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Posted On Posted On: Sep 18th, 2022
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Let the trash talk begin...

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 18th, 2022
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How ‘bout them Buckeyes? 😂😂😂

Posted By Posted By: Matty Raf
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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(WMFL website was not letting me post this after Saturdays game)

Dear Kernel,

This is 3-5 sandbagger deep Matty Raf. I am upset with my self. I told my self before the season started I wouldn't get mad at a ref for the entirety of the season. Today I failed at that. On a play the opposing rusher crossed the line of scrimmage, and when he did I immediately made up my mind that he was offside. I even said 'He is offside' while he was running at me. A few juke moves later, and I was sacked. I didn't have nice things to say to you, and I apologize for that. The sideline had got there opportunity to get their jabs in at me while I was heated which is totally cool, and I love that, it makes the game more fun but sorry to involve you in on it.

There is a drink with your name on it on our sideline next week if you want.

I am not aware if you have been taught to use a computer or a mobile phone so I will get this telegrammed to you. Also I will have a raven flown out to you with the message at the end of day when sun is at its lowest.


Posted By Posted By: Matty Raf
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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And oh yeah...... ROLL BUCKEYES!

Posted By Posted By: Skip Bayless
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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I may have some of the worst takes in the game, but this one is sure to bring on the Buckeye storm. Joe R is playing lights out. Early running for MVP. But his season is a fraud! In 3 games, he has yet to play a team with their number 1 player present. Green was missing Dave Z. Gold was missing Luc and King. And Grey was missing Frank, Jelani AND Rion. Now we all know Joe R is capable of flipping a game on its head. We also all know that everyone wants to play against the best competition available. I hope baby blue faces some stiff competition so the Joe R can show that he is truly this leagues number 1 player. Also this is Tank. I don't forget to put my name 😘

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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did the skills competition move from week 4 to week 7?

Posted By Posted By: Mhmm
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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Joe R is still the best player in the league regardless of who was missing. No one can cover him 1 on 1 and no one can tag him 1 on 1.

Posted By Posted By: David Zmozynski
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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@skillz Comp

Yes it moved to Oct 15

Posted By Posted By: The Thrill
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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It’s not my fault Dave Z got some mysterious respiratory illness and couldn’t play in week 1.

It’s not my fault Tfont scheduled a tournament in week 2.

It’s not my fault that Tank cares more about TFONT than Whitby.

Blame Jelani for picking Tank and Rion.

You can blame Noah for taking Z and not Luc.

It’s not my fault that Luc cares more about his friends wedding than Whitby football.

You can blame the ref for calling 3 minutes to 3 plays thrice.

It’s not Joes fault that the field was wide enough for him to go sideline to sideline.

You can blame the exec for the poor schedule that allowed Blue to waltz through weeks 1-3 unabated.

Just don’t blame blue for all the points we scored. It’s not my fault we that good.

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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Frank watching Baby Blue play

Posted By Posted By: It’s okay Frank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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One day Frank 👀👀👀
This picture just shows you how Frank and Spack are very interested on what a champion is drinking out of the trophy.

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 19th, 2022
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Officially Sponsored Baby Blue

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Sep 20th, 2022
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Week 3 Where Colin Was right and where colin was wrong! Or this week, WHERE COLIN WAS RIGHT. Mostly.

It appears as though only half the league came out to play this past Saturday. 4 teams showed up, 4 teams did not. Resulting in massive blowouts across the board in an unprecedented and first time ever 3 shutouts in one week! Light Blue is the only team remaining undefeated now, Black is the only team without a W. A lot of excuses and reasons for players dominating happening. Lets get some full attendance games please so we can properly pick the games.


I thought GrAy would win by 14 and they won by 34 to 0. It is nice to see Gray put it together for a big win in the regular season. Jelani is showing he is not just a playoff QB. I guess it helps that Royal did not have Jesus the savior as he was off galivanting in the mountains. Royal left with Nick throwing for most of the game with a sprinkle of Giorgio throwing and Tim as well. Too bad we didn’t get to see the matchup of the trash talking cousins G vs Frank run its course. Royal didn’t muster much until G thew the ball and got them close to score on a drive. Neeraj tried his darndest with an INT and Bryan Clarkin pitched in with a sack. It was all for not though as GrAy and Jelani got Frank and Rion involved early and often with both finding the endzone, Kyle Roberts had a day with 12 points, and JJ added a nice convert. Even with Royal having a plethora of QB’s though, GrAy only managed to pick off 2, Jelani got one and Edwards did as well. JJ added 2 sacks. This game needs to happen again at full strength. It is amazing what missing a QB can do to a team. Cant move the ball and then their defense is in bad field position all game. Gray now looks ahead to play a flustered team white. Royal is aiming to get back on track vs Light Blue but that is no easy task as we know light blue is the class of the league right now even with the excuse that they always play short handed teams.


