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Posted On Posted On: Aug 1st, 2023
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2023 Registration is Officially Open

Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: Burning questions...
Posted On Posted On: Aug 2nd, 2023
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Who are the 8 wizards that will be slinging the pigskin in WMFL this year??

Is the league approving of Tyler and Joe renewing their vows and joining forces again?

If they are is that the #1 pick this time around? Does it trump a Samanski or Whitter block? How about Dave Z, Nick, or Giorgio?

How many hats does Frank have in his bag for tossing this year?

How many Clarkins fit in the van that is also carrying the goalpost pads?

Posted By Posted By: QBs
Posted On Posted On: Aug 2nd, 2023
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1. Frank
2. Franks Hat
3. Franks lack of championships
4. Franks good looks
5. Franks hair?
6. Franks exec status
7. Franks speed
8. Franks brother Billy

Posted By Posted By: Slower Samanski
Posted On Posted On: Aug 3rd, 2023
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Unfortunately I'll be out for the next couple years. It's too difficult to drive from Burlington to Whitby every Saturday now that I have a 1 year old. I've never played organized football before joining this league 6 years ago and now touch football is my favourite sport to play. I just wanted to thank everyone here for making this league so special. Playing in the WMFL is one of the things I look forward to the most each year, from the draft to the hill beers/chirping to winning back to back championships (too bad me n Remy couldn't 3 peat last year but the Matt, Joe n Tyler combo was too deadly last year) this league has been amazing. Just wanted to thank you all and a special thanks to the execs for putting together the best football league out there. Hopefully when my little dude is a bit older I'll be able to return.

All the best guys,
AKA Slower Samanski
AKA The Burlington Cooper Kupp

Posted By Posted By: AL
Posted On Posted On: Aug 4th, 2023
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Are guys still getting together on Saturdays for pickup at Henry St? If so, what time?

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Aug 6th, 2023
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Luc, gonna miss you at the field, man. It’s been awesome getting to know you and see you grow as a football player. Sucks that the Lions are gonna win the NFC North for the first time ever and we don’t get to talk about it every Saturday. Let’s get to a game at Ford Field this year (buy seats near section 240!)

To the QBs in the league, I’m planning on playing this year, but am still not cleared as yet. Middle of September is 9 months since my surgery, so whatever capacity I come back at, it’s probably not gonna be worth an early round pick. I’ll probably miss the first few games, but should be around for all round robin games/playoffs.

Either way, looking forward to seeing all you knuckleheads at the fields soon!

Posted By Posted By: Matty Raf
Posted On Posted On: Aug 7th, 2023
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Luc, I am going to miss seeing you out there playing your lockdown defence on the other top picks. You never took a play off, but I wasn’t always watching, maybe you snuck a couple plays off here and there. You managed to sneak a lot of interceptions out there and snatched some ankles. And of course you made those CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYS! I will look forward to seeing you back in a couple years. For now, enjoy your time off.

Posted By Posted By: QBs Everywhere
Posted On Posted On: Aug 8th, 2023
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WMFL QBs driving home from the draft thinking about all the dudes they are going to throw tuddies this season.

Posted By Posted By: Fact checking
Posted On Posted On: Aug 8th, 2023
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Posted By Posted By: Reality Hits
Posted On Posted On: Aug 8th, 2023
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WMFL QBs realizing all their dudes also have to play defense

Posted By Posted By: Curious
Posted On Posted On: Aug 8th, 2023
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Any update on QBs this year?

Posted By Posted By: Mr. NoHammies
Posted On Posted On: Aug 9th, 2023
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I heard Joe R and Tyler are petitioning to be allowed to block together.

Posted By Posted By: Trent Crimm
Posted On Posted On: Aug 11th, 2023
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Trent Crimm, Independent (he/him)

Hi everyone. Following the launch of my book - The Richmond Way, I’ve decided to embark on a journey across the Atlantic and learn more about American Football. My dear friend Ted Lasso inspired me, and while I started off not knowing a single thing about American Football, I read up extensively during the seven hour flight from London. After getting to the end of the Idiots Guide to American Football, I was quite dismayed to learn that there’s also a Canadian version with a similar, yet different set of rules. Alas, I digress.

Without further ado here is my review and first take this year's quarterback class. Many would suggest that it’s the strongest class in many years.

Matt R.

Football is life. Football is family. Coming off of a championship, Matt could’ve taken a more lucrative offer elsewhere, but he opted for the rich history that Whitby offers, along with the opportunity to block with his brother and nephew.

Jelani A.

Last years runner up with three championships in five years, Jelani has proven he has what it takes to win in this league. Whether it’s Z or a Semanski, he gets it done, and Frankly speaking, he can almost win with anyone.

Noah T.

A longtime staple in Whitby, Noah is most respected and enjoyable to play with, and you can count on running into him on the field in November. This past offseason he underwent a sleep study, and while the medical findings were inconclusive, the doctors did observe irregular patterns of him pumping his arm and muttering in-to-out throughout his sleep.

