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Started: Sep 17th, 2012Trash Talk for Week of September 16th, 2012
Week 2 in the books, what have we learned?

Patriots beat the Redskins 52-0 in week 1, Redskins beat the Cowboys in week 2...49ers are 2-0 at the top with the powerful looking Patriots with a win over the 1-1 Browns this week and over the Giants who managed to beat the Steelers who squeaked by the 0-2 Broncos last week. Many pundits darlings, the Ravens, have scored less than 20 points in their 0-2 start, giving up less than 30 though...another team thought to be a potential champ, the Cowboys, are 0-1 having lost a shoot-out with the Redskins who scored 43 more points this week than they did last week. This is a bit of a hot jumbled messmaybe well find out more this week, or maybe itll just make things more confusing.

Feature game might be the 8:00 tilt between the powerful Patriots and the Packers who just got by the Ravens in their first test. Will the health of the Patriots QB be an issue in this game? Well see...

Let's hear you out there, have your say here, don't be shy!
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Started: Sep 9th, 2012Trash Talk for the Week of September 9th, 2012
Week One is in the books... well, almost!

For the first time that I'm aware of we have rescheduled a game... the Packers and the Cowboys agreed to postpone their early season showdown to next week's open 8:00 slot since both teams were missing players who were playing in a football tournament out of town. Good sportsmanship boys, good luck to both of you in your season opening double header this week! In other news, in sometimes monsoon-like conditions three low-scoring competitive games kicked off the season, and then there was the Redskins-Patriots...
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Started: Aug 27th, 2012WMFL Draft & Pre-Season Trash Talk
Hey guys,

Just a reminder that the WMFL 2012 fall draft is fast approaching and it will be held once again at 7pm on Thursday, August 30th at Melanie Pringles.

Thank you to those that have already paid and registered for this upcoming season. For those that plan to play this season, but have yet to register, please contact us ASAP. We will not be accepting registrations on draft night. You can find the registration and waiver form on www.WMFL.ca. You can pay by email transfer, or drop off the payment to the address on the form. We will also be at Melanie Pringles Tuesday evening from 8pm until 10pm to accept payment and forms.

Once you've registered come on out to the draft and have a beer with old and new team mates, then come back here and comment on who will be the team to beat, who were the sleepers of the draft, who was a stretch where he was picked...

Season Starts September 8th, seeya on the field!
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Started: Jan 31st, 2012Snowbowl and Post Season Trash Talk
Attention Whitby Men's Football Leaguers and Friends,

Superbowl Sunday is all about spending time with friends, having a few beers and of course FOOTBALL.

What better way to celebrate that than the Annual Snowbowl???

The WMFL Exec has taken over the Great Tradition started by Mark Goulet over the annual Snowbowl. This is a great chance to dust off the cleats and get another crack at your rivals you battle with on Saturdays of September-December.

When: Superbowl Sunday Feb 5th 9am!!!
Cost: $30
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Started: Nov 14th, 2011Trash Talk for Week of November 13, 2011
Wow what a week of upsets!!! Looks like well have yet another QB take home the championship this year. Discuss
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Started: Nov 6th, 2011Trash Talk for Week of November 6, 2011
Well guys, that's another WMFL regular season in the books. I (Drew) was politely volun-told to be the league's backup nerd as Duncan is away on vacation. The stats have been updated but had to be done manually so please let me know if you find any errors.

By the way... This job SUCKS. Everyone give Duncan a big thank you and be sure to buy him a beer at the year end party!
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Started: Oct 30th, 2011Trash Talk for Week of October 30, 2011
Now we have an interesting season! No more undefeateds, three teams that most will agree have a shot at winning it all when the playoffs start on the 12th, four more who could jump up and surprise and three who have a legitimate shot at winning the Toilet Bowl.

One more week to go, check the website for the playoff schedule right now and for the match-ups this time next week!
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Started: Oct 23rd, 2011Trash Talk for Week of October 23, 2011
Everybody's got a win, everybody but Burgundy has a loss. We all wish Wes well on a speedy recovery from the Burgundy Flu he came down with last week, hopefully he was able to find the required remedy in Saskatchewan.

Two more weeks to go in the regular season, if it all ended today we'd have a rematch of the epic 80-0 Burgundy-Black game...yes, that's right, Black has climbed into the top 8, call Ripley's!
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Started: Oct 17th, 2011Trash Talk for week of October 16, 2011
You guys should really dock my pay. If you want the scores they are updated on the Google Calendar (see website for link), but I can't put the standings up until I get home, I promise to do that after dinner...should've been done Saturday afternoon, but one too many glasses of draught, I'm afraid.

As for the Skills Competition winners, I didn't write them down, so I'm not 100% sure, but I think it went like this...
Punt - Wes King
QB - Jay W Martin
FG - not Chambers? somebody hit a 50 yarder to win, but I'm not sure who it was
Fastest Man - I think Big Pete won this at the wire, but he didn't show up at Mel's to defend against JJ, so it went to him.

Actually...not many showed up at Mel's, this might be an interesting topic to discuss on the boards...the turnout back at the sponsor used to be good every week, this week the turnout for the party was like a bad week from the past. Any thoughts on this phenomenon?

Finally, on to the week ahead...Burgundy vs. Silver 9:30. The mouth that roared against...well, that could be either of them...who will be undefeated after this week?
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Started: Oct 11th, 2011Trash Talk for Week of October 9th, 2011
Sorry guys I am a slacker...was sick in bed all day after our stunning tie on Saturday morning then got caught up in Thanksgiving festivities. You will notice that the standings have not yet been updated, funny thing about holidays, the traffic tends to make 2 hour trips from Kingston take 4 instead, so by the time I got home I just wasnt in the mood to update the website...I cant do that from work so Ill do it tonight.

This week is the week of the mid-season party so mark your calendars and plan to come back to Melanie Pringles for some cold beer, free grub and live trash talk. Im not sure whats going on with the Skills Competition, you can see the schedules been modified to allow for it this week but I havent heard if the Exec is planning on running one or not, so stay tuned to these boards because if theyre not then late game times will revert to their normal schedule.

Still two undefeated teams on a collision course, if Burgundy can take care of Gold and if Silver can beat Orange (will Mike Hadden be there?) then well see that showdown next week!
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