I thought this would be a much closer game and just a 1 score game for Green. But it was a 49-16 showing for Green. The game seemed over at half when it was 37-0. Kudos to team white for being the only team that was able to score in their loss tough! Team green looked to be at full strength and team white played short, missing their top dog Bryce and a number of other players. I believe they only had 7 or 8 guys again. Team white and Spack did their best to fight back in the second half finding Harrison for 12 points and Mario getting both converts. Danny added to his sack master goal with a sack on Noah as well. But Green was simply too much in the early going with Noah playing amazing spreading the ball around all over the place. Z, Tony, Peter, Kyle, Jay all scored along with big days from T.O with 14 points and Will with 12. Hard to cover a team that spreads the ball around so well. The green defense finally woke up also with 3 ints, Dante, Tony, and TJ all had a pick and Justin C had a sack. This green team I had ranked low at the start and called them a great team 8 years ago, maybe I was wrong? They looked good the last two weeks. Green has a date with team black where they look to keep it rolling next week. Team white looks to turn it around on their 2 game losing skid to playing a tough matchup with Gray who is coming off a big win.

Light Blue vs Gold Match up of the week WHERE COLIN WAS SORT OF RIGHT!?

I thought blue would come out on top by 6 but 45 to zip is a different story. This certainly wasn’t the matchup we wanted. There was some referee complaining on both sides, seeming more so from Gold but that cant explain this big loss. Perhaps it was missing Luc and King though. We would love to see a rematch of this one to see if Gold is able to keep up with the big dogs or if they pick on a undermanned white team and a winless black team with their wins? Or is Light Blue the fraud as one post said? Time will tell. Not much to report on for team gold other than a sack from waleed where he may have been over the line early, love that matt raf admitted to his yelling at the ref. Kyle got gold close to the goal line a few times but penalties or lack there of may have stopped it. I don’t like to blame the refs here, just reporting what gold thinks. Light Blue and Matt spread the ball around very nicely. Joe R did his thing as the best player in the league and scored his 21 points as per usual. Still up for debate the best player, need to see more from his D and route running but I can’t think of anyone better for now! Obviously, his open field moves are unreal. Tyler and Mike Raf pitched in for 8 points each, Jake got 6 and Connor raf got 2. Love to see the ball getting spread around Matty! Gold has a matchup to prove they are a big dawg against team red. Hopefully they have their horses at the game. Light Blue puts their top record against Royal next. Let’s hope Royal is at full strength so everyone can stop wondering if light blue can do it vs a team at full strength.


I thought red would win by 2 scores, 12 points but it is a win by red by 22. Another shutout. This game felt close for a while. But red eventually pulled away. Nick Clarkin seemed like he couldn’t be covered. David Larson was awesome on D. Patrick for Red looked springy as hell. Noah played well for team red as well. The real story was the return of the king for team Black. Reigning MVP Jamie made his debut on defense only and ran a few routes. He should be back to full health soon and get team black back in the mix. And yes I am aware there is no real MVP but I think he was the MVP of last season. Either way, Black struggled to put it all together but they did keep it close for a while. Murg, Jack, Snyder, Craig, Riley all looked good as well for team black. Their roster is so so scary. Excited to see it come together. Nahgeib manged to get 2 sacks for black but that’s it. Red however and Jack got Nick for 2 converts, Noah for two tds and Patrick for a long score. David had 2 ints and also a few knock downs, that kid is good! Quincy got a sack as well. Team Black hopes to get into the win column vs a surging Green team and Red matches up with Gold who is motivated AF from their last loss.

Power Rankings- Tough to do this with a big blowout week and shorthanded teams. Regular Season teams tweak a ton. Playoffs is paydirt.