Jack H.

Another longtime football family in Whitby. He keeps the defence on their toes. Press and he’ll show you his arm. Drop into coverage and Big Pete is there to check down and gain the first.

Kyle C.

His championship in 2019 is beginning to fade to memory, but the one thing that comes to mind when I think of this lad is a jingle that I brought over from London:

They’re here, they’re there
They’re every f*<{ing where!

Dave S.

What can be said that hasn’t already been? He loves this league and will do anything for it - except be nice in between whistles. He plays as if he’s angry at the grass he’s treading on, and his top receiver often is a league leader in scoring.

Joe J.

He goes by the moniker Jesus - a name that stuck long before he made a career choice that required a tight relationship with a bic and a barber. He will catch defenders in a state of bewilderment with his mustache and left-handed release.

Ricardo D.

Newly promoted to the league, Ricardo promises to bring a new level of hype and trash talk into the mix. If you ask most what his greatest strength is they’d tell you it’s his five octave arm strength, but if you ask him it’s flipping jogadores de futebol. Either way he loves to have fun and promises to incorporate well into The Whitby Way.

Posted By Posted By: WTF?
Posted On Posted On: Aug 14th, 2023
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How is Chet Masters not tossing this year? Is this executive on meth?

Posted By Posted By: Rich Eisen
Posted On Posted On: Aug 14th, 2023
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Is there a 2 or 3 round mock draft somewhere out there ?

Posted By Posted By: Who's it going to be???
Posted On Posted On: Aug 17th, 2023
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Draft night tonight.

Looking forward to seeing some different lineups again this year.

Good luck to all the QB's and I hope you get what you are wishing for...

Posted By Posted By: Mel Kiper
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2023
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Wow Noah's team would be lights out in 2005

Posted By Posted By: Mark Murray fan club
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2023
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Where’s Mark Murray!!??

Posted By Posted By: Another Mark Murray fan
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2023
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What's the point of running this league if Mark Murray isn't playing?

Posted By Posted By: Go Sports
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2023
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Is everyone the same colour scheme as last year?

Posted By Posted By: Trent Crimm
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2023
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Hi. Trent Crimm, Independent.

Last night was something spectacular. My personal highlight was Nik Mikos in round 2. What a pick! Many were questioning the logic of the new blocking rules and this so called new player draft that was tagged on at the end. It caught some guys off guard who were overlooking blocks to take singles. Of course Noah likes to make things easy so in the blink of an eye his team was half full.

The early analysis and preseason rankings are:
1. Kyle - Purple. Nik and Giorgio along with newcomer Tex-i-Tony Gomez. This team will be tough to match up against and they get the added boost of Kyle on D.

2. Spack - White. Jamie, Jack, and newcomer Terrell Connel create some great depth. Another team with some guys who’ll be very hard to cover but can also play shutdown D.

3. Ricardo - Coal Grey. An excellent block with Drew to the Power 2. Or is it DrewCube with his son Riley in the mix too? Riley is rising in the ranks and then Z is the X-factor. Will he take leave from his avocado farm and lead the team to victory? A championship lies in wait if he does.

4. Jack - Kelly Green. I tried really hard to place this team second because it seems that every year the ball goes back and forth for 12 weeks and then Frank loses the finals, but I just don’t see them getting past the top teams.

5. Jelani - True Royal. It’s very hard to see a team led by Jelani outside of the top 4, but we might have a slow start here. Expect him to get into a flow by playoffs, sneak in, then go on a tear. Ryan Forde, Tyler, and Taylor will make for a solid D. McNichol has the chance to put this team right up at the top, especially if Jelani starts to play defense come October.

6. Matt - Carolina Blue. There is a lot of familiarity to last year’s championship squad with the return of Joe and Jacob coupled with his brother Mike and nephew Conor. He’s got Jordan MacDonald who can really change the game, but there are a lot of key guys on other rosters.

7. Jesus Joe James - True Red. Mario, Patrick, Anthony, and Kitch coupled with Joe on D will be a gritty team. Expect them to get a few wins when you might least expect it.

8. Noah - Black. Back in London we’d call this a testimonial match when an old player on the verge of retirement plays one last friendly. Over here the closest we have is an alumni game. But alas, this isn’t a friendly, this is just the result of a strategy to draft guys in their silver years. Noah knows how to move the ball and this team has height and experience. They will catch a lot of passes over the heads of defenders in the red zone, and they’ll have a wonderful time reminiscing on past play, and what could’ve been if this was 2013, and not 2023.

I look forward to continuing to write about this wonderful league and learning about The Whitby Way. If somebody could please point me in the direction of this Mark Murray character I'd be most appreciative. He seems deserving of a chapter in my upcoming book. Talk soon. TC.

Posted By Posted By: Ghost of the past
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2023
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Frank 1st overall?

