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Started: Sep 15th, 2013Trash Talk for Week of September 15, 2011
Week two in the books, what do we know now that we didn't know before the weekend started?

Boards were pretty quiet last week, anybody out there?
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Started: Sep 7th, 2013Trash Talk for Week of September 8, 2013
First week has been completed, hope everyone has had a chance to dry off.

Now that we've seen (most of) the teams what does everybody think? Any surprises? Any disappointments?

Also, I've posted an alternate format (pdf ok with you?) for the schedule, with the scores to date too! The standings and team lists are there in pdf as well.
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Started: Aug 29th, 20132013 Draft and Pre-season Trash Talk
Well the 2013 season is upon us. Who's back? Who's not? Any pre-season predictions. Let the talk begin...
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Started: Nov 19th, 2012Trash Talk for Week of November 18, 2011
Playoff schedule has been updated.
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Started: Nov 10th, 2012Trash Talk for Week of November 11, 2011
First week of playoffs is over with, two lower seeds winning, the Redskins who get to face the first place Patriots for a chance at the big prize. The Broncos also took care of the Steelers, but that only got them out of reffing this week and a slightly easier draw than the Steelers. So it's Pats-skins and Cowboys-Packers in the other semi-final. On the Losers' side, well, it's everybody else.

Speaking of reffing, and before I hear about this, sorry 49ers, Redskins and Giants, youre reffing again...I'll definitely have to re-look at that schedule next year! Of course had the Redskins not upset the 49ers then I'm pretty sure this wouldn't have happened, so blame Noah, Chambers or even Mother Nature as the rain held off!
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Started: Nov 5th, 2012Trash Talk for Week of November 4, 2012
Congratulations to the Patriots for their regular season title, but we all know it's about the playoffs in the WMFL (What's that? Ah - Playoffs? Don't talk about - playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs?). Yes, playoffs! They start this week with the match-ups posted by some anonymous poster on Saturday (no, Raf, that wasn't me, I sign my posts, sorry for not getting the schedule up until Sunday afternoon). Here's how it looks:

#1 Patriots vs. #8 Ravens
#2 Cowboys vs. #7 Browns
#3 Packers vs. #6 Giants
#4 49ers vs. #5 Redskins
And in the "They-Gotta-Have-A-Game-To-PlayThis-Week Bowl" its #9 Steelers vs. #10 Broncos

Don't forget to check the reffing schedule, we wouldn't want a playoff game to be decided by an 8 point penalty for not showing up to ref a game - that rule is still in place for the playoffs.

Looking forward to the insightful predictions (and Tank's blathering) on how the playoffs will go, not to mention the trash talk (has anybody heard from Snyder?).
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Started: Oct 29th, 2012Trash Talk for Week of October 28, 2012
One week to go and spots are still up for grabs! Patriots have their first place destiny in their hands as they hold the tie-break over the Packers by virtue of their week 3 win over the Pack. Assuming the Pack takes care of business at 9:30, they'll be cheering for the 49ers in the late game as they hold the tie-breaker over them thanks to their week 4 win over the 9ers. The 49ers will be cheering for the Browns in the 9:30 game so they can hold their destiny with a win over the Pats. And that's just first place. Looking at the final playoff spot, the Broncos are still very much alive, they'll be cheering for the Packers because a Browns loss will put their destiny in their hands against the Cowboys who will be playing for as high as a second place finish (Packers loss, 49ers win) although they could still finish fourth even with a win but only as low as fifth with a loss (and a Redskins win). There are more scenarios that will impact the middle of the standings, but I think this is enough for this morning. The only thing we know for sure is that the Steelers will not be in the top 8 (although they could avoid a last place finish with a win over the Ravens and a Broncos loss, but that's barely a moral victory...)
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Started: Oct 22nd, 2012Trash Talk for Week of October 21, 2012
News of the week...

It just got a little more crowded at the top of the WMFL Standings as both first-placed teams were upset this week and the Packers took care of business creating a three-way tie for first. The Packers seem to hold the 'easier' schedule in the last two weeks as the 49ers and Patriots must play each other in the final week, but in this year's WMFL nothing is a certainty. Don't count out the Cowboys, Giants or Redskins who are lurking just a game back either.

In other news, congrats to Miller's Broncos who got their first win and protested that dirt was thrown on their championship aspirations a little too soon. A look at the schedule reveals that they are not mathematically eliminated, if they beat the hot Redskins and Cowboys in the final two weeks all they need to stay out of the bottom two is for the Browns to lose to both the Patriots and Packers and the Steelers to lose one of their final two against the Cowboys and Ravens. It could happen...

Two games to go and, hey, check out the long-range weather forecast for Saturday, looks like the start of the season, not the end!

Its good to be back, seeya on the field!
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Started: Oct 16th, 2012Trash Talk for Week of October 14th, 2012
We're 2/3 of the way through the season and it's still anyone's to win. The schedule-maker has once again done it, with the two top teams set to meet in the final week of the season, although there's the matter of a couple games each before then, so this is a good time to pat oneself on the back. I think the only thing that we seem to know for sure is that the Broncos are all but mathematically eliminated from the top 8, so no repeat for Miller this year and it's looking like the Steelers will join them in the bottom 2 out of contention.

I missed the mid-season festivities, I'm sure they were excellent as usual. I don't have the winners of the various competitions to post here, perhaps someone can post them for me?

Big game this week looks like Ravens-Cowboys, although there are others that could upset the applecart like a Giants upset of the first-placed Packers (yes Snyder, this would be an upset) or a Redskins 66-64 win over the 49ers (how many points does Noah have to score in order for them to win?).

Looking forward to getting back out there this week, seeya on the field!
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Started: Oct 10th, 2012Trash Talk for Week of October 7th, 2012
I'm a little late with the new thread, but nobody's posted on the old thread so the demand doesn't seem to be too high � unless you were all awaiting this before you exploded with your thoughts, trash talk and whatever you call what Snyder posts...

So, Week 5 � Miller misses out on win #1 in a last second field goal by the 49ers who now sit in first place, guess this shows something about the balance of the league? Don't look now, here come the Ravens! Why was a game postponed from week 1 to avoid a default, rescheduled in week 5 only to have one of the teams say the other couldn't pick up a player to avoid a default? Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe one of the teams lost earlier in the day and didn't want an 0-2 day so they took the default. This is all just speculation on my part based on what I heard, I wasn't there...

Week 6 brings us the Mid-Season Festivities. Following the middle games four skills competitions will be held for FG kicking, Punting, QB Accuracy and Whitby's Fastest Man. Additionally, the tailgate will be fired up so govern yourselves accordingly.

Seeya on the field!
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