1) Light Blue- Won the matchup of the week
2) Green- I am liking this team after a shakey week 1 and preseason up from the 4 spot
3) Red- up from the 5 spot with a nice win
4) GrAy- up from the 7 spot. They look like a great team at full strength
5) Gold- I still like this team but down from the 2 spot. Big matchup vs red next
6) Royal- down from the 3 spot. I know they didn’t have their QB but still a bad loss.
7) White- Down from the 6 spot. They need their guys to show up
8) Black- This team could easily be anywhere on this list with that roster.

4 and 0 on picks this week even though my scores are off. 10-2 on the season. Colin is rolling! Stay tuned for picks!

In no particular Order:

David Larsson- Great defensive week
Joe R Again- Weekly thing it seems
Noah- QBing team green by spreading the ball around all over the place.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2022
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Common Man!!

I have my game picks ready but I refuse to release them until there is 3 more posts with trash talk or 2 more people nominating players for player of the week.

Be nice or mean. I like reading material too!

Posted By Posted By: Danny “Coverage Sack” Parker
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2022
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I hear that Joe R is just Mark Murray in disguise… I mean, has anyone seen them in the same place at the same time this year? Really makes you think…

Posted By Posted By: Noah
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2022
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While I was busy pump faking on the arc, Mark Murray smuggled a unicorn on board, then mated with it. Joe was born.

Posted By Posted By: Pam Oliver
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2022
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Emerging reports are indicating that Franks absence in week 2 was the result a core injury stemming from of an unfortunate incident aboard the Ark. He tried the Mark Murray method, but went about it the wrong way.

Posted By Posted By: Colin Cowherd
Posted On Posted On: Sep 21st, 2022
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Week 4 Predictions. On Fox Sports 1 I call this segment, the blazing 4. 4 and 0 last week so I am looking to keep it rolling. 10 and 2 on the season predictions.

Cooler temperatures ahead! Love the crisp fall air. Little did you know but Colin moonlights as a meteorologist. I don’t know about any major absences as I start this article but I may learn of more later. This week doesn’t look to have any massive shutouts at least and will hopefully keep the viewers on the hill and not turning the channel to the PGA tour event.

9am North Field Red (Jack) vs Gold (Kyle)

Gold needs to prove they are a big boy team here and not just picking on weaker teams. Red was to solidify their spot as a top team. Big game!! Kyle vs Jack, Both have shown times of strength this year and weakness. I am leaning to Kyle in this game. He is able to buy time for his receivers. Jack is more about timing and his receivers need to be open on the first or second read which allows time for Gold’s D to be in position. Nick vs Luc, both elite players. Luc seems to be able to bottle up everyone this year. Nick will still make his plays with lovely quick moves. Covering Luc will be a tough job for not just Nick. Curious how this game goes. Even for now with this matchup. Remy and Grae. Both are playing awesome this year. I have to go towards the speed demon or the more intelligent Semanski as the board says, ad to Gold. King vs Jordan. I would be inclined to make this a closer matchup but word on the street is Jordan broke a nail and is unable to play, advantage to gold again. Taylor vs Noah, love to see eskins back in the mix but Noah has looked great this year. I need to see more from taylor. Advantage Red. Wyatt vs David, wow who would have had these 2 fifth rounders as massive steals and game changers? Perhaps these two QBs know something I don’t, or something I used to not know. Anyway, David is playing unreal but Wyatt is making his name for a third rounder next year or better. Ad to gold. Tim vs Rodney, both are awesome dudes. Cant pick this one. Waleed vs Patrick- Waleed is a good player but somehow Patrick got drafted this far down. He wont be this far again. Patrick has excellent potential. Advantage team red. Young Patrick vs Quincey, I like Quincey in this but Patrick is a rising star. Ad to red. Steven Clarkin will be fired up in this for Gold vs his Bro Nick, so give me Steven over Alexander. Pete for Red over dougy, love both those guys but Pete is pete. Tie for Aaron and Rodney Eskins. I like the top half of Gold’s lineup but I like the depth of Red. A lot of game changers in this game. One big top dog missing could sway this. Kyle will look to get on the score board again and I think he does score a bunch. Nick, Grae, David and Patrick will have their hands full but I think they can get a stop or two. Luc, remy, Wyatt, Taylor, Waleed and Kyle will have to make sure Jack cant find Nick who is their main threat. I think they get it done. Red will score some but they wont be able to keep up. Not a blow out though. Could be the game of the week!
Gold wins 38-26

9am South Field Light Blue ( Matt) vs Royal ( Jesus) Two blue teams? Common. Where is Pink?