Posted By Posted By: Ghostbuster
Posted On Posted On: Aug 18th, 2023
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Well we know Frank won't finish first...

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Aug 19th, 2023
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@ the doubters.
No fret. Despite having not closed out a finals yet, I continuously find myself there. Is that a surprise to anyone? I think not, as I am the GOAT. I am the first overall pick for a reason. While not the best offensive player in the league, it is undoubtable that I am the best defender and greatest defensive mind the WMFL has ever seen. Teams I play on steadily improve defensively, find ways to win in crunch time, and show a desire to be the best when facing adversity. We will be in the finals. We will win.
Giorgio is a stupid head.

Posted By Posted By: Giorgio
Posted On Posted On: Aug 19th, 2023
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Frank you cannot defeat me. I am the pain.

Posted By Posted By: Kitch
Posted On Posted On: Aug 20th, 2023
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Frank: Jack asked me about my block in the 3rd round and I gave him the same answer I gave Matt. So he passed. Part of me was hoping that I could show you the way.

Posted By Posted By: WMFL
Posted On Posted On: Aug 21st, 2023
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Schedule has been posted.

We have not yet confirmed if the mid season will be September 30th or October 15th. On that day the 10:45 game will be pushed to 11:15.

Posted By Posted By: Observer
Posted On Posted On: Aug 23rd, 2023
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Anybody out there?

Posted By Posted By: AL
Posted On Posted On: Aug 23rd, 2023
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Anyone playing pick-up this Saturday at Henry St.? If so, when?

Posted By Posted By: It's all about Frank
Posted On Posted On: Aug 23rd, 2023
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Well Frank can honestly say without a doubt he is First. The $100 he gave to get picked first had nothing to do with. But hey he's first. Have a great year.

Posted By Posted By: pick up
Posted On Posted On: Aug 25th, 2023
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pick up is played tomorrow Saturday 10am at South Courtice arena

Posted By Posted By: More players
Posted On Posted On: Aug 25th, 2023
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There are 5 to 8 potential spots left. If anyone knows of anyone who wants to play in the greatest touch football league in the world have them contact the WMFL Executive

Posted By Posted By: Gambler
Posted On Posted On: Aug 28th, 2023
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What are the week 1 lines for this week? Anyone got any 🔒's?

Posted By Posted By: BlueBoy
Posted On Posted On: Aug 28th, 2023
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Team Royal by 100

Posted By Posted By: Spreads
Posted On Posted On: Aug 28th, 2023
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Spreads vs Black vary between -8.5 and -21.5 with those being the average age difference between players.

Posted By Posted By: WMFL fantasy
Posted On Posted On: Aug 29th, 2023
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Hosting the annual fantasy football league on yahoo. We've lost some members so I'll post the link here for people who want to join. 25 dollar buy in and a what's app group to join to decide draft date. Money doesn't have to be paid until after the draft.

Looking for 12 teams. 7 currently.



Posted By Posted By: Vegas
Posted On Posted On: Aug 30th, 2023
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As with any new season, week one spreads will be based on teams having full rosters.

Jelani -12.5
Jack o/u 77.5

Matt o/u 81.5
Kyle -7.5

Joe o/u 60.5
Noah -10.5

Ricardo o/u 62.5
Spack -15.5

Posted By Posted By: Week 1
Posted On Posted On: Sep 1st, 2023
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Week one prognostication is a difficult task as there are so many unknowns plus the holiday weekend results in numerous players being absent. Which teams will come out firing and which teams will be laying low? Week 1 is always an exciting time to be on the field at Henry street!

Posted By Posted By: New Player
Posted On Posted On: Sep 1st, 2023
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Why does this league start on the last long weekend of summer? This is also immediately before school starts. This seems like poor planning to me.

Regardless, I am still looking forward playing and meeting some new folks on the field.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 1st, 2023
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… because football is awesome and most of us are really excited to play it again! Hope you have fun, New Player, because this is probably my favourite league. Lots of friends, good natured trash talk, and comraderie.

Posted By Posted By: Neeraj
Posted On Posted On: Sep 1st, 2023
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I usually don't post, but with all this Alumni, silver, geriatric team talk, I felt compelled to at least respond.

This team will win and win a lot. This team is full of savvy first and second rounders. T.O. can't be stopped, TJ on one leg is one of the best, him on two good legs? Kinger is a beast and instant TD, Jomo, one of the most underrated players in the league,can be a top 3 option. Laurie is back with his 100% catch rate and we are led by a champion who could win with with the local soccer team, yes soccer.

On defense, we may not be the fastest but in the red zone, it is less about speed and more about football IQ and I wouldn't ask for no-one else when it comes to that.

With that said, I am really looking forward to playing with my long life buds and running two outs for Noah.


Posted By Posted By: America's most wanted
Posted On Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2023
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Where is Colin Cowherd? 1.0 or 2.0?

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