Patrick, Quincy. Will they have enough guys to show up so their big guys don’t have to play D? I think so but Nick cant do it all. Sad to see a great team like Red and the number 1 overall seed eliminated here.
Light Blue wins 31-24

Green vs Gold

Kind of a meaningless game? Both teams already in the semi finals. They tied in the regular season in a barn burner. I guess the 1 seed could theoretically have an easier path to the finals but nothing is easy in the playoffs. Green will be missing TJ and TO, not that I think it will matter on O, Noah finds the open guy always. But that will certainly hurt the D. Gold has too many horses for green in this one. Luc, Remy, Taylor, Wyatt, King are all studs then they also have depth. I think Gold rolls in this game. Green still scores but not at the pace they are used to with 50 burgers every week. Gold take the 1 seed.
Gold wins 48-32

So in the the semis

Gold vs Gray

Light Blue vs Green

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Posted On Posted On: Oct 31st, 2022
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The 6 teams were: green, yellow, light blue, red, grAy, and Royal.

Royal is already wondering what happened. Red and/or GrAy are about to become confused too.

Posted By Posted By: Wesley Snipes
Posted On Posted On: Oct 31st, 2022
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Posted By Posted By: Raticus Ratmere
Posted On Posted On: Oct 31st, 2022
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Posted By Posted By: Vegas and fearless predictions
Posted On Posted On: Oct 31st, 2022
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Odds of making semis:
Blue - 5:4
GrAy - 3:1
Red - 4:1
Black - 7:1

Fearless Prediction:

Blue beats red and scores enough to allow black to leapfrog red.
Black beats GrAy by 6.

GrAy advances in a 3-way tiebreaker based on 3 less points against than GrAy.

Light Blue deeply regrets going cruise control late against grAy and not calling themselves for a forward pass on the kick return against black.

Frank throws his hat when he realizes that he’s either going to have to play Kitch or Z in the finals. He pulls a JJWatt and receives a cardioversion to fix his irregular heartbeat on Thursday before the championship.

Posted By Posted By: League MVP so far
Posted On Posted On: Nov 1st, 2022
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Who is in the mix:

Joe R - Elite offensive weapon that has speed, hands, and especially moves

Matt Rafuse - Has come back after a few years absence and not missed a beat

Luc - another solid year leading his team to contention

Dave Z - seems to be playing free and loose and dominating both sides of ball

Nick Clarkin - Led his team to first place.. tough cover and good enough to shut down every other teams best player

Posted By Posted By: MVP
Posted On Posted On: Nov 1st, 2022
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My MVP vote goes to Mark Murray

Posted By Posted By: Dave z
Posted On Posted On: Nov 1st, 2022
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Mvp is Noah. Top scoring offense in reg season. And so far in playoffs. Spreads the ball around.

That's my quarterback *tearing up wearing shades*

(I was waiting for TO to say this since Terrell Owens was the original quote)

Posted By Posted By: Kitch
Posted On Posted On: Nov 2nd, 2022
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Shout out to team black whose Ghouls cast a Dazzle on us last week. We were caught in a state of bewilderment to start the game with reduced capacity. Black actually scored first in this one with consecutive sacks that resulted in a safety. Fortunately we were able to cast Sobering Slap soon after. I say this team is primed for a victory against Jelani. Fast rusher. Man D. They have this.

Posted By Posted By: MVP Race
Posted On Posted On: Nov 2nd, 2022
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1. Colin Cowherd - Unmatched. Simply none better. Words don't easily summarize how important he has been to the league over the last 5 years. The Trash Talk board will forever be indebted to him. Very Handsome.
2. Raticus Ratmere - Awe-inspiring analysis... TWICE this year! His breakdowns have been nothing short of spectacular. His meds must be as strong as ever.
3. Dave Z - Offensive powerhouse. Could have won scoring title if he played every game. Still led the league in interceptions. Year in and out, competing with himself as league MVP.
4. Joe R - Thriving under Matty Ice, Joe has been LOVING his double and triple moves. Started the season as hot as ever but slowed up around the midway point. His presence alone creates problems for defenses, opening up alleys for his teammates to score.
5. Tank - I wrote this; I'm putting my name in here. I'm the GOAT.

Posted By Posted By: Mvp
Posted On Posted On: Nov 2nd, 2022
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Noah is a very good QB but he doesn’t impact the game the same way that Jelani, Kyle, and Matt do. Even if Noah is a slightly better QB, they are all top defenders and add much more to their teams.

My votes would be Joe, Dave, Matt, and Luc. Everyone else is a tier below. Jamie would be in that group if healthy.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Nov 3rd, 2022
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Mvp = frank!!!
That is all

Maybe ill fly from Cali to have a drink with you when you win it all.

Posted By Posted By: The Ghost of Paul
Posted On Posted On: Nov 4th, 2022
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The Ghost of Paul
Weekly Quick Picks

Playoffs, week 3. 2 semi-finalists are guaranteed, while the other division has all kinds of different possibilities. What fun!

Playoff week 2 Recap (3-1)

Pick 1 - Light Blue by 10 - RIGHT - As expected, this was a low-scoring, tight affair. Black plays great D and still could pull that one playoff upset, which could potentially get them into the semis. Light Blue is not clear yet, but certainly has their fate in their own hands.

Pick 2 - Gold by 6 - RIGHT - Royal was focused and played so much better than the previous week, but Gold just had too much strength on offense to be held down. They are rolling and are in the semis. They have a real shot at winning the whole thing with one of the deepest teams this year.

Pick 3 - Green by 18 - RIGHT - This Green machine seems intent on winning the whole thing. Noah has the offense absolutely humming-along and their D makes plays when the have to.

Pick 4 - Red by 8 - WRONG - Playoff Jelani strikes again. Red just couldn't stop Grey with their undermanned defense. Unfortunate time of the season to have injuries. They still have a shot if they can pull it together for the battle with Light Blue. Grey needs to not falter against the tough Black team...

Playoff Week 3 picks

9am - White vs Royal - Royal by 12
9am - Grey vs Black - Grey by 2
10:45am - Red vs Light Blue - Light Blue by 6
10:45am - Green vs Gold - Gold by 8

That will lead to Gold vs Grey and Light Blue vs Green in the semis...

Still a couple more weeks on the schedule for ALL teams, though.

Remember that soon it will be all over and everyone will be depressed on Saturday morning, so let's make sure and get out there while we can and have fun!!

Posted By Posted By: Butchies
Posted On Posted On: Nov 5th, 2022
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Good BBQ at Butchies 2 mins from the field boys

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