Royal is a true Jackal and Hyde team this year. Who is going to show up this week? Will they play Raf well or will they play poorly like last week without Jesus or week one when they struggled because they had such a big lineup and couldn’t get the horses on. Rafs team has some doubters, not in me though. Raf is playing lights out, so is Joe R, and so is Mr. I am injured so I need to be drafted in a later round to play with my buddy, or as others call him, tyler. Anyways, Joe R vs Giorgio. I think Giorgio is actually the faster player and has better hands but Joe R is also so elite. Neither player can cover the other one in the open field. I am leaning towards this matchup being closer to even then Joe R as one may think. Both game changers. Neeraj vs Tyler is a matchup of similar players who use their size to their advantage. Both amazing 2nd rounders. Call it even again! Tim vs Geoff, Both play hard on both sides of the ball. Tim is showing flashes of his younger self this year, but I have to lean towards Geoff for Light Blue who seems to be ascending every season, Benjamin button style. Ben vs Mike. Mike is playing great and has chemistry with his brother. Ben has shown a ton of flashes this year and can be a game breaker so advantage royal. Jomo vs Jake, Jake has the speed but he is working on putting together all of the skills. Jomo has it down pat for the vet. Ill take Jomo for team Royal. Mike vs Alex Lindsay, haven’t seen much of both this year. Perhaps absent or maybe I am not watching close enough. Sorry guys! Michael vs Jesse the same goes. Someone write something on the board for me about these 4 guys! Bailey has been making waves for Royal but if Duffy plays the way he can he will have the advantage for Light Blue. Jules and Bryan are both awesome, cant pick just one! Nick vs Connor, Connor is still learning the game and will take over by the end of the season perhaps but Nick’s savviness takes this for team Royal. The best names in the league Ragie buffet vs Jerry Joy, those names bring me happiness. Yay sports! I don’t know what to think of team royal here. I think joe gets them in line and starts to score some but Light Blue has a ton of athletes to keep them in line. I cant see Royal putting a stop to the Light Blue team who always scores in the 40s. This may be the game of the week but I can also see it get ugly.
Light Blue wins 46-30

10:45am North Field Noah (Green) vs Drew (Black)

Green has been looking great the last two weeks and Black now has hope with their Jamie Savior back. A little bird told me that there is rumblings in the green camp that TJ may be done for the season, and he is apparently not only an elite player on both sides of the ball but also their teacher and coach. Hope these rumours are false and green is spreading fake news. Anyways, Drew vs Noah. Noah has been playing at an elite level all season getting everyone involved and scoring a ton. The green team has the 2nd most points scored. Drew has been battling through the season this year, he will be fine soon. Getting the ball out quicker could help so there doesn’t have to be a scrambled and panicked throw. Designing plays to get the ball out and making a few reads and less scramble. Z vs Jamie would have been a shlacking in Jamie’s favour if he was healthy he is clearly the better player, but with his health in question and I don’t know if he is playing both sides of the ball I will call it even. With TJ gone, TO will be marking Murg, both players are similar styles of players but TO has the advantage for team Green here, both can win the jump ball and are physical players but TO will get open more often. This is where it gets tricky in them matchups without TJ. Now Jack, who is a 2nd rounder, is matched up with Justin who is still learning the league so the ad goes to black. Will vs Craig is close, Will may have the speed but Craig is too smart on both sides of the ball so ill go team black. Jay and Matt, both great dudes and players, Jay gets open always it seems, but Matt is a stud so ad to black. Just be careful not to take the shirt off at half Snyder 😉. Tony has proven to be a solid player for green this year, if not a little firey, and he has the advantage for green over Daniel. Riley is playing great in his young career, but Peter is also severely underrated. I think I lean Riley here for his upside in the long run of the season, but peter is more dependable now. Call it even. I do like Dante over Jai so ad to green there. Justin and Kyle have looked good this season for green but they will have their hands full with Brayden, Donovan, and miller. If black is healthy they are the team that could slow down green but I am unsure of Jamie’s status. TJ being out is a big hit. Green will score because Noah is awesome but not at the pace they are used to. Black should be able to find the endzone with Green’s middle of the pack points against and missing their D leader in TJ. I just don’t think they can keep up for a full game yet with Green.
Green wins 36-18

10:45 South Field Jelani (Gray) vs Spack (White)

Both teams have 1 win. White’s win came in week one and they are on a 2 game losing skid. Gray just got their first win last week in impressive fashion. Both teams should be motivated here to get their season on track and build confidence. Jelani vs Spack, usually both are the epitome of consistency usually but both have been a little shakey from time to time this season and last, for whatever reason if its themselves of lack luster lineups. Both also have the potential to score in spades. At QB id call this even, but Jelani also plays elite D. Frank vs Mario, the battle of the plumbers (Nintendo joke there). Frank is a top player when he wants to be and when he is playing football rather than playing as an angry toddler, Mario has been balling out this year and sacrificing his body diving all over the place. I still have to go with Frank if he holds it together, Frank is too good so ad to gray. Rion vs Bryce. Love this matchup. Bryce is becoming a vet of the league and knows how to find the endzone, his stock is still rising. Rion in his sophomore season has more athletic upside and will make the flash play but I don’t think he is ahead of Bryce yet, ad to White. Dylan vs Steve, I think these two are buddies? Or maybe im wrong, whatever. Dylan is a rockstar and Ive only seen steve this season I think. Dylan advantage Gray. Spack has been using Harrison well this year and Harrison, with proper guidance, can be really good so I have to go him on team white over Kyle R. Edwards vs Carson. A bit of an age disparity here. Young buck vs the vet. Edwards certainly is the smarter player but Carson has extreme upside. Another great draft steal for spack. Ill call this even though. J gun on team gray is too cool so he gets my vote over Alex, not that Alex isn’t cool but I need to see more swag. Daren vs Danny. Daren hasn’t shown me enough yet for me to know exactly who he is so I apologize there but someone needs to get on that message board! Anyway 4 garentees in this life, death, taxes, Frank freaking out a few times per season or game, and Danny will win the sack title. Give the advantage to white and danny. Markus the emperor and James I like the salt and pepper look for James. Even! Pringles vs Glenn. Glenn is looking very trim this season and is as smart as a whip. His speed and hands are evidence. Amazing steal to get glenn this late. Easy ad to white. Brett and Billy vs Dick (Richard) and Peyton. Bret is a hero in this league smoking at halftime, Billy is a hero because if anything happens to him Frank will freak out as if billy cant defend himself so I love the brett billy combo for gray. But peyton is a rising star. Call this one even. Very curious to see how this game goes. I do think white should have more firepower and get some players out there for spack to score. With an almost full roster spack will get on the scoreboard even with a solid Gray defence. The question is, can white stop anyone? Worst points against in the league. The flood gates may open here for gray and they will score a bunch.
Gray wins 40-26

Someone disagree or agree with me! Lets make some reading material for the masses!! Trash talk!
Good Luck everyone!

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J-Gun would be proud

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2022
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While I've been away from the quiet board, I maintain that a full strength team will play better into Matt and Joe. Bringing up that cup picture only drives me to play better.
This week coming up will be a fun matchup. Having played with Spack for may years, I've learned his tendencies and Where he likes to throw the ball. My desire to show that I am still a top talent eludes me on a weekly basis as I am either hurt or away in recent memory. The young bucks on team GrEy are starting to out perform their expected play. Hoping they stay healthy is the main goal. Spack better look to avoid the middle of the field this week as my ball hawk ability comes forward. I will get under his skin and make him regret throwing my way.
Dylan got some early slack on the board this season after the draft but has shown he truly is a top 3rd rounder. athletic and good ball sense. He is a man of many wonders.
Bryce, you are doodoo. Gottem.

Posted By Posted By: Kitch
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Get fired up Frank. Remember when he went all gas, no brake and put up 86 points on your squad? Instead of downing it on the final play he ordered his team to attempt a field goal as practice. That might be a league record for points scored and differential in a single game. I know you don’t forget that.

Posted By Posted By: Adam Levine
Posted On Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2022
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Posted By Posted By: Buckeyes fan
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Bring back the Buckeyes!! long live the Buckeyes !!

Who do you pick 1st 2nd and 3rd if the attendance is 100 Percent

Mario? Bryce ? TJ ?

this is a very important survey an ego is on the line here!!

Posted By Posted By: @ Buckeyes fan
Posted On Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2022
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there is no doubt this is only thing that matters

#1 Mark Murry
#2 Chuck Norris Grandson
#3 Joe R (Disguise as Mark Murry )

When Mark does push up he moves the world!!!

Posted By Posted By: Refs
Posted On Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2022
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Hello wmfl family. Please keep in mind that the refs do the best job they can and that there's only 2 of them out there. Please keep the spirit of the league in mind and help them out when possible. Abusive language will not be tolerated.
WmFL is the best league ever.

Posted By Posted By: Tyler
Posted On Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2022
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@MrCoward…Alright alright, I think we need some new content. Love reading the weekly recaps and forecasts but let’s move on from this fake injury dialogue. I have only won a handful of matchups in the 4 years of being in the league so I don’t see the problem with being drafted in the second round.

Posted By Posted By: TJ
Posted On Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2022
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Yeah, why have FAKE injuries when we can have REAL injuries!

Posted By Posted By: The Ghost of Paul
Posted On Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2022
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The Ghost of Paul
Weekly Quick Picks

Onto week 4 we go. Trying not to take too much from these games as each team is working on how to be ready for the playoffs and figuring out the best lineups to make them lethal.

I have tentacles everywhere, as you might expect, and even heard there was a clipboard out on the sidelines this past week... Seems like at least 3 teams could use a little offensive planning.

Week 3 Recap (4-0)

Pick 1 - Grey by 3 - RIGHT - they won, so I am right there, but without their QB Royal seemed lost on O.

Pick 2 - Green by 6 - RIGHT - 6 or 33, it was still a Green win. White was short handed again. Really would like to see what they can do with a full lineup, but Green looks like one of the best in the league at this point.

Pick 3 - Light Blue by 2 - RIGHT - Gold was without one Samanski and the King this week, so I don't think this is reflective of how close these two teams are... Light Blue doesn't care and just continues to roll along.

Pick 4 - Red by 10 - RIGHT - Defensive battle won by the team whose QB made less mistakes. Red has some pretty talented young-guns that are just warming up.

Week 4 Picks
9am - Red vs Gold - Gold by 10
9am - Light Blue vs Royal - Light Blue by 12
10:45am - Green vs Black - Green by 20
10:45am - Grey vs White - White by 2

Keep it clean out there and everyone have fun!!

Posted By Posted By: @Buckeyes
Posted On Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2022
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Wow! What a great question. Lot of variables here. Age, football experience, height, speed, and beard size.


First round.

Mario. This guy gives 110% every play. Has great speed. He can make the tough catches, and he will put his body on the line. Before going into this season I might of not put him here, but after watching Mario week 1 look like race horse catching 20-30 balls I have to put him #1. On the denesive side of the ball he probably isn’t talked about enough as one of the solid defenders in the league, but who wants to talk about boring defence anyways.

Second round

This is tough, but is it?!?!? Bryce is a talented up and comer who is eager to learn the little nuances of the game that will make him a every year first rounder. He has the speed advantage over TJ. I’m not sure if Bryce knows how to use his speed yet to make the game easy. Also just because he is faster I’m not sure if he reacts faster to plays happening than a TJ would who has seen it 1000 times. Awareness matters! I’m just gonna go through the list of important attributes, notch off in favour who is better.

Speed Bryce
Hands Tie
Awareness TJ
Route running Tie
Accountability Bryce
Quickness Bryce
Football IQ TJ
Ego Bryce
Size tie

It’s a tough choice like I said early. I think Father Time wins in this one. Give me Bryce in the second, and TJ in the 3rd (what a steal as a 3rd rounder).

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Black takes out Green. Drew, Murg, and Jamie get enough stops to pull it out.


1. Raf - Sandbaggers is a drink of choice. Fitting. Impeccable attendance at the top of the roster, sporadic at the bottom.
2. Jelani - how many times is this guy going win it all? Not this year because of a cursed player.
3. Kyle - Luc and Kings absence last week can’t be overlooked.
4. Jack - Nick and Grae are keeping this team competitive.
5. Noah - loss of TJ means a drop.
6. Joe - This team can score a lot if the ball is thrown anywhere near Giorgio or into Neeraj’s stratosphere.
7. Drew - Jamie’s presence is going to start shifting the tide.
8. Spack. Injuries - mental and physical - will take a toll. You need 7 guys to even have a chance.

Posted By Posted By: @@Buckeyes
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I believe there is a team this year that currently has both mario and bryce and they are 1-2 with the most points against in the league. Interesting.

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A lot of fraud accusations going on here? Is this a case of I know what you are but what am I?

Anyways, you guys seriously just don’t get it. You just don’t. You are all frauds, and you don’t even know it. So, let me explain. Matt Raf only has one good knee. If he had two good knees, this league would be done, and just like those players could of showed up, or those opposing qb’s could of threw better passes so could of Matt had got his knee fixed. But he is being nice and evening the playing field. As your reading this your thinking is this guy real with what he is saying? Ya I am you little dweeb, just as real as that one time two months ago Matt could of bought a vile Mark Murray’s hormones off the deep web to start a cycle just in time for the WMFL 22 season. FYI I bought, and let me tell you I feel holy fuck…holy fucking fuck fantastic!

So go to bed tonight, and think about this while you are under the covers. This a fraud free league.

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2022
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I obviously have a poor sense of humor and rely on the same jokes even if they suck. Hence my grammar joke with gray still going on. You will be fine big fella I'll move on to pick on tougher targets. Dare I take on the great mark Murray?
Mark Murray may be as beautiful as Brad Pitt but he plays football like Charlie brown.

@buckeyes ranking person

TJs Hands are not tied with anyone. This isn't a slight to Bryce. Bryce is awesome. But TJ has the best hands of all time (say that in the kayne voice when he cut Taylor swift off at the vmas saying Beyonce has the best video of all time)

Loving the message board chatter gentlemen!!

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Light Blue - LA Rams. Quarterbacks name is Matthew. How’d all these guys end up in the same roster? Does Marty Byrd manage their salary cap?

GrAy - Jelani. San Fransisco. Don’t sleep on this squad or you’ll get knocked out in the playoffs. But Frank can’t keep a lead in the big game.

Yellow - Kyle. Detroit Lions. Luc looking like Aman St Brown. Explosive offence but watch out that a Clarkin doesn’t bite you in the kneecap.

Green - Noah. Bucs. Contenders, but age is on display from the QB to the 3rd pick.

Red - Jesus. Bengals. Regress from last year is in the works, but J’mar Mikos could score at any second.

Royal - Jack. Vikings. Win against a good team, loss against another. Need more information.

Black - Drew. Cleveland Browns. Key player missing for the start of the season. But good things on the horizon. Maybe a happy ending is in the works?

White - Spack. Jacksonville Jaguars. As Spencer Strasmore famously said “where careers go to die”. Need to overpay to get players to come. Coach has been known to kick a guy occasionally.

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Who is comparisons??? That's true brilliance. I want to hire you for fox sports

Love the ozark reference for light blue

Love the Dan Campbell reference for his first press conference and adding in the height of the clarkins

Love the black reference to happy endings for Watson

Love the spack reference to urban Meyer

Jimminey Christmas 🎄

Thank you for true humor

See Tyler! I am just not funny so I recycle jokes. Had I been as funny as this comparison character I would pick on your fake injury 😉

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 24th, 2022
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Prayers go to Markus today. Speedy recovery.

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 24th, 2022
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Markus is doing well in spirits. Leg not doing as well. Surgery tonight or tomorrow. Will keep everyone posted on how he's doing once out of surgery for those worried.

Posted By Posted By: Ric Flair
Posted On Posted On: Sep 24th, 2022
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Frankie...that guys name isn't Markus... It's NAILS!!! Went down with a broken leg, and never said a word!! Nails... good luck in the surgery...we wish you a speedy recovery!!!

Posted By Posted By: Tank
Posted On Posted On: Sep 24th, 2022
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Markus... I mean Nails, is out of surgery and doing well. All patched up and in good spirits. Guy is tough as nails and that's no joke. Was cracking some jokes and laughing. No pain drugs??? Lunatic. Staying in hospital overnight and will be evaluated on Sunday. hopefully going home Sunday as well.

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Posted On Posted On: Sep 25th, 2022
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🙏🏼🆙 for Nails. Saw how calmly he was lying there on the field, so it was pretty confusing for us in the other game. But then after talking to everybody and hearing the same story about how loud the sound was, it became apparent that he was only calm, cool and collected because he’s an absolute badass — not because of the absence of pain.

Glad to hear he’s out of surgery and doing well. Minor setback to a major comeback. Ice up, son.

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